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Auction Title: 5816 Better Quality Items from Richie Auction . - Auction begins to end,Thursday December 13th 2018 at 7:00PM ET

Item Description
1.Beautiful Top of the Line Vintage Dresser that has been professionally redone. You get the beauty and style of a Vintage Dresser with the strength and usefulness of a new solid piece of Furniture. The awesome flaming grain pattern just adds to its charm. It measures 45 inches tall by 32 inches wide and 20 inches front to back.. It has four drawers and one of them is divided for smaller items.. Very heavy construction with brass hardware. Excellent condition. Don't get this type of unit in this condition often, don't miss it.

2.Beautiful vintage Brass Coat Rack for any horse lover.. It is from horse country up in Kentucky and was purchased by the consignor in the 50's. It has two highly detailed horse heads on either end with five centered brass coat hooks. It measures 40 inches wide, very heavy and In excellent condition.

3.This is a beautiful sculpture of a pair of native Florida Herons. One is standing erect, the other has its wings outstretched. They are made of either brass or bronze and have a wonderful natural patina that only age can achieve. They are standing in a marshy area surrounded by low vegetation and cattails. The sculpture stands 12 in tall and wide. It is in excellent condition.

4.Full sized Wahoo Fish Mount. Not a skin mount but a fabricated life-like Fiberglass Replica Mount that are so popular here in Florida. No worries about deterioration or insects, only the accurate beauty of the animal. Iridescent blues, greens, and grays are bright and accurate. Super large size is over 63 inches long. Has some minor scrapes and bruises, just like a real fish would. Its hanging in my office behind my desk, so be sure to come to our preview to see this beauty.

5.This is a very large and beautifully crafted Metal Wall Art. It consists of nine flying seagulls. The seagulls are made of Copper and the visible frame is made of Brass. I believe the patina you see is all completely natural. It is very sturdily constructed and would easily withstand the elements if you choose to hang it on your Lanai. It will continue to look better and better with age. The flying seagulls range in size from 14 inches at the left and 19 inches at the right. The overall sculpture is about 50 in wide by 30 in high. This is a high-end sculpture and will look great wherever you choose to display it.

6.High quality hand crafted example  of the Copper-smiths work. This is a Very Large Metal Parrot on a hanging perch. It is 31 inches tall and 19 inches wide. It looks to be made of hand hammered sheets of Copper, than welded together. There are a couple of spots that would have to tack welded again, but overall it is a fantastic and impressive looking Piece. Consignor bought it years ago and she said she paid over 1100 dollars for it. Don't miss coming to our preview and seeing this beauty.

7.Another great example of the Copper Metal workers art.  A large and beautiful example of a thick trunk Tree and bright metal leaf work, made to decorate your Wall. Looks to be made of high polished Tin and Copper, but also could possibly be Brass. The Very bright copper tree leaves give a beautiful  3D effect. It measures 40 inches wide by 20 inches high, and is in excellent condition.

8.Electric Fireplace with Remote Control, and just in time for our "Winter". Made by Twin-Star it is Model  CFS-750-11, and is 120 volt/1500 watts. It stands 27 inches tall and it is 25 inches  wide by 13 inches front to back. Like new condition with remote and operators manual ad I dont believe it was ever used..

9.This is a KitchenAid Ultra Power mixer. This is the top of the line and comes complete with SS bowl, whipper, mixer and dough hook attachments. These are a necessity for anybody who loves baking. It has 10 speeds and is in great shape. Tested and working. It stands about 14 inches tall.

10.This is a Toro 22" Recycler Lawn Mower. Model Number  20016. It is in excellent condition and it comes with original paperwork.  High wheeled front wheel drive model is a top of the line unit, with all the bells and whistles. Pull start,, self propelled  model includes the Toro Bag. Bid with confidence because this item comes with our 3 day for you to be sure it works properly guarantee. No one else on these auctions does that, but we have faith in our products.

11.This is a Murray 22 inch Lawn Mower. This is a push mower, not self propelled. Very clean and looks brand new?   Briggs and Stratton 450 series engine. Pull start this is the Bag less version. Does not look used, but as with all items such as this, it carries our 3 Day for you to check it out guarantee. Bid with confidence.

12.Here is one of the more desirable John Perry sculptures. This one is a large Black Sperm Whale. This black version is much harder to find. A couple auction ago, we sold the counterpart to this, a large white Sperm Whale. This is a beautiful sculpture on a large gnarly piece of burl wood. It has the John Perry signature on the front and guarantee on the bottom. The sculpture is 9 inches tall and the whale is nearly 11 inches long. This is a big beautiful example and it is in excellent condition. Great collector quality piece.

13.This is an authentic Fossil Megalodon Tooth. It looks like the type and color that are found in SW Florida. It measures about 4 inches long and is attractively mounted and framed. It has some visible restoration. Great old tooth.

14.This is a very nice quality carving of a genuine Jade Horse. This is not artificial or chipped Jade that is used sometimes in these carvings. This one is the real deal. It is pretty obviously Chinese in origin, judging by the features on the face of the horse. The detail is excellent and the finish to the Jade is smooth and lustrous. This is a very nice carving it measures 4.5 in tall and 6 in long. It is in excellent condition.

15.Frankart by Sarsaparilla Art Deco Sculpture of a Nude Dancing by a Toad. Beautiful Art Deco Sculpture inscribed on the back of the Base "Frankart By Sarsaparilla 1982 WNY and NJ and numbered 190". Statue is Gilt Metal and please notice the Frog sitting near the Dancing Nude. Statue standss 9 1/2 inches high by 4 inches wide and 4 inches deep. Weighs about 3 pounds and is in excellent condition.

16.This is an antique Bronze Sculpture of Napoleon. He is in a classic pose with his arms folded across his chest and sword hanging at his left side. It is beautifully detailed and looks to be at least 100 years old. It was originally intended to be the top or finial of another object. We are not sure exactly what that object was. Maybe a large French clock? The detail on the casting is exceptionally nice and it makes a wonderful statement just as is. It stands 9.5 in tall.

17.Beautiful 15 inch wide by 7 inch deep, 10 lug, chrome over steel, Snare Drum including its form fitted composite carrying case. It is made by CB Percussion and includes an excellent condition REMO DYNAMAX. drum head. Sounds great and is In very good used condition.

18.Another Snare Drum, but this one has been incorporated into an End Table/Magazine Rack. Table looks to be from the seventies and someone has nicely added a real Snare Drum, with Drumsticks to the top of it. It measures 25  inches wide by 16 inches sideways,  and it is 52 inches tall with the lampshade. In overall good condition with some minor wear on the bottom edges. Tested and working. A unique Piece.

19.This is a Contemporary art glass Paperweight. It is egg-shaped and frosted glass with two polished windows. Inside, the artist utilizes controlled air to make beautiful shapes. There is a sticker on the base that says 3 - G Imports. It stands four inches tall and is in excellent condition.

20.Paperweight With Stand. Beautiful glass Paperweight that has a yellow flower and pedal in the middle. A stunning piece of art. Would look perfect anywhere in the home. 10 inches in diameter and 4 inches in height. Item is in very good condition.

21.Paperweight With Stand. This is a large Paperweight with a ocean scene. Blue and white ocean wave with  w beautiful fish circling around the weight. Wonderful piece of art. 10 inches in diameter by 4.25 inches in height. Item is in very good condition.

22.This is a rather exceptional Leaded Crystal Covered Compote. It only stands 14 in tall, however it weighs nearly 13 lb. It is the most amazing piece of glass you will ever see. It is beautifully cut and pressed and flawlessly crystal clear. There is a large multifaceted star on the base and it is fully ground and polished. If you only own one piece like this, this is the one you want. It is in remarkable damage-free in beautiful condition.

23.This is a Crystal Cornucopia made by Shannon Crystal. These make great centerpieces as you can fill them with any seasonal item you wish. It measures about 12 inches long. It is in excellent condition.

24.This is an attractive Vintage Low Boy "Gentleman's Chest. It is a four drawer chest with all its original Hardware, and is made by "Colony House". It includes its inside label in the top drawer. It is in excellent condition and  measures 24 inches wide by 23 tall and  15 inches deep. Very nice deep Cherry finish with brass handles. Good quality piece in very good condition.

25.Original John Deere Wall Clock. Have seen dozens of Round versions, but its the only wood and  battery operated one with a Pendulum that I have seen, and the detail and graphics are super nice.It stands 22 inches tall by 11 inches wide and is in excellent working condition.

26.You are bidding on a pair of SpyNet Night Vision Goggles. They are made by Jakks Pacific. They are in excellent condition, tested and working. Another item still selling on Amazon as we speak.

27.This is an E Sky Remote Control Helicopter. These helicopters are very high end and suitable for indoor flight. It is model LAMAV4. It completely breaks down for storage and comes with a padded aluminum case, receiver, transmitter servos, etc. Looks to be complete and high end. . The case measures 18 by 7 by 9 inches. It is in like new condition.Remote units are sold as is because we have no way to test them out, but does look excellent.

28.Gasoline powered Back Up Generator made by the DeVilbiss Power Co. Its called the "PowerBack Electric Generator", and is the Model GT5250. DeVilbiss makes high quality products, and this one is rated at 5250 Watts at 6500 Watts surge. The unit is both 120 Volts and 240 Volts. Unit looks exceptionally clean, and the consignor said he bought it new, tried it out, then drained the gas out of it, and stored it ever since. May have been used once or twice but looks brand new and still has the original manual. Still has the original wrapping on the handles. These are expensive units, so dont miss your chance at saving some money. Of course, like most pieces, this carries our 3 days for you to try it out guarantee, so bid with confidence. After that we must pay our consignors, so be sure to check it out. 

29.This is a Hi-Point Arms Model #4595 .45 caliber semi-auto Rifle. New in original box and never fired. The only modification done is a new ejection knob [bigger than stock]. [2] 14 round clips included. There will be a $25 owner transfer fee to be paid by the buyer at time of purchase. You will be required go to Woody's Pawn Shop located at 5218 Duncan Rd, Punta Gorda, FL 33982 to complete back ground check, the cost will be $25.00 paid to Woody's Pawn, and pick up your item there.

30.This is the nicest Antique Lantern we have had for sale in a very long time. It dates to the 1890s and is 100% solid brass. The burner drops down through the bottom and has the original oil font. A long time ago, someone hand-tied a string handle over the brass one. I'm sure this made carrying the lantern a little more comfortable, and maybe a little cooler. We are not sure what this lantern was originally used for. It may have been nautical, railroad, or even just a high-quality utility lantern. The only marking on it is on the wick adjustment knob, and it is not legible. It is a small lantern standing 9 inches tall, not counting the handle. It is in beautiful condition and has the original glass globe.

31.Northwood Strawberry Carnival Glass Bowl. This beautiful Bowl was made around 1910 and carries the Northwood signature on the base. It features a pie crust edge and beautiful electric blue, purple and gold coloration. The base glass is amethyst in color. It measures 8.5 in wide and is in excellent chip and crack free condition. Definitely a collector quality piece.

32.Antique Welch Mantle Clock with Alarm. This beautiful clock has a solid oak case and lavish gingerbread decoration. The original front glass is decorated in gold with an outdoor scene, including two butterflies. The clock is in original condition, and still works beautifully. It chimes on the hour and on the half hour. It has a separate wind mechanism for the alarm feature. The clock comes with original pendulum and a vintage key. The clock stands about 24 in tall and 15 in wide. There is a little wear to be found, as you may expect with a clock of this age. It is in overall very good condition.

33.This is a collection of Vintage Military Patches. Two are marked Ranger Airborne 75 th Infantry 1st. Battalion. There is also an Airborne and Special Forces patch. All for one bid.

34.Beautiful Modern Free Standing rotating World Globe, gimbal supported, in a wood and brass stand. . It stands 43 inches tall and 22 inches in diameter. Wooden base with brass legs, and all seems to be in  Excellent condition.

35.This is a real nice Antique Balance. It is all brass mounted on a wooden base. It comes complete with a full set of solid brass weights. The weights run from 4 ounces down to 1/2 ounce. The balance is in great condition and probably dates to around 1900. It measures about 4 in tall and 8 in wide. It is in great condition and works well.

36.This is an exceptional Antique Perfection Oil Heater. It is beautiful blue porcelain enamel with nickel plated steel detailing.  These were made to place in the middle of a room to keep it warm.  This was a high end model that combined excellent looks with functionality.  These are getting hard to find and a collectors favorite.  It is 24 inches tall. With the handle up it is 32 inches. Excellent condition.

37.This is a Vintage Art Deco Nude lamp. It is very reminiscent of the valuable Nu-Art lamps of the depression era. It has a beautiful scallop shell shaped leaded glass shade in white with red streaks. In the center is amber. The base is gold tone spelter with the maker name L&LWMC and a casting number. It stands 18 inches tall and is in excellent condition. Tested and working.

38.This is a very nice contemporary Bankers Desk Lamp. It is cast metal with an embossed and frosted glass shade. It is in like new condition and works great. It stands 15 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

39.This Voting Booth is your chance to own a little bit of political history. Most of you remember the presidential election in the year 2000, with George W. Bush and Al Gore. There was an issue here in Florida with the ability to count the ballots properly. This problem stemmed from a condition they referred to as the "hanging chad". If you remember, the little piece of paper that was to be punched out of the physical ballot, sometimes did not completely come out. This resulted in some of the ballots not being recorded properly and caused a manual recount to occur. Well here is one of the notorious voting booths complete with the original ballot from the year 2000. The booth is still in excellent condition. It has legs to stand up, or can be laid on a table. It has a fluorescent light in the top which works and everything is complete as it was in the year 2000/ right down to three demonstration ballots that were included. These became instant collector items and now are getting quite hard to find. Well here's your chance. The booth not including the legs is 23 in wide 19 in deep and 23 in tall.

40.Here is a super rare item for you Nautical collectors out there. This is a Vintage Solid Mahogany Ships Door, that was salvaged from a 1933 Wheeler. The Wheeler is the same boat that Ernest Hemingway made famous. The door comes complete with all of its original solid brass hardware and looks equally as impressive on both sides. With a little imagination, this can be a great statement piece in your home. You could use it as a headboard, or hang it on the wall, or just stand in the corner and surrounded with other nautical items. Doors like this do not come up often, and if they do they are very expensive. The door is 68 inches tall and 19 inches wide. It is approximately 1 inch thick. It has all of the original finish and you'll never find a better one.

41.Beautiful Antique Wood Shipping Crate. This is an antique Wooden "Sweet Chocolate "crate. It has its original iron hinges and hardware and great detailed graphics. There is stenciling on the sides and a date of 1919. It measures 14 by 12 by 21 inches and is a unique collectible Piece..

42.This is a very cool  unique and great detailed piece. It is a huge Art Pottery Vase with a super realistic looking  Iguana Lizard breaking through it. It measures almost 20 inches tall,and is green/orange color with a green lizard. Very detailed and in excellent condition, plus it  is clearly signed by the Artist. I have seen pieces like this before, but never with this quality and detail. Dont loose this one.

43.Another impressive and nicely done  Outside Vase for your lawn or garden, with a great representation of a large smiling sun on both sides.. It stands 17 inches tall and it is 13 inches wide, and is very heavy. Very good condition and can be used in many ways..

44.This is the third and smallest Ceramic Vase  from this consignor, but not the least. It  looks to be Terra Cotta with high gloss finish outside and unglazed inside. Great unique half open shape, nicely decorated on its surface with a couple of small freestanding Frogs and flora.. Tan and aqua in color, it stands 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide. It has one small piece that has been repaired on the top [SEE PICS]but otherwise very good condition.

45.Vintage Yoke., all hand crafted, that consignor said was for made for Goats to pull small Carts. This would go on the necks of any small animal to pull carts and plows and such. In excellent condition and it measures 46 inches long and 8 inches tall. Heavy forged iron hardware with handmade nails, and the wood, worn smooth, and showing great worm holes throughout. Great Piece that I have seen used in Sicily. 

46.This is an Antique 5 gallon cone top Stoneware Jug. Someone cleverly fashioned a stopper using a tiny brass race horse and jockey. The jug dates to about 1910 and in in very good condition. It stands about 20 inches tall.

47.Here is an outstanding Antique Butter Churn. It is completely made of oak, and it was manufactured by the Standard Churn Company Wapakoneta, Oh. It is a number to turn with a capacity of 7 gallons. This thing is huge, just imagine the effort to churn up 7 gallons of heavy cream. It is in remarkably good condition and comes complete with the original lid and Dasher. The only issue to note is the metal stay at the bottom is missing. This is a great opportunity to buy a very scarce antique churn. It is 23 in tall to the top of the churn, 43 in tall to the top of the handle.

48.This is a vintage Ethan Allen Button Back Hitchcock Accent Chair. It is finished in black enamel with gold and white stenciling across the back. There is hand work on the seat legs and spindles. The seat is hand rushed and in beautiful condition. On the seat back is the Ethan Allen signature. The chair is in very good condition. It stands 34 inches tall to the top of the back and 18 in tall to the seat. It is hard to beat Ethan Allen for early American Quality Furniture.

49.This is a very large and  unique hand carved decorator piece. it is a very heavy one piece Carved Pelican .  It was carved from  one large natural tree stump. It must weigh around 200 LBS. It stands 46 inches tall and it is about 34 inches in diameter. At first we thought it might be cedar, but another "dealer" thinks it Oak. The main section seems to be 5 or 6 smaller trees that grew together into one shape. Has been outside so shows natural wear as you would expect. Can leave natural as is, or go crazy and refinish into something special. Either way a fantastic and desirable Piece.

50.This is a Vintage Cedar Chest. From the Ed Roos Co. in Forest Park Ill. A genuine Roos Sweetheart Cedar Chest. It measures 45 x 23 x 19 inches. It looks to be in very good used condition. Still has the original paper label inside as well as the wood branded logo burned on to it. . Black with gold trim and wood inlays, includes the delicate original fold down shelf, that by the way snaps out for extra storage. Great Vintage but useful Chest that one rarely finds in this great condition..

51.Brand new Char-Broil Grill. Its called "The Classic" , model 463742418. Its a 3-burner gas grill that is perfect for the smaller cookout. It features in-line stainless steel burners for even heat, an electronic ignition for easy starts and it’s equipped with two metal side shelves for extra space.  Burners ae stainless steel and 30,000 BTUs. These quality Grills came with a 5 year warranty to the original owner, so you should get a long life from it. Includes a Grill Brush, a Propane Tank, and a hanging grease trap. Its over 51 inches wide and 44 inches tall.  Again, new and never used . 

52.Infrared Grills are the hottest rage ( excuse the pun). This made by Heatsurge propane grill, uses the  Infrared grilling system. In good used condition with a propane bottle included. Stainless steel construction and good quality.Ideal for Boats or pick-nicks.

53.This is a 7-piece lot of Barbecue Accessories. It includes a brand new package of chrome skewers, a grilling pan, a pair of shish kabob baskets, a shish kabob rotating rack with 6 skewers, a package of wood skewers, and a fancy grill grid lifter by Steven Raichlen.  Just the Grill lifter tool sells for 39 dollars by itself online. All are in very good usable to new condition and you get everything for your one winning bid..

54.This is a large electrical lighted RockStar Energy Drink sign. It measures 30 x 28 inches. Very colorful piece that has been Tested and working.

55.Here is a lot of 5 Vintage Cloth Athletic Pennants. They include Pelicans, Charlotte Stone Crabs, Detroit Tigers, Columbus Clippers, and Sarasota Red Sox. All are in good used condition. Winning bid gets them all.

56.This is a beautiful Be-jeweled Shift Knob for your car. It is for an automatic transmission with floor shift. It is bright chrome with hundreds of inset clear faceted crystals. It has a spring loaded park release button on top. It comes with several adapters so it will probably fit your car. It is 4 inches tall and in new condition.

57.This is a vintage Amprobe Voltage and Amperage Tester. It is made by Amprobe Instrument Company in Lynbrook New York. It works through induction, you simply have to pass the wire between the jaws and it will tell you if current is flowing. It comes with its original leather case. The gauge appears to be in good condition however it has not been tested. The case is a bit rough.

58.An original pair of Vintage Iron Woodworking Clamps. They are marked HARTFORD CLAMP CO. EAST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT. Each clamp is 48 inches long, and in great  anduseful condition. Winning bid gets both Clamps.

59.This is a very nice older Craftsman Axe. It likely has the original Hickory handle. It is about a 5-pound axe with an 8in long blade with a 5 inch cutting edge. It is in good used condition.

60.This is a brand new in box Wood Chisel Lathe Set. There are 8 pieces including skews, parting tool,and gouges. Never used and ready for service.

61.This is a Skilsaw Circular Saw. In good used condition. 2.3 HP. Model 5150.

62.This is a Chicago Electric Hammer drill. 1/2" variable speed and reversible. New in original box with paperwork.

63.This is a Black and Decker Corded Drill. Model 7190. Looks to be in like new condition.

64.Dremel High Speed Moto Tool with flexible extension, many accessories and parts, and the fitted Carry/storage Case. It is model 400XPR which is variable speed from 5000 to 35,000 RPM. Its tested and working and in good used condition. Be sure to check out the many other Dremel items on the next few lots.

65.Dremel All-Purpose Accessory Kit. It is marked 200 pieces and 120 dollar  value. It looks like all the spaces are filled, with only two small pieces not there. Its model 704-01, and it stands vertically in its see thru clear case. All the pieces look never used, You get all you see for your one bid.

66.This is a set of Dremel Blades.  These Multimax blades can be used for wood and metal, and they look like they were never used. There are 4 pieces, and all come in its original storage case.

67.This is a four piece lot of Dremel Bits. One 453-chain saw sharpening stone , one 454-chain saw sharpening stone, one 562-tile cutting bit and a four piece set of chain saw sharpening attachments. One bid gets it all.

68.This is a lot of high quality small size Modeling Tools. There are 8 items in the lot that includes  5 different pairs of special purpose quality pliers, one hand drill and two tap and drill sets. Everything look to be new, and one bid takes it all.

69.This is a Craftsman Pressure Washer. Model # 580.752052. 2550 PSI MAX. 2.3 GPM MAX. Powered by a Briggs and Stratton 675 series engine. With line , wand and extra nozzles. In like new condition but used a few times. As usual you can bid with confidence because this carries our 3 day to be sure it works guarantee. We are the only one that do this. But this unit looks to be in excellent condition.

70.This is a set of Craftsman Excalibur Elite Dado blades. New in case with paperwork. Model # 171.32608. Great chance to get a bargain, these are very expensive.

71.This is a Ryobi DS1100 Detail Sander. These are very handy tools to have if you do a lot of detail or refinishing work. It looks to be either barely used or unused, and comes with original box and Operators manual. Tested and working.

72.This is an African Musical Instrument of some type. It consists of thin leather stretched over a gourd. There are 2 branches from which are strings to make the sounds. It is decorated with cowrie shells around the edge. It measures about 18 by 10 inches.We have never seen one like it before so be sure to check it out.

73.This is a professionally framed collection of 6 and Vintage Railroad Magazines. It was framed in 1999 and I would imagine at least $50 was spent to have this done. The magazine's look to date to the 1930s or 40s, but none of them show a date on the cover. They are all very attractive and someone thought enough of them to spend all that money to have them framed. Maybe we have a sleeper here for the railroad collector. The frame measures 26 in by 24 in. The Magazine's measure 8.5 in by 6.5 in.

74.This is a full sized wooden advertising sign that says "OCEANS CHARBROILED SEA FOOD". It measures 20 x 28 inches. In excellent condition. Green , black and yellow in color.

75.This is a neat Wall Hanging with a Fisherman in mind. There is an old fashioned wooden fish net with a hand painted trout mounted on the front. It measures 20 inches long and 15 inches wide. Very good condition.

76.Here's an Unusual Cast Resin Statue for the African animal lover. We have four animals that are standing atop of each other.  Starting on the bottom with an Elephant, followed by a Zebra, than a Lion, and finally a Giraffe on top. Great realism and detail it is in excellent condition and stands 33 inches tall.

77.Here is a very unusual but still great man cave item. It is a very heavy Cast Aluminium Steer Head with Horns. It can be set on the floor or hung on the wall. Bright shiny, strong and will last forever. It measures 20 inches across the horns. It is in like new great condition.

78.Here are a great pair of Stylized Seahorses. They are made completely of solid aluminum square and rectangular stock. They have been welded together to create what looks very much like a Seahorse. It utilizes a pair of cat's eye marbles for the eyes and they have a mounting hole on the back to hang them on your wall. They are about 20 long and 8 in wide. They are in excellent condition and ready to hang.

79.This is a very pretty Art Glass Pedestal Bowl. It is quite a piece of glass blowing skill. The foot is aqua, there are 6 graceful stems of clear glass with blue cores. The bowl itself is clear with multi-colored spots. It is in great condition and stands 7 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

80.This is a pretty Centerpiece Bowl with a Thomas Kinkade transfer entitled Sunday Evening Sleigh Ride. It is about 5 inches tall and 9 inches wide. Excellent condition.

81.This is a large Children's Play Table. It is made to us your toy train sets, or your Hot wheel cars. It measures 47 x 26 inches and it is 16 inches high. It has a train track on top, with twists and turns, but, no accessories included. It is made by "STEP 2", who only makes quality toys.

82.This is a solid brass Vintage Hotel or Retail service Bell. You usually see these at the cash register area. Tap it with the palm of your hand to attract service. This looks to be a nice old one with a rich aged patina. It is about 3 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. It looks and works great.

83.This is an original Antique Smoking Cabinet. In very good condition with a only normal signs of use.  It has the original white porcelain insides that make for efficient storage of product. We see many of these with copper linings, but the original white porcelains are much more desirable. It measures 29.5 inches tall by 16 x 11.5 inches. Has a drawer in the top and the front storage space has a lock, but no key. Very solid and clean.

84.This is a vintage two-piece lot of Smoking Paraphernalia. First is a silver plated cigarette case. It is engraved on the front S. E. L. Inside it has an engraved design and a retaining bar to hold your cigarettes in place. It is narrow and would only have been useful for non filter cigarettes. Next we have a very cute little nude woman cigarette holder. I believe it is made of Bakelite, and it is in very good condition. The cigarette holder is 3.5 in long and the cigarette case is 4 in long.

85.This is an Antique Balance made by Mars & Wage. The scale is in okay vintage condition however one of the pans is incorrect. It measures about 18 in long and 8 in tall.

86.This is an Antique Straight Razor Hair Trimmer. It is a Durham Domino and carries a patent date of 1907. The blade was removable and replaceable with a sharp one as needed. The handle is celluloid. This was used for trimming hair, not shaving.

87.This is a very unusual Vintage long Knife or small Sword. It is completely hand made and signed by the maker Robert Miller and Sons in Germany. The handle and sheath are leather. The sheath is extensively tooled and decorated. There is some light rust on the blade that will easily clean up. It measures 23 inches long with an 18 inch blade. No out of state shipping.

88.Buffalo River Knife. Really nice closed side lock pocket knife. Steel with titanium coated blade. Made by Maxim Knives. Comes in original box. 3.5 inch blade, this is a new item. No out of state shipping.

89.Stainless Steel Knife. This is a stainless steel Ace Man Knife from Pakistan. Comfortable handle with a leather sheath that can be clipped on belt. 5.5 inch blade and Knife is 9.5 inches total length. Item is in good condition.  No out of state shipping.

90.This is a more contemporary Bayonet and sheath. The consignor said that his father had bought this for a military M-1 Garand Rifle. It looks much like the real deal, comparing it to pictures on the internet. The sheath is canvas and some type of composite. It is in very good condition. It measures about 11 in long with a 7-inch blade.  No out of state shipping.

91.This is a new Simmons 22 Mag Mini Rifle Scope. It has 4X28 magnification. It has fully coated optics and comes with protective caps. It measures 7.25 inches long. Complete with box.

92.This is a Daisy Powerline 880 BB Gun. Includes a Daisy 4 x 15 power scope. Looks to be almost brand new. Very good condition. Tested and working.

93.This is a framed display called The Way West. It features the Buffalo Nickel which was minted from 1913 to 1938. This display contains 12 Buffalo nickels from the 20's and 30's. It measures 12.5 by 10 inches.

94.This is a large three dimensional Crown Royal Display Sign. It measures 39 x 30 inches. Made of some type of composite material, very strong, yet highly detailed.. It depicts a Wooden Entranceway to a ranch, over the form of a horse saddle with a set of Saddlebags with four front open spaces. Probably original display had some Crown Royal bottles in there. Super nice original piece and In great condition.

95.This is a vintage style triangular shaped Dinner Bell. These were a basic for rural living to call the family for dinner. It is cast iron and comes with a mounting bracket and clapper. It is 12 inches long.

96.This is a solid Brass Boats Bell mounted on a Brass Anchor. It has been engraved "Spellbound II" a pretty name for a  boat. This can be used as a door bell, or purely as a decoration. It is 7 inches tall and in excellent condition.

97.This is a huge lot of exclusively Mint Error Coins. They are all American coins and there are a total of 291 coins in the book. Approximately two-thirds of them are pennies the rest are nickels dimes quarters and a few half dollars. There are many errors like missed punch errors, double stamps, filled dies, die cracks and more. Some of the coins show the error very plainly, others you need a magnifier to see the error. The back of the book has several silver coins dating to pre-1965. Here's a great chance to add a large collection in one single bid.

98.Here are three very collectible tickets from the World's Columbian Exposition. Two of the tickets are for Manhattan Day, October 21st 1893. One of the tickets is for Chicago Day, October 9th 1893. These tickets were used to gain entrance into the particular exhibit. They measure about 4 in by 2 in. They have some slight staining and creases however they are still in good condition. 1 bid gets all three.

99.License Plate Lot A. This is the first of two lots of collectible license plates. This lot contains 6 license plates, all are from Indiana. The years are 1961, 1963, 1966, 1969, 1976 and 1992. Please look carefully at the pictures for condition.

100.License Plate Lot B. This is the second of two lots of collectible license plates. This lot also contains six plates, five or from Indiana and one is from Florida. The Indiana plates are dated as follows: 1964, 1960, 1991, 1972, and 1957. The Florida plate is a 1975 motorcycle plate. Please check photos carefully for accurate condition.

101.Older Antique Sewing Cabinet.  Solid top cabinet, with a small backsplash has one drawer in the top, above a large storage space. Sits on graceful cabriolet legs. It measures 32 x 20 x 16 inches. Original older piece still has its original Wheels. The top is showing some wear but overall it is in excellent solid shape.

102.Very large Lot of Sewing Materials and Tools.  Includes many types of Pinking shears, assortment of quality Scissors,  buttons, thread, needles, pin cushions, zig-zag discs and much more Even includes an assortment of vintage Sewing Baskets. All containers are chocked full of all types of sewing stuff that this woman gathered over many years. Everything you see is included. Dont miss this large quality Lot. The different scissors alone are worth lots.

103.This is a full size Dress Form. Fully adjustable and in excellent condition. It has hip , waist , bust , neck and height adjustments.

104.Victorian Woven Silk Bookmark, circa 1851. These beautiful and rare Bookmarks were made in England in Leamington. Collectors of these rare beauties have a Catalog available , and this one is called  Home Sweet Home with music and two verses. Its catalogue number is 068. Its slightly over 12 inches long and about 2 1/8 inches wide. Extremely detailed and very colorful Piece is in very good condition for its age. Be sure to look at this one.

105.Lot of Antique Victorian Photographs, some with old Frames. There is a beautiful Hand Tooled on both sides Leather Frame/Case, with vintage Pins with hooks showing a little Boy in his Cowboy suit. Another is a very old Photo of a very old Woman in her vintage outfit complete with Bonnet. The third is a young woman in her Victorian best dress. You get all three Photos for your one winning bid.

106.This is a nice antique Bubble Glass Picture Frame with the image of a Soldier with an eagle and the American flag above. It is quite old and definitely shows a few bumps and bruises. The bubble glasses original, quite wavy and in great condition. The frame is oval and measures 25 inches tall and 19 in wide.

107.Beautiful Heavy Metal Scrolled Iron work  Display Easel . Great for  displaying your favorite piece of art, or showing off any large flat item you have.It stands 54 inches tall and it is 18 inches wide at the bottom. In excellent condition. These are getting harder to find with this nice Victorian look so don't loose it. 

108.Vintage Hand Carved Wall Victorian Era Mirror. It measures 22 inches wide by 40.5 inches tall. Lots of delicate wood fret work and carving here.but there is some small repairs that have been done, It is not noticeable but we try to mention anything we see. Overall the Mirror shows great and is in great shape.

109.Large and heavy Vintage Wall Mirror.  It sits in a highly decorative big concave Frame. Overall it gives a stunning impression and can go with any period room. It measures 38 inches tall by 30 inches wide and it is 4 inches deep. In very good condition.

110.Older high quality Genuine Oil Painting. Large and  impressive, It depicts a Victorian  Ballroom scene with everyone dressed to kill.  Nice image of "The Good Old Days". Wooden carved frame is dramatic in its antiqued gold finish. Looks to be signed "SAMUELEM", but could not be sure. Come and check it out at our preview, could be a real sleeper.. It measures 44 x 32 inches and is in very good condition.

111.Another high quality and beautifully framed Oil Painting. Very well done Still Life, It shows grapes, wine and fruit etc, in a traditional still life setting.. It measures 44 x 32 inches. The fantastic  wood Frame is very ornate and attractively done in Rich black and gold. Very high quality Piece.

112.Another well done  Oil Painting on canvas, but this one is a beautiful Panoramic Seascape. It measures 60 inches wide by 30 inches tall. Has it all, beautiful water, boats, and palm trees.What more do you need? In very good condition.

113.This is a very expensive signed and numbered print entitled  "Poughkeepsie Landing 1910".  It is numbered 220 of 475.  Signed by William Muller. Mounted under glass and double matted with very nice custom framework. It measures 38 x 30 inches. It has all the Certification, CEO's, and information on the back of the frame. In excellent condition and ready to be proudly hung.

114.This is an attractive Oil Painting of two sailboats in the foreground  of a beautiful sunset. It is signed by "ROSSINI". It measures 34 x 28 inches. Simple attractive Wooden frame with gold accent matting. Excellent condition.

115.Another nice nautical Oil Painting on canvas. It measures 19 x 25 inches. Signed by "RICKETTS". Simple wood frame with gold accents. In very good condition.

116.Giant oversized Large Print that has been mounted on board. Frame is massive, carved and decorative, and very heavy. It measures 48 x 48 inches. It is signed by Murphy Macdonald, and measures a massive 48 inches by 48 inches..                

117.Here is a real nice lot of twelve Vintage 1960's Comic Books. We are not professional graders, but we feel they are good to very good condition, but come and look for yourselves. Most of them are only 12 cents face priced. Please look at the pictures for all that is included. You get everything you see.

118.This is a real nice 1950's Roy Rogers Mineral City Old West Town made by Marx. It is all metal and assembled using the classic insert tab A into slot B design. The town includes the Post Office, Barbershop, Fargo Express Bank, the Silver Dollar Music Hall Saloon and upstairs is a Hotel. Also included in this wonderful set are a pair of bunk beds, and a storage trunk. Outside we have a Hitching Post, horse Watering Trough and a Lantern on a pole. These little plastic accessories are very often lost and add greatly to the value of the toy. It is meant to be played with from both sides, it is in very very good condition with only a little bit of scratching and pink fading. Even The Swinging Doors to the saloon are still present and working. The toy measures 27 inches long, 9 inches tall and nearly seven inches deep.

119.Here is a very nice vintage Marx all Steel Toy Truck. It has advertising on the back for Lazy Day Farms. The truck cab is red, and the back is red, yellow, blue and black. The truck is 100% original and complete. It shows a little wear and fading, however it is still in very good vintage condition. It measures nearly 18 in long and 7 in wide.

120.This is a vintage Structo Dump Truck. From the look of the truck, I believe it dates to the 1930's or 40's. It is red below and Yellow on top. It has all of its original wheels and tires. There are some obvious condition issues. It has considerable wear and paint chipping, the tailgate is missing and the cab is loose from the frame. Still these are super desirable and very collectible and worthy of your collection. It measures 20 inches long and 6.5 in wide.

121.Here is a very neat lot of 6 Vintage Collectible Toys. There is a plastic stagecoach with team, a little set of clothesline pins dated 1958, a Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, a cast iron Hubley Airplane, a pistol toothbrush and lastly a little little Midget toy racer. The Hubley airplane is missing its wheels and one tail wing, the rest appear to be in good vintage condition with visible wear.

122.This is a brand new battery operated Radio Control Speed Boat. It requires a 9-volt battery in the controller, and 5 AA batteries in the boat. Until I tested it, I believe it was unused. It does work perfectly however you will need to add your own batteries. The boat is called Cutting Edge and is made by EZTEC. The boat is 15 in long.

123. Model Yacht. Very cool Yacht, with all the accessories. Mounted on a nice wooden base, this white and blue Yacht is made to look authentic. Even the wooden slabs on the inside is made to look teak. 16 inches long and 8 inches tall. Item is in very good condition.

124.This lot offers a large race track set. Brand new in original boxes. This is SCX Brand Track from Target. It is 1/43 in scale , cars are 4 inches long and the track is 4.5 inches wide. This is the Formula One set with two cars and ten boxes of extra track. Over $300 in new track.

125.Here is a large lot of high-quality Metal Miniatures. They are hand-painted and most are signed. There is a small diorama including a metal cannon, two brass soldiers, a little Santa Claus, and a soldier in his tri-cornered hat. The detail on all of these is quite exceptional and the largest one is 3.5 in tall. One bid gets all 10 pieces

126.Here is an instant collection of over 25 Vintage Porcelain Miniatures. Most are animals, some are people and places. There are a couple really black Americana, and even a See no evil Speak no evil Hear no evil. Most are made in Japan pieces, one is made in Occupied Japan and a few are very rare and desirable. Take a good look at the pictures, you won't get a chance to buy this many at one place again. They range in size from 1 inch up to about 2 and 1/2 inches. Most all are in excellent condition.

127.Here is a white of brightly colored Japanese Receptacles. They can be used for tea bags, jewelry, plantings, even ashtrays. These all date to the 1940s to 1950s. The largest one is 5 inches tall. All are in good condition.

128.Mudmen Figurines Lot A. This is the first of 5 very collectible Chinese figurines. They are crafted using mud from local rivers giving them the coloration they are known for. They are then partially glazed using bright colors. This figurine depicts a man with a fishing pole and fish. Beside him is a small pot. His hat is on his back. It measures about 8 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

129.Mudmen Figurines Lot B. This mudman figurine depicts a Chinese man with his hand over his head. He has a pot by his side and his hat on his back. This one stands 9 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

130.Mudmen Figurines Lot C. Here is the third and largest Mudman figurine we are offering. This one looks like a Buddha in repose. It has a wonderful bright and colorful robe that flows to the floor. His hair, eyebrows and beard are raised white glaze dots. This one is signed on the base Made In Wanjiang China. He measures 8 inches tall and about 9 inches wide. Excellent condition.

131.Mudmen Figurines Lot D. This is the smallest Mudman figurine we are offering. It depicts a man with a fishing pole surrounded by 2 frogs. This one would make a nice small planter. It is in excellent condition and measures 4 inches tall and 5 inches wide.

132.Mudmen Figurines Lot E. Here is the last Mudman figurine we are offering. This one is very similar to the first one. It depicts a man in a kneeling position with a fishing pole in his hand. His hat is on his side. This one measures 7 inches tall and is also in excellent condition.

133.This is a vintage collectible McCoy Clown Cookie Jar. It is the unpainted ivory colored edition that dates to the mid to late 1940's. These are hard to find, especially in excellent condition. It stands about 10 inches tall.

134.This is a super collectible vintage Cookie Jar. It is a Turn About Double Face Cookie Jar. One side is a little boy bear and the other is a little girl bear. It has about 95% of the original paint and no chips or cracks. It stands 12.5 inches tall.

135.This is a contemporary Cookie Jar that looks like an old barn. It looks to be hand painted. It stands about 10 inches tall. It has a little chip on the edge.

136.This is a very nice high-quality Glass Sculpture. It depicts a mother and cub Polar Bear standing on the ice. It is signed on the base Nachtmann. It stands 3 in tall and is in excellent damage-free condition.

137.This is a beautiful statuette depicting an Egyptian Golden Cat sitting upon a marble base. It is likely a replica of an Egyptian artifact recovered from a tomb. It is beautifully done, very detailed and quite heavy in weight. There are a couple light scratches on the gold but they are not distracting. The figure stands 7 in tall and 5 in by 3 in. Great piece for that Egyptian collector.

138.Vintage Bird Cage. All Wood framed construction with metal bars seems to be handmade.. Very unique bird cage with an Asian flair. It measures 25 x 19 x 10 inches and in very good and useful condition.

146.Rocks Lot A. This is a very large Manganese Dendrite on a slab of limestone. Dendrites form over time from mineral rich water seeping through the rock layers and depositing minerals. They are very beautiful and no two are the same. This large specimen measures about 21 by 8 by 2 inches thick.

139.This is a large hand Carved Nude Woman. She is partially draped and has her foot on a stump. It is carved from a single piece of wood. It stands 25 inches tall and in very good vintage condition.

140.This is a lot of 4 Collectible Ashtrays. They all look like they are from the 1960's. There is a large freeform in pink and mauve. Next is a paisley shape in orange. Next is a large square in smoked glass and last is a odd shaped one in purple glass. They range from 6 to 10 inches. All are in great condition. The 2 pottery ones are marked U.S.A. on the bottom.

141.This lot is for two Lenox Bud Vases. Both are the classic ivory color and Made in U. S. A. One is a slender trumpet vase and the other is bulbous. They are 8 and 9 inches tall. Both excellent condition.

142.This a set of Ceramic Wall Sconces from Italy. The three pieces are made to be displayed on a wall as a water container, pouring in the wall mounted basin. A popular image in Italy. One is 7 inches tall and one is 11 inches tall with a handled cap.. White with green accents. In excellent condition. Marked made in Italy on the rear.

143.Here are a pair of Vintage Collectibles. First is a tiny little transfer painted Vase made in Limoges France. It has a scene on the front with a man and woman and gold decoration on the back. Next is a small German Cordial glass. It has a green base and gold cut to clear bowl. Both pieces are in excellent condition and stand a little under 3 inches tall.

144.This is a lot of two Unusual Paper Related Collectibles. The first is a paperweight that has been modified to hang on the wall. It has a picture of Nell Gwynn Lely. Next is a large Lucite paper clip with embedded Canadian pennies that date from 1977. It measures 6 in long and is in very good condition.

145.This is an unusual pair of Agate Geodes. We have the original mother stone as well as a thin slice from the same piece. It is brown with a white ring near the surface. Inside are beautiful Druzy Quartz crystals. It measures 7 by 6 by 4 inches thick.

147.Rocks Lot B. This rock lot is for two nice specimens. The first is a large piece of petrified wood that has been cut at a 90 degree angle. It has been roughly polished, just enough to see the detail in the stone. II and smaller piece is a very pretty geode. It has also been lightly polished and very attractive. The Petrified Wood is about 6 inches tall and 5 in wide, the geode is about 3.5 in wide.

148.Rocks Lot C. This is the last lot of attractive rocks we are offering. This is a two-piece lot. The first piece is a polished banded agate. The second piece is Agatized Coral, the official Florida State stone. The banded agate is 3 inches tall and 3 inches wide. The agatized coral is 2 inches by 3 inches.

149.Here is a great Old Wall Clock that must date to the 1960s. It has that great atomic age look with all of the electrons circling around the clock. It is made by Lux in Waterbury Connecticut. This is a 110 Volt plug-In clock and it works perfectly. There is some light pitting on the brass tone frame, but it still looks very good. It measures 19 inch across with a 7 inch diameter face.

150.This is an antique three-piece graniteware Coffee Pot called a Biggin. It was made in France and dates back to the very early 1900s. The set consists of a lid, a steeping or brewing chamber, and the pot. It is white enamel with gold highlights. It has a wonderful old patina with heavy chipping and a nice vintage luster. These are very collectible and come in an assortment of colors. It is 12 inches tall.

151.Here is a great opportunity for the tool collector. We are offering a vintage Union Machinist Tool Chest, completely as found and full of tools. The chest itself I believe dates to the forties or fifties. It has three sliding drawers and they are covered by a movable work surface. The top lifts up to reveal more storage. When the work shelf is in place and you close the lid, it locks the case of type. Inside the case or hundreds of tools as shown in the pictures. They include drill bits, chisels, drafting tools, files, several wooden handled tools and much more. Please try to come in and check this out before you bid. The chest is 14 in tall, 20 inch wide, and 8 inches deep. It shows some light rust and wear, but still works perfectly.

152.This is a Hardigg Storage and Travel case. These cases are the "Rolls Royce" of protective cases. It has 2 handles on the sides and an extendable handle with wheels so you can easily roll it along. It has eat latches holding the lid on securely, two of which are lockable with the addition of a padlock. The outside dimensions of this case or 26 in Long, 21 in wide and 18 in tall. It has some bumps, bruises, and scuffs, however it is still 100% sound and ready for use.

153.Stained Glass metal formed Angel Lamp. She stands 11.5 inches tall. Her gown lights up with a green light.  Nice pastel colors, and no damage or cracks seen anywheres. The on/off Switch is in the cord. Tested and working.

154.This is a real clever Leaded Glass Tortoise Night Light. The shell is made of colored glass pieces and open holes through which the light passes. It is very colorful and your kids will love it. It measures about 4 inches tall and 8 inches long. Excellent condition.

155.This is a contemporary Stained Glass Lamp that resembles a Lighthouse. It has a metal frame and wooden base. It is very colorful with reds, greens and gold. It stands 14 inches tall and is damage free.

156.This is a die-cast John Deere Coin Bank. It is a 1950 John Deere Gas Pump.Limited edition from Gearbox Collectibles. Stands about 8 inches tall. New in original box. Would go very nice with the John Deere Clock in this Auction.

157.This is a contemporary cast iron Mechanical Bank. It is called Monkey Bank. You place a coin in the monkey's mouth, press the lever, and he springs forward and deposits the coin in the man's box. Very cute and it works. Very good condition. It is 6.5 inches tall and 7 inches long.

158.This is the second of two contemporary cast iron Mechanical Banks we are offering. It is called The One that got Away. Put a coin in the fishes mouth and press the lever. He deposits the coin in the basket and the man leans backwards. Works well. It stands 6 inches tall and 7 inches long.

159.The next three lots are all mythical creatures, Gargoyles, collected by a consignor for his Yard. The first Lot are a Pair of concrete gargoyles. Each are about 7 inches tall. Made to sit in the edge of a shelf. Winning bid gets both pieces.

160.This is the first of two high quality all wood  Corner Shelves. It is a short shelf at 28.5 inches tall. 21 inches wide and 12 inches deep . Two shelves and a top. Solid wood construction and in excellent condition. This one has the lighter maple colored finish. The next one has the darker walnut finish, otherwise they look exactly the same.

161.This is the second of the two quality all wood Corner Shelves. This one has the same dimensions as lot 160 but this one is a dark wood. 28.5 inches high and 21 x 12 inches. Excellent condition

162.This is a Jefferson Chair. Over the years this very famous and popular chair has been known by many different names. Like many antique items the folding Ironing Board chair was one of the most versatile and historical pieces of furniture in American history. However, today it is still just as versatile and useful as it was in the 19 th century. It folds from a chair to a step ladder to a ironing board. As a ladder it is 44 inches tall. As a chair it is 47 inches tall. Excellent condition.

163.High fashioned Wall Hanging made of polished wood and bright hammered copper. It is a tree or tree branch with copper leaves and as a nice touch, the artist inserted a bright butterfly sitting in its branches. It is 35 inches high and 32 inches wide. Excellent condition.

164.Another polished wood and brass high fashion 4 piece Wall Hanging. It consists of 3 flying geese and a tall cattail, all made of polished wood and bright brass or copper. The cattail is 37 inches tall by 12 inches wide The biggest goose is 12 inches by 12 inches.  You can position the four pieces in any configuration you like on any wall . All pieces are in excellent condition, and your one winning bid gets all four pieces.

165.This is a unique styled Coat or Hat Hook. It is a solid brass and in the likeness of an Elephant. It has 2 holes to securely mount it to the wall. It is about 7 inches tall and projects 4 inches out from the wall. Nice patina but can be bright polished, your choice. Its in excellent condition.

166.This is the first of many Franklin Mint Dolls  being offered. This one is from the Franklin Heirloom Collection. It is a porcelain doll that plays music. She stands 18 inches tall.

167.This is a "Caitlin" Coca-Cola Collector doll. From the Danbury Mint , the doll is 18 inches tall and comes with a Coca-Cola Polar Bear which is 8 inches tall. Brand new in the original box.

168.This lot offers two hand painted Porcelain Dolls. One is from the Franklin Mint Le Jardine collection and the other is from J. A. Designs. Both in like new condition. No original boxes included with these two dolls.

169.This is another Franklin Mint Heirloom collection Doll. It stands 20 inches tall and comes in its original box.

170.This is another Franklin Mint Heirloom Collection doll. This one stands 20 inches tall and is in good condition with a few marks on the back of the dress which can be cleaned.

171.Another doll from the Franklin Mint Heirloom Collection. This one stands 14 inches tall and looks to be an Amish woman. The clothes are a little dirty on this one but looks undisplayed and comes in its original box.

172.A Collection of 21 Volumes of "The Harvard Classics"   The Harvard Classics, originally known as Dr. Eliot's Five Foot Shelf, is a 51-volume anthology of classic works from world literature, compiled and edited by Harvard University president Charles W. Eliot, that was first published in 1909. It was believed a liberal arts education was achieved by reading 15 min of each of the Books every day. They became immensely collectible and graced every Library all over the world. These were published in 1969 and are a selection of 21 of the most popular titles. They are all in excellent condition, with beautiful bindings and gold trim. These still bring good money so here is a chance to make a great addition to your home. Titles include Dante, Shakespeare, Homer, Cervantes, etc. Come see these beauties at our preview. One bid gets all 21 Volumes.

173.Books Lot B. Here is a large lot of colorful reference type books for the Florida naturalist. There are books on birds, butterflies, shells, reptiles, and plants. Fourteen books in all for one bid.

174.Books Lot C. This is a lot of 4 Audubon Field Guides. There is Eastern Birds, North American Birds, Land Birds and Weather. All are in very good condition.

175.Books Lot D. Is a nice lot of three hardcover books on Abraham Lincoln. The titles include Lincoln in American memory, Lincoln, and The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. All three books are in great condition.

176.Books Lot E. Here is the last lot of books that we are offering. This lot is primarily hardcover books with a couple soft cover also. The titles are as follows, the Oxford Illustrated history of Christianity, Murphy's Law, Legends Lies and Cherished Myths of American history, The Wild Blue, How Did it Really Happen, We Interrupt This Broadcast and Ripley's Believe It Or Not. All are in good condition.

177.This is the first of three matching  Amish built Shelving Units. Made of pine, it stands 5 feet tall and it is 14 inches wide by 7 inches deep. Contains  3 shelves and a cabinet in the bottom. It is in excellent condition. The next Lot is an exact match to it The third Lot matches also, but is a Corner Cabinet. You are bidding on only this first shelf unit..

178.This is the second of the two matching Amish shelving units.  It is exactly the same as Lot # 177. These two units go nicely with the next Lot, the Corner shelf. You are only bidding on this one shelf.

179.This is a the third of the Amish Shelving units similar to lots 177 and 178. This is also made by the Amish and it is also 5 feet tall but this one is a corner shelf. Three shelves and a cabinet in the bottom. Excellent condition. You are only bidding on the Corner Shelf. All three would make a great ensemble.

180.This under glass collection features Miniature Harley Davidson Gas Tank art work. They are from the first "Factory Custom" to the classic Gasser drag bikes. The case measures 19 by 10 inches and the tanks are about 3 inches long. Great condition.

181.This is a Original Schwinn Stingray Orange County Chopper. It has been well used and been outside but it is all there. The parts on this bike are very expensive [CHECK EBAY]. It is ridable now but could use some TLC or sell for parts.

182.This is a vintage Sears General Electric Stereophonic high-fidelity radio. It receives am/fm radio. Tested and working. A few scuffs but overall really good condition.

183.This is a vintage lot of 9 Collectible Purses and Wallets. There is a tooled leather purse with flowers, a beaded Martini purse or possibly cigarette holder, a beaded silk purse with Bakelite handle, a leather Ralph Lauren wallet, a beaded geometric floral purse with ivory Celluloid handle, a small velvet change purse, a 60s black patent leather purse with blue and green spots, a small change purse with red silk floral decoration and lastly a small silk change pouch. They are all vintage and in good condition. Please come in and check out this lot for yourself.

184.Vintage Jewelry Lot A. Here is a great lot of five vintage Children's themed watches. First is a large Mickey Mouse with expandable band. It is gold, made by Bradley, 7 jewels Swiss Made and working. There is a small crack at 12 o'clock and light wear. Next is an Orphan Annie with round face and original leather band. Shows light wear and is working. Next is a Snow White with off white band. It is marked Walt Disney Productions. There is stainibg on the band, watch looks good. It is working. Next is a Peanuts watch featuring Snoopy. It is marked 1958. I believe it has the original leather band. It is not working. Last is a pink Barbie Watch from 1964. It has the original leather band and is Swiss made. It is not working. All 5 watches for one bid.

185.Vintage Jewelry Lot B. This lot consists of five vintage necklaces. First is a beaded necklace made of pink coral, turquoise and bone beads. In the center is a carved bone arrowhead. Next is a chunky necklace made of malachite beads, large stone beads and painted bone beads. Next is a Jet black necklace using polyhedral beads. Next is a clear crystal bead necklace. It features polyhedral faceted glass beads. Last is a choker with gold tone and black beads. One bid gets them all.

186.Vintage Jewelry Lot C. Here is another fun lot of vintage jewelry. First is a very unusual and hard to find Red Rhinestone Belt, complete with buckle. It is 36 inches long and about 3/4 inches wide. There are literally hundreds of red rhinestones and only one is missing. Next is a very nice American Indian style beaded bracelet. It is very colorful and all leather on the inside. Next is a macrame necklace with an amazing multicolored jade carved fish pendant. There is a small chip on the back side. Next is a double strand Jet necklace. It has all the same sized beads and a fancy clasp. Last is a neat little beaded pouch. It can be carried or woen. All 5 for one bid.

187.Jewelry Lot D. Here are a pair of collectible Notre Dame items. They came to us in this little cedar box, so it is included also. First is a stainless Men's watch marked ND Irish. It is made by Game Time and is the Coach Series. Needs batteries, looks very nice. Next is a gold tone Money Clip marked ND IRISH. It is in good condition. Of course the little cedar box says "Indiana" on it. You get all three pieces for your one winning bid.

188.Jewelry Lot E. This is a nice large lot of costume jewelry. The lot is as follows, a silver tone necklace with red glass pendant, 2 stainless steel ladies bracelets, one with tiny CZ's. Next is a attractive carved bone necklace with hundreds of little disk-shaped beads. Next is a silvertone necklace with four little metal charms. Next are a pair of choker necklaces with random shaped turquoise beads. And last or a pair of costume Rings, one is a United States Army ring, the other is a gold tone ring with a black stone.

189.Here is a lot of Smoking Paraphernalia. There are 2 lighters, one a Zippo. There is a money clip, cigarette papers and assorted clips. One bid gets them all.

190.This is a large Metal Wall Hanging showing  music notes and treble clef;  It measures 5 feet long and 24 inches high. I bet you know someone who would appreciate this. Black in color with gold and green accents. The Piece is both signed and dated by the artist. In great condition.

191.This is a Wall Hanging of a the Sun and Moon face to face. Sort of a ying and yang look to it. Made of some type of strong composite material, its colors are off white and gold. It is 16 inches in diameter and in very good condition.

192.This is a very large and heavy Native American Floor Vase. It measures 18 inches in diameter and it is 12 inches tall. Made of a very heavy ceramic, we at first thought it might be some type of concrete. It is clearly signed on its side, but not sure of the signature. Its a beautiful textured off white with blue and pink pastels, very south-western styled, and in excellent condition.

193.This is a Vintage P-51 Mustang Telephone. The upper part of the fuselage is the receiver. The touch tone digits run in a straight line along the edge of the base. If you press the test button, you hear a recording of a simulated air battle. The plane measures 14 inches long with a 14 inch wingspan. It is in great condition. Tested and working.

194.This is a vintage Candlestick Phone. Made by fold-a-phone in 1978. It stands 13 inches tall. Good working condition. Cord included.

195.This is a vintage and very collectible Backgammon Set. These are highly sought-after for the genuine Bakelite playing pieces that it comes with. These beautiful pieces are mottled green and butterscotch and measure 1.5 inches wide and are seven sixteenths of an inch thick. The set comes complete with its own travel case and it looks to date to the 1940s or so. I believe it is complete, however look carefully at the pictures for what you receive. The actual playing surface for the game is cork. The only thing to call is the original handle for the case is missing. The case measures 18.5 in by 12.5 inch and is 2.5 inch thick.

196.This is a real early 7up Crate. The graphics on the long sides reads "Fresh Up" with 7up and the end of the crate dimply has the 7up logos. This creep was meant to hold individual bottles, and there are 24 compartments. I have never noticed before, but this crate is even dovetailed where the partitions are attached to the sides of the crate. The crate measures 19 in long and 12 in wide. The graphics are still quite readable though slightly faded. As you can see, a couple of the partitions have been lost. This is still a great old crate and worthy of anyone's collection.

197.Antique Clock Lot. This lot contains 5 antique manual wind clocks. None of them are in working condition, however with a little tinkering, I believe most of them could be made functional. None of them come with a key or pendulum. The first clock is a round faced wall clock with octagonal back. There is no maker's mark to be found. It is 15 in in diameter. The next clock is a classic Seth Thomas mantle clock. It is finished in dark mahogany. It measures 9 in tall and 20 in wide. The next clock is a round all brass wall clock. It is not marked, however we feel it is German in manufacture. It has beautiful porcelain numerals and high relief embossing around the outer edge. It is 14 in in diameter. The next clock is a vintage Seth Thomas Schoolhouse style wall clock. It is 11 inches square in has a key lock to open the face. Do you ask clock in the lot is a Gilbert mantle clock. It has two gold tone columns on either side of the face, and is finished in black. It stands 13.5 in tall and 10 in wide. Please remember, this lot is being purchased as is. None of the clocks can be returned for any reason. Please come in and take a good look at them yourself.

198.This is a very nice Budweiser Beach or Sun Umbrella . It is heavy canvas with aluminum frame construction and adjustable height.. Brand new still in its original bag, it still has the protective tissue paper across the white Budweiser Graphics.. It stands 7 1/2 feet tall and it is 6 foot 8 inches across. No base included , see previous lot for a heavy metal base.

199.This is a Screened Gazebo. Brand new in carrying bag, never used. It is family sized at 13 x 9 x 7 feet. Made by Greatland. Complete with stakes and ropes. Ready to enjoy.

200.This is a set of Four Bar Stools. Solid wood construction done in the Danish Modern or Mid-Century style and in excellent condition. Overall height is 42 inches with a seat height of 30 inches. One wining bid gets all four pieces.

201.This is vintage Bentwood Sled  and looks to be made of solid maple. It measures 31 x 17 x 14 inches in size and was made in Canada. In excellent condition.

202.This is a piece of antique horse tack. It is called a Hames. It went on the side of a horse and had ropes attached to it. It has been cosmetically restored and is in great condition. It measures about 28 inches long.

203.This is a very clever and unusual Umbrella Stand. It is all metal and made to resemble an upside-down umbrella. It is painted in red and gold and appears to be in excellent condition. It stands 30 in tall and looks like it would hold at least eight or ten umbrellas easily.

204.This is large lot of Antique Sad Irons and trivets. Back in the 1800's, these were state of the are for pressing your clothes.  They are all cast iron with varying weights.  There are 13 pieces in all.

205.This is a Rubbermaid Deviled Egg Container. In new condition and it holds 20 eggs.

206.This lot features two Hoffman Kentucky Bourbon Decanter/Music Boxes. One is a "MR. BARTENDER" and the other is a "MR. POLICEMAN". 4.5 quart decanters and both are still full , less what has evaporated. In original boxes that are a little rough.

207.This is a second set of Hoffman Bourbon Whiskey Music Box/Decanters. Both are still full and never opened. There are duplicate boxes but two different Decanters. One is a Christmas Piano Player and the other is a pair of elves singing carols.

208.This is a set of 7 Martha Stewart Christmas Tree Ornaments. All are blown glass and very expensive, this group retails for about $100. They resemble seashells and fish.  Great for a Nautical look X-Mas tree. All are 3 to 6 inches long. New unused condition with tags.

209.This next three lots offer matching Wall art pieces. They are high quality metal flowers, each enclosed in a metal frame. Each measures 14 x 33 inches. Very bright vivid colors on these pieces and seem to be hard enameled also..

210.This is the second piece of Wall art similar and matching to the previous lot. It also measures 14 x 33 inches and is in excellent condition.

211.This is the last of the three pieces of Wall art. Well done Pieces can be displayed by themselves, but would look great shown together. Exquisite large quality flowers.  The size is 14 x 33 inches. You are bidding on only the you see.

212.This is a DeWalt Drill index. The bits from 3/16 inch up are Pilot Point Tips. The set is from 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch. Three small bits are missing.

213.This is a 27 piece Deluxe Screwdriver Set made by Chapman Manufacturing Company of Durham Connecticut. It has a nice assortment of slotted, Phillips and Allen bits. The set also includes a ratchet and extension. It is in like new condition and complete.

214.This is a Pelican Storage Case. It is an air and water tight box that originally held very high end optics made by Trijicon. There is an air valve on the front that enables you to pressurize the box as needed. Iy is empty and lined with egg crate foam. It measures 8 by 6 by 3.5 inches. It is in very good condition.

215.This is a Golf Club Travel Case. Made by SKB in Orange, Ca. This is a necessity for any golfer who takes the clubs on a plane.  It measures 15 x 17 inches and it is 52 inches long. In great condition.

216.This is a vintage Saltwater Fishing rod and Reel. The Rod is 6 1/2 ft tall and appears to be fiberglass and is in rather poor condition. The reel is a Penn Senator 4.0. It has an attractive Bakelite handle and appears to work well. It has some patina that will need to be removed.

217.Here is a set of official Horseshoes. Comes complete with four shoes and two steel target stakes. Also includes the original box which is in very poor condition, but the equipment is in very good condition..

218.This is a Volleyball Set. By Sportcraft , it has all you need , volleyball , posts , net and set of rules. All in the original box. Good used condition.

219.This is a brand new Wilson Football. Genuine leather , official size. In it's original box.

220.This lot offers over 200 pieces of Action Figures and other assorted toys.  These are very collectible I'm sure there are some sleepers in the lot.  Take a good look at the pictures.

221.This is a lot of Four Tin Toys. There is a train , two cars and an airplane. The train is 17 inches long , the cars are 13 and 11 inches long and the plane is 10 inches wide. All in good condition.

222.Portable and collapsible Metal Pet Enclosure. It can be set up as a 4 x 4 foot square enclosure or a 2 x 2 foot hexagon enclosure. Folds flat for easy storage and moving. This is brand new, never used, and clean. Can be used to keep Dogs or other animals in, or to keep other animals out of your small garden.

223.Here is a nice Ammo Lot for the shotgunner out there. We have two full boxes of Winchester 12 gauge No. 8, two full boxes of Remington 12 gauge No. 6, one box of Winchester 20 gauge No. 7 1/2 and a partial box of Winchester 20 gauge No. 6. All for one bid.

224.This lot is for two full boxes of 30.06 Springfield Armor-Piercing M - 2 ammunition. The box says U. S. Mil-spec Recovered Components. Made in the USA. Each box has 20 cartridges, both boxes are full.

225.This is a vintage Military Issue Ammo Box. It originally held 150 caliber Tracer cartridges. The box is in decent condition with some rust on the bottom and considerable wear. It measures 12 inches long 7 in tall and 6 inches wide.

226.This is a small arms Ammo Box. It is a large one at 19 x 15 x 9 inches. In good used condition. Both latches are working.

227.This is a Cavatelli Pasta Maker. By BeeBo, Model #5300. Brand new and unused.with instructions. Mounts on edge of counter.

228.Porcelain Over Cast Iron Pot. This heavy pot is made of cast iron covered by porcelain. These pots can be used to cook almost anything. It has a removable lid, and thick handles. After the iron is cast, a glass particulate called Frit is applied. Pot is then baked between 1200 and 1400 degrees making a smooth porcelain. Each pot is meticulously made. This pot holds 6.5 quarts and is in very good condition.

229.This is a vintage tin Beer Tray. It is for Heileman's Pure Genuine Old Style. I believe it dates to the early 1960's. It shows light wear from use. It measures 12 inches in diameter.

230.This is a Gone With the Wind Plate from 1988. It is entitled Scarlett and Her Suitors, by Howard Rogers. It is made by W. L. George, fine china. It is 8.5 in in diameter and in excellent condition. It comes complete with a metal stand for display.

231.Here are a nice pair of Vintage Porcelain Collectibles. First is a Hat Pin Holder with a blue floral transfer and gold painted top. Next is a small 3 footed bowl that is marked R. S. Prussia. The bowl measures 5 in wide and hat pin holder is 4.5 in tall. Both pieces are in excellent condition.

232.This is a lot of 7 colorful vintage Bud Vases. Two are hand painted and one is 24k gold washed. They are 8 to 10 inches and all in good condition.

233.Here is a lot of 3 hand painted Japanese items. There are 2 tiny snuff bottles with spoons and a Satsuma trinket box. The bottles are about 3 inches tall. All pieces are in good condition.

234.Here is a lot of 3 Antique Bristol Glass Vases. They are all hand blown with pontil marks on the bottom. The paint is worn off one of the smaller ones. They are otherwise all in good condition. The large one measures 8 inches tall and the small ones are 4.5 inches.

235.This is a lot of 4 Colorful pieces of Glass. There are 3 pitchers and a ruffled vase. They are 2.5 to 5 inches tall. All are in very good condition.

236.This is a lot of 3 Vintage Figures. Two are porcelain and one is chalkware. All three are in very good condition. The tallest one is 6.5 inches tall.

237.This is a large Terra Cotta Fountain. Very heavy concrete and it breaks down into four pieces. Brick red in color and in great condition. You can leave the patina, or make it look new. It measures about 48 inches tall and around 26 inches in diameter. Not tested but looks fine.

238.This is a very unusual Concrete Outdoor Fountain. It is concrete shaped like a tree stump with flower shaped basin. Everyone has a round traditional fountain, this one stands out and looks great. It stands around 36 inches tall. Includes the pump but not tested.

239.This is a Frog Themed Planter. Lightweight and made of a composite material. Gray in color and in great shape. It measures 19 inches long and 10 inches tall.

240.This is a Statue of a Frog, all dressed up wearing a Jacket and bow tie and holding a rake. Very nice pastel colors on this piece, pinks and blues. He stands 24 inches tall. The bottom has a crack and a couple of small missing pieces but still in one piece.

241.This is a pair of Animated and Lighted Flamingos. They are identical and they stand 35 inches tall each. Tested and Both working. Very cool pieces, and I promise you I will not use the old joke and call them Florida Chickens. They are in excellent condition and come in the original boxes. Your one bid gets both Birds.

242.This lot is for Three Metal Wall Hangings.  Make a nice display with Two herons and one dragonfly. They range in height from 24 to 28 inches. In great condition.

243.This lot offers three copper wall or Garden Art Pieces. They are a long stem with a large leaf on top. They measure around 60 inches each. Great condition.

244.This is a pair of Shepherd's Crooks. These work great in the garden for handing plants or bird feeders. They are 70 and 79 inches tall. Excellent condition

245.This lot is for a pair of Terra Cotta Seashell Planters. They both stand 8 inches tall and about 13 inches wide. Both in great solid condition. One winning bid gets the Pair.

246.This is a Huge Terra Cotta Fish Planter. It is large and it stands 21 inches tall and 18 inches deep. There has been considerable repair, but it still looks pretty good. Some chips are still visible but its such an impressive Piece, it still looks great..

247.This is an Outdoor Bench made by Berkeley Forge. It is made of hardwood with a cast iron insert. Some rust showing and and it shows a little weathering. Very sturdy and solid bench. It measures 50 inches wide and 33 inches tall.

248.This is an all metal Bench with cushion. IIt can be used inside or out.  It has a metal frame and green cushion. It measures 45 inches wide and 39 inches tall. In excellent condition.

249.This is a large Concrete Fountain. It has three small dogs on top. It breaks down into three pieces. It stands 40 inches tall and 28 inches across.  Includes the pump but not tested. Good condition.

250.This is a great large piece of Concrete Nautical Art. It depicts a pier with two Pelicans on each of the top two posts. It is mostly concrete and needless to say, the piece is very heavy. It is either quite new or has been recently repainted. It measures about 30 in tall and is in very good condition.


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