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Auction Title: Better Quality Items from Richie, Auction 5805. Please be aware that this Auction is not in our usual Port Charlotte address but is the second and last part of the Estate in Englewood. Please note the address is 1016 Kant Street, Englewood. Because of Health issues we want to make pickups safer and easier for everybody so we will be extending our Pickup for 2 full days. Be sure to check the hours below. We believe by spreading out the hours we will limit close conditions for all. Any questions feel free to call Richie at 941-893-9896. Be safe. - AUCTION BEGINS TO END :Monday April 5th, 7:00PM ET

Item Description
1.This is a vintage 14k yellow gold Bangle Bracelet. The marking is no longer visible, but we had it tested. It has a concave shape with a floral engraving. The safety chain needs to be re-attached. It weighs 14.3 grams and is in very good vintage condition.

2.This is a 14k yellow gold and diamond pendant. It is 3 interlocking rings with a tiny diamond in the center. It weighs 1.2 grams and is in very good vintage condition.

3.This is a beautiful silver Baptismal or Communal Spoon. We think it is German and well over 100 years old. It has a fancy monogram on the back. It is 4 inches long and weighs 45.5 grams.

4.This is a rare "Gem" crystal encrusted bracelet Watch. It has decorative lid that covers the face and opens with a touch. It is a 17 jewel with manual wind. It has gold numerals on a white face. Comes with original box. Working fine.

5.This is a Sterling silver heavy rope chain with a southwest themed pendant. The pendant is signed WW. The chain is 19 inches long. It weighs 30.3 grams. Excellent condition.

6.Here are 2 pairs of vintage Sterling silver earrings. One is a screw back with black glass. The other is a clip-on that looks like pierced from the front. Both in very good vintage condition.

7.Here is a perfect Sterling silver set for the cat lovers out there. The set includes a Sterling chain with cat pendant and a pair of cat earrings with articulating tails. The chain is 30 inches long. They weigh 19.5 grams. All are in excellent condition.

8.Here is a vintage Sterling silver cat brooch. It is signed and handmade in Mexico. It also has a loop and can be used as a pendant. It is 3 inches tall and weighs 16.2 grams and is in excellent condition.

9.This is a vintage southwest Sterling silver ring with a pretty piece of Turquoise. It comes with a neat old box that is not original. It weighs 7.3 grams and is in very good vintage condition.

10.This is a Mexican Sterling silver brooch with a black intaglio carving. It is very nicely carved and measures 1.75 inches tall. Excellent condition.

11.Here is a vintage pair of Sterling silver Art Deco earrings. They have round brass embellishments and measure 2 inches tall. They weigh 16.3 grams and are in very good condition.

12.This is a wide and flat Sterling silver necklace. One side has delicate engraving and the other side is smooth. It is 18 inches long and weighs 16.0 grams. Excellent condition.

13.Here is a neat antique cigarette holder. It is silver with turquoise beads and a Bakelite mouthpiece. It is 4 inches long. The mouthpiece needs to be re-attached. Very good vintage condition.

14.Here is a nice heavy Sterling silver chain with a triangular Amber pendant. The chain is 20 inches long and weighs 18.6 grams. Very good condition.

15.This is a Sterling silver Bookmark. It is signed and made in Mexico. It is 2 inches tall and weighs 11.6 grams.

16.This is a necklace that we believe is Sterling, but the beads are not marked. It is 28 inches long and in very good condition.

17.At first we did not know what this was but on the first hour this listing went live, one of our customers called us up to show us what it is. We found it on line and it is a vintage 9 K Gold Mini Mechanical Lead Pencil, that hung around your neck on a chain hence the little gold loop in its middle. Very collectible and very expensive. There is one turquoise bead on the part that actually moves the lead in and out.. There is a flat polished bloodstone at the wide end. It measures 1.5 inches long. Maybe a sleeper? Comes in a neat vintage storage  box. Now that we know what it is, we love it even more.

18.Here are a Pair of vintage California Gold Souvenir Tokens. These are 1/2 dollar replicas and are dated 1852 and 1854. They are about .5 inches wide. They are base metal with gold plating. Come with box and printed descriptions.

19.Here is a nice assorted collection of faux Confederate Currency. There are 8 denominations from $10 to $100,000. Fun set that looks real.

20.This consignor collected vintage Books and the next lots are prime examples of his collection. The first one we are offering is a Rare First Edition "The Beasts of Tarzan" by Edgar Rice Burroughs, published A.C. McClurg & Co., March 1916 in Great Britain. Fantastic condition with tight pages and binding, don't forget this book is over 100 years old. Dark green Hardcover with white letters. As per Wikipedia, "The Beasts of Tarzan is a novel by American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, the third in his series of twenty-four books about the title character Tarzan. Originally serialized in All-Story Cavalier magazine in 1914, the novel was first published in book form by A. C. McClurg in 1916." Super book for anyones collection in very good condition.

21.Another gem and rare First Edition from Edgar Rice Burroughs, an American iconic writer, titled "The Mucker". It was originally formed by two stories: "The Mucker", begun in August 1913 and published by All-Story Weekly in October and November 1914; and "The Return of the Mucker", begun in January 1916 and published by All-Story Weekly in June and July 1916. The book version was first published by A. C. McClurg on 31 October 1921, and this is that first edition version. The plot is very contemporary if the language is not. Billy Byrne is a low class American born in Chicago's ghetto. He grows up a thief and a mugger. "Billy was a mucker, a hoodlum, a gangster, a thug, a tough." He is not chivalrous nor kind, and has only meager ethics - never giving evidence against a friend or leaving someone behind. He chooses a life of robbery and violence, disrespecting those who work for a living. He has a deep hatred for wealthy society. Another great collectible, and readable book in very good solid condition , also over 100 years old.

22.This consignor had a nice collection of First Editions of the American Author, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Here are two more rare First Editions I have put into one lot because they both are in his early Science Fiction genre, "A Princess of Mars", published 1917, and "Thuvia Maid of Mars" published 1920. We believe from ou research these are both first editions, but come and double check for yourself. Both are in very good solid edition, both over 100 years old, and your one bid gets both collectible books.

23.Another great Collectible Book, "The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer", by Samuel L. Clemens. Although this is not a first edition, this is a very early American issue of this classic. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is an 1876 novel by Mark Twain about a boy growing up along the Mississippi River. It is set in the 1840s in the town of St. Petersburg, which is based on Hannibal, Missouri, where Twain lived as a boy. In the novel, Tom Sawyer has several adventures, often with his friend Huckleberry Finn. Originally a commercial failure, the book ended up being the best selling of any of Twain's works during his lifetime. The book is considered by many to be a masterpiece of American literature, and  It was one of the first novels to be written on a typewriter. This is a Very old book ,a classic and in great shape for its age. Published by M.A. Donohue & Co. Chicago no date but probably Late 1800's. The binding is separated along the spine and pages are yellowing, but another great collectible book.

24.Another rare we believe First Edition from the 1800's. "The Eclectic History of the United States", dated 1881, in Hardcover written by M.E. Thalheimer.  Looks to be potentially a first edition, as 1881 is the only date found in the book.  Beautiful illustrations throughout included colored maps.  Readable condition.  Edges are worn, few pages are loose and the top left corner of the cloth binding is loose as well.  Spine looks pretty solid, covers are faded.  Not bad for 120 years though. Owners name and notes are written on the first page and dated Jan. 28, 1890, probably Her Text Book. There is notes and doodles all through this book from the original owner.  The writing you must remember was before political correctness so the descriptions and illustrations are very cool. Another great book for a collection.

25.Here is a vintage bone pottery cup and saucer made by Aynsley England. It is rust colored with floral transfers on the inside. Excellent condition.

26.Here is a vintage Occupied Japan tea cup and saucer. It is beautifully decorated with 3 dimensional dragons. When you hold up the Cup to the light you can see a pretty portrait of a Geisha Girl thru the bottom of the Porcelain. This was done on very few of the nicer Cups and therefore very much more desirable and collectable. Nice piece and in excellent condition.

27.Here is a vintage bone china cup and saucer. It was made by Royal Albert. It is transfer painted with delicate flowers. Very good condition.

28.This is a Nippon set including a creamer, sugar and covered toothpick holder. They are transfer painted and outlined in gold. All are in excellent condition. Your winning bid gets all the pieces.

29.A Vintage Pine Cone Bud Vase. An abstract brown glazed ceramic vase with a pine cone design in the middle. Measures about 7.5 inches.

30.A Vintage "Otagiri "Porcelain Tulip Garden Creamer And Sugar Bowl. Hand crafted Japan by Mary Ann Baker. In very good Vintage condition.

31.Large authentic Opium Pipe With Detachable Mouthpiece. The pipe has a bowl and mouthpiece of brass, and a bamboo stem. It is described as a women’s pipe. Measures about 28 inches. In excellent condition.

32.A rare Bon Ami Cleaning Cake. Originally designed 125 years ago, the recipe used ground feldspar and tallow soap developed in the 1880s, the cakes are pressed, cured and cut into bars by hand. In 2011 Bon Ami wanted to celebrate its 125 anniversary and they issued a limited run of its original 1886 Formula Cleaning Cake. I believe this is an original cake because the commemorative pieces were in a cardboard box, and this one is in paper. The owner has saved and preserved this by putting it in a metal soap dish. Very cool collectible.

33.Six ruby red cut to clear with cut crystal bottom personalized and dated 1909 drinking glasses.  They are smaller than a wine glass but larger than a cordial and measure 4 inches by 2 inches.  The glasses are personalized with the initials M. M. B.  Great vintage condition with no chips or cracks.

34.Collection Of Vintage Salt Cellars. There are Nine porcelain salt cellars altogether. Three have an Asian pattern made in Japan. The other six have a floral pattern and no markings. In good Vintage condition. Your one bid gets them all

35.Vintage 1920's -1930's Wood Jig Saw Puzzle by The Holabird Company in Bryan, Ohio. It is an Elephant, and is in its very original Bag, clearly marked "Price 10 Cents" Bag has not been opened, but it is so old that there are many rips and tears in it, but I still did not want to open it.

36.Two beautiful Pieces of Gold Luster Prinknash Pottery handmade in England. Prinknash pottery comes from Prinknash Abbey in the Vale of Gloucester where it was made by the Benedictine monks themselves until the pottery was sold in the early 1990s. It is known for its retro style, especially in the lusterware collection. A very nice signed Creamer Pitcher and matching Sugar Bowl.

37. A smell-good lot of 18 different Perfumes, with most of them at least half full. and two perfume dispensers.  Some of the scents are:  Obvious, Opium, Optimoon, Jontue, and Cest la Vie to name a few, and most of these are very expensive. Not for a gift, but great way to treat yourself and try some different scents.  Your winning bid will get you all that you see. 

38.Four assorted  Vintage Theodore Haviland Limoges Plates, of course made in France.  Three Dessert Plates measuring 6 1/2 inches and one Salad plate measuring 7 1/2 inches.  All plates are in great condition and clearly marked..


Six Vintage Theodore Haviland Limoges Saucers that measure 5 1/2" across, of course made in France. This is the Marie pattern with sprays of pink blossoms and soft green foliage on creamy white. Beautiful to fill in a set and also mixed in with other patterns for a romantic cottage setting.  All pieces are in great condition.

40.Lot of small Whimsy Animal Figurines. Three are the very collectible WADE ENGLAND pieces, and the other two are not marked. Your one winning bid gets all five figurines.

41.Vintage Figural signed Salt And Pepper Shaker. A mama bear and her cub, made in the ceramic arts studio in Wisconsin. Mama bear measures about 4 inches, baby bear has a small chip on the ear and measures about 2.5 inches.

42.A Vintage Short Pipe And Pipe Rest. The pipe is a Savinelli Lollo short pipe made in Italy. In used condition.The pipe rest is pewter made in Holland. Both for one bid.

43.Three  Vintage hand painted and signed Plates with Roses, Daisies,and Violets.  A gold rimmed Platter with yellow peach roses, white and yellow daises, rose leaves and stems measuring 16 inches by 11 inches, a small plate with purple violets with green leaves measuring 8 1/2 inches and a 9 1/2 inch plate painted with white and blue daises.  All three are in excellent condition and you get them all for one bid.

44.Three decorative porcelain china Plates that were made in England.  The first one is adorned with blue, yellow, red and green flowers, made by Mason's, patent Ironstone China of England and measures 10 1/2 inches.  The second is made by Royal Staffordshire in England and is decorated with plant names, potted plants, a birdcage, a clock and a dog measuring 9 1/2 inches.  The third plate measures 10 1/2 inches and is made by Primula in England.  Colors are vibrant and bold.  These three plates are all in great condition and you get them for one winning bid.

45.Nice decorative vintage Lot. Two hanging Angels and two ceramic Quails. The largest Quail measures 5 inches by 6 inches and the Angels measure 7 1/2 inches by 6 inches. All four pieces in great condition. You get the whole lot for one bid.

46.Two Vintage Travel Clocks. There is a Timex in a tan case, measures about 3 inches and a Tourist measures about  has 3.5, has 7 jewels in a camel color case. As with all vintage clocks they are sold as is.

47.Five matching Vintage Kitchen pieces. Two are marked Z. S & Company Bavaria. The other three are marked different but have the exact same colors and patterns, so we put all five pieces together. The largest piece is 7 inches tall by 5 inches wide. All have an iridescent lusterware silverish sheen to them. Your one winning bid gets all five pieces.

48.Vintage High Gloss Porcelain Rooster, signed on the bottom "Made in Japan". Usually that dates it about 1950. It stands about 6 1/2 inches tall and is in perfect condition with bright colors.

49.A set of four Johnson Brothers Historic America Blue Wide Rim Soup/Salad bowls. The scene on the bowls is of Michigan Avenue in Chicago and the rims have pictures of oak leaves and acorns. The same scene is on all four bowls. Each bowl measures 8 inches and no chips or cracks.  Excellent condition.

50.Very Nice Tea Assortment. It includes a high end high quality Stainless Steal Teapot And Wooden Tea Storage Box. A nice cherry wood box and as a bonus it is filled with different teas. The box measures about 13 inches by 9 inches. Everything in very nice condition.

51.Two Porcelain Teapot Sets For One lucky winning bid. . A white one with little purple flowers has your personal little teapot that stacks on the cup and saucer. The second one is green set with personal teapot, stacks on the cup on a tray. Both Sets for one bid.

52.A Signed Pottery Bowl. This is a tan bowl with blue spots in the middle, signed RAC 1976 with a signature we can't make out. Measures about 9 inches. In excellent condition.

53.Hot or Cold Liquid Storage Lot. Includes  three carafes and two thermoses for hot or cold beverages. The tallest one is 12 inches and they are all in great condition. Your single bid gets all five.

54.Vintage Book Bank. This is a faux book that’s a bank, and labeled "The Road To Riches". It has faux coins on the front and measures about 7.5 inches by 6.5 inches. In Vintage condition.

55.Beautiful large and heavy Art Glass Turtle that we all believe is Murano, but there is no sticker on it. Has an attractive amber colored body and greens, blues, yellows and reds make up the shell.  Measures 8 inches by 4 1/2 inches.  A nice piece for your collection.  Great condition.

56.Five quality Turtles need a home. There is a wooden turtle, a glass candle turtle, an Avon turtle, a porcelain turtle and a really neat stone carved turtle with a small turtle inside. The tallest is 2 1/2 inches and all are in great condition. One bid gets all five Pieces.

57.A large assorted Lot of various styles Vintage Ashtrays. There are about 9 different small ashtrays, one is stamped Hall, a ceramic one made in Japan and an orange alabaster one just to name a few of them. They average measure about 4 inches. All 9 for one bid.

58.A Vintage Green  Tanqueray Pitcher. This was an advertisement pitcher stamped on the bottom 94.6 proof, J.M. McCunn & Co. New York. Measures about 7 inches. In excellent condition. These are very collectible and bring good money online.

59.Large lot of vintage and rare quality Wicker Kitchen Items, most of them are signed "Rosenthal Netter",  an Italian Maker of fine porcelain and wicker in the 50's. The weave of the smaller pieces is amazingly tight and attractive. There are four pieces, a Salt and Pepper Set, a Napkin Holder, a storage Container with screw top, and a larger Dark Wicker Utility Basket. Everything looks to be in very good condition and your one bid gets it all.

60.Here are 2 pieces of vintage American art pottery. There is a bowl and a double candle stick. Both are in excellent condition.

61.A five piece collection of brass bells.  Bells measure from 6 inches to 3 inches.  All in good condition.

62.A high end Barca Lounger Plus. Genuine top grain leather. Leather Plus combines premium leather with vinyl. This is a reddish maroon lounger hand operated. In very good condition no tears or rips. This Chair is up one flight of stairs so be sure to have help with you taking it out.

63.Vintage Raimond Silver Plate and Copper Sugar Scuttle Rose Design With Scoop. This is a heavier weight silver plated sugar scuttle with gold wash interior. It has floral ornate design features all over. Measures 5.5" x 3" x 5". Comes with a small scoop that can be stored vertically inside the end hoop on the scuttle. Bottom has "Raimond" Silverplate clearly visible.  There are some small spots where the silver plate has come off but is in overall good vintage condition.

64.Nice Brass Antique Automobile Bank. I have seen many of these, but this is the first time I have had a 1910 Stanley Steamer Version. Most of these types were made by Banthrico Co. in Chicago Ill. in the 60's -70's. This one is not marked but I am pretty sure it is. Its about 5 1/2 inches long and 3 1/2 inches tall and in excellent condition.

65.A lot of around 30 assorted planters, two watering cans and some potting soil. Good condition.  and your one low bid gets the whole giant lot. 

66.A Mid -Century Retro modern Upholstered Chair With arm rest Tassels. The chair is a tan, brown and red stripe material with arm covers. Measures about 28 inches by 24 inches. In very good condition with no rips damage..

67.A Lot Of Vegas Matchbooks And Key chains. There are five different matchbooks Sands, Tropicana, Aladdin, Caesars Palace and the Golden Nugget. Many of these Casinos are gone and these are very collectible. There are several key chains  Imperial Palace two different styles and Stardust that are still sealed. All for one bid.

68.A Second Lot Mixed Matchbooks. There are about 20 different matchbooks from several restaurants.

69.Vintage Games. There is a checker board with a bag of wooden checkers, box of wooden domino's, Yahtzee there is about 5 games in total.

70.A Lot Of Puzzles. There are seven different puzzles, mostly unopened.  All you puzzle lovers this is the lot for you. 

71.This is a nice second Refrigerator for your garage or downstairs room. It is  clean and working as we speak.  Whirlpool refrigerator with top  freezer.  It is 60 inches tall, 24 wide and 24 inches deep. Great size for the garage or rental. It is a 10 cubic foot Fridge that is tested and working.  Bring help to load!

72.This is a portable rolling plastic storage bin. Perfect for whatever you wish. It stands 42 inches tall, 12 inches wide and 16 inches deep. Very good condition.

73.Here is another older plastic storage bin. It has 4 drawers. It stands 34 inches long, 9 inches wide and 19 inches deep. Has some fading, still very functional.

74.A Set of four Mid-Century Retro Modern metal  folding TV trays and rolling storage stand. They have a retro floral design that reminds us of older and pleasanter times. They are in good condition and can be used today.

75.Antique Cast Iron Food Grinder is a Keystone Model 20, made by The C.I. Company in Boyertown. Clearly marked made in USA. Looks to be complete with surface rust only. 

76.Vintage large Cluster of Lucite Grapes of a Vine. At first I thought they were glass and look like glass, but we believe they are Lucite. They are about 9 1/2 inches long and in excellent condition.

77.Gigantic Lot of assorted Sea Shells. There has to be hundreds of shells all sizes and shapes from tiny ones to very large. Perfect for craft projects or just to display. One bid takes all you see.

78.A Large Lot Of Vintage Tupperware. There is about ten different pieces, pickle container, large measuring cup with lid, a very large bowl with lid, deviled egg container with lid and much more all in great shape.

79.This is a vintage mid-century Buffet. It is all solid wood, maybe teak? It has 3 hidden drawers and a door in the front. Very sturdy and well made piece. It measures 48 inches wide, 30 inches tall and 18 inches deep. It is in good vintage condition.

80.Office Desk Chair in very good and clean condition. It has a five umbrella shaped base with casters and is adjustable in height. Has a nice dark blue weave upholstery that s in excellent condition. 

81.A Lot of Vintage Stone and Pottery Owls. Some have the vintage Made In Japan markings on them putting them right around 1950. Five different pieces, all in excellent condition and one lucky bid gets them all.

82.A lot of five vintage wooden Boxes for assorted functions. One is a unique wooden cigar Box I have never seen before, one is a fine wood inlayed box that looks like it was for tools, one is jewelry box, one is a music box that works,etc. All are in good used vintage condition and your one winning bid gets all five.

83.This is a vintage mid-century, 3 drawer chest. It is made of mahogany and stands on tapered legs. It measures 29 inches wide, 30 inches tall and 18 inches deep. The top is stained, but being wood makes for an easy refinish, otherwise still functional.

84.Nice smaller size hallway or entranceway Mirror. It looks like a carved wood frame but it's made of some type of composite material similar to "Sorocco" but no markings on this one. It is 32 inches tall by 21 inches wide and in excellent condition. 

85.The next three lots contain three beautiful pieces of artwork created by local artist Joan  Baringer who was the owner of this auction estate who recently passed away. Joan was a member of the Englewood Art Society, received her art training in England,  and exhibited often. Joan painted in oil, pastels and water colors.  She sold many, many paintings locally and was very sought after.  This first matted and framed Pastel is titled "Lunch Time" where an Eastern Bluebird is eating a moth and measuring 23 inches by 19 inches.  This piece won $200 in an exhibition and is a very nice piece of artwork for the bird lover.  Great condition.

86.This second matted and framed Pastel is titled "Scared Hare"  depicting a cute dark brown rabbit with rather large ears measuring 24 inches by 18 inches.  Also this Pastel was part of an Artist of the month exhibit.  Along with this painting is a newspaper article featuring Joan Baringer and her artwork.  Great condition although there is one blemish on this piece.

87.This third matted and framed Pastel is of two Western Grebes swimming in the water with their babies.  Measures 20 inches by 17 inches and is beautifully painted with great attention to detail.  Great condition.

88.A matted and framed Water Color painted by local artist Joan Baringer.  A winter scene with a white building and trees with a lot of detail measuring 17 inches by 13 inches.  Great condition.

89.The next four lots are oil paintings on canvas board and canvas painted by local artist Joan Baringer.  This lot has a large painting of a waterfall measuring 36 inches by 24 inches and a small painting of trees and the beach measuring 20 inches by 16 inches.  Both are painted on canvas and are in excellent condition.

90.This second lot has two oil paintings on canvas.  The large one is a parrot that was hand drawn by Joan and never finished measuring 36 inches by 18 inches.  The smaller one is a field of daffodils overlooking the beautiful water and mountains.  Both are in great condition.

91.Two oil paintings, one on canvas and one on canvas board make up this third lot.  The larger canvas painting is beautifully done depicting tropical plants inside an Italian structure measuring 24 inches by 18 inches. The smaller canvas board painting is of a small villiage or a market place with a fountain measuring 8 inches by 10 inches.  Both paintings are in great condiion.

92.The fourth lot consists of two canvas board paintings.  The larger painting is of Swans in the wintertime measuring 20 inches by 16 inches.  The smaller painting is of a plant, maybe a cacus with white flowers measuring 16 inches by 12 inches.  There seems to be some water damage on the side of the Swan picture.  Both pieces are in great condition.


1976 Dennis Curry "Owls" photographed on glass and has a brown painted border.  The owls are complimented by a recessed, natural ash backboard, trimmed with a dark stain to emphasize the owls on glass.  This piece is framed in lightly stained and lacquered Pine measuring 16 inches by 20 inches.  There are some scuff marks on the frame but that could be easily fixed.  Great condition.


94.These are two vintage reproduction prints nicely matted and framed.  Two squirrels eating nuts, and an Owl prints measure 8 inches by 10 inches.  Great condition.

95.Two very old vintage prints.  The Indian and Horse print is  a version of the very popular "The End Of The Trail", that measures 13 inches by 10 inches and the smaller print is of a cowboy and horse riding away in the desert measuring 10 inches by 3 inches.  Both are in great vintage condition.

96.A Lot Of Embroidery And Vintage Calendars. There are two pieces of finished Embroidery a cat and bird not framed  plus extra floss and a Hoop. Several vintage wall calendars from 1960s. Your one bid gets this whole lot.

97.A Large assorted Lot of Placemats. There is about 5 sets of placemats and your one winning bid gets them all.

98.Vintage Doilies And Tablecloths. There is several round crocheted doilies, a runner and lace looking tablecloths. All for one bid.

99.A Set Of Three Embroidered Asian doilies. There are two large and a small coaster, all three are backed. 

100.A Large Lot Of Table Cloths And Cloth Napkins. This lot has a variety of cloth napkins and several Table cloths.

101.This is a Classic Vintage Figural Lamp. It is hand painted and made of heavy plaster. It shows a lady filling her water pot by the stream. The only marking on the lamp is the number 1032 on the back. It stands 27 inches tall. It is in very good vintage working condition.

102.This is a contemporary table lamp. It has a large frosted glass shade. It is 19 inches tall. Good working condition.

103.This is a lot of 3 Vintage Pottery Vases. The tallest one is a Haeger. They range in size from 6 to 10 inches tall. All in very good condition. One bid gets all of them.

104.Here is a very nicely done and decorated antique stoneware pitcher. Is shows flowers finished in earth tones. It is 9 inches tall and is in very good condition.

105.Three pieces of Oriental "Cork" Art work. These older pieces were from the Orient, could be Japanese or Chinese, or really anywhere from the far East. Very delicate carvings show three different three dimensional Oriental Scenes. Two are framed with oriental descriptive writing, and one is in a round shadow box that is table framed. Your one bid gets all three pieces.

106.This is a vintage mid-century rolling Bar. The front and sides are all mahogany, but the top is formica to resist spills and stains. Inside is room for bottles as well as wine and mixed drink glasses. It measures 32 by 18band is 32 inches tall. It is in very good condition.

107.This is a lot of 5 pieces of wrought iron wall art. There are 4 candle sconces and a wall planter. All are in very good condition.

108.This lot has 4 pieces of plaster wall art. Each looks like leaves and berries. They were made by The Universal Statuary Corp. Each is 23 by 4.5 inches. All are in very good condition.

109.Vintage wall Mirror, 38 inches tall by 28 inches wide and in good vintage condition. Has some slight de-silvering and fading in spots but has nice beveled glass. Solid and heavy. 

110.A 5ft. Aluminum Painters Ladder. In good condition.

111.A 6ft. Aluminum Painters Ladder. In good condition.

112.A 7ft. To 14ft. Aluminum Extension ladder. In very good condition.

113.Large lot of new Work Gloves. Four pair of heavy duty Gloves. Three pair are heavy denim and leather reinforced, and the fourth pair is all leather. Your one bid gets all four pair.

114.A Weed Eater Three Piece Lot. There is a blower, weed Wacker and a about a hundred foot electrical cord. A three day guarantee.

115.A electrical hedge trimmer and electrical cord about 50 feet. By black and decker.

116.A Wagner lumber jack electric extension telescoping saw and about a 50 foot cord.

117.A lot of extension cords. There are 4 different ones.

118.A Lot Of Pool accessories. There is a Xvac automatic swimming pool cleaner in the original box unsure if all parts are in there. A box of 12 hoses by Great White Ba112112003GWS1. This lot sold as is.

119.Giant Solid Hand Made Wooden Storage Chest. Heavy duty with galvanized Handles, hasp, and metal reinforcements on all the corners. It measures a whopping 36 inches wide by 24 inches front to back, and 20 1/2 inches tall. It is solid and in very good condition.

120.A Beautiful Handmade "Sorting or Separating" Wooden Box. This is a unusual designed compartmentalized  box with a lid, inside has 24 individual spaces with copper dividers. A absolutely beautiful and unique piece. Measures about 18 inches by 13.5 inches and 5 inches deep.

121.Sears Wet/Dry 8 Galleon Shop Vacuum, with hose and accessories. Model 113 179130 Serial No. 89139VO586.

122.Looks to be brand new Blow up air mattress or bed with electric air pump and instructions. Of course it carries our three day to be sure its OK guarantee so bid with confidence.

123.A Huge Lot Of Vintage Christmas Decorations. A box of the old time large bulb Christmas lights and some replacement bulbs, bag of Antique ornaments, box of assorted vintage decorations and a 6.5ft tree in original box. For one bid as is.

124.Brass Bells Of Sarna. There are three separate strands small,medium and large bells each making different sounds.These are fascinating and very popular bells from old age India. Each piece is made by individual families who follow the same painstaking method used by their forefathers. The bell is first hand cast in a sand mould then given to the engraver who engraves the pattern from memory with a chisel like tool and hammer. Lastly it is polished with a firm brush. There are three different sets of bells. The larger bells the tag is still attached with a copyright date 1955. All three sets for one bid.

125.A giant  lot of Vintage family Movie Films. Some are personal and some are from trips years ago. People know these are great to search thru because you never know what is on them. Some are labeled and include Stonehenge, Salisbury and Windsor. All are in great condition and your one bod gets them all..

126.A giant  lot of Movie Slides and a small hand held Projector that works. Great Condition. Also one never knows what could be here and they are old.

127. A Brand new and never installed set of Battery Emergency Lights made by Sure-Lites in Chicago. It is the model AA-1 and includes a Panasonic Rechargeable Battery. Everything is new and includes instructions. Comes in its original box.

128.A Lot Of Light Switches Boxes And Assorted  electrical Accessories. There are about 40 new pieces. All for one bid. Check the photos for what you are getting.

129.Vintage aluminum, full size, Roaster, made by "Comet" measuring 17 inches by 12 inches.  Perfect for a roast or a turkey.  Great vintage condition.

130.A very large vintage Swingline , Long Reach Stapler, model # 13-16 made by Speed Products Company, Long Island City, N.Y.  This stapler uses number 13 high carbon staples and measures 20 inches by 4 inches.  Another desk item is a vintage cast iron Tape Dispenser with masking tape measuring ten inches by 4 inches.  Both are in great vintage condition.

131.A Lot of Assorted Light Bulbs. There are about 50 different shapes and size light bulbs. All for one bid. These are getting harder and harder to find.

132.Plumbing Lot. Here are assorted parts for that plumbing job that you didn't know you needed until you needed it. All for one bid.

133.A Vintage Stained Glass Cutting and Shaping Machine. It is called the "Wizling Glass Cutter" and all parts, accessories, and heads are still being sold on Amazon as we speak. It has been tested and is working fine. It is still in its original Box.

134.An Easyseat is a bicycle seat designed to give you years of exceptional performance.  It works well on 10 speeds and light weight bikes but will work with just about any bike, including exercise bikes.  This seat measures 9 inches by 7 inches and is in great conditon.

135.Lot Of Vintage Cords. Here are five different  cords in very good condition. They fit different Vintage appliances. All for one bid.

136.A lot of seven vintage fishing poles, four have reels on and three do not have reels.  Longest rod is 72 1/2 inches.   These poles are in good condition. Your one bid gets all 7 Poles.

137.A Golf Bag containing eight Irons, numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, a Pitching Wedge, a Putter, six Woods, and drivers, numbers -2 ones, three, 2 fives and a seven, an Umbrella, Golf Shoes size 9 1/2, Tees and Golf Balls.  Great condition.

138.Vintage Machinist Tool Chest chock full of all type of vintage Tools and Accessories. Still has the original Lock with the Key and it works

139.All the next Tool lots are all from this Machinists' tool bench. This first one is a fantastic vintage Analogue Micrometer in its original vintage oiled wooden slide top storage box, with the original graphics clearly on the top. It is a Starrett Model 230 ans like almost all this mans tools it is in excellent and ready to go condition.

140.Another vintage Micrometer in its original old box with clear graphics. This is a Micrometer Caliper made by J T Slocombs in Rhode Island. It is a 1 to 2 inch model and in excellent condition.. 

141.Fantastic collect of Vintage quality Machinist Hand Tools. There are 6 different types and sizes of high quality spring Calipers, Dividers, and Scribes. Two sizes inside, 2 sizes outside, and 2 compass scribes. Marked The Lufkin Rule Co in Saginaw Michigan they are in excellent and usable condition today.  Also 2 straight pieces, one a vintage In and Out Calipers from Sears, and a rule by Star. Also 2 Index Books for reference. And last but not least a tool I have never seen before nor do I know what it could be used for. You come and tell me. You get all this expensive stuff for your one winning bid.

142.Complete 20 Piece Tap and Die Set in a strong metal storage case with see thru top. It looks and feels like good quality but I could not see a makers name on it. Surely old but good and strong.

143.If you find any Oxwall Tools they are always vintage. Here is a very nice set of 5 Wood Handled Miniature Files plus two riffler files. All in a small clear see thru pouch. Use for wood or metal, this size always comes in handy. in very good used condition.

144.A very nice set of medium size and quality Files with wood Handles made by Nicholson, a top name in Files. There are three 3 sided files and a round one. Again always useful to have around.

145.When I first saw this Tool I wanted it for my collection but consignor said it had to go. It could be called a Screwdriver but that's like calling a VW minibus a race car. It is a screw driver in the sense it is machined with a 3/8 inch flat blade on it but the blade, body, tang, and pommel are all one solid machined piece. The beautiful polished wood handle is double brass riveted together. The Pommel fans out at he end so if needed you could hammer on it like a chisel. The rear half looks like brass or bronze and the front like carbon hardened steel. For its obvious age the machining is still razor sharp. Its over 16 inches long and the nicest screw driver I have ever see. Come and look at this one.


Early Vintage X-ACTO Knife Set and Blades in an vintage  iconic Wood Dovetail Box.  There are 8 blades in the box lid, three piece Knife set, small, medium and large, 2 packs of new blades and a sharpening stone in a wood dovetailed box measuring 6 1/2 inches by 3 inches.  Good vintage condition.

147.A home made box labeled Drawing, Pencils, Etc, with dove tailed corners made by its owner.  Inside the box are five or six vintage drafting tools with other related tools including a French Curve. The box measures 9 inches by 6 1/2 inches and all are in good vintage condition. You get all for your one winning bid.

148.A  vintage "Pop" Rivet Tool measuring 9 inches and a metal box full of Star Blind Rivets or "Pop" rivets, box measuring 10 1/2 inches by 5 inches.  The Rivetool requires no hammering, no special skill and a strong neat fastening every time.  Ideal for dozens of home workshop projects and household repair jobs.  Great vintage condition.

149.We have what you need for your Soldering projects,  Bernz O Matic propane tools in a metal box that make big soldering jobs so simple and safe.  All you would need is a propane tank to start those projects.  These tools are in good vintage condition.

150.Uniden 40 Channel Compact CB Radio Kit, complete with Magnetic Antenna, mounting bracket, all hardware, microphone and holder, and all instructions and paperwork, all in its original box. It does not look like it was ever used. Extremely popular for Industrial, Commercial, and Off-Road use. This PRO510XL operates on any of the 40 AM frequencies authorized by the FCC, and its S/RF meter and red-lit LED indicators help you monitor activity at a glance. A built-in noise limiter and ANL switch and squelch control fine-tune performance and eliminate noise, and the front-positioned 4-pin microphone has an extra-long coiled cord for convenient use While communicating, flip on the ANL (automatic noise limiter) to help eliminate background noise, such as that from the car engine/etc. The squelch control also assists with eliminating noise. Built-in External Speaker Jack allows connecting to an optional external speaker.

151.A  Vintage Stanley Handyman Mitre Box No.H 114.  This Box is easy to adjust and easy to use, the Saw Guide can be set to cut angles at 90, 60, 45 and 30 degrees, for use with either back or panel saw and the ridged all-metal base has bolt slots for mounting on a work bench.  Comes with a saw.  Great condition.

152.In this lot we have a vintage Sears Battery Charger for 6 volt and 12 volt batteries.  I plugged this item in and it hummed, so I assume it is working.  Some external oxidation from sitting  but otherwise great condition.  Includes Sears Owners Manual. and of course carries our three days to be sure its OK guarantee so bid with confidence. It is Model 535C 608.715110.

153.A Variac Autotransformer and General Radio made in the USA.   This radio has a dual plug on top and a meter in the front.   MODEL W8MT3V NT. INPUT: 120 VOLTS LOAD: 0-140 VOLTS / 10 AMPSIZE: 6 1/2 inches by 5 inches by 5 inches. CONDITION: GOOD WORKING UNIT WITH MODERATE WEAR. 

154.The Estate the consignor gave us was from an 95 year old Man who was a Jack of all trades. We have many pieces of antique and vintage Tools we will be auctioning off individually and also tool box lots chock full of older and collectible tools. This first piece is one I have never seen before. It is an Antique "Clark Bars Are Great" crate tool, still with a bit of its original silver paint. It is a , hammer, nail puller/pry bar/ tomahawk. This Tool from the late 1800's to early 1900;s is made of Cast iron  and looks like you could use it today. Since Clark Bars came out in 1917, that would be a more accurate date. These were originally called "Crate Terriers" . It's just 9" long and has multiple tools cast into one handy tool. Has a nail pry, a nail puller, nail hammer and a small tomahawk hatchet for splitting wood.  The awesome thing about this one is the advertising "Clark (candy) Bars are Great" scarce tool.

155.Vintage  and Collectible True Temper " Dynamic " Hatchet. Nice head and edge and clearly marked. Its 13 1/2 inches with a 6 1/2 inch head. Solid still with nothing needed. In very good condition

156.Collectible Genuine Plumb Boy Scout America Axe/Hatchet Official Scout Axe w/Sheath. The original leather sheath with working snap closure and hickory handle. You know it is the original Sheath because the snap closure is clearly marked PLUMB.Overall it measures 13 1/2 inches Long, and the head measures  5 inches by 3 1/4 inches at cutting edge. Hammer head has the Boy Scouts of America logo, with the Boy Scouts Motto "BE PREPARED". It is also stamped "GUARANTEED PLUMB". The handle is stamped OFFICIAL. It is a single bit double beveled edge axe with nail puller. It could use sharpening to get it back to its optimal cutting edge but presents great as it is.

157.Tripp Lite PR series DC power supplies convert standard 120 Volt AC (VAC), 60 Hz power into regulated 13.8 Volt DC (VDC) power; (12V DC output, nominal). PR series model are ideal for powering a wide range of equipment designed to run on 12V DC power, including CB, Ham and commercial / land-mobile radios, car stereos, amplifiers, etc. PR series models can also be used as general purpose test bench power sources.  Tested and works.  Great vintage condition.

158.A Bright Marine, Attwood Perma-Plate Chrome, vintage Boat Navigation Light in red and green.  I could not find information on this item but this Navigation Light seems to be brand new and never used.  Measures 8 inches by 5 1/2 inches. Great condition.

159.A  vintage Electrical Solderless Terminals Kit made by Vaco Products Company, Chicago 11, Illinois, U.S.A.  These terminals are for electrical and automotive wiring, radio-TV-Stereo connections, model work, appliance repairs, general maintenance and household use.  This kit is chocked full of electrical terminals and tools for your terminal needs.  Kit measures 13 1/2 inches by 10 inches and is in great vintage condition and comes in a organized divided metal box with the chart in the top.

160.Vintage Steel Lettering Die Set with original Box. Older set and each die is about 3/8 inches wide by 2 3/4 inches long. There are 28 pieces in the storage box. Surely the box shows its age but te dies are almost indestructible. Great to use or just display.

161.A Rare copy of the third Edition of The Boy Scouts of America :"Handbook For Boys".  The 3rd Edition cover art was by Norman Rockwell, a 1929 Brown & Bigelow Scout calendar painting "Spirit of America" (painted in 1927). It featured the profile of a Scout in campaign hat and red neckerchief against a blue background containing the profiles of American heroes (Lincoln, Washington, Ben Franklin, Teddy Roosevelt, a frontiersman, an Indian, and Charles Lindbergh, who had just completed his famous flight). Lindbergh replaced a conquistador between the initial sketching and final painting.  The back cover had a US Tire ad in printings 1-5, 12, and 14-32.  The graphics and artwork in this fantastic Scout collectible is very impressive. The original young owner had some bookmarks he cut from magazines, and we left them where they were for their interest. The condition of the beauty is very good and can be easily read and treasured. If you collect Scout stuff, you have to have this one.

162.Vintage Horatio Alger Jr. Book titled "Phil the Fiddler". No date anywhere in this vintage book but published by M.A.Donohue & Co. in Chicago. Horatio Alger was born in Massachusetts in 1832 and was a  graduate of Harvard University. He was considered one of the most renown writers of the 19th Century. His protagonists were usually young boys who struggled from poverty to achieve success in life. He wrote over 100 books with that theme. Rags to Riches which still echoes today. Could not verify this was a first edition, but the graphics of the cover puts it close to that time. Another great book for a well rounded collection. In better than very good condition.

163.A rare Set of three Harry Castlemon Adventure Books from the late 1800's. The graphics are outstanding on these three, possibly first editions, but definitely early printings. Charles Austin Fosdick (1842 – 1915), better known by his Pen Name  Harry Castlemon, was a prolific writer of juvenile stories and novels, intended mainly for boys. He served in the Union Navy from 1862 to 1865, during the American Civil War, acting as the receiver and superintendent of coal for the Mississippi River Squadron.  Fosdick had begun to write as a teenager, and drew on his experiences serving in the Navy in such early novels as Frank on a Gunboat (1864) and Frank on the Lower Mississippi (1867). He soon became the most-read author for boys in the post-Civil War era, the golden age of children's literature. Fosdick once remarked that: "Boys don't like fine literature. What they want is adventure, and the more of it you can get in two-hundred-fifty pages of manuscript, the better fellow you are." Fosdick served up a lot of adventure in such popular book series as the Gunboat Series, the Rocky Mountain Series, the Roughing It Series, the Sportsman's Club Series, and The Steel Horse, or the Rambles of a Bicycle. The three Titles we have are "Frank On The Lower Mississippi", Frank In The Mountains", and Frank In The Woods".  A great addition for any collectible library, and your one winning bid gets these three rare books.

164.Another rare and interesting First Edition Book from 1915, the golden age of Adventure Books for young men. This is "Afloat On The Flood", by Lawrence Leslie in 1915 from The Campfire and Trail Series, published by The New York Book Company. Again great graphics both on the cover and inside.A real interesting feature is the Symbol of the Swastika on the binding. Not a Nazi symbol of evil then but a symbol of good luck used in many contemporary and ancient societies. In very good condition and perfect for any book collection.

165.Another rare and expensive First Edition, "The Calling of Dan Matthews", by Harold Bell Wright,  A. L. Burt Publishers. First Edition is assumed because  1909 is on the copyright page three times and on the Title page once.With Illustrations by Arthur I. Keller. Book is somewhat rare in the Burgandy Boards with white lettering. . There is a Christian theme that runs through all of Wright's novels that often have a western setting. Elsberg W. Reynolds, a friend of the author, actually created The Book Supply Co. to publish most of Harold Bell Wright's work. The book is without a dust jacket. The outside is in very good  condition with minor scuffs to the spine edges. Inside the front endpaper there is a short inscription written in a beautiful hand as was the custom of that era. Book is without any other marks or writings, pages are clean, and book is tight and sturdy. Again a great addition to any collectors Library. 

166.Again a First Edition Book with Historical significance. This is "Our Dooryard Friends" by Sara Prueser, in Hardcover, 1915. Amazon sells a reproduction of this original for 25.00 and here is their description of it. "This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as true to the original work as possible. Therefore, you will see the original copyright references, library stamps (as most of these works have been housed in our most important libraries around the world), and other notations in the work.
This work is in the public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Within the United States, you may freely copy and distribute this work, as no entity (individual or corporate) has a copyright on the body of the work. As a reproduction of a historical artifact, this work may contain missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. Scholars believe, and we concur, that this work is important enough to be preserved, reproduced, and made generally available to the public." But we have an original Copy and a piece of history, and if you are lucky may own it. It is in very good condition and rare. It is a scholarly book about Birds. How did the consignor get this one we speculated about until we read the read the Preface signed by the author, and she lived in Defiance Ohio, a small town where the owners of this estate came from. Too bad they didn't get it signed. 

167.Another First Edition book from 1905, the golden era of youth adventure books.It is titled "Real Boys" by Henry Shute. Henry Augustus Shute (1856–1943) was an American lawyer, judge and writer, who was best known for his "Plupy" stories in The Saturday Evening Post and a series of youth Books. In good condition with some notation on the rear board but other wise solid book.

168.The last collectible Book from ths consignors collection is "The Chief American Poets" edited by Curtis Hidden Page. yes, that is his real name. The title page says it is dated 1905, but then says 21st impression, and I do not know what they mean by that, since it only shows the one year. Maybe it is actually a First Edition, but am not sure. Anyway still over 100 years old but in great condition with only the owners name and address on the front board.

169.Large Lot of all types of grinding and polishing wheels and stones etc.of all conceivable shapes and sizes. If you work with wood or metal, sooner or later there is something in here you will need and not have to run to Home Depot and pay thru the nose for it. Well over 40 items, all in good used condition. Comes in a fishing "storage box".

170.Giant Lot of Drill Bits, and Chucks, most of them are vintage heavy duty ones that were made when they used quality steel  that lasted forever. Looks to be over 50 assorted Bits, most of them are much larger sizes, which are the most expensive. They have been stored in an old carry tool box. Your one bid gets them all. 

171.A Loaded tool box that I believe the owner put together just for use on his boat for emergencies. It has boat plugs, socket set, wrenches, pliers, tape, a 12 volt light, etc, and lots of small pieces that all look boat oriented. Comes in a closing Case. Just throw it on your boat, and leave your better tools home. 

172.This lot contains 15 Vintage measuring  devices of all different shapes and sizes and some with advertising.  All Rulers are in great condition and you get all you see with the winning bid.

173.A 9 1/2 inch Heavy Duty Soldering Iron with stand, two rolls of Solder and a bottle of Tinners Fluid.  I Tested the Soldering Iron, burnt my fingers, and guess what, it works.  Everything is in good condition.

174.Eight Wrenches in varying sizes made by Snap-on, Craftsman, Lectrolite, Proto and Thorsen.  From 1 1/4 inch to 1 1/8.  All in great condition.


Workshop/ Hobby Bench/ Jewelry/ Drafting Magnifying Clamp on Light. Made by Ledu Products, Clamp-On, with 22 watt Circle-line Fluorescent Swing Arm Magnifier Lamp w/5" Lens, 42" Reach, and in putty color.  5" diameter three-diopter lens enlarges 175%. - Three-prong convenience outlet in clamp-mount base. 38 to 40 inch reach. Clamps on up to 2" thick surfaces. Excellent condition,tested and works perfectly.

176.The next three lots are all high quality Name Brand Metal Tool Boxes in very good condition. Each box is chock full of quality and vintage tools. We will take pictures but we recommend that you come to our preview so you can see the great deal each lot will be. The first Box is a vintage Kennedy Box. The model is called "The Kennedy Kits from "The Bighorn Line". It is an all steel box that is 19 inches wide and 7 by 7 inches. It is finished in a green pebble finish from the factory. It is also loaded with lots of all kinds of tools, wrenches, pliers, cutters, sockets, screwdrivers, etc. Some are vintage but all are usable. In very good condition.

177.The second high end vintage Tool Box is a "Waterloo" Commercial Double top/handle Piece. Consignor said these were Blacksmith Boxes, but could not verify that. Its 21 inches wide by 7 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches and opens like a clam shell. Has a removable top tray inside. Both the tray and the box are loaded with vintage Tools. Hard to pick up it is so heavy. Come to our preview, could be some treasures here with tons of usable tools.

178.The last and biggest of the three Tool Boxes, Vintage Kennedy Cantilever Toolbox, industrial machinist metal toolbox, many compartments, three latches, one locking latch, great vintage patina. Toolbox is fully functional, all compartments and latches work well, and chock full of extra large Tools. There are Socket Sets, Wrench Sets, Giant Pipe Wrenches, Etc. Everything is supersized in this box. It must have been the box he took when he was serious. Tons of quality stuff here and be sure to come to the preview so you can appreciate what is here. The Box itself is a very desirable and outstanding box that averages about 200 bucks used by itself.

179.A Vintage Router. This was purchased from JCPenny, has original owner's handbook printed in April 1974, and the original price sticker of $64.99 is still on it. Includes some type of cast metal jig still attached to it, plus a bag of assorted Router Bits, and the original instructions. The cord is a little frayed but in good vintage condition.

180.Authentic and all original Brass Carbide Miners Lamp with original Cap and mounts. From late 1800's to 1920's these Carbide Lamps were used everywhere from Cars to the Mines. This original all Brass Lamp made by Universal Lamp Company in Chicago and was called the "Auto Lite".  We have seen these Lamps in bits and pieces but the first one we have seen complete set up and ready to go. Includes extra rings and seals and most rare of all, the original instruction sheet. Has not been used too much because the Cap, both inside and outside has only a few smudges on it, but definitely used. The Brass lamp bu itself is about four inches tall and the reflector is a full 8 inches wide. Great original condition. Come see this beauty used when Men were Men. 

181.Vintage Christy Safety Razor  Set with Box. NICKEL PLATED METAL. LONG SLENDER HANDLE, and . MARKED CHRISTY MADE IN USA. PATENT DEC 1 1925 BY RJ CHRISTY. MANUFACTURED BY THE CHRISTY CO., FREMONT, OHIO U.S.A. - ABOUT 4" LONG WITH 1 1/2" HEAD .COMES WITH ORIGINAL WOOD BOX , marked Christy, with the snap that works and is also marked Christy. Includes a single edge Blade as shown in the picture. In very good used vintage condition.

182.Vintage Multi Combination Tool, all  Metal "Hausmeister".  Hand Hatchet Solingen Germany. It has pincers,hammer,pipe wrench,hatchet,wire cutter,screwdriver and nail lever. All works. Shows some slight wear.  "HAUSMEISTER" combination tools exported from Germany between WWI and WWII. In used condition but ready to work. 

183.A rare vintage "Montgomery Ward" Utility Sabre Saw. It is model TPC8986A , and is called the "Wards Powercraft". It looks to be in fantastic condition. I believe it was from before the 50's to 60's, because it has a TWO digit serial number, 46M. I have never seen a tool with a two digit serial number.  And believe it or not, the owner kept the original instruction sheet with it.  We are throwing in all his Saw Blades as well, probably about 30 blades. If any of you guys collect old tools, don't lose this one. 

184.A Vintage pair of Welding Glasses, metal frames with leather sides and trim. Made and marked "Bouton", a famous name in Safety glasses. We could not find this pair online but they are definitely vintage. 

185.A set of three Name Brand high end Ball Peen Hammers in three different sizes. One is a Warner, one is a Stanley, and one is a Plumb. Have been lovingly used but in very good and ready to go condition. 

186.A Pair of Antique/Vintage Hand Saws, made when the quality of metal was good and they would stay sharp. The first one is a rare 1887 E. C. Atkins & Co. 26" Blade Carpenter Saw with "Perfection Handle" that is embossed with rare flower pattern. Indianapolis, IND. Pat. Dec. 27 1887 See Medallion Seal photo. In good condition for age. Blade has some discoloration. Wood has no cracks. There are a few nicks and scratches. See Photos. Very nice piece for the collector or decorator. The second Saw is also an antique piece. Has the Eagle and Shield Medallion and "Superior Warranted' Insert. Also with nicely carved floral pattern in the handle. Also 28 inch blade. Your one lucky winning bid gets both antique Saws.

187.A vintage hand held Plane by Pexto measuring 10 inches by 4 1/2 inches.  Nice patina on the wood handle and knob.  Great vintage condition.

Vintage Stanley # 102 block plane, measuring 5 1/2 inches long with a 1 3/8 inch cutter.   Comes in the original box.  Great vintage condition.

VINTAGE! WORTH, #8, 8 INCH DRAW KNIFE, 14 INCHES WIDE OVERALL. . It appears to be in very nice condition for it's age. The blade is razor sharp and being carbon steel it has the usual black blotches, but that is normal. Slight surface rust on the body which can be steel wooled away. The wood is in very good condition with a nice patina. Overall a great example of a Barrel Barrel Draw Knife.  The Worth Logo is clear.


Vintage Adjustable mini 6" Pipe Wrench with Wood Handle probably the late 1800's to early 1900's era. Looks to be a Stillson because we can make out what looks like the Stilson diamond logo, but not sure.  Great vintage condition.    


191.In this lot we have two vintage Pipe Wrenches.  The first one is a Rigid Heavy Duty Straight 14” Pipe Wrench made by the Block Tool Company in Elyria, Ohio U.S.A.  The second one measuring 18 inches was made by the Reed MFG. Co. of Erie, PA. U.S.A.  Both in great vintage condition.

192.Vintage Bilstein VW Volkswagen Car Jack.  An original metal car Jack AB150 made in Germany that looks to be cast iron base with great embossed information. It includes the handle and you could probably use it today.. It measures about 18 inches and does have some light surface rust. In good vintage condition.

193.Here is something any Tool Collector would go wild over. It seems to be two Store Displays made for Irwin Screwdrivers. Plus both displays are loaded with mostly vintage screwdrivers. You are only bidding on the first display with its screwdrivers. The display is on the left and marked A. It was made by the Advertising Metal Display Co. in Chicago & N.Y.  Has been hanging over the owners work bench for over 50 years so although the graphics look perfect, it could use a cleaning. Each display has 5 by 4 marked holes for screwdrivers, which means it can hold 20 Drivers per Display. The original sizes and prices are on its front, start at 50 cents all the way up to 80 cents. Lots of money in those days when some people were making a dollar a day. Measures approximately 8-1/4" high x 8-1/8" wide x 4-7/8" deep. Winner must unscrew their prize from the wall when picking up, but at least you wont need to bring a screwdriver.

194.This is the second rare Irwin Vintage Screwdriver display, with Screwdrivers. Look at the previous lot, # 193 for a full description. You are only bidding on the second set on the right marked B. 

195.This gentleman saved everything and here is a lot of all sizes,  types, ages, and conditions of vintage Scissors. Looks to be about 10 pairs and your one bid gets them all.

196.A Stainless Steel Braided Wire Tow Cable With heavy duty Galvanized Hooks. Measures about 48 inches.Looks like it could last forever.

197.Lot of three Vintage Lawn Tools, all in good working condition. There is a "Village Blacksmith vintage Hedge Trimmer, a large heavy duty Lopper, and a smaller pruner with extra long handles added to it. Your one bid gets all three.

198.Two vintage Aluminum Levels, one measuring 4 feet and the second one is 18 inches.  The smaller level was made by the Port Austin Level and Tool MFG. Co. and is called the Contractors Bubble Level.  The large level did not have any markings but they are both in great vintage condition.

199.Two small Boat Items that should be on anyones small craft. One is a portable manual Boat Bailer Pump which should be self explanatory. And the other is the standard aluminum Boat Pole/Hook. The Pole is 4 feet long and the Pump includes the hose and is 26 inches long with a 3 foot hose. Both in good condition and one bid takes both.

200.A giant lot of all items electrical, some new and some used but all very useable. Lots and Lots of stuff that one day you may need. Your one winning bid gets all you see in the photos. 

201.Gigantic Lot of the balance of the owners workbench/Desk and shelves. Vintage Desk with attached Vise. All contents of the desk and drawers. Everything on and over the desk on his loaded shelves. He collected stuff for 50 years so no knowing whats in some of these large glass Jars and Boxes. The Jars could be valuable. I did see lots of vintage hardware, including hinges and all other conceivable items. Just in hardware, screws, nuts, bolts, etc, there is 1000's of pieces. You get everything you see in the pictures except the two screwdriver displays.  Bring plenty of boxes for packing.

202.All leather Three Cushion Couch. Its light Tan or creme, in very good condition with no rips or tears and from a pet free and non smoking Home. Its 76 inches wide and with a small wipe down to get rid of the dust, its ready for a new home

203.Complete contents of Linen Closet. Many Towels, and other Linen and you get everything you see in the picture. All in excellent condition.

204.Complete contents of Cleaning Closet. Includes two Swifters, a Black and Decker Sweeper, an expensive push Sweeper the "Hukaba 23T", some dusters, and anything else you see in there. Your one bid gets the whole closet.


Robinson Knife Co. Vintage Stainless Cutlery Set with Wood Wall Mount measuring 15 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches.  There are four different sized Knives and a Serving Fork and all are in great vintage condition.


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