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Auction Title: 8502 Contents of Port Charlotte home, Appliances, Artwork, Electronics, Collectibles, Home D├ęcor, Lawn Mower, Tools and More - AUCTION ENDS :Wednesday February 13th 2019 7:00PM ET

Item Description
1.Here we have a lovely whitewashed, bamboo looking dining room table. It comes with four matching chairs, which have cushions on the seat of them for comfort. The legs and sides of the table and chairs are made to look similar to a bamboo, would look great in any Florida house. Table measures approximately 40 in wide, and 59 in Long. It is in used condition, has a little wear and tear on top of the chairs.

2.This is a lovely floridian looking china cabinet. Keep all your favorite little knickknacks in this cabinet. It has a bamboo look to it, and also has bamboo painted on the front. It has two glass shelves in the top part, and a shelf inside the lower part of the cabinet. Please note that it does NOT come with any items in or on it. Measures 38" x 17" and stands 79" tall. Has a few small chips on the sides, but overall has been taken care of.

3.Highly used pleather sofa. This love seat has seen better days, but could be covered up to look new again. It is very comfortable. Measures 69" x 33". See pictures for details.

4.Here we have a dark olive green toned recliner. Kick back and relax in this. Does show signs of useage in the material. May be able to be cleaned out. Chair has footrest and spins from left to right. In overall useable condition.

5.Look at this one of a kind coffee table!!! This piece is Solid Onyx purchased in Mexico. It has a shiny gold rim around the border. Its gold, cream, brown and more. Very unique piece. The top does have a crack in it, but blends in with the rock look. Table measures 27" wide, 59" long and 18" tall. See pictures for up close details.

6.Hexagon shaped table with a glass top. It is a cream color. In used condition, does have to be cleaned up a bit. Would look very nice if it was refinished. Top is 25.5" wide , and 20.5" tall.

7.Beautiful whitewashed dresser. It has four drawers in it. It is very sturdy and in good used condition. Second drawer sticks just a tad. Measures approx 39" x 18" and is 40" tall.

8.Whitewashed small bed side table, made to look similar to bamboo.has two drawers in it and brass looking hardware. Measures 23" x 18" and is 24" tall. In decent used condition, has a couple stains on the top.

9.Mirror that is framed in a beautiful whitewashed colored wood frame. Meant to match previous couple lots. Also looks like it has hardware to attach to a dresser if you would like. Measures 29" x 43".

10.The process of identifying this Victor phonograph is not difficult. The Victor Talking Machine Company did an excellent job of providing model identification, along with a unique serial number for most models, which makes dating their phonographs a relatively easy task in most cases. The majority of Victrolas were produced with a mahogany finish, which i believe this is, it can appear much darker, faded or "crazed" if the finish has not been maintained. This is a very cool piece. It has an interior horn, and a handle wind up piece. This Victrola does crank up and spins with lever actuator . It measures 19" x 20", and is 36" tall.

11.Twin bed mattress with light brown wicker headboard. Would be great in that guestroom of yours. Comes with mattress, box mattress, frame, and even the blankets! Headboard measures 41" wide and 44" high. In decent used condition.

12.Twin bed mattress with light brown wicker headboard. Would be great in that guestroom of yours. Comes with mattress, box mattress, frame, and even the blankets! Headboard measures 41" wide and 44" high. In decent used condition.

13.Nice, light brown, wicker bedside table. Has two drawers in it and has a glass top to easily set your items on top. In overall good used condition, no noted cracking or falling apart of any sort. Measures approx 24" x 17" and stands 24" tall.

14.Beautiful, light brown, wicker dresser. Has two large drawers, three small and a cabinet which has a shelf in it. This piece is in good condition. It sits on four claw wicker feet. Measures 37" x 22", and stands 51" tall.

15.Dont miss out on this heavy-duty full length mirror! The base is made of wicker. Frame around is a hard material made to look like wicker to match the base. It has brass hardware on the sides so you can adjust the angle of the mirror. In overall good condition. Measures 26" wide, 64" tall.

16.Beautiful brown and tan wicker dresser. Made by Henry Link. In good condition. It has six large drawers (dont slide open to easily) and a glass top. Overall looks very nice. Measures approx 58" x 19" and 30" tall.

17.Vintage large hurricane lamp and night light with painted flowers and brass base and hardware - good condition. Has orange floral design on the glass parts. Its an off white and cream colored. You can light up just the base, the yop, or both at the same time. Very cool piece. Measures 20" tall.

18.Cool old table lamp. Made of brass and ceramic (i believe). Its a nice gold and cream color with golden flowers painted on the sides. Has a nice cream colored shade. In decent used Condition. Measures 31.5" tall.

20.Here we have two matching wicker chairs. Both are in very good used condition, and have been kept inside. No signs of unraveling. Each one has a cool design on the back part. Each one comes with a multi colored cushion and one comes wirh a small throw pillow. Dont miss out on this deal.

21.Here is a wicker love seat along with a matching coffee table. They have a cool diamond design on them. They seem to both be in good condition, however it seems the color is wearing a little. But no unraveling of any sort. The couch comes with a multi colored cushion. Table measures 36" x 19" and stands 18" tall. The love seat is approx 51" x 22" and back of coush is 38" tall.

22.Here we have a nice light colored dining room table. Comes with four chairs that have arms, cushions on seat and back (very comfy) and they are on wheels! Chairs are a light multi color. Set shows signs of a little wear and tear, but cushions and tabletop seem to be in tact. Table measures 36.5" x 60".

23.Get ready to do some gardening. Includes two small, cute ceramic plant pots, and a larger green and cream colored planter. Large planter measures 10" tall and 10" in diameter. It sits on a cool wooden platform to keep it off the floor.

24.Absolutely awesome wood lot!! Includes a cool wooden table, a decorative piece of driftwood and two very cool plant pots made of wood. Table has a few stains om top, but i think it would clean up nicely. Measures 30" tall, and diameter of top is 13". Small planter is 7" tall and larger that is on three legs is 20.5" tall.

25.Here we have a cool, dark brown, modern day rocking chair. Its base and legs is made of a black metal, and the cushions are nice and plush, which are covered with a brown soft fabric. The chair swivels and rocks. Also has convinient pouches on both sides to hold magazines, remote controls and more. Its in overall good used condition. Meausures approx 29" wide and back of chair is approx 40" tall.

26.Beautiful floor lamp that doubles as a glass table. Made of brass and glass. This is a very unique piece. Does not come with a lamp shade. Diameter of glass piece is approx 15". Lamp stands 49" tall. In overall decent condition.

27.Nice, firm cushioned loveseat. Comes with two matching throw pillows. Has a light floral design to it. Its in good preowned condition. Has no rips, stains or tears. Measures approx 58" wide, 29" deep and 33" tall.

28.Nice, firm, floral sofa. This piece is in good used condition. Fabric looks great. It comes with two small throw pillows. A plus to this is its also a sleeper! So get ready to have your in-laws over. Meausres approx 83" x 35".

29.Cream colored coffee table with two panels of glass on top. Legs made to look like bamboo. Table has a couple stains on top, other than that, in decent used condition. Measures approx 55" x 21.5". Stands 16" tall.

30.Nice cream colored table. Perfect for your living room. The legs are shaped to look like bamboo. It has a glass top to it. Measures approx 21" x 27". Stands 19.5" high. In decent used condition.

31.Very uncommon looking side table. This unique piece is sure to look good in any room. Its a small brown table with a glass top. But the bottom looks like it could souble as a magazine rack. Cool little piece. In good condition. Measures approx 24" x 14.5", and is 24" tall.

32.Small lottle table perfect to put a doilie and plant on. Has three metal legs and a round glass top. Glass diameter is 15.5". The table is approx 18" tall.

33.Sportscraft brand tredmill.  Seems to be in very good condition.  Folds up nicely to store away easily.

34.Cool three paneled wooden room divider. It has places innit to put your favorite family photos. Measures approx 35" wide and 60" tall. In good used condition.

35.Great rolling office chair. Made of leather, it rolls great. No rips or tears. It would look great in any office!

36.Here is a long, slender, cream colored table. Has a glass top and a couple shelves underneath. Its legs are made to look like bamboo. This piece is in used condition, it has scratches and some paint chipping off of it. It would look very nice if it was redone. Would look great in an entry way. Measures 45.5" x 13.5" and stands 26" tall.

37.Here we have a very unique small table. Its base and legs is made of wood, and the top, which simply just lifts up, is a big brass circle with an oriental design and flowers etched on it. It is a very cool piece, however, table does show signs of use. See pictures for details. Diameter measures approx 30" and table is 16.5" tall.

38.Absolutely beautiful table lamp. Has a floral design on it, and is painted with a gold and a green trim. Approximately 30" tall.

39.A pair of beautiful glass table lamps. Has a gold base and gold hardware. Both in decent used condition. Lampshades may need to be replaced at some point. Lamps stand 31" tall.

40.Beautiful table lamp made of brass and glass. Has a brass base and a brass leaf looking top with glass jewels hanging from it. The mid section is made of glass. Would be a beautiful addition to any room. Does not come with a lampshade. Its 30" tall.

41.Silver floor lamp that has two spots for light bulbs. It has plastic light covers on it. Shorter light has flexible arm to adjust to different angles. Approx 73" tall.

42.Brass floor lamp. Also has a brass lampshade. Has adjustable arm to move the light to different angles. Has an old time on/off switch that is shaped like the end of a key. Cool piece. Stands 53" tall. Base has a couple small scratches on it.

43.Floor lamp made of brass and has a base made of brass and glass. Has a cream colored lampshade. Brass is a tad tarnished. Glass in good condition. Measures 59" tall.

44.Great place to hang your blankets! This is a nice, wooden blanket holder. Comes with two nice knitted afghans. Its a solid but lightweight piece. Measures 33" long and 29" high.

45.Bundle up these upcoming months with this blanket and wooden blanket holder. Lightweight but sturdy so you can display and organize your blankets. Measures 26.5" wide and 30.5" tall.

46.Cute little wooden bench on wheels. Would be great in an entryway to put your shoes on. It has a few stains on top, but in overall decent condition. Measures 27" x 16". Stands 19" tall.

47.Get ready for spring cleaning with this Dyson vacuum cleaner! Has a removable and reusable filter. Is approved for allergy sufferees by BAF. Does all types of floors. Has a hose with different attachments to get those hard to reach places.

48.Cool little storage piece that is made of pressed wood and laminated. Has a glass front and shelves inside. Does NOT come with contents inside. Top opens as well. In used condition. Laminate is peeling of in places. Would be good for a home office. Measures 19" x 15", and is approx 43" tall.

49.Lot of a bunch of beaitiful glass pieces. Includes stemmed dishes, butter dish, and small various dishes. All in good used condition.

50.Here we have an absolutely gorgeous fine china dish set. Made by Phoebe, by Narumi , made in Japan. Huge lot includes a serving platter, two large serving bowls, eight dinner plates. Also includes twelve salad plates, eight bread plates, eight bowls, eight small bowls, eight teacups with plates, and a cream and sugar dish. This lot seems to be in good condition, I havent inspected every individual piece, but dont see any noticeable chips or cracks.

51.Very cool aqua colored dish set. Go back in time with these dishes. Includes eight plates and teacups. The plates also have a spot to set your teacup. In decent condition, i noticed one very small chip. Beautiful pieces.

52.Dont let this large lot of glass fool you, its full of beautiful rose, gold, green and red colored dishes! Includes a couple shot glasses, candy dishes, small dish with handle and more. Beautiful pieces, especially the rose colored dish with strawberries on it!

53.Large lot of small cute glass collectables! Imcludes collectable eggs, miniature cream and sugar dishes, a bunch of small swan figurines, bells and more!

54.Get this whole top shelf! Includes champagne glasses, wine glasses, glass decanter, a 50th anniversary dish set and more.

55.Includes a few oriental plates and bowls. Made in china and japan. Also comes with a small teapot, sugar dish, candle holders and USAir glasses. All items in good used condition.

56.Miscellaneous lot includes a bunch of small knickknacks such as, miniature shot glasses, an orange candy dish, candlestick holders and more.

57.Everything wooden here! Includes a cool wall clock made out of wood, a very unique one gallon, glass jug that is split in two, small box, timer and more. See all the pictures for included items.

58.Step into the warm weather with these items. Includes small plastic decorative trays from Hawaii, shot glasses made of wood, a large seashell decor piece and more!

59.All like colored glass pieces. Includes dishes that are kind of a burnt orange or tan color. Beautiful pieces. Some are candy dishes, jars, bowls, vases and more.

60.Enjoy this greenery scenery with these items. Includes a couple green vases, two very cool, unique candlestick holders, a small dish from Jerusalem, a hummingbird figurine (missing a beak, and noses have been glued back on), and more!

61.Lot of miscellaneous throw pillows. They look to have been handmade. They have very good detail in them.

62.Includes all stone pieces. Some look to be granite or marble. Includes cool coasters cut from absorbent sandstone. Also has a cool bull figurine and more. See pictures to fully appreciate these items.

63.Cool items that look to be from Mexico, amongst other places. Includes a set of wooden maracas, look to be hand carved, some clay pieces, a very cool box with a design on the lid. And last but not least a small jar that holds oil and has three wicks coming out the top, it is fonely decorated worh flowers around it.

64.Get ready for this upcoming easter with this lot! Includes a super cute easter bunny, basket and vase all made of ceramic! Also includes a yard sign, yellow decor grass, an egg statue with small bunnies inside and much more!

65.Nice brass lot includes the cutest figurines! Who doesnt need a small duck holding an umbrella?!? Also omcludes a soap dish, bell, small jewelry box and more. All items could use a good cleaning. In used condition.

66.Brass sand cranes, owl book ends, a seashell dish and more!

67.More brass?? Includes a cute elephant that has a very detailed design on it, also comes with a couple small seans, a seal, a cool duck wall hanging that has small jooks on it and more miscellaneous pieces.

68.Two beautiful porcelain or ceramic umbrella holders. They measure approx 21" tall. Comes with multiple umbrellas. Please note that the brown one has been glued back together. Purple floral one is absolutely gorgeous and sits on a brass base.

69.Attention Avon collectors! This lot is full of very unique old bottles. Includes glass and plastic items, some still have liquid in them. Very cool pieces.

70.Here is a very unique three tiered wooden table. Each shelf has a design carved into it. Wood colors are very beautiful. Its a little dusty, but would clean up very nicely. Piece is 33.5" tall, and diameter of tops is 9".

71.Home decor lot includes a beautiful ceramic swan shaped flower holder. Also comes with a nice cardinal candle holder, small jars with birds on them and various glass pieces. See pictures, one glass piece has chips.

72.Three very unique pieces. First is a ceramic Brandy holder shaped as a soldier. His head is the cork so you can refill it. Also comes with a very cool wooden pitcher. It has floral designs on it and is made by Norleans, made in Japan. Last awesome piece, which i believe is a large kerosene holder, with a lighter on top, and also plays music when you wind it up. Also made in Japan. Very neat, unique pieces. Approx 12-14" tall.

73.Halloween decorations! Includes a battery operated fiber optic pumpkin decor. Also includes a ceramic candleholder and other ceramic pieces.

74.Beautiful white and gold, and cream colored pieces. Large pieces is a candleholder with a removeable lid. Pitcher is beautiful, but has no markings on it. See pictures for measurements.

75.Large glass vase filled to the brim with seashells and sand dollars! Beautiful piece stabds approx 14" tall.

76.Very cool planting pot that comes on a metal tripod stand. Perfect for any plant in your home (real of fake!). See pictures for measurements.

77.Old fashioned lot includes a pair of beautiful crystal candlestick holders, an oil lantern, a cool candle holder with a large glass bulb on top and more.

78.Beautiful lot includes some oriental pieces from Japan. Also includes some beautiful small floral vases and a unique floral dish on three small legs.

79.Here we have two cool decorative vases. Both come with lids. Both have gloral designs on them. In overall good used condition. Did not notice any chips or cracks. See pictures for measurements.

80.Step over to the dark side with these cool vases. Includes dark vases from India and Japan. Also comes with a small square figurine.

81.Nice glass pieces includes a vase, a set of silver plated and glass coasters, made by Leonard. Also has an Avon candle holder. Other glass candle holders and more.

82.Are you ready for valentines day?!? If not then purchase this perfect lot. Includes an adorable red heart-shaped plate, heart shaped jewelry box, ring holder, timeless Avon cologne and much more for the special person in your life.

83.Great bathroom lot includes an old timey shower curtain, a ceramic swan towel holder, kleenex box cover, small hand towels and more!

84.Cute old school bathroom items includes a ceramic pink swan, which doubles as a towel holder, hand towels, handheld mirror (didnt we all have one?), toothbrush holders, soapdish and more!

85.This includes all sorts of home decor styles and selections! Comes with a large brass colored plate that is approx 22.5" in diameter. Also comes with a brass vase with artificial colorful grass in it, wooden decorations, a very charming swan planter, a ceramic jar that has pearl colored fruit on top. See all pictures for details. Nice various lot.

86.Lot includes, placemats, aprons, and more

87.Lot includes some very cool old styled tableclothes, doilies, linens, table runners and more! Most items seem to be in good used condition.

88.More linens! Includes table runners, aprons, smocks, linen napkins, placemats and more!

89.Did you just recently move and need to restock your towels and more?? Get this entire closet! Includes towels, hand towels, wash clothes, pillows, blankets and more. All seem to be in decent used condition.

90.Lot includes floral towels.

91.Includes two twin sized bedspreads, sheets and throw pillows.

92.Know someone who lives up north and would love these heated blankets? Lot includes two heated blankets, comes in a zip up bag. Both seem to be in decent condition.

93.WARNING! Here we have a great Keurig coffee maker, but the coffee that comes with it is decaf! Also comes with a variety of coffee mugs. Seems to be in good condition.

94.Here is a great looking Oster brand, french door countertop oven. This Oven has never been used. It has glass doors, an interior light, time display, removeable crumb tray and more. Has its original manual, comes with a recipe book and more.

95.Vintage Norelco HB5130 10-Cup Dial-a-Brew Coffee Maker Brewer Electric from the 1970s. In good condition for the age. Get your morning started right. This piece is in used condition.

96.Osterizer 14 speed blender. Comes with two glass containers to blend your favorite fruits and veggies in. Includes freatures such as chop, blend, puree and more. In overall good used condition.

97.Lot includes a small electric chopper, an electric can opener, a small hand grater, peeler and more. Perfect items for your kitchen.

98.Old fashioned countertop sized meat grinder, includes multiple plates for different meats. Also includes a small slicer, drainer and more. All seem to be in good working condition.

99.Includes a toaster that comes with a lovely fabric cover. Also comes with an electric knife and a kitchen slicer.

100.Enjoy cooking with this cool, old fashioned Oster kitchen center. Use it for beating, chopping, stirring and much much more. Comes with beaters and two glass bowls. Also has a book and a plastic cover for the whole unit. Seems to be in good used condition.

101.Kitchen lot includes wooden cutting boards, grater, a small little dipper crockpot and what looks to be parts of a food processer. Only comes with items in pictures!!

102.Presto electric skillet. Perfect for cooking. Comes with a plug, lid and manual.

103.Get ready for summer with this George Foreman Lean, Mean Fat grilling machine! In used condition, but works fine. Comes with drip trays, spatula, manual and great fabric cover.

104.Includes electric tray warmer with plug, an old gravy seperating bowl and a very nice, large dish that comes with lid and ladel.

105.Pizza night!! Get ready for dinner with this stoneware oven bake pizza stone.comes with a cooling rack. Also comes with spatula, pizza cutters and a pizza pan! All in useable condition.

106.Wear-Ever electric wok. Comes with a lid, plug, original box and recipes for the wok. In decent working condition .

107.Cant decide what to have for dinner? How about spaghetti and salad. This is perfect for dinner, comes with large spaghetti bowls, a green glass salad bowl with scoopers, and a cool salad bar that allows everyone to make their own salad!

108.Old school kitchen lot includes that old flour sifter that your grandma used to have. Also comes with two recipe holders shaped as chickens, timer, jar of plastic cook ware and more. See pictures for all items.

109.Relax and have a cocktail tonight. This is a lot which comes with multiple shot glasses, stirrers, an ice bucket, cork pull, and everything you could possible need to ensure a good time.

110.Great christmas mugs, Christmas glasses and a cute christmas tin. All in used condition.

111.Get everything in this cabinet! Includes a very nice set of blue tinted wine glasses, very nice "happy holidays" glasses, and many more glasses. All in decent condition.

112.Lot includes a set of silverware in a slotted plastic drawer and one with mixed silverware. Also includes other various utensils.

113.Perfect drawer for the kitchen. Get everything in here which ik ncludes a masher, beater, slicer, knives and much more.

114.Includes pineapple core remover, baking dishes, small silver condiment tray, plastic coffee pots and more.

115.Glass lot includes a set of crystal candleholders, crystal spoon and fork holders, plates and more.

116.Junk drawer includes all items pictured.

117.Great lot includes dish set by Pepe. Also comes with bowls,mugs, a pitcher and more.

118.Lots of recipe books! Also comes with iron, ironing board cover, plastic bag holder and a wooden decor plate.

119.Here we have a heavy-duty stoneware jar. Cool jar is filled with some cleaning supplies and different kinds of sandwhich bags. See pictures.

120.Includes wooden glass rack, multiple glass jars with lids, scissors, decor and more.

121.Great glass lot includes unique plate, salt and pepper shakers, vases, plates and more.

122.Lot full of glass vases.  Includes some red and pink ones, perfect for Valentine's day!!  All are in used but decent condition.

123.Lot full of vases, includes a light pink one, red, white, clear and more.  All in decent condition.

124.Get ready for a night of popcorn and movies.  Make popcorn the old fashioned way with this pot, lid, kernels and oil.  Lot also includes stainless steel coffee maker, kitchen utensils with holder.

125.Get this whole cabinet which is full of pots and pans.  All in used condition.  See pictures for all included items.

126.Lot includes pots and pans.  See pictures

127.Includes very large beer mugs, an old Mr Peanut glass peanut jar and a very unique ice bucket that is in the shape of an ice cream bicycle.

128.Never will you have to buy kitchen towels and pot holders again!  Includes a large amount of hand towels, pot holders and nice wooden pot holders as well.  See pictures for further detail.

129.Includes all pots and pans in this cabinet.  In used condition.

130.Great kitchen drawer lot, includes beaters, knives, measuring cups, automatic can opener and more.

131.Kitchen drawer #2 includes items shown!

132.Two silverware trays full of silverware!  One is full of miscellaneous utensils and the other is a set.  Includes other small items.  All in decent used condition.  Good lot to buy.

133.Beautiful plated silverware set.  Comes in a box made specifically for them.  Includes forks, spoons, knives, cocktail forks, serving utensils and more.

134.Stainless and plated silverware in this nice wooden box.  Also includes quadruple plated cream and sugar dishes, some chips on the handles.

135.The contents of this cabinet which include roasting pans, slicer, rolling pin, electric beater and more! All in decent used condition.

136.Great Corelle dish set by corning. Includes plates, coffee mugs and bowls. Also comes with two other glass pieces.

137.Various dish lot includes a fireking ware bowl, salt and pepper shakers, a lot of plastic and glass bowls and more. All in used condition.

138.Great dish set! Made by Mikasa. Its white with blue and yellow stripes around the edges. Includes plates, bowls, mugs, serving plate and bowl. Also comes with salt and pepper shakers, and a couple other miscellaneous items.

139.Great lot of kitchen glasses, includes a cool set of matching glasses that are colored on the bottom. Also comes with tervis cup, pabst glass and more.

140.Lot full of various glass mugs and cups. Has some unique ones in this one. All in used, but good condition.

141.Two knife blocks and a knife sharpener. All are in used condition.

142.Get your brunch on with this cute juicing lot! Includes two small glass, hand juicers, a container for orange juice, glass pitcher, cutting board, glasses and more.

143.Get all these glass dishes in this cabinet! Includes bowls and decorative dishes.

144.Baking pans, bread pans and soo many stainless steel mixing bowls!

145.Great lot of vintage tupperware and a couple glass corning wear baking dishes with lids.

146.Get set for life with these two huge boxes of tupperware.

147.Great christmas items includes LED candles, christmas tree, ceramic santa votive, lots of candles so much more.

148.Huge, huge christmas lot! Includes lots of wrapping paper, gift bags, soap dispensers, fiber optic tree and much more! More items in totes that arent pictured.

149.So many christmas items! Includes two large plastic totes full of items. Not all items are pictured. Some of which does include ceramic angel statues, candles, ornaments, wall decor, and much much more!

150.Three large plastic totes filled with christmas items. See pictures for some included pieces.

151.Large christmas lot includes, paper napkins, ornaments, tablecloths, small throw rugs, crystal angel statue, and much more. More items in box that aren't pictured.

152.Another large lot of christmas items! Includes hand towels, cute plastic place mats, tablecloth, silver and gold garland, cake pans, a cool musical tree and much more! See pictures for all items.

153.Here we have a neat little plastic filing cabinet. It has two drawers in it. It comes with files inside. Measures 16" x 15.5", and 25.5" tall. Also comes with a paper shredder, multiple cords and more.

154.Lots and lots of classic vinyl records. Includes a bunch of 45's. Comes with a wooden crate to conveniently store majority of them. See pictures for some included artists.

155.Here we have a 4800 mcdonald BSR record player. It is in very used condition. Has not been tested. Also comes with a huge lot of albums, Some of these are vinyl, and many are antique that played on the Victrola and are made of a clay material Check them out at preview. Please note that top simply comes of record player.

156.JVC music center includes a cassette deck receiver, controlled tuner, double cassette deck, cd changer and two speakers. Has not been tested, but looks to be in decent condition.

157.This great collection includes new items and a blast from the past. Comes with dvds, cds, cassettes and even 8 tracks!! See pictures for all items and some artists.

158.Taking it back to the old school. Includes a panadonic camcorder. Comes with a nice leather carrying case. Also comes with so alot of vhs tapes, some of which are the classics pretty woman, field of dreams, home alone 2, many dean martin celebrity roasts and more. Comes with an individual vhs rewinder as well.

159.Here is an old Kodak carousel 750H projector. Has not been tested, but looks to be in decent used condition. Comes with a bunch of carousel slide trays. All come in original boxes.

160.A bunch of cute small trinkets..includes a seashell shaped dish, a lion, whale made of stone, oxen with wagon and more. All cute pieces in decent condition.

161.Lot includes a bunch of small cardinal figurines, a basket with cardinal soap and a heavy, metal dog figurine. All in decent condition.

162.Heavy-duty mirror, which is framed in a gold sort of brass colored frame. The frame does have a small chip in it. Overall decent mirror. Measures approx 21" x 31".

163.Lot includes old time clocks, two leather wallets, collectible cigar boxes and tins, old mens watches that could be used as parts or possibly be fixed. And comes with a container full of keys and keychains. All in used condition.

164.Nice home decor pieces includes a wooden jewelry box, a wooden 50th anniversary piece, small metal heart box, a decorative bread or cheese cutting platter and a couple religous items.

165.Books includes two bibles, one in a very, very nice wooden box with a latch. Also includes thesaurus, dictionary , an old childs book and more. All in used condition.

166.Lot includes three napkin holders (two are baskets) and two wooden boxes. Inside one of the boxes are the cutest handkerchiefs and small linens you've every seen. Some look to be hand stitched, others have floral patterns. Also includes a bunch of different napkins, some of which are rice paper napkins.

167.Ready to crack some walnuts? Includes three dishes to put your walnuts in, and multiple tools to crack, pry and open them.

168.Relax with these beach items. Includes a dish full of seashells, two decor pieces made of coconuts, two small stained glass pieces, place mats and a beautiful Fostoria crystal floating candle pool.

169.Kitchen lot includes a bunch of plastic ware.  Includes some tupperware, really cool plastic mugs that would be great for camping, and so much more.

170.Beautiful light colored vintage dishes.  Must see in person to appreciate fully.  Some do need to be cleaned up a bit.  

171.Beautiful light pink set of glass cups and a matching pitcher.  They have a pinkish pearly hue to them.  Absolutely stunning.  Just need a good washing.

172.Collectible plates, they are in used condition, need to be cleaned up.  But no noted cracks or chips.

173.Nice items includes a very heavy duty cooking pot with lid, a silverplated grapevine cocktail tray.  Tray is a tad tarnished and in used condition.  Also includes three matching plates that come with stem to make them a tiered platter.  See pictures for more details.

174.Cowboys and Indians lot include multiple small dream catchers, a navajo looking teacup and plate, a ceramic cowboy hat mug and more

175.Includes pie pans, bread pans, bundt cake pans, bread serving trays and much more.

176.This lot includes Fireking ware, Pyrex and Corning wear!! Don't miss out on this one.  Especially with the one of a kind Pyrex glass pitcher.

177.Includes nice glass items and pots and pans with lids.

178.Great lot of decorative candles.  Includes one yankee candle in a metal holder, small votives and much more.

179.Lot of candles includes some decorative ones, halloween, candlesticks, avon candles and more.

180.Includes some Avon decorative candles, some in nice holders and a decorative pitcher.

181.Great lot for camping or just for extra company at the house.  Includes an air matress which can be two twin mattresses or a king size.  Also comes with electric pump, sheets and a blanket.  All seem to be in decent used condition.

182.Tv tray stands! They are in good condition.  

183.Here we have a very cool, unique box made of wood, which is covered with either a plastic or tin (hard to tell). Has very intricate designs all over. Very cool for small storage or just for decoration. Measures approx 18" x 12" and 12" high.

184.Box full of light bulbs.  Great household lot

185.Here we have a very fragile set of plates that look like they may have been made in Japan. These are very delicate and beautiful pieces.  Would look great on any shelf or added to any collection.  Also includes a tin tray.

186.Home decor includes doilies, a nice wooden candle holder that holds four tealight candles, a cute dish, wall clock and more.

187.Home decor includes white vase with artificial flowers in them, candles and two wooden decor pieces.

188.Various items includes recipe books, pencil sharpener, recipe holder and more.

189.This lot is perfect if you know someone with a birthday coming up! Includes wrapping paper, tissue paper, bows, candles for a cake, all types of greeting and birthday cards. Also includes notepads and more.

190.Beautiful vintage swag lamp that hangs from the ceiling. Has a brassy top to it, with a brass colored chain and a tinted glass bulb. Has spots for three candelabra bulbs inside. In good condition for the age. Works great.

191.Here we have a power-kneading shiatsu body massager. Helps release stress and tensions. Its light weight and perfect for the home or office.

192.Great lot for any houseboat.  Includes a small Coby 5" black and white television and am/fm radio.  Also comes with a battery operated lantern, small radio and more.

193.This Shark hand vac attacks dirt and dust with suction strength equal to a full-sized vacuum and an intelli-sense filter monitor that electronically senses when filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. In highly used condition. Seems to work fine.

194.Electronics includes two old school phones and a desktop wind tower.  All in used condition.

195.Any bird watchers out there?  Get three sets of binoculars with this purchase of the lot.  They all seem to be in fairly decent condition.

196.This includes a great wooden magazine holder, also comes with a lampshade, atomic clock and weather berometer.

197.Get ready for a BINGO night!!  Here you have a kit that includes everything you would need for a good game of bingo.  Includes refillable bottles to refill your bingo stampers.

198.Have a monopoly night! Great value, board is in good condition.

199.Small box filled with golf balls and golf tees.  Also comes with ceramic small dish.

200.Great game night to plasy bridge, tri ominoes and more.  All items in used condition.

201.Wood games includes a chinese checkers board (does not come with marbles), also includes a large wooden die and peg games.

202.Two different styles of dominoes sets.  Seem to be in good condition.

203.Poker chips, poker chips and more poker chips! Some have nice wooden box to store them in.

204.Game night with this lot of playing cards and a card shuffler.

205.Game night includes Uno, Skipbo, old maid, phase 10 and more!

206.Small box of medical supplies.  Includes wrist and knee brace, ace bandage, arm sling and more.

207.Miscellanous lot includes wall decor, automatic coin counter, and other pieces.

208.Very unique lot includes a bunch of cute stuffed animal panda bears.  Also includes a very delicate oriental fan, small oriental figurines and more.  See all pictures for these cool items.

209.Huge lot of sewing items!  Includes all items shown here (except for the couch!).  Comes with a small footstool filled with sewing materials, also comes with vintage dolls, tin of old buttons, hand held sewing machine and so much more.  Must see all pictures.  There is a lot of items included.

210.Exercise equipment includes an exercise mat and a set of 3 lb weights.

211.Great office items includes tons of note paper, calculator, briefcase, storage box, markers, rulers and more.

212.Variety of items includes an American flag, still in packaging.  Comes with decorative dishes, commemorative plates, ashes from mount st Helen and more. 

213.Includes small cd player, prepaid tracphone with chargers and original box, plug in timers and old film cameras.

214.Lot includes a bunch of mens truckers hats, mens socks, winter gloves and a pair of leather gloves, wallets and shoe shining items.  All in used condition.

215.Variety of items includes two purses, hair dryer, clutches, mirrored tray, back scratcher and more.

216.Here we have reusable grocery bags, a few different kinds of coasters, alarm clock, and a beautiful blooming rose that closes up or opens at the touch of a button (requires batteries).  All in used condition.

217.Cleaning supplies includes hoover vacuum, push broom, nu-broom, dusters and more.

218.Clean out your house with everything in this closet! All these pieces go to a vacuum cleaner. Has hose, a carrying case with wheels and more. Not sure if all pieces are there. See pictures.

219.Cute, colorful fish dish and two plant basket hangers.

220.Large lot of doileies, hand towels, knitted pieces, fabric and more.

221.Swiffer sweeper with replacement pads. In decent used condition.

222.Great dining room rug that has browns, tans and cream colors. Decorated with palm trees. It is in used, but usable conditions. Measires 59" x 83.5".

223.Modern rug with blues, tans and browns. In used , but usable condition. Measures 60" x 83.5"

224.Everything in this cabinet is included in this lot (except the cabinet itself).  Includes a bunch of candles, linens, decorative candles for the holidays, ceramic decors and more. Don't miss out

225.Here is a cute wall shelf to hold all your knickknacks in. It has a glass cabinet on the left and small shelves on the right. Includes all the cute teinkets on it. Measures approx 16" wide , approx 27" tall.

226.Beautiful oil painting. Light colored. It is beautifully framed. Measures approx 41.5" x 29". See pictures for artist signature.

227.Three different colored bath rugs. All measure approx 36" x 21" . All in used condition.

228.Throw rugs, all different sizes and varieties. Large ones are appros 24" x 36" . All in used condition

229.Three multicolored wooven throw rugs, largest measures approx 48" x 27". All in used condition.

230.Three light but colorful floral wall prints. They measure Approx 19" x 17".

231.Hawaii picture on wood measures approx 11" x 12". Wall hanging with hooks on it measures 29.5" x 9.5". Both in used condition

232.Picture frames of all sizes. Includes plastic ones, wood, brass and more. All in useable condition.

233.Three wall hangings. Large one is made of wood and measures approx 11" x 18". Second is a 3d looking piece, measures 12" x 9". Last is a metal wall hanging which is painted, measures 15" x 9".

234.Lot can be used for wooden and brass frames. See pictures for measurements. All in used condition.

235.Two cool individual wall pieces. One is a print of horses, and the other is a three paneled wall hanging. Both measure approx 34" x 22".

236.Variety of pictures and frames.  See pictures for all included.   All different sizes.

237.Take a chance and purchase this lot of prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses.  They come with a bunch of cases for various glasses.  Also includes a bunch of womens watches, some may need a little repair to them.  This lot also has a couple jewelry boxes filled with various kinds of jewelry.

238.Jewelry lot includes two nice jewelry boxes and a decorative plate.  Comes with many earrings, necklaces, pins, clip on earrings and more.

239.Great lot for jewelry lovers.  Includes a La Sonic Supreme jewelry cleaning machine, small nice wooden jewelry box, an old ceramic container with a rose on top that is filled with lipsticks.  Whitehall watch included in a box.  Also includes some other smaller items.  All items in used condition.

240.All like colored wall hangings.  Made of metal amongst other materials.  See pictures for measurements.

241.Metal yard decoration that sticks in the ground. Its a silhouette of a cowgirl taking a bath. Has a little rust on it due to weather. Stands 50" tall.

242.Lots of variety in this lot. Items which include, stuffed animals, a bunch of candlesticks and tealights, small stained glass pieces to hang in your window, wires two cordlees Panasonoc phones and more! Please note that the drawer is not included in this lot.

243.Homedics brand back Masseur.  Perfect for your home or office to relax after a stressful day.  It has five custom functions.  Seems to be in good condition.

244.Here is a nice foot care system by Clairol.  Massages your feet with or without water.  Soothes itchy and burning feet, and relaxes tired and achy feet.  Don't miss out on this

245.Electric popcorn machine by Presto!  Great for having a movie night and snacks!  Get a healthier popcorn with this item.  Seems to be in good condition.  Still in original box.

246.Here we have a nice Hamilton Beach brand crockpot.  Ready to be used at your next party.  Big enough to serve 3-4 people.  Has different settings on it.  Comes with original box for easy storage.

247.Two nice coolers ready for your next camping outing.  One is a medium sized one, very clean inside.  The other is a mini one and has a handle and comes with two reusable, foldable coolers.

248.Here we have a Honeywell brand cool moisture humidifier with an automatic shut off. Helps to prevent dry and flaky skin by adding moisture to your household. Has a 4 gallon moisture output per day. For large rooms up to 900 sq ft. Turns itself off when its empty. Seems to be new still in box.

249.Large box fan.  Just needs a little cleaning up.  

250.Great little fold up table. Perfect for playing cards on or doing arts and crafts. Measures approx 33" x 33". Its in used condition. Has some scratches on sides.

251.Dirty driveway?  Spray it clean with this power washer.  2000 PSI power washer by Brute.  Comes with manual, hose and trigger sprayer.  Seems to be in decent used condition.  Has not been tested.

252.Great gardening tools!  Includes a convenient wagon to sit on while your pulling your weeds or planting new flowers.  Also comes with gardening spade and rake, small hand fertilizer spreader, soil tester and more!

253.Ready to travel?  Here we have a small luggage piece on wheels with a retractable handle.  Seems to be in good working condition, clean interior and exterior.  Also comes with two bags, two umbrellas and other items. 

254.Craftsman wet/dry vac.  Good for cleaning cars, spills, garages, closets and more.  Comes with hose and different hose attachments.  Three HP.

255.Outdoor bug zapper.  Great for this time of year.  This is an insect trapping lamp.  Powerful 15 watts UV attraction.  Safe for people, pets and the environment.

256.Big lot of tools and supplies.  Comes with multiple caulking tubes, caulk guns, paint rollers, grout boxes, popcorn ceiling texture and more. 

257.Great plumbing and electrical lot.  Comes with an auger, boxes filled with containers of nuts, bolts and screws.  Also has a box filled with electrical stuff and a box full of plumbing items.

258.Vintage wooden boxes.  May be able to be restored.  They are in very used condition.   Also contains a Sessions mantle clock.  This piece would look absolutely stunning if it was cleaned and shown a little tlc.  Last items are an old tin and a wooden box with a couple hand made items in them.

259.Cleaning lot includes push brooms, brooms and dust pans.

260.Lot includes a extendable branch cutter, a Vigro action garden hoe, and a great fruit pciker to get those up high oranges out of your tree.  All in used condition.

261.If you're anything like me, then you run out of gas on a weekly basis.  Enjoy the luxury of having an extra can around with this lot.  Includes two gas cans and multiple funnels.

262.Attention all handymen, mechanics and electricians.  Great lot of multiple extension cords, a couple different wires and hanging work lamps.  All seem to be in usable condition.

263.This lot includes two drills, a couple extra chargers .  Also has a Black and Decker jigsaw.  It is a plug in.  All in usable condition.

264.Here we have some outdoor hand tools.  Includes bush trimmers, hand saws, clippers, sledge hammer and more.  All are fairly rusty and in usable condition.

265.Here we have a fold up walker on wheels for smooth moving.  And comes with a small plastic shower or bathtub seat.  Help out your loved one with these items. 

266.Get started early with spring cleaning.  Comes with brooms, shovels, rakes, a fruit picker with a large basket, and a sifter.  All in used condition, some are rusty.

267.Toro brand lawn mower.  Comes with recycle bag to attach it.  Has a self propelling system to make mowing a breeze. It has  6.75 horsepower

268.HDX chemical sprayer.  Can be used for fertilizer amongst other things.  Has been used.

269.Two similiar weed wackers.  Perfect for getting your lawn together.  Both seem to be in used, but decent doncition.  Comes with some extra weed eater line.  

270.Black and Decker edger.  Get a clean edge along your sidewalk.  Includes two extra edging blades.  This is electric, so it does need to be plugged up while in use.  Also includes a trimmer, however, please not it DOES NOT include the cord.  Other than that, in good condition.

271.Ryobi electric weed eater.  Comes with two chargers.  Started right up.  Comes with extra spool of line.

272.Yard decor includes a box full of wind socks, a bird clock, very loud, beaurtiful sounding wind chimes and other decor.

273.Good hand truck or dolly.  Great for moving furniture or appliances.  Has wheels on the handles so you can tip something over and push it on all four wheels.  Tires are in good condition.  Great buy.

274.Includes a Kirby Classic, positive motor driven Handi-Butler.  I believe you can use this for buffing and grinding.  Still in original box, comes with tool kit, manual and more.  Also includes grinding discs, sandpaper and buffing pad.  All in used condition.

275.Lot includes hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, and auger, scissors, steel wire and so much more. All tools in used condition.

276.Very used wooden ladder.  But still works great, I've been using it all day!  Folds up nicely.  Again this is in very used condition. 

277.Lot includes hammers, wrenches, files, chisels, scissors, ratchet and so much more. All tools in used condition.

278.All you car buffs need these items.  Comes with two windshield wipers for your car.  Also comes with rain-x to improve driving in the rain.  Keep this handy tire inflator in your car and this battery charger.  All in used condition.

279.Time for a picnic with this gorgeous weather!  Includes two different picnic baskets.  One is a basket that has a tablecloth, reusable plates and paper plate holders inside.  The other is a wooven purse type basket that includes a tablecloth as well.

280.Variety of items includes strings, ropes, weather stripping, plant hanger brackets, staples, hand staple gun and more.

281.Includes in ground sprinkler heads, brushes, work gloves, a box of paint brushes and more. All in used condition.

282.Fix those pesky screens on your patio with these items.  Includes multiple rolls of screen a razor blade knife and a spline roller to install good.

283.Old toolbox filled with tools.  See pictures.  All in used condition.

284.Craftsman 7 1/2" circular saw.  By sears.  It's 11 amps.  Works great, it started right up.

285.Skilsaw circular saw.  Starts right up.  Has a cool old wooden box made specifically for it.  In used condition.

286.Toolbox, hand cutting tile cutter and some sort of vice with cranks on them.   All in very used condition.

287.Old tools includes clamps, crowbar, slender small toolbox with a cool leather strap.  All are in very used condition.

288.Three cabinets includes ALL THESE ITEMS.  Comes with nice storage units to store your nuts, bolts, screw and more...except that its already full of goodies!  Also includes a couple of hand saws and anything else in the cabinets.

289.Miscellaneous items includes different colored puttys, wires, scissors, screws, a soldering kit and more.

290.Lot includes different kinds of tapes, cool older oil cans, bbq lighters and more.

292.Lot includes a fishing rod, and telescopic fishing pole by sportfisher, a 6 foot one.  Also has a Ward fishing pole by Zebo, all in used condition.

293.Christmas decor includes a great large wreath to put on your front porch later this year! Beautiful piece.

294.Great fishing lot includes two fishing poes and an old style tackle box filled with items.

295.ATTENTION! Look at all pictures to see included items.  IF you can come get these off the wall, and you win this lot you should feel lucky! All items (except for the puppet) are on the wall, I believe one is nailed in, so bring your hammer. But you gotta admit, these are very cool pieces.

296.Laundry lot includes a laundry basket, clothes pin hanger, and bags and bags of clothespins!  Also comes with some soft, cute hand knitted covered hangers, and other misc items.

297.Includes two different sized ironing board (one has no cover), mops, brooms, buckets, dustpans, sponges and more.

298.Two stripped green and white patio or beach chairs.  They lean back to get full sunshine.   Also comes with an umbrella.  They are in used condition.

299.Old school lot includes to lounge beach chairs that fold up, a fold up rocking chari (yes, rocking chair) another fold up lower profile beach chair and kids toys. Comes with an umbrella and jolder as well. Items all in usable conditions.

300.Invludes small round patio table diameter of glass on top is 18" . Stands 17" tall. It is in used condition, paint is chipping off. Also comes with two plant stands, they are 21" tall.

301.Gardening decor includes multiple watering cans, two topsy turvy tomatoes, spade, water wand and potter plants.

302.Here we have a round, glass top patio table, diameter is 40". Also comes with rolling wicker chair, multiple cushions and an umbrella. All items are highly used, but in useable condition. See pictures

303.Need extra seating?  Includes a black rolling desk armed chair, and four matching fold up metal chairs.  They are all definitely in used condition.  Some of the metal chairs have stains on them, rolling chair still in decent used condition.

304.The cutest of the cute!! You have to have this little garden gnome.  Stands about knee high and is ready for a new garden.  He does have quite a bit of paint chipping off his face and head.  Also comes with a little frog in used condition.

305.Cute little gnome with his little buddy the worm.  Lighten up your front yard with these gems.  Both in decent condition, have obviously been outside.


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