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Auction Title: 6511 Nokomis Auction: BARN SALE Specialty auction: Combination of “American Pickers” AUTHENTIC original owner antique farm tools, saws, pulley’s, buckets etc, along with: everyday tools, heavy equipment items, auto & truck, horse items!!!! - AUCTION BEGINS TO END Tuesday: May 8th, 2018 7:00PM ET

Item Description
1.19th century surrey, horse carriage, a beautiful piece of history. It shows its age, has been sitting for over 30 years, however....this is not something you see every day! A surrey is a popular American doorless four wheeled carriage of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Surreys have a variety of tops ranging from the rigid fringes top to parasol and extension toos. This carriage needs A LOT of work to being it back to life, but what an opportunity for an amazing restoration! There is serious wood rot, so you will be using it more so as a pattern and replacing the vast majority of it. The wheels however are very valuable alone. As you can see, it has a “back step” for stepping up into it. Could be restored only partially, and used as a large flower bed in your yard, or business.

2.Compound mitre saw by Ryobi, 10 in blade, tested and running, dust attachment, good blade has a bit of rust (been used in garage) blade guard.

3.Excellent condition 18 unit storage lockers, a tiny bit of rust conducive to their vintage age. Bring help moving, this is one unit. These are so cool! Originally from a jail, measuring 36x78 1/2 tall

4.Ryobi weed wacker, 18v, tested....good working condition, NO BATTERY, we can show working at preview

5.Good working Toro electric blower, tested, working well

6.Ryobi Hedge trimmer, tested works well, does NOT come with battery

7.Double brake, easy fold, made by “Drive” walker. New $60.... a bit dusty but works great! Wheels are all nicely fee moving. Tiny bit of rust, elbow grease would make it look almost new

8.51”x38”x38” Heavy duty steel antique welding table, incredibly cool. Has fitting for anvil, hooks, etc. has some pitting, lots of rust but all surface. use as is, or sandblast and paint. Could be used for forging, great solid machine shop table top. Bring help to move. Has extras as shown in pics

9.tractor draw bar, 38” long, minor surface rust/pitting. Heavy duty! Can be used, or use for decor. 7 holes: 38” lift arm spacing, and approximately 1” pin diameter, with approximately 1 1/2” hole diameter, with 3” width

10.10 1/2 ‘ long, 7 1/2 “ wide, with a depth of 1 3/4, bolts are 3”, Boat trailer running boards (2) 3 attachment points with 2 bolts .... (two at end, one mid)

11.Antique pulley ORIGINAL known for a fact. Heavy duty all Metal, 12 “ length. Look at original clip! American Picker FIND!

12.Huge lot of welding and c clamp, 10 various sizes. Largest is 18” Others are 11” in general. Some surface rust

13.Standing drill press by Milwaukee, has been tested and in good working condition, looks to be greased well, and taken care of, had been garage kept. Belt driven, has original chuck key, has adjustable height.

14.Metal box with lot of assorted drill bits as shown

15.Farm clevis heavy duty 12 lb 1 1/4 dianeter Commercial, good condition

16.Industrial antique crane hook, 10” American picker find, seen on Etsy. Many uses. Heavy duty

17.Industrial hook vintage with Raised China symbol on it, 10” Awesome industrial piece.

18.Another awesome 10” hook industrial size strength..... use for projects, repurpose

19.Craftsman table saw, by Sears......8” direct drive, in good useable condition. Table is slightly askew, but works does not affect its use. Has been tested, needs dusting, and thats it.

20.2 authentic stiff lariats for working cattle. Great condition as shown

21.Authentic, rarely found.......fence stretcher, can be used or can be DISPLAYED.

22.Unbelievable find! Antique scale system with counter-weight balance. Farm scale, primitive, hanging scale....what a rustic find: use for decor in kitchen or garden. Amazing, 3 ft. Long Surface rust makes it worth more

23.31” in length primitive tool for lead, or campfire waffles, the coolest campfire smore maker, or whatever you repurpose this heavy duty metal piece of history!

24.Large antique log clamp, surface rust making it worth more of course! Great working condition, or repurpose into a rustic lamp, lighting, etc. amazing find in the barn!

25.Nice find.... what an amazing piece of history: lead pouring ladle, made of heavy duty steel. Rowell Mfg co. Appleton, Wi. When everything was actually made in the USA. Excellent condition... the lettering is gorgeous, comes with piece of lead!

26.Antique ear tag, and english stirrup..... Great for decor

27.Amazing antique sickle very solid condition with the exception of the broken handle at the end. Surface rust only.

28.2 “old hoes” in well used condition, one is bent. Both wooden handles, still solid

29.Here we have another amazing find: as you can see in the pictures... authentic, original log roller made by Leach Co., Oshkosh, Wi. Consignor is the son of the original owner. 55” Cast iron, cant hook

30.Large Lot of three-quarter inch sockets, ratchet, Paul handle with older craftsman toolbox. Some surface rust, appears to be in good usable condition. Has a bit of dust..

31.Another example of a beautifully made antique tool in great condition. Believed to be another type of sickle. Extremely well-made, solid. Could certainly still be used. However would look amazing as rustic decor. Again: consignor is son of original owner. What a wonderful piece of history, with true craftsmanship!

32.Here we have a custom made Jeep bumper. Solid and heavy duty iron. Mud buggy???? 54”x 4”x2”

33.Handyman Harrah antique jack great, great condition with embossed lettering, raised, nice and prominent. Solid piece,

34.Antique tool; anothet amazing intact, solid sickle with original curved handle. American picked just for you

35.Awesome antique Original log puller with original handle and Dixie ind, Inc.

36.Good condition, has been tested, paint marker roller

37.Cable cutter, great condition, heavy duty, well made. Solid piece, great rubber handles, some surface rust, not a cheap tool

38.Excellent Craftsman creeper.... good shape, rolls well.

39.Excellent chain binder: Durable Mfg. great shape... for chaining equipment, with ratcheting turn-buckle.

40.Banana type saw in original sheath. Wood handle with surface rust.

41.Ryobi 18” in good working condition, no battery

42.Great Ryobi drill, good working, no battery

43.Drive shafts as shown

44.Good working, jumper cables, some rust... work well, heavier duty.

45.Commercial heavy duty cable pulley See all pics

46.Drip tape puller for laying irrigation.

47.Galvanized bucket, as shown. Good ol’ fashioned pail.10” diameter

48.Commercial strapping, tie downs with bar and pulleys for tightening.....dusty, never used, very expensive.

49.Adjustable Kelper cargo bar for truck bed, everything turns and works.

50.Vintage and AUTHENTIC believed to be cedar shingle basket, original handle, adorable, American Picker basket Diameter 14 inches with 10 inch height.

51.Lane cedar cheat with rounded top: 18”x46” with height at 22 q/2. Oitside paintes gray. Has some xhipping of veneer, as consucive with age Inside is excellent!

52.Excellent set of metal buckets for farm, vet use.

53.What in 4 foot ladder made by Dixie flyer. Type three household. Great shape, works well, solid. Can be useful, or use for decor.

54.English saddle, 17” seat, schooling no name, tree appears to be intact. Needs leathers, and new stirrups. Needs oiling. Good extra, hack about, appears to have no tears.

55.Back pack sprayer by promaster, has some rust, hose is good, strapping looks to be intact. May be frozen up, we have not tested it. Preview is suggested

56.Ryobi carrying case: Dewalt drill, and saw as shown. No battery, consignor says good working condition

57.Bernzomatic propane torch handle, as shown

58.Larger bareback pad, surface rust, good underside, along with everyday western pad, good usable, some fading Bareback pad one size fits all, with a larger seat approx 18

59.Excellent scooter/motorcycle hitch system, or could be used for bikes. Specifications and dimensions are best seen and evaluated in person at preview.

60.Towing hitch system as shown in pictures. This again is another item that should be viewed in person at preview, for specs and dimentions

61.Great old roto tiller / plow..... needs some tinkering. Great piece just needs the right guy or gal to take it on, once you get these old girl going, there no stopping her!

62.What an incredible find this Andrea long range, sharp focus television has its original paperwork that is very clean. Manufactured by Andrea radio corporation bridge Plaza North, Long Island city. New York, USA It DOES power on, the wood is lovely, not without some flaws, but a must see. No scratched on glass which is amazing. Has turntable in drawer, wonderful original intact brass pulls for hardware, enclosed behind doors. Back is open, this is a must see at preview, another picker find.

63.Nice heavy duty sterilite plastic four drawer storage system. Has been used in the garage for tools, but could be dusted off, washed off and used in any application.

64.Heavy duty, wooden tool box, with divider. Yes, it appears to look like a coffin, but i assure you, its been used for tools for many years, offering ample space.

65.This is so cool.... red tractor stool for decor.... set out by the campfire, use inside, this exudes coolest item in existence! 20” seat height. The item speaks for itself

66.Wonderful opportunity to own a trailer box, snugs up inside your V-shaped trailer, however could be used in many different applications. Could be used for a tack box for horses, could be used in the back of your truck, a variety of uses. Appears to be a watertight and has locking mechanism 3 ft at widest, 19 deep, 18” height

67.Antique sickle head only. Has rust, and original pin and screw We are finding the coolest items!

68.Highly desirable carved saw, craftsmanship is amazing, another exciting find in this barn! 26”

69.Great Diamond plate truck bed tool box, some fading, otherwise great shape. No keys, easy fix. 68” long, 21 “ wide, 18” tall


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