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Auction Title: 5318 – Christmas Lovers Auction & More – Furniture, Vintage Décor & Collectibles, Nice Coral & Shells, Electronics, Kitchen Items, Glassware, LOTS of Christmas Decorations & More! - AUCTION BEGINS TO END Wednesday, October 2nd, 20197:00PM ET

Item Description
1.Here we have a great vintage dresser. This piece is white with metal bronze knobs and hardware. Features a beautiful natural marble top with marble on the back mirror as well. Marble is deep pinks with white and grey veins running through it. It has a mirror to attach to the back which has a small marble shelf on it as well, looks like it will have to be reinforced with newer, stronger brackets. Also, marble top does have some big chips on the sides of it. Dresser measures 43"x25"x30". Mirror is 44.5" wide and sits on top of the dresser it is an additional 39" tall. Overall very coop piece. Marble top comes off, so easier to move.

2.Beautiful sort of golden cherry colored drop leaf table. This vintage piece is smaller, so perfect for an entryway, behind a sofa or in any area. When the sides are up, it measures approx 36"x36". When the leaves are down its 13.5" wide. Table is 29.5" tall. Does have some marks and scratches.

3.Dark brown, storage bench. Perfect for an entryway to sit on while you take your shoes off. Contains three drawers and three sea grass type baskets. This piece is made out of pressed wood and does have a crack and a couple small scratches on it, other than that, overall good used condition. Measures 40"x15.5"x20".

4.Nice wooden bench with a seagrass woven seat. This is a nice, two person bench. Features nice wooden spindles on the back. Seagrass does have one small spot where it is broken. Overall good condition. Measures 42"x20" and the back is 41" tall.

5.Two nice wooden chairs with seagrass seats to match the previous lot. One has arms on it and the other one does not. Good pieces to add to any room or area. See pictures.

6.Vintage wooden and cane chair. Add to a collection that you already have or start a new one! Cane is in great condition, only thing is two of the spindles on the back are broken and need to be replaced.

7.Adorable metal bistro patio set. This is ideal for your lanai or sunroom. This features a fold up table and two chairs with cushions. Painted an antique white. Overall good used condition. Measures 28 high with 32 in diameter top. Has a hole on the top to add an umbrella.

7A.Nice Admiral Designer Series refrigerator/freezer. Good condition. Has working ice maker. See pics for more info.

8.Cool vintage chair with wood and metal casters on front legs and carvings in the wood. Cushions have nail head trim. See pics for the detailing. Measures approximately 39 high by 19 wide at front of seat. Good to very good condition for its age. Very sturdy. Has some scuffs.

9.Cute wicker corner shelf unit. Measures approximately 60 high by 22 wide by 18 deep at center. Good condition. There is one piece that has broken off, but not that noticeable. It is included and can probably be glued back on. Also has some paint chips.

10.Cute little shabby chic looking side dresser. Contains three pull out drawers. Needs a good cleaning and is missing one piece to a handle. Other than that seems to be in good condition. Measures 24"x17"x26".

11.Vintage wooden accent table with shelf. Measures approximately 27 high by 22 wide by 14 deep. Good condition overall. Has quite a few scratches. See all pics. Would look great refinished.

12.Vintage stool with wooden frame and metal casters. Has nice butterfly print linen cushion. Measures approximately 17 high by 26 wide by 18 deep. Good to very good condition. One small spot noticed on cushion that will probably clean right up.

13.Very nice bar stool. Has wood frame and nail head trim around bottom of cushion. Nice neutral color to go with just about any decor. Measures 26 high to seat. Good to very good condition. Has some scuffs, mainly on one leg.

14.Vintage solid wood entry table. Has dovetail joints on drawers. Measures approximately 28 1/2 high by 48 1/4 wide by 18 deep. Good condition overall. Has some scratches and scuffs. Also looks like the one corner was chewed.

15.Nice pedestal table with marble top and a heavy cast metal base. Measures approximately 24 1/2 high with a 12 in diameter top. Good condition overall. There is a chip in the marble on the underside edge.

16.Ceramic gold colored shell design table lamp with red and gold shade. Measures approximately 24 high. Good condition overall. Has some minor scuffs that could easily be touched up, or just repaint the whole thing!

17.Vintage 1930's glass vases. Each measures approximately 10 1/4 high. Beautiful pink colored.

19.Great dark purple or burgandy colored glass pieces. Consists of a pit her and matching cup, both have etched flowers on them. No chips or cracks, see pictures for measurements.

20.These are hard to tell by the pictures, but here we have two beautiful pink dishes. Includes a very unique shaped bowl or dish and and vase to put your flowers in.

21.Pretty Haeger black and gold ceramic bowl. Measures approximately 4 high by 7 3/4 wide by 7 deep. Good condition. See pics for markings. Has some blemishes, not sure if any ate natural flaws.

22.Two beautiful oriental wall hanging panels. They look to be hand painted. They have deep reds and blues in it and is framed in a dark cherry frame. They each have very intricate details. One has a little damage on it. May be able to be glued back together. See all pictures. Each one measures 16"x38". Have beautiful brass jardware to hang on your wall.

23.Victorian beautiful beveled mirror in an oak frame. It features reverse painting on the mirror along with some coin spot decorations. Flower paintings are chipping. Absolutely one of a kind mirror. Would be great to add to any collection or try to be restored somehow. Needs a little tlc. Measures 20"x32 5".

24.Nice little oriental pieces. Includes a decorative plate (has a couple chips), two small teacups and a pair of beautiful vintage matching chinese cloisonne enamel. Beautiful small vases that are a royal blue with gold and white painted on it. They measure 4.5" tall.

25.Three beautiful dishes. These decorative pieces includes two slender ones and a bowl or dish with handles. All in decent used condition.

26.Great bamboo kitchen piece! Its a brand spanking new, over the sink cutting board with colander. Wash and cut all your fruits and veggies without using all your counter space. Colander comes out and is easy to wash.

27.Here we have a beautiful canvas from Kirklands. Original price is $49.99. Its a jaguar and her cubs sitting in a tree. Beautiful piece measures 30"x26".

28.Nice outdoor garden print, framed with double matting. There is no glass. Measures approximately 42 high by 35 wide. Good condition.

29.Beautiful matching triangular shaped glass bowls with frosted flowers and cranberry accents. Large bowl measures approximately 3 1/2 high by 12 in diameter. Very good condition.

30.Four beautiful tea and sandwich plates. Old Foley James Kent Staffordshire England. Each plate measures approximately 8 1/2 by 6. Very good condition. See pics for markings.

31.Five different china pieces. The lidded vegetable dish with gold handles is approximately 6 high to top of handle by 10 wide by 7 deep. See pics for styles and markings. All in good condition. The Sango dish has a chip.

32.Nice oval glass bowl with frosted fruit design that measures approximately 5 high by 12 wide by 9 deep. You also get four small etched glass cups with pretty red handles. All in good to very good condition.

33.Link-Ups vertical planter with three baskets. Includes threee specially sized basket liners. Box appears never opened. See pics for more info.

34.Sylvania Omelet Maker. New in box. See pics for more info.

35.Connoisseur Corkscrew Deluxe Wood Box Set. The second spiral piece is missing and the latch on box is broken. See all pics. Still in good usable condition.

36.Beautiful Earthenware 16 inch round platter, Ambrosia pattern. New in box.

37.Cute metal angel votive candle holder. Measures approximately 11 high by 8 wide. Includes clear glass votive holder. Very good condition.

38.Beautiful 7 piece pottery lunch set. You get 4 plates, 2 cups and a small platter that is approximately 7x11. All in very good condition. See pics for markings. All are food safe.

39.Nice pottery crock with lid signed J. Herman Ont. Measures approximately 7 high to top of lid and is food safe. Excellent condition.

40.Another nice pottery crock with double ribbon handle lid, signed and dated on bottom. Measures approximately 8 high to top of handle. Excellent condition and is food safe.

41.Pair of cool pottery jugs with corks, marked T9 on bottom. One is slightly larger than the other and measures approximately 6 1/4 to top of cork. Both in very good condition.

42.Adorable pottery honey pot by Peachblow Pottery, signed Russell 2001 on bottom. Even has a little honeybee on top of handle. Measures approximately 4 high. Excellent condition. See pics for markings.

43.Unique pottery piece that looks like a stone. Measures approximately 5 1/2 high by 6 1/2 square. Very good condition. Also includes a southwest style fleece blanket in good condition. It is actually a darker red than pictured.

44.Four little pottery pieces. All have markings on bottom. See all pics. The pie bird is approximately 5 high. All in excellent condition.

45.Assortment of ceramic pieces. See pics for styles and markings. The two blue bowls are approximately 2 1/2 high by 5 1/2 in diameter at top. All in very good condition.

46.Beautiful pottery crock with lid. Measures approximately 4 high by 6 1/4 in diameter at top. Excellent condition.

47.Texas Ware melamine khaki confetti bowl, number 118. Measures approximately 4 1/2 high by 10 in diameter at top. Very good condition.

48.Fire King Jadite square glass baking dish, number 2000. Measures 8x8x2. Very good condition.

49.Beautiful crystal golf bag with two clubs. Measures approximately 8 high. Excellent condition.

50.Two decorative pottery hanging pieces. The towel holder is approximately 6 high. Both in excellent condition. See all pics.

51.Early Fostoria pedestal dish with swirl pattern. Measures approximately 4 1/2 high by 8 in diameter. Very good condition. See pics for markings.

52.Pair of 1980's miniature milk glass candlesticks. Each measures approximately 3 1/2 high. Very good condition.

53.Two hand blown glass pieces and a ceramic creamer by Franciscan. The yellow and red glass is approximately 5 1/2 high. All in very good condition. See all pics.

54.Three Boston and Sandwich flint glasses "loop and dart with round ornament" pattern. Each measures approximately 4 high. Very good condition.

55.Three 1890's small EAPG vases, two clear, one green. Largest measures approximately 7 1/2 high. Good to very good condition. Some of the gold is worn off the one vase. See all pics.

56.Nice Fostoria glass cruet with swirl pattern. Somewhat small standing only 5 1/2 high. Very good condition.

57.Two nice glass pieces. An EAPG jelly compote with block pattern and possibly a Fostoria divided relish dish. Both in very good condition. Compte measures approximately 4 1/2 high.

58.Two late 1800's pickle dishes. See pics for styles and markings. The black floral dish measures approximately 9 1/4 by 5 1/4. Both in good condition.

59.Five beautiful crackle glass pieces. See pics for styles and colors. The purple and green vases are approximately 7 1/2 high. Some appear to be hand blown.

60.Beautiful pink rolled rim and etched depression glass pedestal bowl. Measures approximately 4 1/2 high by 10 1/2 in diameter. Very good condition.

61.Large vivid colored glass plate that looks like a flower. Measures approximately 13 in diameter. Beautiful piece.

62.Adorable metal and glass music/trinket box with sleeping kitty on top. Has mirrored bottom inside. See all pics. Measures approximately 1 3/4 high by 5 3/4 wide by 3 3/4 deep. Good to very good condition. Music box works.

63.Here we have a wall hanging which is supposed to replicate a decorated stone piece from Ireland. See pictures for more details on the story. Measures approx 14"x14".

64.Cute little decor replica of an old children's pull toy. It is a cow on wheels and has a cute little sort of bobble head. It is about 8" long.

65.Two lovely wall hanging pieces which are nicely matted and framed and a polar bear candle holder. Pictures are 7"x12".

66.Battery operated Pedi Paws. A great electric nail trimmer for your pet. Easy and gentle and doesn't crack, splinter or break nails.

67.Two beautiful antique Trapunto bed spreads or covers. These are absolutely gorgeous and in excellent condition. See pictures for measurements and details.

68.Beautifully wooden framed tile. It has a painting of flowers on it. Measures 12x12. Also includes a very tightly woven, beautiful decorative basket. Has a very intricate spiral pattern on it. See all pictures.

69.Cool wooden, environmentally friendly, plate with dividers on it. Made in Malaysia. Also includes four different woven pieces. Very nice, small decor pieces. Plate is approx 11.5" in diameter.

70.Gold colored frame with what looks to be a vintage, hand made lace handkerchief displayed inside. Very nice looking piece, measures 12x12. Also includes two small frames which are 24 karat gold plated. Each one is covered with glass. Frames measure 5x6.

71.Gorgeous glass piece. The pictures don't do justice to this absolutely stunning piece. It is a flower shaped dish made of a very thick glass. Measures 8" high. In excellent condition.

72.I don't think that I've ever seen a hurricane lamp quite like this one. Very beautiful and unique glass hurricane lamp with silk flowers in the base of if. Has a very detailed glass shade at the top as well. This is a vintage, must have piece! It is 23" tall.

73.Very unique, gold colored glass dish. This decorative piece is sort of shaped like a clam. Has an openeing at the top. In great condition. See pictures for measurements. Hard to get a good picture of this beautiful piece.

74.Beautiful Miro Musulin Austin sculpture named "Playmates", it is a boy with a bunny made in 1972. It us 9.5" tall and has minor rub marks on it. Great piece. See all pictures.

75.Austin "Bright Eyes" Dee Crowley statue, made in 1987. Great piece of a girl with her cat. Approx 8" tall.

76.Austin "Bright eyes" Dee Crowley statue. Made in 1987. This is a 5" tall piece of a girl with her dog.

77.Austin product made in 1985. Statue of a bunny family. One ear is slightly chipped. Measures 10" tall. See pictures.

78.Here we have a Weller brand soldering gun. Seems to be in good working condition. Comes with plastic case.

79.Small electric hand tool. Ideal for arts and crafts, wood working, etching and more. Comes with lots of tip pieces, case and more. In good working condition.

80.Assortment of specialty paper with some matching envelopes and three boxes of jumbo paper clips. Not sure if all boxes are full. See pics for styles. Most paper packages are factory sealed.

81.Assortment of specialty paper with some matching envelopes, two boxes of jumbo paper clips and two boxes of standardsize paper clips. Not sure if all boxes are full. See pics for styles. Most paper packages are factory sealed.

82.Great lot for a home office, business or even restaurant. Includes multiple wooden trays and a wire tray. Ideal for mail, paperwork and more. Also includes index card sorters, two bunches of green table display items to put a "deal of the day" in, and more. See all pictures.

83.Vintage ceramic bust of a woman with a bonnet. Measures approximately 18 high. Good condition overall, but she does have some age cracks. See all pics.

84.Beautiful glass cake stand. It is 11" in diameter. WOW your next party guests.

85.Four small little ceramic pieces. Three of them have little holders for toothpicks, flowers or more. Small boy in blue is a spill vase. They are 5"-6" tall. All in good condition.

86.Vintage Denmark pottery figurine of a girl who doesn't look too happy. Measures approximately 4 1/2 high. Very good condition.

87.Beautiful metal pewter candlestick holder. Made in the USA, in good condition. It is 12" tall.

88.Two beautiful vintage glass vases. Taller one is a Crimped Vase Hobnail Milk Glass by FENTON, stands about 11" tall. Smaller one does have a mark on it, but is impossible to read it. It is approx 6" tall and a custard satin color.

89.Here we have a stunning Waterford Crystal cross. Looks to be in great condition, measures almost 5" tall. Also includes Two round, plaster type collectibles. One is a Royal Copenhagen from Denmark. The second is framed ina wooden framed which is slightly chipped, both come with a stand and measure approx 6".

90.Absolutely gorgeous Hull Pottery flower vase. It has greens and woodland blue with a high gloss on it. It is 7.5" . Stamped W8-7 1/2" on the bottom and made in the USA. Great piece in excellent condition.

91.Pair of beautiful Waterford crystal goblets. Believe they are Millennium series. Each measures approximately 8 high. Excellent condition. Pictures don't do these goblets justice, must see in person to appreciate, as is the case with a lot of items in this auction.

92.Beautiful purple art glass vase, purchased at the Fenton Glass Co tent sale. These items were experimental, seconds or over stock. Measures approximately 7 high. Excellent condition.

93.Three decorative green swirl pieces by Akro Agate. The largest raised lily vase measures approximately 4 1/2 high. You also get a 4 1/2 long ash tray and a 3 1/4 high toothpick holder. All in very good condition.

94.Beautiful blue cut-to-clear tall tapered vase. Measures approximately 10 1/4 high. Very good condition.

95.Here we have a beautiful Lenox holiday plate. Get a jumpstart on the bolidays. This is a perfect piece for all your holiday cookies. Measures 11" in diameter.

96.Cute little plastic wall hanging. Its of a child and their cute little side view! Perfect for a bathroom, or any room!

97.Kais ALL porcelain black baby doll named Petra. Sitting height is approximately 5 inches. She has COA and is number 0050/2000. See all pics. Very good condition.

98.Beautiful glass piece. This has great orange fish and at the base of it, the colors change to beautiful greens and blues. It is signed at the bottom along with numbering. Stands 8" tall.

99.Cute little vintage glass table lamp with artificial flowers around the base. Has a switch on the cord.

100.Stunning 1891 Reverse Torpedo, Point Tankard pitcher. This beautiful glass piece has bulls eye/diamond design at the bottom of it and is absolutely gorgeous. Stands approx 10" high.

101.Beautiful stained glass art of hummingbird and flowers. Measures approximately 13 in diameter. Very good condition.

102.Very nice 1890's green daisy and button, 3 panel bowl and a green Jamestown Virginia commemorative paperweight. The bowl measures approximately 2 1/2 high by 10 in diameter. Both in very good condition.

103.1891 Compote U.S glass company. Great glass dish. Pattern type is a three panel. In good condition, no cracks or chips. Must see pictures for up close details on this beautiful piece.

104.Three different styled, but beautiful glass pieces. Includes a very early, small pedestal dish, a Lily of the Valley, open sugar dish from the 1870's and a Heisey 5" dish. See pictures for all details.

105.1880's large Compote dish. Has a giant sawtooth pattern. It is approx 7.5" tall. See pictures for more details.

106.Here we have a bunch of vintage tablecloths, handkerchiefs and more. Most are made out of lace. See pictures for whats included.

107.Very, very large clam shell! This is a cool piece that is two pieces that fit together perfectly. Approx 10" wide when opened! Its nice and clean.

108.Two, absolutely beautiful, large seashells. They are very shiny and smooth on the inside, and sort of a coral and peach color. Perfect for any decor. See pictures for measurements.

109.Three beautiful shells. Includes one large white conch shell, and two medium sized unique looking shiny shells, one of which is an awesome chambered nautilus golden ratio seashell. The third one is a pearl colored cone seashell. See pictures for measurements.

110.Two great pieces of coral. See pictures for details and measurements.

111.Large piece of brain coral. Measures about 5" wide. Very cool piece.

112.Three large clam pieces. One is a full clam which is the most beautiful color of turquoise that ive ever seen. The other two are halves of shells and still beautiful non the less. Amazing looking pieces.

113.Two white seabiscuits. One is larger and a little more on the flat side, and the second actually looks like a biscuit! It is smaller and puffy. See pictures for measurements.

114.Great collectible. Here we have a John Perry statue of a manatee on a piece of burl wood. Beautiful piece. See pictures for measurements.

115.Cute little wooden statue of a beach bird. Sits on metal legs and on a piece of driftwood or may be burl wood. Does have a few scratches on his beak.

116.I'm not entirely sure, but this looks like a large piece of muscovite mineral. Muscovite is the most common mineral of the mica family. Like other micas it readily cleaves into thin transparent sheets. Muscovite sheets have a pearly to vitreous luster on their surface. If they are held up to the light, they are transparent and nearly colorless, but most have a slight brown, yellow, green, or rose-color tint. Very cool and large piece. See pictures for more. Pictures do not do this awesome piece justice!

117.Another great piece here. Possibly a fossilized bone. Sort of a light brown in color. Cool piece. Come preview and make the determination.

118.Here we have what looks to be a mica rock, due to the flakey and shiny looks of it. Two beautiful mineral pieces that are great.

119.Awesome piece of what appears to be a sharks tooth (teeth) and possibly a part of the jaw that is fossilized into the side of a rock. This can only be done by mother nature herself. See pictures for up close details and measurements.

120.Here we have a very cool piece of the inside of a geode. You can easily see all the cool, different layers on this surface of the stone. Also includes a crystal piece which may be a selenite, but unsure. Two different and awesome pieces to add to any natural stone collection.

121.Two individual sea fans. One is a brown color and the other is black. Very cool!

122.Cool little sculpture figure that looks like it is made out of the mother of pearl, or some other very shiny and smooth seashell. It is a small carving of a man in a boat. Does not sit straight up.

123.Two pottery pieces of birds. These fat little birds look like they need a new nest. See pictures for signature and more.

124.Here we have a tall glass vase filled with an assortment of beautiful beach finds. Includes seashells, coral and so much more. See pics or measurements and more.

125.Glass jar with a lid. This great piece is approx 7" tall and filled with seashells, starfish, and more colorful pieces.

126.Glass jar with lid which is approx 13" tall. Filled with an assortment of items. Including an angel figure, a brown glass sphere, driftwood, seashells and more.

127.Cute little painted beach bucket made of metal and has starfish shaped handles. Comes filled with various sizes of small driftwood pieces. Ideal for projects or collections.

128.Emerson flashing LED auto parking signal, appears never used, and a heavy duty extension cord, would guess its a 25 footer.

129.Four vintage collectible pieces. Two trinket boxes, one metal that is from the 1920's, one wood, a pressed powder case, and a music box figurine that rotates 360 when playing. All in good condition. The figurine is approximately 7 high.

130.A jewelry holder that is approximately 14 high, a wall hook and a decorative tassel. All in good condition.

131.A rose handled vanity mirror that measures approximately 9x14, and a small rhinestone bracelet. Both in good condition. The bracelet is missing a couple stones.

132.A cute Happy Birthday, 13 oz, collector's wine goblet. New in package. Stands approximately 8 high.

133.Nice ceramic lighthouse lamp, replica of "West Quoddy" by Lefton. Measures approximately 8 1/2 high by 7 wide by 4 deep. Very good condition.

134.Five frosted berry stems, a shimmering netting filet, and two shiny picks. All new and from Michaels. They're a lot prettier in person.

135.Two 6 foot poinsettia garlands, two holly berry picks, and a poinsettia lantern. All new. The poinsettias have a velvety finish, very pretty. They are a darker red than pictured.

136.Three cute porcelain Christmas dolls. The tallest one is factory sealed in box and is from Dillards. She measures approximately 12 high. The other two are approximately 9 high and in very good condition.

137.Small plastic step stool. Measures approximately 11 high by 16 wide by 12 deep. Good usable condition.

138.Heavyweight brass shell nightlight and a tiny brass sea turtle. Shell measures approximately 5 high. Both in good condition.

139.Vintage wooden bucket with lid. Measures approximately 10 to top of handle by 8 1/2 in diameter at bottom.

140.Really cool round quarter moon mirror ready to hang on your wall. Measures approximately 10 in diameter. Very good condition. He is somewhat heavy.

141.Nice metal swirl design wall mirror. Measures approximately 24 in diameter. Good condition.

142.Two Netgear Powerline 100 mini adapters and a TP Link AV200 mini Powerline adapterall appear in good condition.

143.Beware of Owner sign that is approximately 12x18, and a Buccaneers vanity plate. Both are plastic.

144.Nice metal Harley Davidson sign that measures approximately 12x16, and an embroidered 3x5 nylon American flag. Both in very good condition.

145.Extra large shell made of plaster with adorable mermaid, some starfish, some beaded jewelry, and some greenery. Measures approximately 20 high by 25 wideby 21 deep. Good condition. There is a piece broken off the end of shell but is easily hidden with the extras.

146.Two small decorative mirrors. The rectangular shaped mirror is approximately 14x17 and can hang either way. The round sunburst mirror is approximately 15 in diameter. Both in good condition.

147.Plano tackle box with assortment of tackle. See pics for what's included. Box measures approximately 8 high by 14 wide by 8 deep. Good condition.

148.Two water bottles and some plastic flatware. See pics for styles.

149.Four collectible tins. See pics for what's included. The Shredded Wheat tin is approximately 4 1/2 high by 8 wide by 6 deep. All in good condition.

150.Two beautiful geodes. Both cut from the same piece. See all pics.  Great pieces to add to your collection!

151.Assortment of garage items. See pics for what's included. All in good condition.

152.Brightly colored pottery sun wall hanging. Measures approximately 12 in diameter. Good condition. Has a chip that was painted over.

153.Mini air compressor set up to run off your battery. Not tested.

154.Fellowes PowerShred 9C. Powered on and tested. Works great! See pics for more info.

155.Sony Digital Audio/Video Control Center. Measures approximately 5 3/4 high by 17 wide by 11 deep. Powers on and display lights up and changes as you push buttons. Appears in good to very good condition.

156.Two JBL speakers. Each measures approximately 24 3/4 high by 17 3/4 wide by 13 deep. The surrounds have deteriorated in both, but the cones appear fine. See all pics.

157.Three JBL speakers. The larger pair on stands measures approximately 17 high by 12 wide by 12 deep, not counting the stands. The surrounds have deteriorated in both, but the cones appear fine. The smaller speaker is fine. See all pics.

158.Pioneer Audi/Video Stereo Receiver VSX-305. Powers on and display lights up. Appears it would work as it should. Measures approximately 5 3/4 high by 16 1/2 wide by 12 deep.

159.Lightweight nylon car cover. Medium size. Appears in very good condition. Used very little if at all.

160.HP Deskjet 2542 all-in-one printer. Powers on and appears it would work as it should. Will need new ink cartridges. See all pics.

161.Brother MFC-7860DW all-in-one printer. Powers on and display lights up as it should. Includes newctoner cartridge.

162.Mini 12 volt air compressor. Appears in good condition. Plugged it in and it came right on.

163.Radio Shack battery charger and a pile of rechargeable batteries. Not sure if all are good or not. See all pics.

164.Fram CA8602 air filter, new in box. Has some spots from sitting on shelf.

165.Plastic container with assortment of hardware items. See pics for what's included. All appear in good usable condition.

166.Nice wine motif shadow box. Measures approximately 18 1/2 high by 14 1/2 wide. Good condition overall. Looks like two of the wine bottle labels have come unglued. Could probably take the frame off and reglue them.

167.Metalux 4 foot commercial LED light. New in box. See pics for more info. Would be great for your garage, workshop or office.

168.Metalux 4 foot commercial LED light. New in box. See pics for more info. Would be great for your garage, workshop or office.

169.Vintage aluminum cookie press with 3 cookie discs and a user guide and recipe book.

170.This is a Lillian Vernon ceramic cookie jar with a leaf motif. There is some crazing present. The lid has a rubber ring inside. 11 inches tall by 6 inches wide.

171.Oriental Accent ceramic pottery. Looks to be hand painted. Measures 14.5" x 10" x 5".

172.Ceramic footed bowl with a pink floral pattern. It measures 13" x 7.5 x 6.5". No visible cracking or crazing.

173.Presto quick burger appears new in box and Charcoal company kabob rack and skewer in used condition.

174.The Salad Maker with 3 interchangeable stainless cutting drums and food pusher and Salton Electric cookie press with 12 stainless steel assorted design discs and 3 filler tips. Used condition.

175.Large Crock pot cook and carry slow cooker with manuel. Stainless. Appears new. Needs cleaned from storage. Possibly 6 quarts but unsure.

176.Assorted ribbons and yarn. See pictures for some styles. Appears in very good condition.

177.Lot includes 5ft hanging holiday banner, 20" lighted ornament sculpture and a Debbie Mumm sledding bear christmas card holder. Hanging banner is brand new with tag. Other items are in good used condition. Sledding bears ski pole in his left hand is no longer glued down but stays in position regardless.

178.Merry Christmas tree skirt (unopened) light up star tree topper (tested and works) and a metal tree topper (has a hole on one side of the topper. In good used condition.

179.Hallmark snowman in used condition. He is missing his hat and adaptor for the lights. Would be perfect just as decor. He is approx. 13" tall. Small Snowman tree skirt. Approx. 15" around.

180.Assortment of Santa decoration and Ho! Ho! Ho! tree skirt. See pictures for details.

181.Five adorable Department 56 porcelain chicks. Three are larger standing approximately 3 3/4 high. The smaller ones are approximately 3 high. All new.

182.Five adorable Department 56 porcelain critters. The duck is approximately 3 1/2. The larger chick is approximately 3 3/4 high and the three smaller chicks are approximately 3 high. All new.

183.Five adorable Department 56 porcelain chicks. The larger one stands approximately 3 3/4 high. The four smaller ones are approximately 3 high. All new.

184.Five adorable Department 56 porcelain critters. The duck is approximately 3 1/2. The larger chick is approximately 3 3/4 high. The two smaller chicks are approximately 3 high and the bird sitting on her nest is approximately 2 high. All new.

185.Five adorable Department 56 porcelain critters. The duck is approximately 3 1/2. The larger chick is approximately 3 3/4 high. The two smaller chicks are approximately 3 high and the bunny is approximately 4 high. All new.

186.Two framed floral prints that measure approximately 13 1/2 square and a Willow Tree plaque titled "Friendship". All in good to very good condition.

187.Two resin/plastic frogs. The larger one can be used as a fountain and measures 5 high. See all pics. Good condition.

188.Porcelain jester with stand and a porcelain clown with built in music box that stands approximately 17 high. Clown is by Heritage Dolls and music box does work. Both in good to very good condition.

189.Pair of reindeer stockings, a spiral tree with holly berries and snow, and a handmade bead mat that is 14 in diameter. All in good to very good condition.

190.Noah's Ark nighlight. New in box. Removed for pictures. Measures approximately 9 high by 9 wide by 6 deep.

191.Assortment of snowman decorations. See pics for what's included. All in good to very good condition. The standing plush snowman is approximately 13 high. Two light up, one needs battery.

192.Three snowman decorations. The snow globe lights up, plays 10 different Christmas songs and blows snow around. New and working. The dancing plush snowman is approximately 14 high.

193.Approx. 18" plush Santa, needs batteries and his buckle is slightly worn. Santa's Sack new in bag 22" x 26". Approx. 58" quilted tree skirt with gold trim on good condition.

194.Snowflake Falls "The Chestnut House" hand painted porcelain with 10K gold accents. Measures approximately 10 high by 10 wide by 8 deep. Very good condition.

195.Snowflake Falls "Pine Cone Chapel" hand painted porcelain with 10K gold accents. Measures approximately 13 high by 9 wide by 9 deep. Very good condition.

196.Assortment of angel decorations. The glittery gold angel is approximately 15 high. All appear in very good condition. The smaller angel lights up but needs battery.

197.Beautiful porcelain angel tree topper that measures approximately 16 high, and a package of burgundy ornaments. Both in very good condition.

198.Nice glass block with mini white lights. Measures approximately 7 3/4 square by 3 3/4 deep. Does work. Very good condition.

199.Seasonal Elegance "Elegant Caroling Doll". Measures approximately 17 high. New in box.

200.Lifestyle Studios porcelain angel. Can be used as a tree topper or a centerpiece. Measures approximately 18 high. Very good condition.

201.A second Lifestyle Studios porcelain angel. Can be used as a tree topper or a centerpiece. Measures approximately 18 high. Very good condition.

202.Nice somewhat large gold colored paper mache reindeer that measures approximately 27 high by 16 wide, and a Joy sign that is 18x21. Both in very good condition.

203.Fiber optic Christmas tree, 4 ft tall. Does work. Includes extra color wheel, bulb, adapter and instructions. Two of the feet are broken off the stand. Comes in original box.

204.Nice angel wreath with lights and a light up angel tree topper that needs batteries. The wreath is approximately 16 in diameter. Both in good condition.

205.Assortment of Christmas decorations. See pics for what's included. Most are new.

206.Lighted Joy Nativity that appears new as it still has the plastic tab in the battery box, and a 10 light set with wisemen and stars. Does work.

207.Assortment of Christmas bows, some snowman bracelets and some clear plastic ornaments for you to fill and or decorate. All new.

208.Assortment of snowman decorations. See pics for what's included. The lighted garland needs batteries. The snowman flicker light is new.

209.Santa lot! Santa hinged basket approx. 11". Porcelain Santa ornament approx. 12" there ia some crazing present on his cute face. See pictures. Gold glitter plastic santa approx. 8". All in good condition.

210.Approx. 20.5" x 13.5" wood and glass serving tray. Butterfly design is made with real butterfly wings.

211.3' x 5' American Flag in bag. Approx. 3' x 5' NRA Don't Tread on Me flag. Good condition.

212.Approx. 14" ceramic Humpback whale hanging sculpture. Good condition.

213.Approx. 5" 24k gold plated 4-leaf clover with engraved quote. Approx. 4" ceramic 3-leaf clover made in Ireland. Very good condition.

214.Set of Conch shell salt and pepper shakers. Good condition.

215.Ceramic Tomato soup recipe cup approx. 3.5" tall in good condition. 6 Corelle by Corning dessert bowls in good condition.

216.Approx. 4" with stand acrylic egg with dried flowers inside. Blown glass egg on stand approx. 5.5" with stand. Blown glass amber votive. Votive has a chip on top. Approx. 4" tall x 5" wide.

217.Approx. 8" beveled glass plate in good condition. Approx. 8" porcelain Beauty and the Beast collectible plate in good condition.

218.Approx. 14" glass jar with lid. In good condition.

219.Brass Pelican approx. 6" tall. Good condition.

220.Brass Geese approx. 7" long x 4" tall. Brass grasshopper 4" long. Good condition

221.Metal fish votive holder. In good condition. Approx. 10" long x 6" tall

222.Set of Zebras. One is approx. 4" tall x 6" long made of what seems to be plaster. There are a few small chips on him. Then second is wood approx. 5" tall x 8" long and is in good condition.

223.This lot includes mini knick knacks. See pictures for details. Tallest blue bottle is approx. 2". The teapot has piece broken off of the spout.

224.5 mini bottles. The tallest is approx. 3". See pictures for details.

225.Lot of assorted stones. Some in a Old Faithful Yellowstone Park leather pouch. See pictures for styles.

226.Hand crafted clay statue of a doctor. Artist signed. Approx. 10" tall.

227.Big box of basic indoor floodlights. There are sixteen lightbulbs all together. See pictures for more info.

228.Big box of basic indoor floodlights. There are sixteen lightbulbs all together. See pictures for more info.

229.Cute little ceramic noahs ark nightlight. Perfect for a baby or childs room.

230.Here we have a great collectible santa clause. For over 100 years this family has made papermaché collectables handcrafted by the Ino Schaller family in Bavaria. Very expensive collectable. Also includes a color changing LED glass globe, needs batteries.

231.Nice decorative basket filled with holly, berries, a bulb and more. Basket measures 16" long.

232.Great lot for the holidays. Includes over seven medium to large gift bags and a bag of bows. Bags look brand new.

233.Department 56 with original box, White bisque porcelain santa clause. Measures approx 8" tall. Also includes little porcelain carolers that are holding little bells. Very cute decor for the holidays.

234.Department 56 with original box, White bisque porcelain santa clause. Measures approx 8" tall. Also includes little porcelain carolers that are holding little bells. Very cute decor for the holidays.

235.Absolutely gorgeous porcelain santa in a sleigh with reindeer. This is two seperate pieces and santa jolds the reigns to the reindeer. Great piece seems to be in great condition. Measures approx 20" long and 16" tall.

236.A huge zip up bag filled with Christmas wrapping paper and bows.  Great storage piece.  See pictures for more details.  

237.Very nice, red lot of Christmas decor and ornaments.  Includes somr boys, and a couple nice decor boxes.  

238.Cute little horse on wheels, made of fabric and wood. Also includes a basket sleigh to decorate. Both together are approx 17" long.

239.Five very nice ornaments.  Variety of great ones, some made of glass, one has a pink flamingo and more! These are nice pieces.

240.Another great Christmas decor of red decor.  Includes some great poinsettia pieces, long ornaments and more.  All in good condition.

241.Here we have miscellaneous irnaments and figurines. Includes a cute collectible Campbell's soup ornament, a handmade angel ornament and more. Santa ornament has a broken foot.

242.Here we have a large lot of snowbabies from Department 56! Great little collectible pieces. Includes a music piece, ornaments, tree clip on pieces and more. All in good used condition. A couple have a few small marks on them.

243.Cute little snowglobe, two large striped ornaments and three other ornaments. All in good shape.

244.Includes three, brand new, christmas pickle ornaments! Great German tradition. Also comes with four other green ornaments.

245.Includes a bunch of beautiful blue and silver ornaments. Comes with two beautiful seashell ornaments.

246.Great lot of beautiful snowbabies from Department 56! Great lot of collectible christmas items. Most are in good used condition, a couple of them have some marks on them. See all pictures.

247.A lot of huge artificial looking christmas light ornaments. Perfect for outdoors.

248.All that glitters isn't gold, and this definitely glitters! Lot full of gold decorative door knob hangers, sleigh with reindeer, cocktail set and more! Great golden colored lot.

249.Four solar Old World candle stakes. One is missing it's stake. Each measures approximately 13 high not counting the stake. All appear new.

250.Assortment of Christmas decorations. The wreath centerpiece is approximately 20 in diameter. See pics for what's included. All in good to very good condition.

251.Assortment of blue Christmas decorations. See pics for what's included. All in very good condition. Some are new.

252.Holly berry topiary in a weighted plastic pot. Measures approximately 26 high. Good condition.

253.Golden Treasures porcelain Christmas Caroler. Measures approximately 18 high. Very good condition. Box has quite a bit of damage.

254.Three collectible Christmas plates. See pics for styles and markings. All in excellent condition.

255.Two vintage Department 56 porcelain figurines. The gentleman figure is approximately 9 high. He has no box and needs some cleaning. The Concerto Harpist is in excellent condition, however, the top of her harp has come unglued. See all pics.

256.Five different Snowbabies. Three are ornaments, two are figurines. See pics for styles. The caroling pair is approximately 4 high. All new in their packages. The carolers box has damage.

257.Assortment of Christmas decorations. See pics for what's included. The Hallmark plush trio needs batteries. All in good to very good condition.

258.Four porcelain figurines. Can use at Christmas time or whenever. The skating pair measures approximately 6 high. See pics for what's included and for any markings. All in good to very good condition.

259.A beautiful hand blown glass cardinal ornament from Dillards, a vintage Wallace jingle bell, a pair of plastic skate ornaments and a cardinal music box that plays The Twelve Days of Christmas. There is only one foot still attached to the music box. See all pics.

259A.Assortment of Christmas decorations. The snowman LED lamp is approximately 10 high and needs batteries. All appear in good to very good condition. The glittery ornaments are new.

260.Porcelain Santa with working lights. He stands approximately 12 high. You also get two decorative plush gift boxes. All in good condition.

261.Pre-lit Christmas tree in a resin planter. Perfect for your entryway or porch. Measures approximately 4 feet tall. Lights currently not working. Just add decorations and it will look great! Want two? Matching tree in next lot.

262.A second Pre-lit Christmas tree in a resin planter. Perfect for your entryway or porch. Measures approximately 4 feet tall. Lights currently not working. Just add decorations and it will look great! Matches previous lot.

263.Approx. 11" x 8" wall hanging glass mirror with a opaque flower motif. Good condition.

264.Rowenta dress fit plus steam brush in box with manuel. Good condition

265.Fruit picture in frame approx. 11.5" x 7.5" has hanging wirer on back in good condition. Serving tray approx. 15" square made of light weight wood and painted. Paintis scuffed on one corner. See pictures. In good used condition.

266.Willitts Designs musical porcelain dove statue. Plays "You Light Up My Life" Approx. 7.5" tall. In good condition.

267.Tailor Rotary Cutting Mat grid size 11" x 23". Appears new.

268.5 board games. All in good or new condition. Abundant Harvest: ages 12-adult (unopened) Quelf: ages adult Rocket Launcher: ages 6+ Classic Games 100 games: ages 6+ Classic Games 4 casino games: 14+

269.Marvelous Marble Machine by The Non-Electric Toy Company. Approx 9" tall x 20" long. Made of wood.

270.Very nice poker set and card shuffler. Poker set comes in a case that can be locked. It includes chips, dice, 2 packs of playing cards, keys to lock case and dealer and little and big buttons. Card shuffler needs batteries seems new in box. Both are in very good condition.

271.Approx. 29" x 21" print in frame. Frame is loose in some corners and seems to be made of press board. See pictures. Has mount on back for hanging.

272.Approx. 23"x 19" handmade by artisans in Madagascar using ancient paper-making techniques. Handmade paper and natural elements from plants. Signed by artist. Has mount for wall hanging.

273.Approx. 18.5" x 14.5" framed watercolor portrait by Christine Rosamond Benton. Has mount for wall hanging. Wood green and yellow frame in good condition.

274.Approx. 22.5" x 16.5" framed quilt. Wood frame looks to be in good condition. Had wire on back for hanging.

275.Gallerie II glass ornament in box, approx. 12" christmas tree with tree skirt, christmas round bulb ornaments, approx. 7" velvet stocking and approx. 9" leaf ornament. All items in good condition.

276.Approx. 17" sparse christmas tree on music box. Approx. 14" long x 8" tall plastic pair of reindeer pulling a sled. Has chain reins for reindeer. One reindeer has a broken tail (see pictures), other than that is good condition.

277.Approx. 15" plush snowman ornament, approx. 6" beaded snowflake ornament, 2 - 16" silver peacocks (one is missing beak, see pictures), approx. 4" tall ceramic glittery swan, approx. 9" christmas bouquet with santas belt accent and approx. 12" christmas tree with tree skirt.

278.Approx. 20" christmas wreath with bow. It does have battery powered lights but the battery box appears corroded would still be nice without lights. Approx. 5" light with cardinal on a wreath (tested and works). Approx. 9" lighter star decoration (tested and works). Approx. 5" round needlepoint ornament. Approx. 4" tall x 5" long metal sled painted gold.

279.Approx. 16" Precious Angel Wreath. It does have battery powered lights. Not tested. Approx. 2.5" Hallmark Moustershire christmas house. Good condition.

280.Lot of assorted christmas trees. Largest is approx. 15". Smallest is approx. 6". See pictures for details. 2 largest trees are Dept. 56.

281.Approx. 22" wooden heart shaped welcome hanging sign with snowman design. Good condition.

282.Box of assorted ornaments. See pictures for details.

283.Set of 3 lighted gift boxes (tested and works). Boxes are approx. 6" tall. Set of 5 lighted star decorations (tested and works). Approx. 6". There are some bulbs that don't light. In used condition.

284.Approx. 16" hanging metal basket with artificial flowers. Comes with hanger that mounts to a wall. Has hinged door. Good condition.

285.Great little christmas tree that is a little under 3 feet tall. It is a blue tinted tree with sparkly blue ornaments and top piece on it. Great piece, perfect to sit on your table, just needs to be fluffed up a bit. Lights work as well.

286.Adorable nightlight snowman piece. It is 13" tall and a great decor piece! Also comes with a small stocking.

287.Absolutely beautiful nativity scene decoration piece. This set is from Department 56 and is in good used condition. Some of the beautiful pieces are chipping a tad but still look great. They are approx 12" tall.

288.Christmas lot includes a matching tray and plate made by Couroc brand. These are hand inlaid by master craftsmen. Beautiful pieces that just need a cleaning. Also includes a cheese spreader and plastic reindeer that lughts up, but needs new batteries before it can be tested.

290.Three beautiful chrome Christmas tree decorations that have jewels on all sides of them. From the Better Homes collection. See pictures for measurements. One little chrome ball missing off the top of one.

291.Three beautiful chrome Christmas tree decorations that have jewels on all sides of them. From the Better Homes collection. See pictures for measurements.

292.Great decorative santa clause from Fabriche collectibles. He takes batteries, but I'm not exactly what he that will be a surprise! Also includes a nice, velvet box.

293.Great small Christmas decor pieces includes a brand new santa from Dillards! Also includes ceramic santa, tinsel decorations and more.

294.Great christmas decorations! Lots of bright colored tinsel garland. Most are brand new, also includes small plastic ornaments.

295.Approx. 21" lighted bell with garland. Tested and works. In good condition. Made of plastic and metal.

296.Approx. 20" wreath decorated with pink poinsettias and christmas bulbs. In good condition.

297.Bag of assorted strands of lights. Most were tested and work. Also included is a christmas light reel.

298.36" deluxe decorates fiber optic tree. Rotates when on. Tested and works. Base lights up with Merry Christmas. Good condition.

299.32" fiber optic tree. Tested and works. Good condition. Has a gold base and comes with an extra bulb anf 2 extra color wheels.

300.Trim a Home set of 2 - 42" noel potted trees. Approx. 3.5' x 1'. Each has 50 clear lights. One is green and one is blue. Appears to be new in box.

301.Hobby lobby tree! It is a 7.5 foot slim, snow needle pine. Seems to all be there. Has holly berries and pinecones on it.


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