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Auction Title: 8503 Generator, Foosball Table, 65” curve TV, Sporting Goods, Tons of Power and Hand Tools and much more - AUCTION ENDS :Sunday, Feb. 16th 2020 7:00PM ET

Item Description
1.Great looking Champion 4000 watts, 3500 running watts generator. Looks to be in great condition, tires are good, easy to move. 196 cc, and 120 AC volts. See pictures for more details.

1A.Are you ready for some foosball?!? The Cyclone II table is tournament quality like those used by professionals and can handle extreme competition. Features a teak laminate cover, Friction grip wooden foosball handles, thick chrome plated, hollow steel rods that are heavy duty and light weight, and traditional Tornado three-man goalie. In overall good used, just needs to be wiped down and cleaned.

1B.Samsung curved flat screen tv which is a smart tv. This is a 65" and comes with a remote and stand. This is just waiting to be put in your living room! See pictures for model number and more.

2.Great toolbox on wheels. It's a little rough around the edges but still works just fine. Has a spot on top to sort tools, and multiple metal drawers on the bottom. Measures approx 28x19x34". See pictures.

3.Nice Craftsman brand workbench and tool storage bench. Has some wear and tear on the body, but great piece for your workshop. Includes a nice vice already attached. Measures 46x19x33"

4.Here we have a Central Pneumatic, 5 gallon portable air tank with a hose. Looks to be in great condition.

4A.Very nice Troy-Bilt pressure washer with Briggs & Stratton 875 series engine. This pressure washer needs a little work. Starts and runs great. However there is a gas from the hose conection and leaks water from the pump.  Includes 2 hoses, wand and manual. This one has 2 containers to put your cleaning solution in.

5.Here we have a 5 gallon VP Racing fuel container. In good condition. See pictures.

6.Here we have a 5 gallon VP Racing fuel container. In good condition. See pictures.

7.Craftsman brand 2 cycle mini tiller. Has 9" blades and comes with extra as well as a manual. Looks pretty clean and ready to go! Cord pulls and is not locked up, just needs gas in order to be tested.

7A.Ryobi brand oscillating spindle sander. Works great and comes with manual. See pictures for oscillating range, sanding thickness, OPM and more info.

7B.Seats/craftsman 16" direct drive scroll saw. Works great and comes with some extra blades and manual. See pictures for more details. As a bonus comes with a book of designs and patterns to help teach how to make cutouts and different ways to use the scroll saw.

8.Twenty four different positions on this ladder. Height adjustments in one foot increments. Ladder looks barely used. Made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. Features super dity locking posts, wide flared base and more. See pictures for measurements and more details.

8A.Here we have a flatscreen television by Maganavox. Works fine. It is a 32". Does not have a remote included.

8B.Here we have an amazing, and very large tiki looking mask made out of an actual piece of a tree. Very, very cool. It has two faces carved and painted on it. Nice and colorful to cat h anyone's eye. This decorative piece woule definitely look great in any sunroom, lanai, back or front yard or virtually anywhere. Measures 4 feet tall and 17" wide.

8C.Here we have a large crab trap. It looks to have two openings for the crabs to go into. It seems to be in good condition. Measures approx 24x16x24". Its bright red and yellow so you can't miss it.

8D.Excursion 5 Person Inflatable Rafting and Fishing Boat Set with 2 Oars, a hand air pump, blow up seats and more! You don't truly live unless you're out on the water! It's a great boat for 5 adventurists who love spending time on the water paddling, fishing, or floating down the river. Designed with heavy-duty, puncture-resistant PVC vinyl, this boat is made to get through every excursion you go on. It's durability and comfort is superior with an inflatable floor, 2 inflatable seats with backrests, and a comfortable middle seat. See all pictures. Has not been inflated to be tested, but seems to be in good condition.

9.Aluminum cargo carrier by Haul Master. Ideal for your vehicle to add extra carrying space for a wheelchair, coolers, and much much more. Has a 500 lb capacity. For class III or better trailer hitches. Looks to be in great used condition, has reflectors on the back as well. Measures 49.5" long and 22.5" deep.

9A.Large Hitachi brand 3-1/4" strip nailer. Air pressure is 70-120 PSI. In good used condition.

9B.Black and Decker, heavy-duty angle snader. Works great, does have a little tape around the cord, but doesn't affect the performance at all. See pictures for more.

10.A pair of metal jack stands. In used condition but still work great. Each comes with a pin to adjust the height.

11.General electric pneumatic tank. HP is 1/6. Has a pressure and vacuum gauge and hose. Seems to work fine.

12.Bench grinder for your garage or workshop. May need to replace the 5" discs. Works fine.

13.Black and Decker basic finishing sander. Seems to work fine.

14.Black and Decker small jigsaw. Works fine, does have some cosmetic damage on the body of it. See pictures for more details on it.

15.Craftsman electric sander. Seems to work fine, it is a tad loud and looks like the cord has been replaced.

16.Skil 3/4 HP belt sander. Does not come with any sandpaper. Works good. Uses a 3"x18" belt, in used condition.

17.Nice worklamp with a long cord and reel for the cord. Has a hook on top to easily hang from wherever you're working at.

18.Here we have a decent sized air hose. Not to exceed 300 PSI. In used condition.

19.Another decent size air hose. See pictures. In used condition.

20.Here we have a larger sized grease gun. This one measures approx 24" long. In used condition.

21.A second grease gun measures approx 21". Again, in used condition.

22.Pneumatic zip gun by Chicago Pneumatic. Rated at 90 PSI. Has not been tested.

22A.Two tools in one box. Both are Campbell Hausfeld brand. Includes a short barrel air hammer and a 1/2" impact wrench. Both come with accessories. These look very clean if not almost new. See pictures. Great buy.

23.Two plastic containers of small tools. Includes combination flaring tool and more. See pics for included items.

24.Tap and die set. In used condition. See all pictures.

25.Plastic toolbox filled with goodies. Has a removeable tray. Contains paint brushes, different sized hole saw bits and more. Items in used condition. The toolbox has a little rust on the locks, but it still opens and shuts fine.

26.Another plastic toolbox. Ideal for an electrician. Comes with some electrical tape, a saw blade and more. In used condition.

27.Metal toolbox with unique handle. Needs a lock on it to keep clasp shut, but does have a hole for lock. Works fine. Ready for hand tools.

28.Three pneumatic looking air tools. Includes a grinder with shield and more. Two made by Sunex tools.

29.Snap-on air impact wrench. In used condition, does have some electrical tape around it.

30.Snap-on air impact wrench. In used condition.

31.Here we have a Weller brand soldering gun, works great and three tong type tools. All seem in good used condition.

32.Three heavy pipe wrenches. Two are 14" and one 10". In used condition.

33.Miscellaneous sized tong hand tools. All could be useful for different reasons. In used condition.

34.Here we have a bunch of hand tools. Includes two hand saws, a 30 foot retractable test leads, a mallet and more miscellaneous items.

35.Another set of hand tools. Includes clamp like tools, and more. See pictures for details.

36.Jaw tong type hand tools. Smaller sized, in used condition.

37.More small hand tools includes screwdrivers, tong type tools and more. See pictures.

38.Miscellaneous tools includes very, very large flathead screwdrivers, and other various tool tips. See pictures.

39.Different sized wrenches. All in decent used condition. See pictures for some sizes.

40.Another set of mechanics wrenches. Different sizes. See pictures for a couple different sizes.

41.More wrenches, a ratchet and more. In good used condition. All different sizes.

42.Very nice chrome, magnetic, board. Ideal for posting notes on in any shop or garage. Has a wire on back and covered with felt so it doesn't scratch the wall. Comes with a couple magnets and measures 16.5"x14".

43.Small lot of tools in new looking condition includes a set of wrenches, allen wrenches, screwdrivers and more.

44.Here we have a large hitch for up to 3500 lbs. See pictures for markings on ball and measurements.

45.Here we have a hitch for up to 2000 lbs. See pictures for markings on ball and measurements.

46.Here we have a large hitch for up to 5000 lbs. See pictures for markings on ball and measurements.

47.Three different types of ball hitches. See pictures for sizes and max weight limits.

48.Three work lamps with clamps on them for easy mobility. Slightly dented but work fine. One may need new bulbs.

49.Two work lamps with clamps on them for easy mobility. Slightly dented but work fine. One may need new bulbs.

50.Various metal tool aides. Includes a pulley pull and more. See pictures for all the included items.

51.Two hand tools includes a small axe and a pair of hedge clippers.

52.Three tools includes a Snap on tool of some sort, a gauge and a heavy metal tool as well.

53.Miscellaneous items. Includes very large drill bit, brush and more.

54.Includes a hose of some sort, plastic funnels and brush.

55.Nice little metal toolbox and everything you need to start off building your essential tools. Includes a plastic removable tray, hammer, screwdrivers, level and more.

56.Small metal toolbox with some goodies included. Comes with a vise grip wrench, electrical tape, two locks with keys and more. All useable items for any handyman.

57.Here we have a crow bar and a metal hammer, used for iron work or more.

58.Set of very large allen wrenches. Largest one is approx 12" long. All in decent used condition.

59.A duffel bag for your vehicle to throw some small tools in along with these ratchet straps. Includes three ratchet straps and an extension piece.

60.Lots of screwdrivers, a couple drill bits, wrench heads and more.

61.Here we have a bunch of different sized sockets and what looks to be swivel impact sockets. See pictures for more info. All in used condition.

62.More kinds of sockets, all different sizes.

63.More sockets and miscellaneous items. See all pictures.

64.A set of Stanley hex bit socket set, sockets and more. See pictures, all in used condition.

65.A bunch of useful tools includes allen wrenches, ratchets and much more.

66.Another lot of miscellaneous tools for any mechanic or handyman includes sockets, propane blower tips, drill bits and more.

67.Miscellaneous mechanic tools. See pictures. Most in used condition.

68.Various items includes a large stapler, tire valve replacements and more.

69.Small plastic container to easily store your hardware pieces in your garage. Features four plastic removable containers. Approx 12x8x11". Includes all items inside as well.

70.Stackmaster container with multiple compartments. It is missing a couple drawers. Includes contents. Measures Approx 12x6x11".

71.Jamerco ramset gun (?). See pictures, has not been tested. Does have tape around the handle.

72.Plastic tray filled with screwdrivers, small level, wrench and more.

73.Lot includes screwdrivers, scissors, wrench, and more.

74.Two plastic crate type baskets that are stackable. Ideal for tools, paperwork, arts and crafts and more. Stacked, they measure approx 12x10x13".

75.Here we have a plastic crate and target shopping basket. Perfect for storing wires or miscellaneous tools.

76.Three plastic baskets stacked on top of each other to easily sort small tools, hardware or more. This is in used condition. Baskets seem to be stuck together. Measures 14x11x20". See all pictures. Top one cracked in spots.

77.Three outdoor tools includes a pitchfork, hedge clippers and another small garden tool. All in decent used condition.

78.Metal head rake and a pitchfork.

79.Gardening tools. Comes with a shovel, pitchfork and hedge clippers.

80.Two, long handled tools. One looks to be a very heavy-duty floor scraper. See pictures for more info.

81.Two long handled, spade type tools. In good used condition.

82.Heavy-duty axe pick. In good used condition.

83.Heavy-duty plastic rake and a power washer wand. Both seem to be in good used condition.

84.A shovel and rake, both metal in good used condition.

85.Great lot of HUGE drill bits. Includes a couple, newly packaged ones and some used. See pictures for more details.

86.Sears Craftsman standard tap and die set. 41 pieces, 17 cut. All pieces seem to be there. See pictures, comes in plastic container and booklet.

87.Another Craftsman tap and die set. Almost a complete set, comes with a couple additional pieces.

88.Here we have a bunch of small plastic containers filled with nails, bolts, nuts, staples and more. Also comes with a bunch of spark plugs, car rim locks and washers.

89.Hardware lot includes a jar of drill chuck keys, jar of drill bits, paddle bits, garage hooks and more.

90.Jars filled with various items for your garage. Includes metal straps, roofing nails, rivets, nails and more. See pictures.

91.More plastic jars filled with great hardware items. Includes lots of metal hose clamps, nails, nuts and more. See pictures. Nice amount here. Why pay full price?

92.And more jars filled with lots of goodies. Ideal for your garage and more. Includes lots different kimds of taps, nails and more. See pictures for most included items.

93.You huessed right. More jars of hardware. Lots of small zip tues, O-rings, heavyweight gate lock and much, much more.

94.Includes a bunch of small metal clamps, average is about 2". And a few pins for hitches or other similar uses.

95.Three individual air spray guns. Seem to be in decent used condition. Comes with manual and a couple accessories. See pictures.

96.Great items for any painter! Includes a respirator facepiece with chemical cartridges, an air brush kit, screened funnels and more!

97.Some sort of gauges with hoses attached for measuring PSI. See pictures.

98.Two more pieces with gauges that measure PSI. See pictures. One has shut off valves on the hose itself.

99.A bunch of items for painting or flooring. Includes trowels, spreaders, troughs and a pair of knee pads that REQUIRE STRAPS. All in used condition.

100.Great working Black and Decker circular saw. Uses a 7-1/4" blade. This 1-1/2 HP saw works great!

101.PowerShot Pro, electric staple and nail gun. Works great! Comes with manual and carrying case. In good condition.

102.Sears Craftsman router. Comes with storage/carrying case, manual, wrench and original box. This thing works like new. Has a lock button, 1-1/2 HP, and more! See pictures for further details.

103.Campbell Hausfeld brand siphon feed spray gun. Looks to be in great condition. Comes with manual and original box. See pictures for more details and information on product.

104.Nice zip up bag filled with different kinds of screwdrivers and drill bits. All in decent used condition. Great set. See pictures for some sizes of drivers.

105.Here we have six saw blades and two hacksaws or hand saws. Some blades look new, some used. See pictures for sizes and more.

106.Lot of hand tools includes a hammer, level, saws, and a crowbar. All in good used condition.

107.Includes a tire iron, hand saw, mallet and hammer.

108.Includes three hand saws and a hammer. One saw comes in a leather cover with tie strap to keep it in. All in decent used condition.

109.Another lot of hand tools includes a pipe wrench, hand saws, very, very long screwdriver, paint mixer and more. All in used condition.

110.Lot includes some type of pull control piece and some wires. See pictures for more information.

111.Two single steps for trailers, Campers or RVs. Each one is approximately 11 in square. In good used condition, just need to be cleaned.

112.Very convinient, plastic cart to carry goods and turns into a sturdy chair. Has wheels to easily carry items. See all pictures.

113.Fairly long and large tow chain with a hook on either end. One is a 3/8 and the other end states 5/16. In decent used condition.

114.Tow chain with large hook on one end. Stamped 5/16. Other end is a bolt with nut. In decent used condition.

115.Here we have a pipe wrench, filter wrenches, a very heavy-duty chain and more. See pictures.

116.Large axe and a machete. Both look like they could use a good sharpening and part of the machete handle is broken.

117.A second machete. Needs a good sharpening and has stuff wrapped around the handle. In used condition.

118.Not sure what kind of awesome tool this is. But it looks like an axe on a long handle. Needs to be sharpened for full potential.

119.Here we have a hand saw and a hack saw. Both in decent used condition.

120.Useful tools foe your vehicle includes a tire iron, a four way tire iron and a crowbar.

121.Two heavy-duty crow bars. Both in good used condition.

122.Two pairs of different styled clippers. See pictures.

123.A bucket full of tools includes a grease gun, crowbar, a long drill biy, metal clamps and much more.

124.Painters items includes a bunch of different sized extension poles and a paint mixer .

125.Here we have a push broom and the handle ro a mop that requires a mop head. Both in decent condition.

126.This nox stands ablut four feet tall and seems to have long metal brackets in it along with some smaller ones. Its a surprise to all as to what it builds.

127.Mitre box and saw. Saw is a tad rusty, but may still clean up nicely. See pictures for more information.

128.Three items for the price of what you bid! Includes a great, four foot plug in light for your workshop, a level and a ventilated pipe. Im sure all these could be very useful.

129.Three containers used to store tools in. See pictures. All in used condition.

130.Three handy pieces to use on the job. Includes a hammer holder, and two other small tool holders for ypur tool belt. In good used condition.

131.Nice, canvas type toolbox with multiple slots on the inside and an apron type piece for shielding yourself while working.

132.Two more items used to store tools. Includes a storage one and a long one with a clip. See pictures, both in used condition.

133.Three newly packaged items includes a set of ratchet straps. Made of 1" wide durable polyester and weather resistant. Other two packages are storage hook sets.

134.Small tub includes two chrome ahower heads and a brushed nickel shower head. Also includes two hoses for them. All are in used condition, could probably be cleaned up a bit.

135.A cool coca-cola bin comes with three chrome shower heads and hoses. In used condition, see pics.

136.Multiple shower heads and a few hoses. In used condition, see pictures.

137.Very heavy duty cable pull. Two large, sturdy hooks on either end and a huge ratchet in the middle. See pictures.  Looks to be in very good condition.

138.Very nice plastic tool box with removeable tray. In good condition.

139.Miscellaneous items and tools includes a plane, mallet, a lock with key, some replacement wheels, casters and more.

140.Approx 3 feet tall. See pictures. Rusty.

141.Handyman lot includes a bunch of huge nails, lots of door hinges, door pulls, a brass chain, gutter screws and more.

142.Here we have two brand new bottles of loctite power grab caulking, new white crown moulding caulking, three brand new bottles of spackling and nail hole filler and a bottle of loctite in a squeeze bottle. Save, save, save!

143.Chigaco rotary tool similar to a dremel. This is mostly for all the accessories as I cannot get the battery charged, and not 100% sure that that is the correct charger that goes with it. But tons of accessory pieces includes sanding discs, buffing discs, grinders, drills, brushes and so much more. See pictures for more details. Looks like they should fit a dremel.

144.Large appliance hand truck in good condition. Comes with straps, tires are good and the weight capacity is 800 lbs.

145.Here we have a cool, aluminum marlin sign holder. Ideal for a bait shop, marina or more. Can also be used as decor This would be great anywhere! Just add some spraypaint for color. Measures 45" long, 38" tall.

146.Great pair of overalls. In very good condition. Size is Large. Insulated on the inside. Great for hunting, camping and more. Also comes with a pair of Duluth trading company gloves.

147.Four nice sized ropes. Two white and two black with loops at one end. Ideal for sailing and more. Unsure of size.

148.Hamilton Beach microwave. Does have some cosmetic damage, but it works great. See pictures for button settings and marks on outside. Measures 21x15x12". 1,000 watts.

149.Here we have a 5 gallon gas can.

150.If youre tired of a dirty car then you need this! It is a crate filled with rags, sponges, scrub brushes and cleaning supplies for trucks or cars. Not sure how moist the wipes still are, but the rest seem full. See pictures.

151.Here we have a FIXD device to tell notify you when your car needs services. Also includes a box of LED ghost shadow lights and two boxes of auto ceramics coating. See pictures for more details.

152.Two newly boxed radar detectors. Ideal car speed testing systems. Boh come with accessories shown.

153.Two more radar detectors and a radio with walkie talkie.

154.Three extension pieces for yard work. Includes two ryobi brand weed whippers and an edger attachment. Please note this DOES NOT include the whole tool.

155.Thank goodness this Harley Davidson vacuum cleaner isnt as loud as the motorcycles! This is a portable 4 gallon 5.0 peak HP vacuum by Harley (who knew?!). It seems to work amazing and has so many attachments that I'm not really sure what they are all for. Does have a filter inside but definitely needs to be cleaned out. Has wheels on the back for easy mobility. See pictures for all included accessories.

156.This is a great deal for anyone wanting to replace their drawer handles in their kitchen, bathroom and more areas. Safe lots of money and stay still have great taste with these two great styles of handles. Both are brushed nickel. All look new. Also includes two brushed nickel doorknobs in slightly used condition.

157.Lots of different kinds of router bits to make virtually any item ypu need. Comes with two brand new packages and a small plastic container filled with them as well.

158.Nice wooden Craftsman box filled with bits that allow you to make dovetail joints, cove cut outs, beaded for moldings and much more.

159.Attention mechanics! Safe some money by buying all these replacements bulbs and/or blinker bulbs. Also comes with a bunch of key fabs, a couple spark plugs and more.

160.Small plastic tote filled with over 40 stickers and emblems! Includes gatorade, nascar, harley davidson and much more. See pictures for most of the included items.

161.A pair of plastic, yellow or gold tinted glasses. Could be used for riding your motorcycle or working in the garage. In good used condition.

162.Another pair of plastic shades. Stamped with Starlite on the inside of them. Good used condition.

163.Third pair of plastic sunglasses. In good used condition.

164.Here we have a John Deere collectible model semi-truck. Also comes with two great trophy pieces! See pictures for more details. Plaque could lrobably be easily releplaced.

165.Brand new rope. Braided utility rope, looks like it may be about 50 feet, but unsure.

166.Two plastic, air tight containers to put tools, ammo, or more in. See pictures.

167.Cool, small little metal toolbox. In very used condition.

168.Two metal containers tor tools or more. One held cartridges, the second long one doesn't completly close all the way. See pictures for approx size.

169.Two pieces. One is a tool box and the other is a plastic containet for your hardware...does have a hole on the top part of it. Both in used condition.

170.Seven, different sized plastic containers ideal for organizing your hardware, fishing stuff and more.

171.Nice bright red, plastic toolbox. In good used condition, does look like its missing some plastic containers that fit underneath it.

172.Two small toolboxes or tackle boxes. One is metal and Kennedy Kits brand, the second is plastic. Both in used condition.

173.Metal carrying tray for a small amount of tools. Approx 17" long.

174.Here we have a set of 10 acrylic globes for your RV or boat! They are portable, weather resistant and the coiled cord extends up to 50 feet. Can use up to a 60 watt bulb in each one. Needs new bulbs in all but one. See pictures.

175.Here we have a small wooden rifle shelf to put your prize guns. Holds two guns. Made of wood and shelf pieces are lined with felt. Measures 24" long and 14" tall. In good used condition.

176.Two gun cleaning kits. See pictures, each one contains different pieces.

177.Here we have a pair of paintball gun paints and gloves. Pants are Core Division, Dye Hybrid pants and the gloves have no tips to easily access the paintball trigger. Need a good washing, but seem to be in good used condition. See pictures for sizes.

178.The second bunch of items for paintballing. Includes a zip up bag filled with paintball items. Includes q very cool, cobalt blue Spyder E99 paintball gun. Jas a black trigger and chrome pieces on it as well. See pictures for all items. All seem in good used condition.

179.Here we have some dvds from my favorite show growing up "I love lucy". Still in packaging, also includes dvds from "The Eastside Kids" and more. Brand new game included as well that retails for $30!! Have a game and movie night!

180.More great dvds to watch. See pictures for titles of these movies.

181.If you own a 1957 Chevy then you NEED to buy this lot! Includes a bunch of license plate chrome borders to fancy up your livense plate. Also includes a bunch of metal license plates for any use you would like.

182.Uniden VHF marine radio. Looks new or barely used. May want to put this on your boat. Comes with a manual.

183.Two full boxes of 12 gauge, 7-1/2 shot ammo. By winchester. 2-3/4 inches long. Only looks like one box is missing one shell. See pictures for more.

184.Here we have two boxes of ammo. One is a winchester, 12 gauge, 7-1/2 shot, full box. The other is Remington slugger rifled shots, contains 4 shots. They are 12 gauge 2-3/4. See pictures for more.

185.Two brand new flags. One is a nice and thick Sea-Ray flag and the other is a Bonnie Blue Flag, which was an unofficial banner of the Confederate States of America at the start of the American Civil War in 1861. It now often serves as a representative banner of the Southeastern United States in general.

186.Two for one! Two outdoor extension cords. Both are fairly long and great for any projects.

187.Did you ever think that maybe your dog wants to join you on the boat or at the beach? Well now your furry friend can and you can breathe easy when they wear this Outward Hound life vest. This is a large size.

188.If you're going camping or sailing anytime soon you may need this lot. Includes a styrofoam cooler, a drink cooler with nozzle and a brand new dish drying rack. Perfect for small areas.

189.Black and grey Coleman brand cooler with a cigarette outlet that keeps it cool. Great for a hot day outdoors. Has not been tested. Cooler is a medium sized, may be able to fit a 6 pack or a little more inside.

190.Two hardshell cases that can be used to tote around cameras, tools or whatever you desire! Measures as follows, approx 14x4x11", and 18x6x16".

191.Large vintage two person crosscut saw. Measures approximately 76 long. Cutting length is 60 inches. Good condition.

192.Three matching RH Schlage door locks with keys. All are new and look to be complete, however they could be cleaned up and boxes have wear from sitting in storage.

193.Three matching LH Schlage door locks with keys. All are new but boxes have wear from sitting in storage.

194.Four matching Schlage door locks. All but one have keys, however, they are keyed alike. Two are LH, one is RH. All are new but boxes have wear from sitting in storage.

195.Gas powered weed wacker in good condition.  Does have good comprssion

196.Homelite pole hedge trimmer 120V AC, 60Hz, 2.7 AMP. Powers on. The cord is frayed where it connects to the machine. Good usable condition. See pictures.

197.Fiskars pole saw with pruner. Adjustable length. Approximately 13' at longest. Has a power stroke handle. See pictures. Good usable condition.

198.Handsaw, shovel and edging shovel. All are in good used condition. See pictures.

199.This is an Carrand extendable brush you connect to a water hose for cleaning. Fully extended it measures approximately 5' 5" long. See pictures.

200.Here we have a rake, extendable pruner and an extendable hoe/cultivator combo tool. All are in good usable condition. See pictures.

201.Kidde fire extinguisher.

202.This is a Joe Blow Sports hand air pump. Approximately 26.6” x 9.8” x 5.4. Unique easy to read gauge, Rotating connection keeps hose tangle free, dual head, Ball and bladder needles are included and fit neatly in their own holder. Also included is a Dialed fit special design bike seat and beverage holder mount. All in good condition. See pictures for more details.

203.Foam floor tiles. 4 pieces. 3 pieces have the puzzle like sides to assemble together while 1 does not. See pictures.

204.Here we have a metal trap for rodents and small animals such as racoons, or more. Seems to be in decent used condition. Measures approx 10" wide, 31" long and 12" tall.

205.O'Brien life jacket. Size Adult XL. Good condition. See pictures.

206.Six smaller extension cords of various lengths. The longest is approximately 5' long. All seem to be in good condition. See pictures.

207.This lot contains a pair of shears, a vintage Stanely Handyman No. H1275 Keyhole small mini hand saw with 6" blade, and a pair of adjustable pliers. The blade on the mini saw and the pliers are a little rusty. See pictures.

208.Five wrenches of various sizes. See pictures for sizes.

209.Assorted screwdrivers. See pictures for details.

210.Miscellaneous lot. Large Allen wrench, mutli-purpose tool and more. See pictures for all included.

211.Miscellaneous office items. 2 pair of scissors, 2 staplers, a Harley Davidson business card holder and more in a plastic bin with lid. See pictures for all included.

212.iWave Bluetooth speaker. No charging cord included. It does power on and connects. Has an apple sticker but is not an Apple product. See pictures.

213.Black and Decker PD360 cordless screwdriver. Includes instruction manual and power cord. Good condition. See pictures.

214.MAC tools Racing umbrella, Eddie Bauer fleece beenie, a Barefoot Florida living t-shirt size XL, very nice pair of Golovejoy gloves in plastic protection bag and a Lotus Gunworks can coozy. See pictures.

215.Miscellaneous items includes a bottle carpet spot cleaner, some very small weights for balancing, toilet parts and more.

216.Here we have some straps, bungee cords and a pair of casters. In used condition.

217.Two rubber bar mats for the counter bar. One is a Budweiser and the other is a Monster brand. Also includes vottle openers, and a cigar cutter.

218.Get fishing on your boat with this Shakespeare fishing pole, a roll of fishing line and an anchor for your boat. Anchor is rusty but still functional.

219.Car items includes a reflective sun visor, a metal gasket, and also includes a small battery with clamps on the ends, seems to be for a toy.

220.Two tennis rackets, each comes with a cover. In good used condition, the handles may need to be retaped or wiped down. Both are Wilson brand.

221.Cool, small, portable Rigid radio. Unfortunately it DOES NOT come with a battery. It is compatible with an 18V Rigid batteries. Has a small handle onnit and looks very sturdy.

222.Various items includes a couple golf items, a ladder accessory, a thing for your boat. See all pictures.

223.Great utems includes a very nice looking GE brand set of clippers and looks of different guards and accessories to go with it. Very quiet too. Also includes a soap dispenser with foam soap in it and a plastic tray for your bathroom.

224.Vintage bright red cooler. Made by Coleman. This is an awesome piece to have. It is a tad rusty and has some scratches on it but is expected to be with the age. Inside is fairly clean with a little plastic, removable tray. Features metal hinges and a working metal lock. Measures approx 18x11x13". See all pictures.

225.Wonder winder. Keep your garate or shop nice and tidy with this extension cord reel in a net. Has a metal bracket to hang on ceiling or wall.

226.Metal Lakewood floor fan. Buts out some air! Works great. Has different settings for low to high. Also has a warmer to cooler button, but doesn't really work, just slows the fan down and stops halfway through the warm cycle. But if you're looking for a strong fan this is it! Approx 26" tall.

227.Three step step ladder. In good condition. Ideal for your pantry.

228.Two lights include an encased, waterproof 2 foot fluorescent light which has a cigarette lighter output and a spot light which has battery terminal clamps. They have not been tested.

229.Portland brand 22" hedge trimmer. Electric and works great.

230.Two kids sized helmets in newer condition. One has a rim on it for a light to attach to it.

231.Two vintage looking, and very cool wooden and metal clamps. These are very large clamps and cool pieces. See pictures for measurements.

232.Two more very cool and very large wooden and metal clamps. See pictures.

233.Includes a nice wooden clamp and two wood planes. All nice, sturdy pieces. See pictures.

234.Includes some 11" shelf brackets, two magnetic café rods and more. See pictures for more details and sizes.

235.Brand new Diablo brand saw blade. It's 12" with 44 teeth. See pictures for what kinds of woods to cut with this new blade.

236.Here we have a hammer and a trio tool. Both with wooden handles. Trio tool looks like a hammer, axe and crow bar end all in one. Both in used condition and rusty. See pictures.

237.Two rubber mallets and a hammer. All in used condition but still have lots of life left in them.

238.Two foot long, bright orange sledge hammer. Oh let me be your sledgehammer!

239.Measure and level everything. Includes a 100 foot, retractable measuring tape and two smaller sized levels.

240.Two metal planes. Ideal for shaving down wood and more.

241.Here we have a 3/4" pipe clamp. Made in the U.S.A. in good condition.

242.Ryobi orbital sander. Works great. Needs sanding discs and has a small tear in the bag.

243.Craftsman jigsaw. Works great. In used condition.

244.Here we have a thick cable laid, or wire stranded rope. Pretty thick, sturdy and has a metal ring on it. Unsure of size.

245.Two smaller cable laids. In decent used condition.

246.Evinrude outboard motor. Perfect for your john boat. Doesn't have much information on it. May want to come give it a look before buying. See all pictures.

247.Sailor 250 outboard motor. Again, not too much info on it. See all pictures. Check it out in person.

248.Great working and great looking Dyson animal ball DC 47 vacuum cleaner. This thing looks and works like new. It has a bagless canister and rolls easily on wheels. Easily clean pet hair along with other messes with this. The ball technology gives this vacuum cleaner easy mobility. You can carry this lightweight unit around wherever you want to vacuum.

249.Rigid sawzall. The body is in used condition, but still works wonderfully.

250.Black and decker, battery operated saw. However is DOES NOT have battery included. Looks to be in good used condition. Lightweight, very portable.

251.This ladder looks to extend up at different lengths, or i believe can be used as a regular "A" ladder. Only a single side of this ladder measures 7 feet. In good used condition.

252.Another ladder that can extend and be used different ways. One side approx 6 feet.

253.A lot of different inductive amplifiers. None hasve been tested.

254.A heavy-duty metal clamp, wrench and more. See pictures.

255.Nifty socket rack which is still in the packaging, small measuring tape, antifreeze testers and more.

256.A set of drill bits and a condrive 2000.

257.A set of wrwnches for any meachanic or handyman. See pictures for types and sizes.

258.A bunch of flip phones and keypad phones. None have been tested. It includes Samsung, LG and more. See pictures.

259.Extra power washer sprayer piece.

260.Here we have an aluminum bar clamp, 60" long. Also comes with two offset bending guides


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