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Auction Title: 7511 Great Collection of Stereo Home Equipment, Electronics, Tools, Appliances, Collectibles, Home Goods, etc. Great Items removed from Storage which included a great Collection of Stereo Equipment, Appliances, Honda Pressure Washer, Tools, Great Collectibles, Art, Décor, Home Goods and Much More. WE CAN NOT HOLD ANY ITEMS NOT PICKED UP BY SCHEDULED PICK UP TIMES. To be picked up in Ft Myers By Estate Sales of Southwest FL, Inc. PLESE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: ESTATE SALES OF SWFL To be previewed and picked up at: 2082 Beacon Manor Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33907. - AUCTION BEGINS TO END : Monday, June 10th 2019 7:00PM ET

Item Description
1.62 pieces of Franciscan dishes includes coordinating tea pot and tea kettle. Tea pot has chip on spout as shown. Kettle has 2 chips in enamel. Made in England. Please look at photos for more details

2.19 piece set of yellow Noritake dishes. One salad plate has a chip. Please look at photos for details

3.Mixed lot of assorted Hobnail glassware. Pink and rare gold edged included. Please look at photos for more details

4.Lot of pink fiesta ware. 7 pieces. Flowered ones from Portugal. The plain ones from the US. Please look at photos

5.Lot of 11 Royal Copenhagen decorative plates. 9 are 7" and 2 are 6" Please look at photos for more details

6.Lot of Asian style dishes. 12" serving platter and 4, 8" plates

7.Mixed lot of dishes. 6 plates made in Portugal along with covered dish from Cracker Barrel. Please look at photos for details

8.Beautiful set of Oneida dishes. Casual Settings. Palms pattern. service for 8

9.This lot contains 2 heavy glass vases with palm tree pattern. Goes well with previous lot. Measure about 8.5" x 5.5" wide

10.Mixed lot contains a Cuisinart chopper and some assorted plates. The 12 white ones are English Ironstone by Adams, a member of the Wedgewood group, and the black and white ones are Harkerware. One of which has a small chip as shown

11.4 small collectible Barbie plates by Enesco. Each is about 4" Please look at photos for details

12.Unique wooden elephant purse. Measures almost 10" wide and 12" high with handle. Almost 3" deep. Polyester lined. Shoulder strap missing. Please look at photos for details

13.2 small birds. Look like quartz but probably plastic. Please come and look if it matters. About 4" high.

14.Mixed lot of assorted birds. Various makers, styles, content and condition. Large ceramic owl is 6" tall by 5" wide and has some chips as shown

15.Large Mixed lot of assorted figurines. To all you cat lovers, these guys need a home. Calico Kittens and Priscilla Hillman as well as a few unknown. Included is a working music box. Please see photos for details

16.Set of festive Melamine dishes by Laurie Gates. Service for 4.

17.Mixed lot of assorted jointed bears and a collectible dog. Largest 18" bear is numbered by St. Martins. The others are by ty or are cottage collectibles. Please look at photos for details

18.Keurig 2.0 Lavalla. Cappuccino & Latte system. Powers on but otherwise untested.

19.4 Libby ruby martini glasses. New in box

20.Great collection of interests marionettes. Untangled. Cake body is about 8 x 10" Can't tell what they're made of.

21.Mixed lot of assorted rubber stamps. Mostly 4 x 5" in size. Most look new

22.Lot of 2 tall vases. 15 and 18" tall.

23.Large crackle finish bowl on pedestal. About 9 by 11". 6" tall on a 3" base. Minor paint chipping on base as shown

24.Stained wooden Carving made in Thailand stands almost 22" tall. Base is 3 by 7"

25.2 Molded leather masks to hang on a wall. Small one is approximately 5 by 6. Larger one is approximately 11 by 14". Very nice details

26.Mixed lot of large wood carvings Standing 7" tall the one on the right is marked 1960's South East Asia

27.Large tabletop jewelry armoire. Measures 12 by 21 by 5" deep.
3 velvet lined drawers, mirrored back and 2 spinning necklace hangers

28.Old drum with carved wood stand. Unknown origin. Drum is 9 by 15" Stands 16" high. Is tied to stand and has a broken handle

29.This is an Asian sculpture that looks to be carved out of an unknown stone mounted on wood. 14" tall base measures 6 by 8"

30.Mixed lot of assorted Asian items. 15" plastic vase, a 15" wooden marionette and 8" dancers. Top of boys hat is missing gold coloring

31.Pair of Mexican pottery candleholders marked NDE SURO MEX and 2 heavier pottery Dishes. Candlesticks are 4" wide by 7" high. Dishes are about 4 x 4 without handles and 6" tall with handles

32.4 Mexican clay candleholder wall hangings. 1 has been repaired as shown. Each measures about 5 x 7" or 6 x 8"

33.Mixed lot contains a stone carving on wood base and large wooden mask. Stone piece measures 5 x 10" and mask measures 8 x 18"

34.2 Buddhas. Stone one is 6 x 11" tall and the little sitting one is 5" tall and plastic

35.Wooden Confucius statue. Measures 8" tall

36.Wooden Confucius mask 11" long 5" wide

37.Heavy Asian wall hanging. Feels like some sort of Resin but we don't know for sure. Circle is 9". Hangs 33"

38.Cool looking mask. Unknown origin or content. 8 x 7"

39.2 wooden wall hangings. About 6 x 12 and 13" Both have the tips on top broken as shown. A little staining would cover it nicely

40.Carved wooden covered dish. Measures 4 x 7 x 5" deep. Cute

41.2 carved wooden wall hangings. Man is about 7 x 16" tall

42.This lot contains a wooden abacus with brass trim, 5 by 12" and a nice wooden dish measures 13" with handles

43.Nice ceramic lion with a small chip on tail as shown and maybe a scrape on the back. It could just be a manufacturing defect.  Measures approximately 10 x 19 x 12" tall.

44.2 brass candleholders. 3 x 8 x 7" tall

45.Large painted wood mask from Bali in 1966. Please look at photos for more details

46.Antique handmade wooden toy tractor from the late 1800's to early 1900's. 10 x 6 x 5" high. Rolls well

47.Set of Gibson microwave safe dishes. Soft white and navy. Almost service for 8. One cup is missing and 1 small plate has a chip as shown

48.Set of 4 ceramic canisters. No spoons. Need cleaning

49.Lot of 3 vintage PYREX dishes with lids. Look new

50.This is a ceramic chip and dip set from Pottery Barn. Large 14" bowl and small 6" Raised frogs inside

51.Large colored glass vase. Over 12" high by about 9". Very pretty.

52.Another piece of colored glassware. Vase is 6 x 10" tall. Please look at photos

53.A handmade Makora glass vase. made in Poland. 7" across top and 10" tall

54.Beautiful blue thick glass vase. Textured ribbed. A small chip at the top as shown. Please look at photos for more details

55.Small colored art glass vase with sparkly gold.
5" across top and 7" tall

56.Coors beer pitcher and mug set. No visible damage

57.2 stained glass lamps. Both in working condition.
Fish is about 10 x 10 inches and the turtle is 9 x 6 x 4" high

58.Lot contains 2 stained glass frog lamps. Each about 8 x 9 x 6" high. One shines brighter than the other. Could just be a bulb.

59.Lot contains 2 small stained glass lamps. Neither lights up. Could just be the bulbs. Eagle has been bent on wings and could use repaired. Measures 7 x 9 x 10" tall and owl measures 6 x 4 x 8" high

60.Mixed lot contains 2 wax warmers and a Stoneware pumpkin. Pumpkin is about 8" across and 7" tall. Warmers work well

61.Lot of 5 decorative bottles with food products inside. Decorative purposes only. Tallest is 9"

62.Lot of 4 decorative bottles of food. Decorative purposes only. 12" tall

63.Set of 3 decorative bottles with food in a metel carrying case

64.2 contemporary candle holders. Each frame is metal. One silver and one gold colored. Hold is 7 x 9" Silver is 6 x 11"

65.Ceramic canister set. Hinged lids with gaskets to keep things fresh. Need cleaning

66.Never too early to think about Christmas guests. This is a large lot of Christmas. 22 rock glasses, 2 wine glasses, large salt and pepper shakers, a plastic tray and ice bucket. Small crack in tray as shown but I don't believe it affects the durability

67.Blue glass dolphin. Measures 7" high and 12" long. Glass souvenir from Costa Rica is about 4 x 5"

68.Lot of assorted etched glassware. 3 taller ones show a Christmas scene

69.Mixed lot of assorted rock glasses. Jack Daniel's, Crown Royal, 4 that say I like Luke. Please look at photos for details

70.Large lot of very nice vintage etched glassware. 26 pieces. Please look at photos for details

71.Lot of 4 vintage rock glasses and 4 tall glasses with waterfowl pictured on them

72.Vintage Crown Royal glasses. 6 each. 2 say nothing but match others.

73.Mixed lot of assorted stemware and stemless Glasses. Please look at photos for details

74.Mixed lot contains 2 nice candlestick holders, 10" tall and a covered candy dish. A little over 6 x 6" All in need of cleaning

75.A Franklin mint 1939 v16 452 Cadillac Imperial Sedan 1:24 scale and a what looks like brass car from Banthrico, inc of Chicago. 1974. Wheels work

76.Large authentic beer stein. An original Thewalt from western Germany. 14" tall

77.Gas tank Liquor dispenser. 19" tall Untested And small flask

78.Old fashioned style juicer. 16" tall Untested

79.Lot of Tabletops Unlimited dinner plates and bowls. 16 of each.

80.Elan Via! Dj digital music server. Powers on but otherwise untested

81.Elan digital dual tuner with antenna. Powers on but otherwise untested

82.Samsung blu-ray 3d player. Powers on but otherwise untested

83.Elan A6 power amplifier. Powers on but otherwise untested

84.Elan dual fan. Powers on but otherwise untested. Front sticker coming off

85.5 Direct tv boxes. All but one was taken out of a new box. All power on but 1 missing power cord. 3 remotes included Otherwise untested

86.Integra 6 cd player with remote. Powers on but otherwise untested

87.Denon Precision audio component AV Surround Receiver. AVR-2600. Powers on but otherwise untested Remote included

88.Elan S128P multi-room AV Controller. Powers on but otherwise untested

89.Integra AV Controller with remote. Serious radio, HDMI, Compatible with windows 7 but may have been updated. Powers on but otherwise untested

90.To power strips. Both power on but otherwise untested.

91.Toshiba dvd player. Powers on but otherwise untested. Includes a remote

92.Epson LCD projector with remote. Model H399A. Powers on but otherwise untested. 2 pair of 3d glasses included

93.Elan D12 digital power amplifier. Powers on but otherwise untested

94.Elan D12 digital power amplifier. Powers on but otherwise untested

95.Integra 9 channel amplifier. Powers on but otherwise untested

96.Triad Powersub amplifier. Powers on but otherwise untested

97.Sunfire True Subwooder Super Junior. Powers on. No other test done. Measures around 9" tall by 10" x 9" Speakers are 8"

98.Kenwood am/fm stereo receiver 103AR. Unit powers on, otherwise untested.

99.Integra DTR 5.4. Wide Range Amplifier Technology. Unit powers on otherwise untested.

100.Elan D12 Digital Power Amplifier. Powers on otherwise untested.

101.Elan C2 Communications Controller. Powers on otherwise untested. No power cord included.

102.Untested SpeakerCraft WeatherCraft WS 940 outdoor speakers.  Lot of two. As you can see by pictures they show signs of wear and are dirty. Multiple lots available.

103.Untested SpeakerCraft WeatherCraft WS 940 outdoor speakers lot of two. As you can see by pictures they show signs of wear and are dirty. Multiple lots available.

104.Untested SpeakerCraft WeatherCraft WS 940 outdoor speakers lot of two. As you can see by pictures they show signs of wear and are dirty. Multiple lots available.

105.In wall Speaker. Speaker measures 10". Triad in wall Bronze 6 PowerSub. Please look at pictures. Untested item

106.Pair of In wall Speaker. Speaker measures 10". Triad in wall Bronze 4 PowerSub. Please look at pictures. Untested item

107.Panamax Max 5300 Surge Protection equipment. Powers on otherwise untested. power cord included

108.Triad PowerSub Amplifier. Listed as Bronze. Powers on otherwise untested.

109.Elan Z Power Controller. Powers on otherwise untested.

110.Pair of SpeakerCraft WeatherCraft WS710 outdoor speakers. Two sets available. Untested. They have signs of use and are dirty from being outside. Look at pictures. About 11" x7"

111.Pair of SpeakerCraft WeatherCraft WS710 outdoor speakers. Two sets available. Untested. They have signs of use and are dirty from being outside. Look at pictures. Measures 11"x7"

112.Triad Speaker subwoofer 133277. Powers on otherwise untested. Measures 16" tall x 16"x15".

113.Triad PowerSub Amplifier. Labeled Platinum on back. Powers on otherwise untested. Two available.

114.Triad PowerSub Amplifier. Labeled Platinum on back. Powers on otherwise untested. Two available.

115.Integra DPS-5.5 PLAYER. powers on otherwise untested. The Cd/ DVD door opens and closes.

116.Triad PowerSub Amplifier. Powers on otherwise untested. Labeled Bronze on back

117.Panamax Max 4300 Switch. Powers on otherwise untested.

118.Large Speaker system made by Triad Platinum 133467. Total measurements are 19" tall and 34"x11" Larger speakers are 9" and smaller are 5". Untested.

119.Pair of Triad Subwoofers 133174. Untested.
Measures 20" tall by 19 1/2" x 17 1/2". Speakers are 16". Boxes have normal scratches on the wood.

120.Set of 3 wood swivel bar stools. Stools have signs of wear, chips on the wood and scratches. Please look at pictures. Seat is 31" tall and back is 45" tall and 24" wide on the arms

121.Beautiful World Globe on stand. Stand is nickel plated and needs to be polished. Globe has beautiful colors and details. About 39" tall.

122.Very nice red Indiana Hoosiers Stressless Swivel Recliner Chair with ottoman. Made by Genesis Design Ltd from Canada. Measures about 32" wide from arm to arm and about 26" deep, seat is 18" high. Chair in good condition with normal wear and in need of a cleaning, no tears.

123.Ionic pro compact air purifier. Powers on. That's the only test done. 19" tall

124.Ionic pro Turbo air purifier. Powers on is only test done. Measures 27" tall

125.New in sealed box Infrared Quartz Tower Heater made by Power Heat. Look at pictures

126.Triad Platinum speakers 133348. Untested. Cabinet has scratches and scuffs expected. Overall measurement are around 39" tall and 12"x15". Larger speakers are 9" smaller are 5" Look at pictures for condition

127.Mitsubishi VCR powers on otherwise untested

128.Lot of 3 Total Sound Control by Auralex Acoustics. Look at pictures Each Measures 24"x15"

129.Untested Antop OUTDOOR/ INDOOR HDTV antenna AT 404B. Also included Trinity HDTV ANTENNA NEW IN BOX.

130.Mixed lot contains a vintage Corningware dish, some ceramic serving and baking dishes and a few trivets from India

131.Large lasagna pan from Portugal and a deep pie dish by Strawtown pottery. Indiana

132.Mixed lot of assorted soup cups. Please look at photos for details

133.Large lot of assorted glass Bakeware. Pyrex, Anchor Hocking and Corning Vision. Please look at photos for more details

134.Racing horse statue. Looks like resin maybe. 10 x 14" long. Nicely done

135.Mixed lot of assorted beach style items. 11 x 15" framed print. 2 candles with scrapes on 'em but still cute and 2 resin dolphin scenes in formed shells. One has a chip.

136.Lot of carved coconuts. very cute

137.Waring pro food slicer. Powers on but otherwise untested

139.George Foreman Fusion Grill with drip tray. Powers on but otherwise untested. 18" w/ handles. Good used condition with minor scrapes and stuff

138.Large Mixed lot of assorted kitchen items. 2 paper towel holders, a Rival pan with cover and a few baking pans

140.Large Glass Galileo thermometer. Almost 21" tall. Untested

142.Mixed lot of decorative bottles for the bar area of your home. Please look at photos for more details

141.Mixed lot contains 3 glass oil lamps and a crystal desk clock. Lamps are 7 to 13" tall and clock is 5" lamps need cleaned and polished. Clock needs a battery

143.Lot of 3 beer steins. Various origins. Please look at photos for more details

144.Mixed lot contains a large glass vase, 10 x 7. A small Lenox vase and small covered leaf dish. Please look at photos for details

145.2 big old books. The Holy Bible copyright 1976 Personalized to the Lang family on the cover and an old dictionary last copyright 1946 Both in good condition

146.Small lot of 7 etched glassware pieces. Along with a 12" plate. Matching lot 70.

147.This set contains 7 tall glasses, 5 rock glasses and Decanter with heart shaped top that has replaced the original one.

148.Lot of 8 vintage rock glasses

149.Set of 4 earthenware mugs signed Glass Please look at photos for details

150.This lot contains University of Indiana barware. 4 glasses, 3 mugs and several Thirstystone and foam coasters

151.Large Mixed lot of assorted pilsner glasses. 18 total. Assorted labels

152.Mixed lot contains 17 cordials and 2 oil and vinegar bottles.

153.Large lot of assorted shot glasses. All but a few are glass. Please look at photos for more details

154.Mixed lot of vintage cordials. Please look at photos

155.Blue glass cocktail shaker and small glass ice bucket. 2 glasses included

156.Mixed lot contains a very large martini glass, a frosted glass shaker, some martini picks and more. Please look at photos for details

157.Mixed lot contains Silverplated champagne glasses, 2 martini glasses and a glass dish

158.Mixed lot of assorted art glass pieces as well as 3 plain martini glasses. One of the heavy green goblets is chipped at the base as shown

159.Mixed lot of assorted stemware and a nice glass pitcher.

160.Large Assortment of beer glasses along with 2 old rusted buckets and a dirty expandable cooler on wheels. No strap, untested. Please look at photos for more details

161.Mixed lot of assorted glassware and felt backed coasters

162.Large Mixed lot of assorted items from the bar. Ashtrays, coasters, wine stoppers, cards and much more. Please look at photos for details. condiment tray has 2 broken containers but is still usable. All need cleaning

163.2 tropical style textured tiles to hang. Each measures 8 x 8 and are cork backed to protect surfaces

164.These are metal art pieces with almost 1/2" thick glass disks on top. About 9" across. Coral reef design. Also a nice resin fish. 9" long

165.Colts Bengals Billiard balls.

166.Electric aquarium. Plug it in and watch the fish swim left to right.
16 x 11" Also included is a dolphin one that lights up but doesn't move

167.Ships wheel battery operated clock. 24" in diameter, untested

168.Party in Scotts Resort life preserver. 20"

169.For the Fishing fan. Big mouth Billy Bass in working condition and a fishing reel toilet paper holder. Battery compartment rusty.

170.Lot of assorted Tervis tumblers and a few other items. Several need replaced

171.Large lot of assorted Christmas decorations. lights, and battery operated items untested. cowboy Santa dances

172.Mixed lot of assorted Christmas ornaments. Various makers and condition. Please look at photos for details

173.Rhythm Jam live hour with remote. Powers on but otherwise untested. Instructions included

174.University of Indiana battery operated wall clock and First issue Christmas decoration. Clock untested

175.Mixed lot contains Colts memorabilia

176.University of Indiana memorabilia. Plaque is ceramic with several chips. Please look at photos for details. Battery operated clock untested

177.University of Indiana foot stool. Well loved. 11 x 14 x 12" high. Great item

178.Lot of assorted picture frames. One is electric in working condition and about 6 x 9". 2 small are metal.

179.Large Mixed lot of assorted adult humor items. Nothing has been tested but the pig keeps talking when you move it

180.Brass bell and boat. Boat is almost 6" long

181.Wood Marlin carving. Base is 2 x 4" 13" high

182.Desktop spinning weather station and wall thermometer

183.Mixed lot of items. Wicker wine basket. small box and carved wood vase

184.This lot contains memorabilia from the 2003 World series game. Includes a ticket stub. Please look at photos for more details

185.1987 NCAA Champions glass picture. Some paint is scraped off. 16 x 18" . No hanging ability at the moment

186.Nice Colts stained glass wall hanging. About 17 x 18" A break in glass at bottom right as shown. Metal frame

187.2 Mirrors for the bar. Crown Royal is 16 x 19 x 3" deep.
Bar sign is 9 x 17" and frame needs glued

188.Lot of assorted CD's. We have not gone through them to know quality or condition.

189.2 unique items. A ticker machine model from Merrill lynch. Dome broke but is replaceable. The other is a year 2000 $2 gold certificate by the national collector's mint

191.Assorted wall hangings Various products. Please look at photos for details

190.Mixed lot contains 2 resin beer signs and a branding iron for GSL. Signs about 19"

192.Lot of pens and pencils. Please look at photos for more details

193.Large lot of assorted UPS items from years of service. Please look at photos

194.Large lot of assorted office supplies and a signed picture of George Burns. Calculator, filing bins, a UPS watch and more

195.2 silver metal lamps. 26" tall and 27" tall without shades. Untested

196.A silver metal lamp. 17" without shade. Working condition

197.Large 2 bulb lamp. 17" wide and 28" tall Frosted glass and metal base

198.University of Indiana stained glass look lamp. 24" tall.

199.3 bulb desk lamp. 24" tall with finial. Working condition

200.Very large lampshade. Appears to be stained glass.
Over 18" by 7" high

201.Lot includes what looks to be controls for the home to put in the walls and control audio with 2 Color LCD Touch Panels and a camera with a speaker. Untested items. The controls are marked Elan

202.Lot includes what seem to be control touch screen panels for the home along with a RTI Model XP 6 control processor. Two VIA SC1, SC4 System controller modules and a Sonos. All are untested.

203.Lot of routers untested

204.Very nice large dragonfly lampshade. Appears to be stained glass. About 20" by 9" high. Beautiful

205.Lot includes Jandy Aqua Controller to adjust your pool lights etc. Untested item

206.Lot of remote controls untested.

207.Lot of 3 RTI Universal System Controllers. Untested.

208.Lot of two B&K System Remotes. One is new in box. Both untested

209.Lot of speaker cables, cat 5, monster cables etc. Cables may be tangled up.

210.Mixed lot of auto items. Master Lock, GPS windshield mount, travel charging station etc

211.Sony MPEG MOVIE Quick Access FD Drive 2X. Untested

212.Lot includes billiards balls and misc items.

213.Collection of Crown Royal bags different sizes. Around 20 bags

214.Mounted deer head, about 29" tall and 25" deep

215.Mounted fish. Measures about 35" long

216.Wood 3-D golf decor to hang on wall. 15"x12"

217.Signed football shoes by number 75 from the 2008 Indiana Football Team.

218.Stand used for stereo equipment. Normal signs of use. 34" tall and 24"x18"

219.Lot of two Sit n Stand storage stools great for garage.

220.Desktop globe, flask and clock Globe needs tightened down

221.Lot of commemorative UPS trucks. Metal. One broke a tire off as shown

222.Large UPS wooden truck bank made from walnut. Rolls nicely
About 8 x 12 x 6". Very nice piece

224.Large picture. Measures 34 x 44" Minor damage on frame as shown

223.Large painting measures approximately 38 x 46"

225.Nice Monet print framed to 30 x 42"

226.Nicely framed painting by Godard. Numbered and signed on the back. can't tell if it's scratches or paint so please look at photos for more details. Measures 30 x 36"

227.Nicely framed picture behind glass of Triple Crown winners. Measures 26 x 40".

228.Print of The soldiers and sailors monument. Numbered and signed by Samuel J. Hammans. Measures 23 x 39"

229.Framed picture of Assembly Hall at Indiana University.
 behind glass.
Measures 18 x 43"

230.Framed picture of The great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. Measures 18 x 43"

232.Nice ship painting on canvas. Signed. Measures 26 x 30. Needs dusting

231.Picture titled Across the Board. Measures 28 x 34". Damage on frame as shown

234.Nice floral print in dusty but contemporary frame. Measures 25 x 29". Frame has a scratch as shown

233.Picture of the old country store. Frame broken

235.Large wood framed mirror. Measures 25 x 31" not including parrot

236.Signed print by Tom Gaitlier. Measures 22 x 28" Frame has damage

237.2 authentic NFL pictures from Superbowl XLI. Frames damaged and need replaced. Measures 19 x 23"

238.Great beach pictures. Each measure about 21 x 26"

239.Two Van gogh prints. One has broken glass. Each measures 26 x 31" and are very dusty

240.2 sailboat prints. Each measures 21 x 21". 2 sets available. All are dirty with damaged frames as shown

241.2 sailboat prints. Each measures 21 x 21". 2 sets available. All are dirty with damaged frames as shown

242.Looks like a signed poster of the Cincinnati Reds.
Frame measures 23 x 27"

243.Framed Monet poster. 21 x 25 inches

244.Lots of 3 frames currently holding Personal photos. Measurements are about 12 x 22, 14 x 26 and 19 x 23"

245.Nice painting signed by Vincent. Measures 18 x 22"

246.Lot of two pictures. The silver one is 19" x 19" and small one is 16" x18"

247.Lot of home decor

248.Assorted UPS collectibles. Car, bobble head, hockey puck and pool cue

249.Mixed lot contains a Sharp alarm clock and some DVD'S. All untested and we haven't checked the cases. Some cases damaged. Please look at photos for details

250.One 59 inch wooden paddle, two detachable oars at around 80 inches attached, one xxx-large O’Brien life jacket, one 4x-large SKIS life jacket.

251.One 68 inch sidewinder with a wood finish water ski , one 65 inch mach1 competition graphite water ski and a 67 inch professional Jobe honeycomb ski

252.Vintage African tribal carved canes, both about 41 inches tall.

253.Pair of Hart Fiero skies, about 68 inches in height.

254.64 inch Horizon series, Radius 3s super v bottom water ski with a dual radius sidecut and made from aluminum alloy in the USA.

255.43 inch wooden gladding-hedlund classic trick skies

256.Atkins No.8 Vintage 65 inch saw, wooden handles and saw blade is showing typical signs of age for a vintage item. Please refer to photos for more details

257.125 PSI Craftsman 1.5hp 3 gal air compressor. Turned on when connected and gauges moved.

258.Three two step ladders, two black, one white/black

259.Untested Masterbuilt electric turkey and seafood kettle

260.Great floor fan. Works great. Made by Lasko

261.Lot contains 3 cooler. The larger one the top is not attached.

262.Extension cord and lawn cart

263.Very nice modern floor lamp. 69" tall.
Those are thick glass bulb covers.

264.Car cover. Unknown what vehicle it goes with

265.Outdoor wicker covered cooler on casters. 33" tall and 24"x16"top cover not attached

266.Large Fiber glass 12' Werner ladder

267.Husky 8' fiber glass ladder.

268.Werner Fiberglass 6' ladder

269.Wallace tree trimming pole saw

270.Sportworks bike rack to attached to hitch of vehicle

271.Outdoor speaker cover. Goes outside and you can place an outdoor Speaker inside. Measures around 19" tall and 21" diameter

272.Includes large cooler and smaller one along with beach umbrella. Top on the large cooler not attached

273.Fireplace container with shovel

274.Propane burner and cylinder. Please look at pictures. Untested items

275.TEC Gas grill. Untested item please look at pictures

276.Mixed lot of miscellaneous tools from tool box. Look at pictures

277.Mixed lot of great tools, sockets from all different sizes. Most of them are Craftsman

278.Lot includes a socket set missing sockets. Air Ratchet tool and electronic soldering gun

279.Mixed lot of tools. Please look at pictures

280.Lot of Tap and Die Set and screwdriver set

281.Huge lot of screwdrivers, wrenches, and miscellaneous. Look at pictures

282.Mixed lot of screwdrivers, pliers, etc. Look at pictures

283.Lot of hand tools. Look at pictures.

284.Lot of hammers, saws etc. Look at pictures

285.Mixed lot from tool box drawers of miscellaneous items. Look at pictures

286.Straight Line measuring equipment untested

290.Floor aluminum and rubber bike holder.

287.Look at pictures for tool details

288.Mixed lot of tools, and misc items

289.Lot of mixed tools etc. Look at pictures

291.Large sheet metal pot, 17 inches deep and 15 inches wide. Refer to photos for more details

292.Untested vancs submergible pump, refer to photos for further details

293.5 penn fanthom master graphite rods with gti graphite reels. One Shakespeare rod with a skp 30l reel. The rods are tangled with each other

294.Lot includes a very heavy hydraulic floor jack, small floor jack and a hoist puller. Look at pictures items untested

295.Masterbuilt electric smokehouse, contains wood chips. In need of a deep cleaning. Unit was plugged in and powered on.

296.Lot contains a Tuff Bin with miscellaneous items and universal flat panel one mount, made from aluminum please look at pictures

297.Craftsman tool box set. Total measurements are 54" tall by 27" x 18"

298.Craftsman tool storage set, 26 inches wide 47 inches. See pictures for further details

299.Q130 Manitowoc ice maker. It powers on, I can hear it turn on but otherwise untested. Measures around 26w x 39h x 26d

300.True Manufacturing Refrigerator. Untested item. Owner had freon removed from equipment before going in storage. You would need to hook up the motor back on. Was working according to owner prior to going in storage. Height 78" x 38" deep x 51 wide

301.This is an air hose on it's reel for an air compressor.

302.Stewart Film Screen. This is an electric movie screen. Was working when taken down according to owner. Measures 96" long. Untested item

303.Karcher Honda power pressure washer. Powers on very nice. Did not test with water but did run motor for few minutes. Tires need air

304.Large lot of assorted men's shirts and jackets. Mostly size XL and XXL. Please look at photos for more details

305.2 raincoats and bib overalls. No size listed but most likely XL or so

306.Lot includes Leather Harley Davidson Jacket it's marked XXL. Jean long sleeved shirt also XXL with Harley Davidson logo on front. Both need to be washed.

307.Reversible lightweight winter jacket. Probably XL. Very good condition. Also two Manning shirts, worn. White one is discolored.

308.Leather Marc New York Jacket XXL. Needs to be washed.


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