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Auction Title: 9001 Sarasota Auction. New and used furniture, Good quality items including new furniture, lots of nice art work, antiques and collectibles. - AUCTION ENDS Auction Ends Tuesday June 18th 7:00PM ET

Item Description
1.This is one of two new sofas. Look at lot 128 to view the second one. This one is 62 in long, 36 in deep . A beautiful blue color with 4 pillows for your comfort !!

2.This is the second new Sofa. Slightly different than lot number 127. It measures 56 in Long by 30 in deep. It is the same beautiful blue color, with three cushions and more like a lounge type sofa.

3.This is a brand new marble top dining table. It measures 28 in by 50 in by 30 in tall.
Modern and nice.
Chairs in photo not included but are for sale
on lot numbers 5,6 and 7.

4.This new marble top table is a mate to Lot Number 3 28 in by 50 in by 30 in tall.
Modern and very nice.
Chairs in photo not included.

5.You are bidding on two of six beautiful brand new dining chairs designed to use with the table on previous item.

6.Two more new dining chairs which match lot 5 and 7 for your bidding pleasure!

7.Two more brand new dining chairs. They match Lot Number 5 and 6.

8.This very nice 10 1/2 inch plate is in excellent condition. It comes from Bavaria Germany and is named Roman Gold.

9.This decorative 9 inch plate is gorgeous. Soft pink roses and in excellent condition. It is from the Winrose collection and hand crafted in the U.S.A.

10.This beautiful 10 inch vase is marked Czechoslovakia. It is in excellent condition.

11.Very nice 11 inch oval serving dish with basket. Excellent condition.

12.This 7 inch meat slicer is in excellent condition and works very well. Made by Rival and has original instructions.

16.Hour glass. Brass and glass. Looks like Masonic symbal on the top.

17.Nice vase measures 17 inches tall. Excellent condition.

18.A vintage Children's rocker in decent condition. Well built.

19.Hanging sign for the man cave. Measures 16 by 24 inches.

20.Double solid brass towel ring with the box. As new. 13 inches tall.

21.Union Square sign. It is 4 by 22 inches.

22.This is a new, very nice picture frame for Grandchildren pictures. It measures 8 by 8 inches.

23.Here we have another picture frame new in the box that measures 6by8 inches.

24.Nice handpainted Cabernet vase. It is 9 inches tall and is from Tabletops unlimited

25.Another nice vase to match lot number 24. Excellent. 9 inches tall

26.Nice 2 quart tea kettle. Porcelain enamel on steel. Wooden handle and knob. New in the box.

27.Very nice and bright Rooster. It stands about 10 inches tall and is on excellent condition.

28.A cross made of a composite material . 14 inches tall x 7 inches wide.

29.This is a gold colored urn with removable top. It is 11 in tall and 4 in wide

30.Delicate Lennox bowl with small chip. 9 inches in diameter and 6 inches deep.

31.This is a nice ceramic dish with artificial flowers. It measures 10 in wide by 12 in Long by 9 in tall.

32.A framed painting by Sophie Harding. It measures 10x18 inches.

33.Another framed artwork bye Sophie Harding. It measures 10 by 18 in

34.Beautiful artificial flowers in a nice vase. Approximately 22 by 24 in.

35. A decorative vase in excellent condition. Very attractive.
9 " tall x 7" deep x 9"wide

36.A cute small bedside table lamp. Pressed Glass and 11 in tall and 5 in wide

37.A nice decorative table lamp for anywhere in the house. Excellent condition.

38.A nicely colored glass decorative piece for any home. 17 in tall and in very good condition.

39.These are a pair of 7 and 1/2 in Italian glass bottles with stoppers.
They are used for oil and balsamic vinegar.

40.A beautiful heavy paperweight. 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide quite unique.

41.This is a new in the box tea set for your young lady..
4 cups and four saucers. Really cute!

42.A decorative wire vase. 16 in tall by 9 in wide at the base . Excellent condition.

43.This is a shadow box artwork of Rome and Venice on tile. The artist is Sally Ray Cairns. Nicely done and and in very good condition.

44.A Chinese painting 16 in by 28 in. Artist notes on the back.
Very good condition.

45.A painting on canvas of flamingos

46.This is a painted very cute water pitcher from Italy. 5 1/2 in tall

47.A vintage door stop. This is a 16 in tall lady golfer. Very collectable. A great look.

48.A player signed, Buccaneers football in a glass display case. From the 2002 Super Bowl champions. Very collectible.

49.This set of pictures is from the Mario Andretti Racing School. Beau Diamond successfully completed the course with a top speed of 157 miles per hour in 08. Good condition and collectible.

50.A very nicely framed and matted picture of birds by the artist Bellisario.

51.Another nicely framed and matted picture of birds by Bilisario. Similar to Lot number 50.

52.This is a 24% lead crystal napkin holder. It is in excellent condition. There are no chips or cracks. A very nice and heavy piece.

53.This is a glass round decorative bottle with a fancy top. It is approximately 6 in in diameter and 8 in tall.

54.Very nice watercolor print by Kathryn Steffen. The frame is also in excellent condition and measures approximately 13 in square. Very nice colors.

55.Here we have a Craftsman tool box and it is loaded with tools. There are many nice Craftsman wrenches, sockets and other assorted tools. This would make an excellent starter kit for someone or an addition to the tools you already have.

56.Here we have a nice painting of a fish. It is signed by Brent. The size is 15 1/2 in by 16 and 1/2 in.

57.Here we have another 15 and 1/2 by 16 and 1/2 in picture by Brent. Nice color and very good condition.

58.Nicely decorated pot. It is approximately 14 inches tall and 14 inches in diameter. Very heavy and in excellent condition.

59.Nice vintage painting with a highly decorated frame. Overall it measures 21x25.

60.Interesting large art piece. It measures 36x47 inches.

61.Nice 26x32 wall art. Beautiful condition

62.Another nice piece of wall art that measures 26 by 32. It is in very good condition.

63.Nicely framed art piece that is 30x35 inches. Excellent condition.

64.Painting on a board. 17" x 42"
Good condition

65.Here we have a vase with flowers in an18x 22 in frame.

66.20x60 wall art. Nice colors.

67.Very nice oil on canvas. The signature is hard to read but I think it is Hill. It measures 20x24 in nice antique frame. Looks like New England.

68.Nice 17x17 wall art of a sand dollar Excellent condition.

69.Another nice 17x17 wall art. This one depicts a sea shell.

70.Beautiful print of some delicate flowers. It is signed by Bertrand. Overall measurement is 17 and 1/2 by 19 and 1/2 in.

71.Another nice print by Bertrand. Measures 17 1/2 by 19 1/2. Nice gold trimmed frame.

72.Bowl of fruit painting is on board. It is signed and measures 12 1/2 by 14 1/2. It looks very nice.

73.This is one of two occasional living room upholstered blue chairs brand new in the box. They measure 29 in wide and 27 in tall

75.Painting on canvas. Unknown artist. It measures 13by15 inches.

76.Nice framed art of a short eared Owl. It measures 11 1/2 by 14 1/2 inches.

77.This pic is of a Tawny Owl. It is 11 1/2 by 14 1/2 inches. Very good condition.

78.Nice oil on canvas that measures 12x14. The artist is Robert Cox.

79.Nice oil on canvas. It is signed by Frank Y. It measures 12x14 inches. Very good condition.

80.Original art by Fran. It is Daisies and measures 8by10 inches.

81.This painting is of Cattails. Original art by Fran. It is 8 x 10 inches. Very good condition.

82.Real nice hand painted glass serving dish. It is 13 inches square and in excellent condition. The tag says Dorothy Thorpe, California.

83.Very heavy glass Christmas serving dish in excellent condition. It is 12 inches in diameter. The tag says Made in Italy.

84.Close up of Zebra. It measures 31 x 46 inches.

85.Here we have a large oil on canvas by the artist B. Chipton. It measures 31 x 55 inches and is in excellent condition.

86.Scenes of Venice Italy. It is approximately 8 in by 10 in. It Is by Turner wall accessories.

87.This nice mirrored jewelry tray is in excellent condition and measures 8x12 inches.

88.This is a Victorian footstool brought down from Ohio, with storage under the top cover.
Needlepoint cushion and is in remarkable nice condition .
It measures 19"wide x 16" tall x 9" deep.

89.This is a wood-carved Buddha sculpture which measures 12 inches tall. It is in excellent condition.

91.Candle holder? Or pen holder with the word FAMILY. It measures 4 inches tall and 16 inches long.

92.Hat box measures 13 inches in diameter and 6 inches deep. Nicely decorated.

93.A group of decorative flowers from 6 to 8 inches tall. You are bidding on the 3 pieces for one price.

94.Napkin holder is 24% lead crystal. It is 4 inches tall and 6inches wide and new in the box.

95.This is a set of measuring spoons that are new in the Box. They are made by Kate Aspen.They are made of 18-gauge stainless. Excellent condition and would make a nice gift.

96.A set of little tea cups and saucers. There are 12 saucers and 11 cups. They come from Korea.

97.Here we have a very nice set of 6 of demitasse cups and saucers. They come from Italy. They are in excellent condition with no chips.

98.Cutting board, cheese knife, wine opener and 8 coasters all in one nice new in the box gift.

99.This lot is for 10 small drink glasses that measure 4 in in height. They have a wheat design and are very nice looking.

100.Here we have six shot glasses in the wheat design that are in very good condition.

102.This Victorian side table, probably over a hundred years old, is in really excellent condition and nicely carved. It measures 22 in wide 18 in deep and 29 in tall.

101.A Victorian 3-door chest of drawers that is in excellent condition. 36in tall , 30 in wide, 17 in deep.

103.This is one of two side chairs for your modern home. Upholstered nicely and both in excellent condition. 26 in wide by 31 in tall

104.This is the mate to lot 103 again in excellent condition.

105.A very nice table lamp in excellent condition. 27 in tall.

106.This lot is for six beautiful champagne glasses. This would make a nice addition to your Crystal collection. Excellent condition.

107.This is a lot of 8 tall shot glasses including 2 frosted Jagameister glasses Plus 14 more regular shot glasses.Add to your collection!

108.This is a very nice glass Punchbowl. It is 14 1/2 in in diameter and 8 in tall. It is in excellent condition.

109.Very nice glass salad bowl that is 16 inches in diameter. Excellent condition.

110.This 11 by 13 art is titled day at the beach 1. Very nicely done.

111.This is the mate to item 110 and is titled Day At The Beach 2. Also very nice.

112.This 7x13 inch box is great for jewelry, trinkets, or any collection.

113.Another nice jewelry box that measures 6x10 inches. Very good condition.

114.Set of 6 cups and saucers. Great for your tea party.
Stoneware , made in Poland.

115.Here we have a composite wall shelf. It measures 8x18 inches and is very heavy and in very good condition.

116.Nice looking Elephant plant stand. It measures 15" x 20" and is in excellent condition.

117.Set of 6 crystal glasses with the box. Excellent condition.

118.This is a 18 inch serving platter in good condition. Very heavy.

119.Serigraph by LeKinff. Very nice colors and very collectible. It measures 9and1/2 by 11 inches. Excellent condition.

120.Nice serving tray that is 14x20 inches. Very good condition.

121.Nice crystal picture frame for a 5x7 picture. New in box. Excellent condition and heavy glass.

122.Here we have more beautiful crystal glasses. These glasses are 6 in tall. They are new in the box.

123.Six nice crystal glasses that are 7and1/4 inches tall. Excellent condition in the box.

124.Oil and vinegar set. New in the box. Nice.

125.This is a Millers Falls 1/2 inch drive electric drill. It works well and we had it on the previous auction but the man who won it had bid on the wrong number. Very powerful drill was made in U.S.A when tools were built to last.

126.This lot is 6 Demitasse cups and saucers from Italy. Very nice wheat pattern.

129.This is a very nice vintage parlor chair. Great condition, no  rips or tears. Nicely carved legs and arms.
27 " wide , 37" tall, 24" deep.

130.A really nice vintage side chair.Nicely carved legs and arms. Upholstered nicely.
24" wide , 37 " tall , 26" wide.

131.This is a very sturdy ,heavy, wrought iron table and 4 chairs for your patio!
The table measures 29 in in diameter into chairs are 38 in. tall.
Table and chairs all fold up for ease in moving and storage.
Great set to last a lifetime !!

132.Very nice cut glass candy dish in excellent condition. Heavy glass.

133.Very nice green and white, gold trimmed cup and saucer. Made in England by Adderly. Bone China.

134.A basket of artificial flowers. Approximately 16 in square in 14 in tall .

135.A pretty bouquet of artificial flowers in a nice ceramic vase. 24 in tall and 22 in wide

136.A lovely vase with a nice artificial flower arrangement. 35 in tall and 16 in wide

137.This is a very pretty artificial flower arrangement with a nice vase. 20 in tall by 16 in wide

139.A nice pair of wall sconces.  7" wide by 9" tall.
A composite material.

140.A very nice ceramic bowl or vase  and in excellent condition.
No chips . 

141.A nice artificial flower  arrangement - 26 inches tall by 24 inches wide.
In a nice 9 inch tall vase.

142.You are bidding on a pair of artificial plants in gold-colored 7 inch tall vases. They measure 34 in tall and 9 in wide.

143.A very nice-looking pottery vase. 7 in tall by 10 in wide. It has two chips on the right side.

144.Here are four genuine lead crystal wine glasses from cristal d'arques in France, with the original box. No chips and in excellent condition.

145.Nice 12 by 14 caricature by Jason. Excellent condition.

146.Another nice caricature by Jason. It measures 12x14 inches.

147.Lenox bowl made in U.S.A. it is 8 inches in diameter and in excellent condition.

148.Beige and gold cup and saucer. It is marked Dorothy C. THORPE California. Very good condition.

149.Antique brass birdcage. Very ornate and in excellent condition. It measures 13x27 inches. These sell for hundreds on Ebay.

150.Audrey Hepburn photo !!
20 in wide by 39 in tall. Beautiful picture.

151.This is a new, never been used , Milano model 200 tv stand
with LED light system.
79 " wide, 18 " tall,14" deep.
Retails new for $399.00.


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