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Auction Title: 5800 Better Quality Items from Richie Including Dali Portfolio. Auction 5800 - AUCTION BEGINS TO END :Monday January 20th 7:00PM ET

Item Description
1.Original and Rare Complete Salvador Dali Set of Six Lithographs from the Portfolio entitled "La Jungle Humaine", or The Human Jungle. This is such a rare version of this Beautiful set of Lithographs that only 30 Sets were produced. These are the HC Series of these Lithographs, which stands for the French HORS COMMERCE or NOT TO BE SOLD. All the 30 Sets marked HC are reserved for the Artist and Collaborators. They are all hand signed by Dali and marked HC. All the backs are authenticated by the Salvatore Dali Archives and dated. They are all stored in the original Portfolio Holder which is also signed by Dali. The cloth wrapped Case and the title pages and description Pages all have some slight condition issues, but the Lithographs themselves were framed and mounted by themselves and are in very good condition. They date from the 1920's forward and are extremely rare with only around 200 made, and even more rare in the limited edition HC of only 30 copies. All the plates were destroyed after the printing was complete. Every one of the six are breathtaking in the visual impact they portray and must be seen to be appreciated. You are invited any day we are in the shop to come and appreciate their beauty. Just call for an appointment, or come on our two Preview Days. When you check the prices these bring, you will be amazed, and remember the Lithos you are looking at are probably not the more desirable HC series. Come and appreciate them. Due to what we believe is the high value of this lot and the response we expect to get, we will offer flat rate insured packing and shipping to any of the lower 48 States for $100 dollars. Good Luck.

2.Huge and very impressive Murano Art Glass Statue. It is all hand blown with the decorated top section being fused to the heavy base.  The top is roughly tear drop shaped and hollow.  It has irregular colored shapes in blue, red and amber as well as metallic looking flakes dispersed throughout.  Within the clear base are 5 controlled air bubbles that resemble raindrops.  Working with molted glass of this size is quite an accomplishment and very scarce.  It is ijn beautiful undamaged condition. It stands 23.5 inches tall and weighs a hefty 22 pounds.

3.Large all metal Lanai or Pool Statue of a classic Mermaid, raising from the waves and raising aloft a large seashell. Not sure what type of metal, but probably an aluminum alloy of some type, as no rust spots are vise able. It has a very nice textured surface which makes it almost like a sand casting, but it is surely metal. It is in excellent condition and stands over 35 inches tall. Beautiful piece is in excellent condition. 

4.Talk about the perfect Florida decoration. This is a beautiful leaded glass panel of a pair of Clown Fish. It is framed in oak and utilizes several different textured glass. It is dark green, orange, lavender and white. It measures 29 by 21 inches. It is in excellent condition with no cracks.

5.This is beautiful acrylic freestanding World Globe. It appears that most of the land masses are inlaid with semi-precious stones and shells. It was then subsequently covered in clear acrylic.  It is mounted in a brass 3 legged stand with a compass in the base. It is 33 inches tall and about 16 inches in diameter.

6.Here is a very nice Nautical Compass. It is the Polaris by M.C.Co. It comes mounted in a pretty wood box with attractive finger joints in the corners. It is mounted in a brass bezel with a floating mount. The box is 5.5 inches square and the compass is 3.5 inches in diameter. It is in very good vintage condition.

7.This is a large decorator Ship's Wheel. It has 8 spokes and looks like it is made of mahogany.  In the center is a brass hub and keyway.  We are not sure of the age or authenticity of the wheel.  Please come in and check it out for yourselves.   It measures 40 inches in diameter.

8.This is a beautiful wooden Viking Ship. It measures 23 inches long and 18 inches high. Not sure if this was a kit or completely handmade, but it shows some great craftsmanship. It has a heavy cloth sail with red and white stripes. All 18 paddles are still intact and can be removed easily. It is removable from it's base.

9.This is a large shadow box with a Greek ship and a few nautical themed decorative items inside. The box measures 24 inches square and 7 inches deep. Looks quite old and in great condition.

10.Large and heavy Cast Iron Horse Head with a Hitching Post Ring, mounted on a heavy Iron Pipe. We have seen many of these before, and they are very desirable, but this has an added nice piece, a Harley Parking Sign. The sign says "Harley Parking Only, all Others Will Be Crushed". A beautiful sentiment.  It stands 67 inches tall, in very good condition,and it was meant to be staked in the ground. Solid strong and fun Piece.

11.Here is a very hard to find vintage Mickey Mouse Rotary Telephone. It dates back to 1976, before touch-tone phones were readily available. The Mickey housing was made by the American Telecommunications Corp. All the "guts" of the phone remained the property of The Bell Telephone Company. Hard to believe we didn't actually own our phones back then. The Mickey housing is a licensed Walt Disney Productions item. Mickey is the early pie eyed version with red shorts and yellow shoes. He stands 15 inches tall and is in very good condition. Bet it still works.

12.Here is a very large collection of beautiful rocks and minerals. They were collected by the consignor over a period of over 10 years. There are minerals like quartz, tourmaline, calcite, galena and many more. Most are nice large specimens hard to find. There are about 75 different specimens in the collection. Perfect for the beginner or the pro. You are bidding on the rocks only. The lucite case is not included.

13.This is a very rare and desirable vintage Bakelite carving. The Carving depicts an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. It is mounted on a thick piece of genuine animal horn. The Bakelite is a red orange color and the carving detail is beautiful. It stands 3.5 inches tall and is in excellent condition. The Bakelite has been tested and is authentic.

14.This is to date, the nicest and rarest Lladro Porcelain Fugure we have ever offered. It is called Grand Dame and is No. 1568. It was introduced in 1987 and retired in 2000. It shows a beautiful lady in a long formal gown. The long trane is attached to her left arm and adorned with tiny porcelain flowers. Her dress has a plunging neckline and she is wearing a pearl necklace. She has an overall Art Noveau look with a fancy feathered hat. She is finished in a gloss glaze and stands 13.5 inches tall. Best of all....she is flawless! These are very expensive on line, especially undamaged.

15.Here is an exceptional Lladro Porcelain figurine. It is very large and commonly called the Eskimo Line. Her skin is finished in a matte glaze and her hair and dress are semi-gloss. She is reclined with a small flower in her left hand. It is signed on the bottom along with some other markings that may be the artist. It is dated 1984. It measures 20 inches long and 11 inches tall. It is in excellent condition.

16.Here is another beautiful Lladro Figurine from their Eskimo line. This large piece depicts a moccasin clad young woman bundled in a white robe with blue trim. She is finished in a semi-gloss glaze. She is 12 inches tall and in excellent condition.

17.Beautiful Tri-color Art Glass Basket. It is free-form and amber on one side, blue on the other side and clear on the bottom. Very heavy and quality piece has no markings but looks very much like Murano in both qualty and color. It stands 10 inches tall and in excellent condition.

18.Here is a contemporary Art Glass vase. It is very nicely crafted and made in Italy. It is textured white glass with generous amounts of metallic flakes. Around the center is an irregular blue band. It stands 11 inches tall and is in excellent condition. Originally priced at $75.00

19.Here is a very attractive tri-corner Art Glass Bowl. It really looks like Murano, but the stickter is no longer present, so we can't be sure. It is yellow and clear and white glass with an abstract design in the center. There are also considerable metallic flakes in the design. It is a very attractive open bowl that measures about 9 inches in diameter. It is in excellent condition.

20.This is a solid brass Tiffany belt buckle. On the front it says Wells Fargo and Company ocean to ocean. Also it says "Uncle Sam" with a ship. It measures 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches.

21.This is a small signed Tiffany & Co. glass Bud vase. It has an attractive abstract irregular pattern on the sides. It is quite heavy and it stands 8 in tall. It is in excellent condition.

22.This is a limited edition lidded jar made by Baccarat of France. On the front is an etched Pine Tree dated 1973 and beneath are the letters P V G C. It is excellent quality and stands 5.5 inches tall. Both lid and the jar are in perfect condition.

23.Here is a desirable and rather hard to find vintage Waterford paperweight. It resembles a large faceted Cube with different patterns all around. It is two and three-quarter inch square and in perfect condition. It is signed on the bottom.

24.Here is a collectible Belleek Porcelain Piggy Bank. He is laying down on his tummy and has the classic Shamrocks on his back. As all Belleek Porcelain it is slightly translucent, dainty, and high quality. It is dated 1973 and comes with the original box. It is in perfect condition.

25.Who wouldn't love to own a red pottery Pig Pitcher? Especially one with a long tail? Well here's your chance. That long tail is actually the handle and what ever you are pouring will come out his mouth. He is 10 inches tall and in excellent condition.

26.Here is the first of 3 lots of very hard to find vintage Military WWII photographs. This one is a very wide angle, almost 31 inches,  panoramic photo of Squadron "C" CTDAAF and is dated 6-5-43. It is stamped on the back "This photograph not for publication until after the War". Also has the old designation AAF which was the Army Air Force, before they were split up.  It measures 31 by 10 inches. Very nice and rare Piece.

27.Here is the next vintage and rare official Military WWII photograph. This one shows one of our Bombers that had obviously crashed and burned and was laying on a beach near the water line.  The skeletal Frame, and the Gun Bubble Turret are clearly visible. Photos like this were rarely allowed to be published as we did not want any negatives displayed to the public. Although obviously many were taken by the official Photographers, they were for the historical archives and not for the public. On the back the official stamp dating the photo 24 May 1945. Official Photograph not to be used for publication by order of the Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics. This remarkable photo measures 8 by 10 inches, is original and razor sharp..

28.Here is the last lot of rare original and vintage Military WWII photographs. This lot contains three 4 inch by 6 inch official U. S. Navy photographs. They are entitled "Corsair being armed with Rockets", "Men and planes up for Captain's Inspection" and "Navy Hellcats take off for another strike at Wake Island". Great group of photos, all from the Pacific Theater, when the War outcome was still in doubt..One winning bid gets the three historical pictures.

29.This is an adult Schwinn three wheeled bicycle. It is the "MERIDIAN". This bike is in almost brand new condition. It has a couple small dings in a fender, but that's it. The tires still have the nubs on them. It is grayish/blue in color with what looks like a new Schwinn gel seat. This is a high dollar bike so don't miss out on this one.

30.Fantastic  amazing original circa early '50's  vintage Monoplex Crystal Microphone from Shure Brothers.  The crystals for this mic were grown in America at the Shure factory. This is known as a the "Waffle" microphone for obvious reasons when you look at the head. It is the Model # 737A, and was world famous and highly prized. It is mounted on the correct vintage Atlas Commercial Sound microphone stand. Cable is included. Probably works, but still great for the Electronics Collector.

31.This is a pair of Bose 301 Series IV direct/reflecting speakers. They are one of the most popular and highly prized Bose Models. They are three way systems and each one includes a High-sensitivity 3 (7.6 cm) direct/reflecting tweeter, a High-sensitivity, magnetic fluid-cooled 2 (5.1cm) stereo targeting tweeter, and a Long-excursion 8 (20.3 cm) woofer. These are compatible with receivers and amplifiers from 10-150 watts per channel. These are in good used condition. Your winning bid gets the pair and of course carry our three day to be sure they work fine guarantee, so bid with confidence.

32.This is a Minn Kota 30 inch trolling motor. It is Model # 1352230.  Has a Lever Lock Bracket: This solid 10-position bracket features a quick-release lever lock and reinforced composite material that resists flexing, warping, and UV damage., a Telescoping Tiller: Get easy, comfortable, intuitive operation of your trolling motor with the six-inch telescoping tiller, 5 Fwd/3 Rev Speed Settings: Five speed settings for forward and three speed settings for reverse.
Power Prop: For 3-1/4" motor diameters, this prop delivers extra power to push throw heavy vegetation. Includes prop pin, nut and washer.
Indestructible Composite Shaft . This looks to be new or possibly unused, but bid with confidence because it carries our 3 day to try it out guarantee. We are the only Auction50 guys to do this..

33.This is an oil filled radiator/heater for in your home or office. It is a SAI Model # 682101. It is a 1500 watt heater that is brand new in the box and never opened. It features silent convection, adjustable thermostat and tip over protection. This size is ideal for a large room, 160 sq. ft. or more.

34.Here is a very nice original and vintage Royal Doulton Porcelain Figurine. She is called Isadora and is dated 1985. Has the original gold label on her. She stands 8 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

35.Here is a vintage Art Deco ashtray or change holder. It shows a solid bronze Greyhound at full stride leaping over a green onyx base. One of the nicest smoking collectibles we have ever seen. It measures 8 in long and nearly 5 in tall. There is some minor chipping on the edges of the Onyx. It has a beautiful patina that only age can produce.

36.Here is a solid brass statue of a trio of Seagulls in flight. It is mounted on a stone base that was painted black. There is an etched signature on the back of the sculpture that looks like LUB. The statue has a very attractive patina making me believe it is quite old. It stands nearly 11 in tall and it looks like there is a repaired crack in the base.

37.Beautiful and gracefully styled Bronze Sculpture of a mighty Marlin. This is a Blue Marlin sculpture that measures 18 inches long and 9 inches high. Mounted on a metal base, it is in impressive and excellent condition. We could not find any makers mark on it but it is obviously of high quality..

38.Tall heavy and high polished Brass Dolphin , doing his thing and walking on a wave. This statue is in excellent condition and it stands 19 inches tall.

39.Beautiful high quality, in both construction and colors, art glass Sailfish. Red and yellowish body with a clear sail and wave. It stands just under 16 inches tall. In great condition.

40.This is a Bone China statue called Dance of the Dolphins by Lenox and is dated 1991. It depicts a pair of Dolphins or Porpoise surrounding their calf on a wave crest. These are beautiful and very desirable bone china statues. It stands 7 in tall and is in perfect condition.

41.This is an etched art glass statue of a mother Manatee and her calf. It is cut into the glass from the back and is signed David Allen. The glass is freeform with polished sides all around. It is 4.5 in tall and 5 in wide. It is in excellent condition.

42.High quality and fine detailed Capodimonte Porcelain Buccaneer bust statue. This is marked, signed and numbered, and includes the old feathered logo.. It is about 8 inches tall and in excellent condition.

43.This is a very nice high quality paperweight. It consists of a group of detailed millefiori canes arranged in a symmetrical pattern. It rests on a base of golden Lutz or Goldstone. It is primarily white with red and blue. It stands about 2 1/8 in tall and has a full polished base. It is in excellent condition.

44.This is a beautiful Swiss made hand inlaid jewelry box. It is also a music box that plays the theme from Love Story. The Box looks to be mahogany with light-colored wooden inlays in the shape of foliage and birds. The lid opens to reveal a single space that is lined in red velvet. It comes complete with the key and locks securely. It measures 12 inches long and 6.5 in wide and stands 3 in tall. It is in very good vintage condition.

45.Vintage slabbed Cypress Table with attractive original Cypress Knot twisted Base. You are no longer allowed to take this wood for these projects, but this was done a long time ago. There is some rough edges around the edges, but easily sanded and stained again. Still a nice all Natural wood table. 31 inches by 24 inches for the top and it stands 13 inches high.

46.Here is a very special antique Bankers Lamp. It is all solid brass around an iron frame with a wooden base. Even the shade is solid brass which makes all of the light be reflected down on the writing surface. A lamp like this dates to 1915 to 1925. It is in very good vintage condition with some obvious patina. A few hours with a buffing wheel and this lamp will be gorgeous. It stands 23 in tall and the shade is 18 in wide. There are two bulbs inside and of course the lamp does work.

47.Large impressive and beautiful Patchwork authentic Cow Hide rug. It has hundreds of 2.5 inch square hide patches all sewn together in a color fade pattern. It took an amazing amount of work to create this large rug. The rug measures 7 feet by 5 feet and very good condition.

48.Fantastic all original antique oak Wardrobe. It is quite large, measuring 7 feet wide by 75 inches tall. It is 21 inches deep. It is all shelves inside with one drawer at the bottom. Very large piece but is made in 6 or 7 modules for ease of movement and assembly, but still needs lots of help and a truck or trailer to move, so be prepared. Lots of fine detail and carvings on this beauty, and three locking separate sections, each with its own key, which we do have. Thats rare in itself. In good solid condition and with a little oiling would be drop dead gorgeous..

49.This is a vintage genuine mahogany end table. It still has the Mahogany Association label inside. It measures 26 inches by 19 inches and it is 25 inches high. One drawer in the front with brass hardware. It still has its original steel casters intact. Nice gold accented leather inlays on top. In great used condition.

50.This is a nice Hitchcock end table. It has a beautiful mahogany stained finish with floral stencils all over. It has two drawers with really nice brass hardware with American Eagle appliques. This table measures 20 inches by 15 inches and it is 31 inches tall.

51.This is a set of four Matching Modern Bar Stools. These are adjustable in height from 24 inches to 32 inches. These have High polished shiny chrome bases and tan vinyl seats. They are in excellent condition except one has two small blue paint marks that could be cleaned off. Your winning bid gets all four Stools.

52.High quality modern boxed complete multiple gaming set. This includes checkers, chess, marbles, dominoes and more. The case is all wood and quite nice. It has removable trays inside that hold the pieces. It measures 14 inches square. Clean modern and excellent condition.

53.This is Weslo Cadence G 5.9i treadmill. This unit was purchased new by the consignor and has been run about 30 minutes. It is still in like new condition with paperwork. Comfort Cell cushioning in the track with on-board workouts, Bluetooth and safety clip. It is on wheels for easy relocation. It folds up for space saving. Tested and working of course and this comes with our 3 day guarantee.

54.This is a Cuisinart frozen yogurt, ice cream and sorbet maker. Model # ICE-21REBWS. This is brand new in it's original box and comes with a can of ice cream starter and salted caramel sauce.

55.Here is a very attractive contemporary styled Cruet Set. It is chrome plated and includes 2 decanters, salt & pepper and a jar with a little spoon. It stands 7.5 inches tall and is in very good condition.

56.This is an original Blue Delft  Porcelain Hand crank Coffee Grinder, mounted on a nice walnut plaque . It is about 12 inches tall, in very good condition, and seems to be in working condition

57.This is very nice and highly detailed older silver plated Table Butler. They were used to clean up minor table crumbs between courses and are still useful today. The brush is 8 inches long. Both pieces are in good condition.

58.This is a "Moon Bay" Studios carved glass mirrored tray. It has decorative edging and a heart, plus clearly labeled. It measures about 16 by 9 inches. It is in excellent good condition with a little paint loss on the edge.

59.This is a lot of eight vintage advertising tins/bottles. We have Nabisco Shredded wheat, Quaker Oats, Cracker Jack, Silver Buckle coffee, Sealtest milk, Prince Albert tobacco, Franco-American colors and Beaver Dam toothpicks. One bid takes it all

60.This is a lot of five vintage medical products. We have Piperazine effervescent, Dr. Naylor's udder balm, Sloan's linament, Bays bandages and Mason skin irritation cream. One bid takes them all.

61.This is a vintage advertising crate. It is Oswego silver gloss starch. From the National Starch Co., T. Kingsford & sons. The crate measures 12 inches wide by 6 inches high.

62.This is a vintage Flour sifter from Queen. This measures about 8 inches high and 6 inches in diameter. In good collectible condition.

63.This is a very nice wooden Coat Rack made from a vintage wooden plank and vintage coat hooks. It has a horse theme with horseshoe hooks and stars. It measures 40 inches long and 5.5 inches high. Ready to hang with wire on the the back.

64.Honeywell 2000i Inverter Generator. Model # HW2000i. This unit was almost new, but was dropped from a truck bed. Only physical damage that Needs a fuel on/off switch, and some covers missing from the outer case. This is a high end generator that went for big bucks. Double check its value and with a little work will be a steal.  Sold as is.

65.This is a set of Stanley impact sockets. These are 1/2 inch drive heavy duty 6 point deep sockets from 3/8" to 1 inch. 11 sockets included.

66.This is a 16 inch scroll saw from Central Machinery. Model # 0408. This looks to be in excellent used condition. This comes with our 3 day guarantee.

67.This is an In Ground electric fence for dogs. This is made by Pet Safe, Model # PRFA-500. Original price sticker is still attached and it was $199.99. This is new in box. It is a complete system for up to 1/3 acre. With additional flag kits this system will cover up to 10 acres.

68.This is a self contained folding picnic table and benches. This is an all aluminum piece. The table measures 48 inches by 28 inches when standing. It is 38 inches high. The benches are 48 inches by 10 inches. The whole table collapses and fits inside the two benches that latch together. I could not find a manufacturer mark. This is a solid quality table that should last quite a while.

69.This is a Picnic Time portable wine tote. This is an outdoor nylon zipper tote that holds a wine bottle and glasses for your picnic. This is new in it's box and never used.

70.Here is a lot of 8 contemporary Blown Glass Napkin Rings. They are all hand crafted and very colorful. They are about 2 inches long and are in excellent condition. Your one winning bid gets all 8.

71.Here is a real cute art glass Clown. Most of these are Murano, but it is not signed. He is orange/red in color and looks a bit like a pumpkin. He stands 7 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

72.This is a 4 piece set of Porcelain Canisters or Ginger Jars. They are decorated with an Asian influence. They are transfer painted and each canister has the same scene. They range in size from 12.5 inches to 7 inches. All 4 are in very good condition. Winning bid gets all four pieces.

73.Salt and Pepper Collectible Shakers lot A. This is just about the cutest vintage salt & pepper shaker you will ever see. It is a little bear holding a speckled trout in each arm. The fish are removable and are the actual shakers. It stands 5.5 inches tall and in very good condition.

74.Salt and Pepper Collectible Shakers lot B. Here is the second vintage salt & pepper shaker set we are offering. This one is early Japanese hand painted pottery and looks like a couple Scarecrows, one happy and one sad. The happy one has 3 holes and must be the salt. They are 4.5 inches tall and in very good condition.

75.Salt and Pepper Collectible Shakers lot C. Here are two sets of somewhat newer salt & pepper shakers. First one is a 2 piece cactus on a planter. Next set is a pair of small pumpkins. The cactus is 4.5 inches tall. Both sets are in excellent condition.

76.This is a Shimano Triton trolling reel. Series 50W long range special. This is a heavy duty deep water ocean reel that includes a versatile leverdrag reel for casting, trolling and live bait fishing, 1-piece graphite frame, Cold-forged aluminum spool, 4 A-RB® (Anti-Rust Bearings), ball bearing drag system, Stainless steel gears and main shaft, Loud click strike alarm. and Power handle with oil-ported torpedo knob. In great used condition.

77.This is a Shimano Triton trolling reel. Series 50. long range special. This is a heavy duty deep water ocean reel that includes a versatile leverdrag reel for casting, trolling and live bait fishing, 1-piece graphite frame, Cold-forged aluminum spool, 4 A-RB® (Anti-Rust Bearings), ball bearing drag system, Stainless steel gears and main shaft, Loud click strike alarm. and Power handle with oil-ported torpedo knob. In great used condition.This is a heavy duty deep ocean reel. This is in great used condition.

78.Here is an excellent Pflueger Fly Reel. It is a Supreme 1794 and new in box. It has been loaded with a floating line and tapered leader. Very nice quality reel, ready to use. The box is a little beat, but the reel is perfect.

79.Here is the first of 2 beautiful older but new, Penn salt water bait casting reels. Both are No. 209's and in unused condition. This one has burgundy sides and polished chrome metal parts. The spool measures 2 1/8 inches wide. Ready to load and go.

80.Here is the second Penn No. 209 salt water bait casting reel. It is also in unused condition. This one has black sides with brushed and chrome metal parts. The spool is also 2 1/8 inches wide. Load it up and hit the water.

81.This is another collectible limited edition Daisy BB gun. This is the Daisy Avanti Champion 499 gun. It is marked Daisy Airgun Museum #24 of 750. It comes with paperwork and a C.O.A. New in it's original box.

82.This is a classic RED RYDER BB gun. In good used condition and loaded with BB's. Tested and working.

83.This is a collectible commemorative Daisy BB gun. This is the Pony Express model. One of 1,860 produced. This is new in it's original box and comes with all paperwork and C.O.A..

84.This is a collectible vintage Daisy No.25 pump action BB gun. This has a spring fed magazine in the barrel. It is a "one pump" action gun in great condition. Made in Plymouth Mich.

85.This is a Crosman Phantom Model CS1K77X BB or Pellet gun. This is a "single cock" barrel break in .177 Cal. It has a Center Point scope mounted on it. All black composite stock. In excellent condition.

86.This is an antique Swiss Army Vetterli bolt action military rifle. The caliber is 10.4 x 38R center fire. Looks to be in excellent condition. It comes in a hard sided plastic case from Flambeau.

87.This is a Smith & Wesson M&P tactical knife. # 1084315. This is an "out the front" switchblade style knife, very sharp and new in it's box. The knife is 9 inches long when opened with a 3.5 inch blade.

88.This is a nice medieval chess set. This has composite material, possibly plastic pieces, the tallest is about 4 inches. It comes in a foldable carrying case that is also the board. It measures about 16 inches square and in like new condition..

89.This is just about the neatest little vintage two-wheeler I have ever seen. It is called the Angeles Trike, even though it is actually not a trike,  and was made in the mid-1960s. It has a steel frame, steel wheels with solid rubber tires and a cast aluminum seat with the name and address of the manufacturer stamped in it. Contrary to the way bicycles are made today, this little critter weighs a ton. I had my 7 year old grandson riding it a couple months back, and he had the greatest time. It has been freshened up a little bit with a new paint job on the wheels and the steel frame was buffed and polished. The frame was never originally painted. This is a very collectible bike and quite hard to find in great shape like this. Incidentally, the name of the bike was spelled incorrectly in the seat. The seat is 16 in off the ground and the handlebars are 27in high.

90.Here is a vintage Steiff Teddy Bear. These are probably the most sought after and collectible Teddy Bears on the market. He is made in Western Germany and in remarkable condition. He retains all the original identification tags and red neck ribbon. His head, arms and legs are all articulated and he is made of genuine Mohair. He is 13 inches tall when standing. Perfect collector quality bear.

91.Here is a great old Fisher-Price pull toy, first introduced in 1950. It is called Teddy Zilo. When you pull the toy, he plays the little xylophone. It is all wood and metal with paper litho graphics. He stands 11 inches tall and is in great shape for its age.

92.Here is the second of three vintage Fisher Price toys we are selling. This one is called Dr. Doodle, and he was first introduced in 1957. This toy was a favorite because of all the visual animation and loud quacking sound. When a child pulls the toy, the beak opens and closes, the tail goes up and down and the wings flap. It's amazing how simply we used to entertain our children. This toy stands 10 in tall and is about 8 in long. It shows some wear around the edges, but is in overall very good vintage condition.

93.Here is the last vintage Fisher-Price toy we are offering, and also is the oldest. This one is called Bunny Cart and it was introduced in 1940. It is a simple toy, looks like a Hopping Bunny pulling a little basket behind with chicks on it. This toy has no animated features. It is in very good to excellent condition and ready for your collection. It measures 9.5 in long and 4 in tall.

94.Here is a huge lot of vintage Toy Trains and accessories. The lot includes many cars, locomotives, electric switching track, transformers, control panels and more. The majority of the trains are O gauge. The distance between the inner rails of the track is 1.25 in the distance between the outer rails of the track is 1.5 in. The vast majority of the train cars are made by Marx, with a few Lionel. All of the trains and accessories are used and in as found condition. Please look closely at the pictures to determine exactly what you will receive. There are several pieces of track that are larger. It measures 2 1/8 between the rails and nearly 2.5 in across the outside of the rails.

95.This is a vintage mid-century tin wind-up toy. We do not have a key, so it is untested. The little girl swings back and forth. It is in great condition with bright and clear graphics. It stands 9 inches tall.

96.Here is a great old toy called Flexo. There are spring activated levers on the back that enable you to animate the character as you wish. This particular character is named Jokko. It comes complete with the original box and looks like it dates to the 40's or 50's. There is a pivot pin in the base that needs to br re-attached to work properly. He stands 10 inches tall.

97.Here is a huge lot of 24 Souvenir Baseball Bats. The oldest one I see is from 1977 and the newest one is 2004. There are names like Jacksonville Suns, Toledo Mud Hens, Atlanta Braves, San Francisco Giants and more. They range in size from 16 to 18 in Long. They are in varying conditions, some look brand new and some show considerable wear. One bid gets them all.

98.This is an electronic Hoop to Hoop basketball game. It has lights, timing and scoring. It is from Arcade Alley, model # 5786. This is in good used condition in it's original box. Again we give a 3 day to be sure its OK guarantee so bid with confidence.

99.This is a 12 inch Diameter Globe World Series made by Replogle. It is slightly 3 dimensional with raised mountain ranges. It is finished in mostly shades of brown. It is in very good condition. It stands 16 inches tall.

100.This is an antique Dresser Mirror. It is solid mahogany with an attractive veneer around the oval mirror. It has brass screws on the sides to adjust the angle of the mirror. It is 22 inches tall and 14 inches wide. There is a small split from shrinkage in the veneer. Very good vintage condition.

101.This is a large vintage Italian porcelain Plaque. It is very ornate and done in Capo de Monte style. It is hand painted and embellished with gold highlights. It measures 24 inches tall by 20 wide. It is in excellent condition.

102.Here is another very nice Italian Porcelain wall plaque. This one shows a young couple sharing a kiss through an open window. It is also hand painted and very attractive. It measures 11.5 inches square. It is in excellent condition.

103.This is an acrylic Sea Life statue entitled "Reflections of Paradise". It has three dolphins and other sea life. The acrylic is mounted on a wooden base that has some light water damage, hardly noticeable. It stands 11 inches high.

104.This is another acrylic Sea Life statue, this one has four dolphins frolicing. Again the art is mounted on an oval wooden base. It stands about 8 inches tall.

105.This is a super nice hand made basket, all made with sea shells, even the handle. It measures 10 inches tall with the handle and about 7.5 inches in diameter. Perfect Florida item.

106.This is a large Vera Bradley shoulder bag. Bright pink with floral design. This bag measures 17 inches by 8 inches and it is about 14 inches deep. Zipper top with several outer pockets and padded strap. Great condition.

107.This is a lot of 3 vintage compact makeup mirrors. Two brass mirrors that are about 3 inches square each and w small round mirror about 2 inches in diameter.

108.This is a small child's play toy called the Zany Zoo. It is all wooden and it has animals behind doors, it has an aphabetical animal symbols on one side and rollers on the other. This unit is 12 inches square and about 18 inches high. In great condition.

109.This is a child's Fire Station play set. This is an all wooden set with a Fire Truck and Firemen and even a bell included. Also there are several accessories that fit in different places. This piece measures 16 inches square and 19 inches tall.

110.This is a vintage Marx tin typewriter toy. It is called a "Dial Typewriter". Looks to be in great condition. It is 11 inches by 8 inches in size.

111.This is a McDonalds collectible lighted sign from Department 56. It is the old lighted arch sign. It is about 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide. It comes in it's original box and has been tested.

112.This is another McDonalds collectible from Department 56. This is the original"Snow Village" McDonalds building. It is a lighted piece with a switch-in-cord plug. It is about 12 inches wide by 10 inches tall. It is in new condition and comes in it's original box.

113.This is a nice display box for a large piece of coral or a football or other cherished pieces. It is a wooden framed box with beveled glass sides and top, with a foam mounting inside surface. Beautiful Rosewood finish. It measures 12.5 inches by 9.5 inches in size and it stands 8.5 inches high. In great condition.

114.This is a wooden display case that presently has a Commemorative Coca-Cola Super Bowl football in it. This case would be great for a piece of coral or many other things.The ball has classic Super Bowl matchups. The case measures 12.5 inches wide by 9.5 inches deep and it is 8.5 inches high. Winning Bid gets both the case and the Football.

115.Here is a large lot of collectible Oreo Cookie Tins. They were annual editions that were released around Christmas for collectors. The dates are 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998 and 1999. One is not dated. Four are still unopened and sealed wrapped, and full of cookies. The tins are 6 by 8 inches. Your winning bid gets all 7 Collectible Tins.

116.This is a very impressionistic solid brass sculpture of 2 fish. They have no tails, but still are immediately recognizable. It stands 7 inches tall and is in very good condition.

117.Here are pair of solid brass Scallop Shell Bookends. Each one has a crest or Coat of Arms with the letters EBUSA. They are 5 inches tall and in very good condition.

118.This is a pair of cute Tug of War Bookends. They are a thin skin of antique finished brass over a resin of some type. They are American made and very nice. Each is 5 inches tall and in excellent condition.

119.This is a very nice pair of Fitz & Floyd Bookends. They are hand painted Clowns, each in a different pose. Each is marked and dated 1979. They are 5.5 inches tall and both are in excellent condition.

120.Lighter lot A. This is the first of two lots of vintage cigarette lighters we are selling. This lot has three lighters, two are Slimline Zippos and one is an Evans. All three appear to be in working condition however they all need a new flint. The Evans lighter is engraved To My Puddin. One bid gets all three.

121.Lighter lot B. Here is the last lot of vintage cigarette lighters. This light contains two vintage standard size Zippo lighters and a Zippo advertising tape measure from 1973. Both of the lighters are in good working condition, the brass one needs a flint. One bid gets all three items.

122.This is a very old yet great condition Brass Fire Starter. It is a thick heavy brass pot with lid and some kind of high temperature ceramic on a wand. The ceramic will retain heat and can be used to start a fire. It measures about 8 inches tall. First one we have ever seen. No clue to its age.

123.This is a large home made carpenters tool box. It measures 31 inches long and 12.5 inches wide. It is 3.5 inches deep inside. This one has a single round handle for easy lifting. In great solid condition.

124.This is another home made carpenters tool box. This one measures 21 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. 3.5 inches deep inside. In great condition.

125.This is a lot of four Collectible name brand Cast iron skillets. They are all different sizes from 6.5 to 11 inches in diameter. We have a #3, #6, #7 and a #9. All four are WagnerWare Sidney. Great collectible and functional lot. Winning bid gets all four.

126.Here is a vintage 1 gallon advertising stoneware jug. The stamp on front reads M. Saltzman Co. Purity Above All. The Jug is a cone top and is brown over cream. The Jug stands 11.5 in tall and is in very good condition with a couple minor chips.

127.Here are a pair of Ronald Reagan commemorative coins. They are .999 pure Silver and about the size of a dime. They are dated 2005 and 2006 and appear to be in perfect condition. Both are in sealed plastic cases.

128.This is a vintage Chinese Sex Token. It is been called many different names over the years such as Wedding Coin, Marriage Coin or Love Charm. They have been made for centuries, but we think this one is from the 1950s. It is made of brass or bronze and has Chinese characters on one side and love making poses on the other. It is about 1.75 in in diameter and in very good condition.

129.This is a hard to find Cross of Color Medal Rainbow Girls order Eastern Star Masonic with original ribbon. It is bronze and the colors are enamel. It is 1.25 inches wide and in very good condition.

130.Artwork # 1. Large original Watercolor/ Gouache Abstract Titled " Cultural Assimilator" by Kevin Hough. It has great composition and color and measures 30 inches by 38 inches framed. 

131.Artwork # 2. Very large and hard to find original Mixed Media Surreal Painting. All aspects of this piece are over the top, from the foil inspired "Crown" to the applied ceramic pieces spanning the bottom. Everywhere you look you see something you had not seen before. Could not find a signature but one might be on the canvas back under the frame,but certainly a quality piece. It measures 32 inches by 41 inches framed and in great condition.

132.Artwork # 3. Very large and colorful Abstract "Light House" by a highly collected Miami Florida artist Bruno Canargo. Its signed both front and back and dated 1992. Beautiful frame job and measures 40 inches by 40 inches framed.

133.Artwork # 4. Nice large original Abstract titled "1930 Wheat" by a South Carolina artist G.K. Boles. Its mixed media on canvas and makes a perfect complement to any mid-century Danish Modern home. It measures 32 inches by 42 inches framed. 

134.Artwork # 5. Lithograph " The Jewish Museum 1965" by Larry Rivers. Its a limited edition of 25 issues, Poster Edition signed, dated and numbered 17 of 25. This low edition is pencil signed on the bottom right and measures 28 inches by 40 inches framed. Larry Rivers (1923-2002) is credited as being one of the first artists to transition "Abstract Art" to the newer form of "Pop Art". His pieces are collected all over the world and on permanent display in the Guggenheim, the Tate, and the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. As a low edition piece and hand pencil signed, this piece has a gallery price of around 5 Thousand dollars. The Poster itself unsigned would retail at one thousand. Don't miss this piece.

135.This is a lot of 7 vintage collectible decks of playing cards. There are seven decks including Singapore Airlines, Concorde, United Airlines, SAS and more. They come in an old wooden biscuit box from Dancing Deer Baking Co. These were free for the asking in the good old days of flying. Very collectible now, your one winning bid gets all 7 plus the biscuit box.

136.Here is a very nice antique Still Bank. It is cast iron with nickel plating. The door in the front is marked with the word SAFE. On the bottom is a patent date of June 2, 1896. This is a small Bank measuring almost 3.5 in tall. It is in remarkably good condition for 120 year old cast iron. The door is open and there is no key. Great collector quality Bank.

137.This is a lot of 4 G.I. Joe styled collectible Figures. These are the large dolls measuring 12 inches tall each. Not sure how old these are, I'm guessing the 80s. All seem to be in great condition. Winning bid gets all four.

138.Bobblehead lot A. Here is the first of 4 very nice collectible Betty Boop Bobbleheads. Each one has a different theme and wardrobe. This one is a little angel with a plaque that says "It's not easy to be this Good". It is 7 inches tall and in excellent condition.

139.Bobblehead lot B. Here is the second Betty Boop doll we are offering. This one has a bobbling body as well as head. It is made of heavy resin. It is 7 inches tall and in excellent condition.

140.Bobblehead lot C. Here is the third Betty Boop Bobblehead we are selling. This one goes well with lot A. She is dressed up like a little devil and has a plaque that reads "It's so Good to be so Bad". It is made of heavy resin and in excellent condition.

141.Bobblehead lot D. This is a different little Betty Boop Bobblehead. She is a chauffeur with a Bentley emblem on her hat. It is made of plastic and has a sound feature in the batteries to test. It is 7.5 inches tall and in very good condition.

142.This is a Betty Boop Bobblehead in a pink Convertible. It is dated 1999 and made by Funco. It is 5 inches tall and made of resin. It is in very good condition.

143.Here is a cute Betty Boop collectible Tin Television Lunch Box Collectible by Vandor. It is dated 1999 and comes with papers. It is 8 inches tall and 8 inches wide. It is in new condition, only being unwrapped for or pictures.

144.Betty Bobber A. This is the first of 3 Betty Bedazzled Collector dolls. This one is called Sterling Betty Boop Bobber. It comes in a colorful tin and is in new condition. The packing material is partially missing. The case stands 9 inches tall.

145.Betty Bobber B. Here is the second Betty Bedazzled Collector doll. This ine is called Society Betty Boop. It is dated 2004 and is new in the tin.

146.Betty Bobber C. This is the third in the Betty Bedazzled Series. It is called Platinum Betty Bobber. It is dated 2004 and comes in a colorful tin. The tin measures 9 inches tall. New in box.

147.This is a hand sewn Afghan. It looks to be about 4 feet by 6 feet in size. Its bright red in color and the front has the puffy white flowers. This is in excellent condition. Collectible and useable.

148.This is a vintage accent chair. This one has a woven rope seat in the shape in a criss cross pattern. It has tapered wooden back slats and lathe turned legs.

149.This is another vintage accent chair. This one has a cane seat with a carved backrest. The cane has a loose spot in the front of the seat.

150.Here we have another antique accent chair. This one has a beveled edge cane seat with turned back supports. It shows some use but it is still in solid good condition.

151.Collectors Lot of four beautiful Glass Paperweights. These have very bright colors and are in great condition. The largest one measures 3.25 inches in diameter. One winning bid gets all four Collectible Paperweights.

152.This is an art glass Mushroom. The cap is blue/white and the stem is brown/white. It is large at 7.5 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

153.A Pair of signed Fenton Glass Collectible Birds. They are both signed pieces and are  in excellent condition. Winning bid gets both Birds.

154.Here is an older Japanese Saki Set. It is made of enameled wood with hand painted Koi fish. The set includes a decanter, under plate, ashtray, six glasses and more. The decanter stands 7.5 inches tall. It is in very good condition. Winning bid gets all you see.

155.This is a cute miniature Tea Set. It is lathe turned from a very attractive bi-color wood. The set includes a decanter, 2 tea pots, 4 stemmed glasses, 4 large mugs, 6 small mugs and 7 plates. The decanter is 5 inches tall. The set is in very good condition. Your winning bid gets all you see.

156.Here are a nice pair of vintage Cloisonne vases. They are brass with the enamel work in medium and dark blue. There is a signature of sorts on the bases. They stand 6 inches tall and are in very good condition with a couple light chips. Winning bid gets the pair.

157.Here is a drop-dead gorgeous antique solid brass Hurricane Lantern. It has a beautiful milk glass shade that has a drapery like pattern on the outer edge. The lantern is marked Juno Lamp Made in USA. It dates back to around 1900. The lamp has not been electrified and is in very good original condition. The brass has considerable patina, but it would polish out beautifully if desired. The lamp stands 21 in tall.

158.This is a still life embroidery work of a flower vase. It is in a beautiful wooden frame that is gold in color. It is under glass and it measures 34 inches high by 27 inches wide. In great condition.

159.This is a great original watercolor painting of a sunset. It measures 24 inches wide by 18.5 inches high. It is in a silver metal frame. Great colors on this one.

160.This is an oil on canvas still life. It is an arrangement of flowers on a table. It is signed by "HELMAN". This artwork has a very heavy texture almost 3D. It is in a very nice wooden frame that measures 27 x 23 inches.

161.This is a Vintage Jungle Gardens Sarasota, Fl., Elvis the Macaw Original Watercolor Painting.  Elvis was a Sarasota legend who performed for decades at Jungle Gardens. She was in prison in California, made TV commercials and appeared on The Johnny Carson Show. She would actually paint during the show.  She passed away in 2007. This piece measures about 16 inches by 12 inches. It is in a gold colored frame with heavy matting.

162.This is an original still life oil painting of a wine bottle and fruit. It is a large piece measuring 42 inches wide by 30 inches tall. In a wooden frame with fabric matting. It is signed, but legible. I believe it is ... something HANS?. It has a small chip in the top of the frame.

163.This is an Indian tapestry, not native but far eastern. It measures 32 inches wide by 22 inches tall. It is in a gold toned frame with heavy fabric matting. It has two elephants face to face and is quite impressive. 

164.A set of High quality Military Prints.These are 9 fine art prints of the WWII 50th Anniversary Series. These each measure 24x18 inches, high gloss finish and are are from the U.S. Air Force Art Collection. Older set I have not seen before, and your chance for a great instant collection. Winning bid gets the whole impressive lot.

165.This is an antique piece of clothing in a very expensive frame. It is some sort of lace blouse or shirt.  Many collectors like Lace and this is a nice example. The frame measures 30 inches wide by 20 inches high and in excellent condition.

166.Here is a very large Native American Dream Catcher. It is large at 27 inches wide and 41 inches long. It is all wool, coyote fur and feathers from several different birds like turkey and pheasant. All beautiful earth tones will fit any decor. Hard to find a better one.

167.This is a Framed art Print by Susie Morton, that also has three Commemorative Stamps framed as a collage.. It has 3 vintage U.S. postal stamps on the bottom and an 11 x 14 inch print that is also signed. The total framed piece is 22 inches wide by 19 inches tall and in excellent condition..

168.This is a vintage poster of the Boston Celtics Legends. It shows Larry Bird, John Havlicek, Bill Russell, Bob Cousy and Kevin McHale. This was in a cheap plastic frame that is missing the needs a new frame. It measures 36 inches wide by 24 inches tall.

169.This is a Spanish Budweiser beer mirror. It measures 32 inches wide by 14 inches tall. This has screw holes in the frame to be wall mounted.

170.This is the first of seven lots of Star Wars collectibles. This one is Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader action set. It is an electronic set with lighted light sabers and sounds. This is from Kenner 1997. It is new in box.

171.This is the second lot of Star Wars items. This lot has three action figure sets. We have Purchase of the Droids, Final Jedi Fuel and Jedi Spirits. Two sets are from Kenner and one is Hasbro.

172.This is the third lot of Star Wars collectibles. This contains three action figure sets. We have Jabba's Skiff Guards, Cantina Aliens and Rebel Pilots. All three are from Hasbro.

173.This is the complete set of "Freeze Frame" Star Wars action figures from Kenner 1997-1998. There are 47 figures included.

174.This is a lot of ten small Star Wars action figures/tree ornaments. There are two Kenner Collection figures three Hallmark Keepsake ornaments and five unmarked action figures.

175.This is another Star Wars collectible from the Kenner Collection. This is Han Solo with the Carbonite Block.

176.This is our last Star Wars collectible. This is Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper gear. This was limited to 20,000 pieces. New in box

177.This is a die cast Collectible Biplane from Coca-Cola. This is a genuine trademarked Coca-Cola item. It is new in box and never opened. Stock # F601 from 1997. It doesn't show a scale but the box is 13 x 10 inches. Brand new with original box.

178.This is a die cast U.S. MAIL Airplane in 1/32nd. scale. This Vintage Bi-Plane is very accurate in detail, as well as being a Bank. Made by Spec Cast it is model # 101. It appears to be unopened in it's original box. We only opened it for pictures. 

179.Another collectible Die-Cast metal Airplane, that is also a Bank, from Ertl. This Piece is an accurate representation of a Vintage Bi-Plane with advertising markings for Ace Hardware. It duplicates a 1931 Stearman Biplane. Marked model F398, and it is  from 1995 and it is new in the box. No scale is marked on the box but it measures 13 inches wide by 10 inches deep.

180.This is a B-34 Lexington airplane model kit from MiniCraft Model Kits. It is 1:72 scale. Skill level 3. The box is opened but the model is still sealed in plastic bags with all decals and instructions.

181.This is a B-26 Marauder airplane model from Monogram. It is 1:48 scale. Skill level 2. It is in an opened box but the model is sealed in plastic with decals and instructions.

182.This is a Douglas A-20 G Havoc airplane model from Italeri. It is 1:48 scale. It is in an opened box but the model is still sealed in plastic with decals and instructions.

183.This is a P-61 Black Widow airplane model from Revell. It is 1:48 scale and skill level 2. It is new in an opened box, parts are still in plastic. Decals and instructions included.

184.This is a Boeing KB-29P Tanker airplane model kit from Academy MiniCraft model kits. It is 1:72 scale. It is in an opened box but the parts are still sealed in plastic. Decals and instructions included.

185.This is a C-130 E/H Hercules airplane model kit from Testors. This is 1:48 scale. This is a large model with a 33 inch wingspan. The box is very rough and has been totally taped shut, we are assuming the model is new and still sealed in plastic like all the other kits we are offering. In this situation we will offer our 3 day guarantee on this item.

186.This is electronic remote control walking, talking robot. It stands 14 inches tall. It takes 4 D cell batteries in the robot and AA's in the remote. Tested and working.

187.This is a large remote control robot. It walks, talks picks things up. It stands 22 inches tall. It takes several D cell batteries in the robot and AAs in the remote. It has not been tested but it does come with our 3 day guarantee..

188.Figural Land Line Telephone in a very accurate rendition of the famous  P-51 Mustang US Fighter Plane. Made by Telemania, we had no way to test it out but it carries our 3 day to be sure it works guarantee so bid with confidence. It measures 14 inches long and 9 inches high. In good used condition with phone cords attached.

189.Here we have a Jumbo Santa's Express train set from Seasonal Visions International. It is a battery operated train with working lights and sounds. It has over 80 inches of track included. This is an opened box but still in great like new condition.

190.Here is a large group of Nine Enesco "No Strings Attached" figurines. The one with the red box is damaged as shown. All others are excellent in box. They are about 3 to 4 inches tall. Your one winning bid gets all nine boxed collectible Figurines.

191.This is a vintage Czechoslovakian peddle bike. It is from Rapido. This is a child's size peddle bicycle in good original rideable condition. The seat is in rough condition but the rest is fine. Fenders, reflectors and chain guard are all still intact. The tires are about 15 inches in diameter with good tread. Overall the bike is 47 inches long and 29 inches high at the handlebars. Very cool bike.

192.This is a lot of 6 Joe Montana collectibles. 5 pieces from Starting Lineup and one Hallmark Keepsake ornament. See pics for details. Your one winning bid gets all 6 Collectibles.

193.This is a lot of four Nolan Ryan collectibles. All from Starting Lineup. We have three single action figures and a Freeze Frame collector club special edition four figure set. All new and unopened. One bid takes them all.

194.This is an 8 piece lot of Starting Lineup baseball collectibles. These are action figures from such players as Mark McGuire, Greg Maddux, Barry Bonds, Reggie Jackson, Cal Ripken Jr. and George Brett. One bid takes all 8 pieces.

195.This is a lot of 20 pieces of L.A. Lakers basketball collectibles. These are all from Starting Lineup except for one Hallmark Keepsake ornament. These are all action figures of players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O'Neal, Byron Scott, James Worthy, Magic Johnson and more. All are new in package and one bid takes them all.

196.This is a good sized lot of original vintage Tin Toys. There are kazoos, wind ups, clickers and more. 13 pieces in all and one bid takes them.

197.This looks to be either a Trash Can or a Hamper. It is all Brass, both plate and cast. with attractive Lion Head handles on the sides and ornately designed feet. A hinged angled lid and a small folding handle on the back. It stands 22.5 inches high and it is about 12 inches square and is in very good condition.

198.Attractive custom Florida style wooden and painted custom cabinet. It is a cream colored cabinet with blueish Sea Life hand painted on the front. It measures 30 inches tall and it is 24 inches by 13 inches on top. It has two drawers top and bottom with a two door cabinet in the center. Excellent condition.

199.This is an American Indian statue. This is a warrior who just slayed a buffalo and is dragging it's skin behind him. It is 18 inches tall and highly detailed. His spear is removable. It is made of resin and it is in excellent condition.

200.This is another American Indian statue. This one is a woman holding her baby. This is a resin piece measuring 14 inches tall. It is in excellent condition and highly detailed. A good match for the warrior statue in the previous lot.

201.This is a replica of a vintage cast iron pot belly stove. Do not know if this was a Toy or a Salesmans Sample. You be the judge. It is 27 inches tall and 14 inches wide at the base. It is marked B'HAM STOVE & RANGE CO. NO. 40. Nice decorator piece.

202.This is a Hand Made custom Leather belt with a carved wooden buckle. It has the name Gene Wyant on the back of the buckle. On the belt is says DUN DEE size 38. The belt has been used but it is in great condition. The buckle has an Indian Head carved in the center. The buckle is 4 inches by 2.75 inches. Very unique piece.

203.This is a complete Boxed Collectible set of twenty musical CD's entitled " Hits from the Musicals". It has music from such musicals as Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Grease, Saturday Night Fever and more.

204.This is an official guide book of the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans. This is in excellent condition with loads of pics and inside someone has stapled the original Ticket Stubs from being there. Great collectible.

205.This is a piece of industrial railroad equipment. It is a Union Rectifier from Union Switch & Signal, a division of Westinghouse Brake Co. Swissvale, PA. U.S.A. and was founded in 1881 by George Westinghouse. This piece is very heavy, I'm guessing about 40 Lbs or so. It is a signaling switch for CSX and other freight trains. Very collectible item.

206.This is an original vintage wooden fruit crate. It is marked Gold Buckle Association East Highlands California.  It is also marked Standard Railroad Crate. It measures 26 inches by 12 inches and it is 12 inches deep. In very good collectible condition.

207.This is a large wooden crate filled with all sorts of antique tools. There are hatchets, saws, planes and more. Also there is a small vintage metal toolbox with several smaller hand tools, knives and other items. One bid takes everything, including the Crate.

208.This is a very nice American made Dunlap 3.5 in bench vise. It swivels 360 degrees and it has a built-in Anvil. It is model 5244 and is in good serviceable condition.

209.Here is a lot of four bags containing antique wooden Push On Clothespins. Each bag contains about 30 pins giving you a total of approximately 120. These pins are impossible to find today and perfect for a number of different crafts. They appear to be new old stock. One bid gets them all.

210.Here is a beautiful hand-painted porcelain Florida Pelican. It is 1984 Arnart Royal Crown and signed J. Byron. It is 11.5 in long and stand 7 inches tall. It comes complete with an oval wooden display stand. It is in excellent undamaged condition.

211.Here is a real cute little family of Florida Pelicans. They are hand-carved and hand-painted and sitting on a small block of cypress. It stands 7.5 in tall and is in excellent condition.

212.This is a small statue of a Pelican called "Sea View". It is signed and numbered piece, 3101/5000. It is a resin piece measuring about 10 inches tall and depicts a Pelican coming in for a perfect three point landing on a seaside piling. Great colors and in excellent condition.

213.This is a colorful ceramic Rooster. It measures 11 inches long and 9 inches high. Hand painted and in excellent condition. 

214.This is another ceramic rooster/chicken. We get easily confused.  This one measures 9 inches long and 7.5 inches high. This one is mostly a yellowish color.

215.Another large Ceramic Rooster, but this one is a Cookie Jar also. It is made by Verified International. Designed by Susan Wingets. Beautiful hand painting and in excellent condition. It stands almost 12 inches tall.

216.Another nice Cookie Jar and this one is in the shape of an Ocean Lighthouse.  It is brightly hand painted and ready to use or collect. It stands 12 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

217.A heavy antique solid cast iron Door Stop. It represents a nice quaint  English Cottage, complete with shutters and flowers in the front. It is probably made by Bradley and Hubbard, however it is not marked so we cannot be sure. It stands 5 in tall and 7.5 in wide. It is in very good vintage condition with a nice patina.

218.Another nice Cast Iron Doorstop or Statue in the shape of a Seahorse. It stands 8 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

219.Another nice older Cast Iron Doorstop,and this one is in the shape of a vintage Steam Locomotive.  It stands 6 inches tall and 10 inches long. One chimney is missing, still looks fine.

220.A stylized solid brass Sailboat Sculpture. It is two sailboats running before the wind on the waves. Has a nice patina now but could be bright polished if that is your taste, and it stands about 9 inches tall.

221.Everyone loves Dolphins and here are three more. This is a sculpture of three dolphins frolicking in the waves. It is a resin piece in excellent condition. It is 8 inches tall and 11 inches long.

222.More Dolphins. Here are a pair of figural Porpoise Candles. They are 6 inches tall and in very good condition. They have never been lite. 

223.This is a large Centerpiece Candle. The large egg shaped candle sits on a bed of sand and seashells in a glass vessel. It is supported by a wrought metal footed holder. It stands 11 inches tall and is in very good condition.

224.This is a Martha Stewart Giant Apothecary Jar with lid. This glass jar stands 19 inches tall with the lid. It comes in it's original box and is brand new..

225.Here is a contemporary Amberina Crackle Glass pitcher. It has graceful lines and an applied handle. It stands 14 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

226.Here is a huge red Vase with a clear glass pedestal foot. It is hand blown and very impressive. It stands 17 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

227.This is a beautiful cut-to-clear bowl. The stain is an unusual Plum color. There is an illegible signature on the bottom that looks like a Crown. It stands 3.5 inches tall and 8 inches wide. It is in excellent condition.

228.This is a Czechoslovakian ruby cut-to-clear Decanter. It is beautifully detailed and shows great craftsmanship. It stands nearly 10 inches tall. The stopper is missing. It is in very good condition.

229.This is a tall Brass Vase with considerable detailed toolwork. It has a narrow mouth opening and bulbous middle. There are 2 small handles on the sides. It stands 12.5 inches tall and is in very good condition.

230.This is a mid-century three tiered metal Tid Bit Tray. It has hand painted flowers and decorations and brass tone pedestals and carry ring on top. It stands 12.5 inches tall and is in very good condition.

231.Here is a Limoges China Lot, marked "C. Abrenfeldt Limoges for Wright Tyndale & Van Roden Philadelphia".  There are 13 dual handled coffee cups, 3 single handled coffee cups, 17 saucers, 12 bowls, 1 small saucer and 1 small bowl. 47 Pieces all in total , and your one winning bid gets it all.

232.This is a lot of 12 pairs of Unisex sunglasses. These are all in good used condition. There are brands such as Mossy Oak, Dulce & Gabbana, Solara and more. One bid takes them all.


If you know any body studying for the Scholastic Aptitude Tests or the Sat's, here is a really cool and novel gadget. It is a complete self contained electronic testing or studying tool. It comes with all the paperworks, padded carrying and storage case, and even has new batteries installed when we tested it. Batteries are now included. It is called the  Franklin SAT-2400 Princeton Review Pocket Prep for The Sat's. Looks to be in like new and working condition. Nice gift for any student.

234.This is a collection of "beach find" fossil sharks teeth. I'm counting 100 at least. They are all laid out in a wooden display case that measures 21 inches by 15 inches and 3.5 inches deep. Winning bid gets all the Fossils plus the Display Case. Very nice display.

235.Here is a colorful hand painted metal Wall Art of a confused school of fish. Every fish is headed in a different direction. Each fish is deeply concave in shape. It measures 39 inches wide and 17 inches tall. Each fish is 7 inches long. It is in excellent condition.

236.Original clever styled all metal Wall Hanging in the shape of a southern decorative Staircase. On the wall this looks like a series of decorative stairs with Railings, but it doubles as a nice Display Rack for whatever you like. It has an antiqued brown finish and it measures 36 inches long and 8 inches deep. Has five level steps for your display surfaces.  In great condition.

237.This is a classic Florida Style metal wall sculpture. It shows three palm trees in the foreground with a sailboat on the water. It measures 31 in wide and is 17 in tall. There is a little light patina, that makes it look great.

238.This is a high end Wallhanging or Diorama of two beautiful Tucans, male and female, in a tree. It has a all metal foliage with carved wooden birds. It measures about 30 inches wide and 30 inches tall. Ready to hang.

239.Very interesting Wall Art all metal interperation of a large Sand Dollar Wall.  It is hand hammered and sculptured, then hand painted. It measures a full 18 inches in diameter and is in beautiful condition.

240.This is a large copper colored wallhanging. It has a metal disc in the middle that has been hand painted. It branches out in a circular pattern with small discs all around. The entire piece measures about 38 inches in diameter. Great condition.

241.This is a bronze and glass plant stand/floor vase. It has a "frozen rope" chain link design and a large glass vase or planter inside. It stands 24 inches tall and it is in great condition.

242.Large Folding all metal crafted Garden Trellis. It is decorated with geometric shapes also hand fabricated.. This trellis has a three folding panels, all hinged together, that measure 70 inches high and 48 inches wide when opened. Great condition.

243.This lot contains two large Shepard's hooks or crooks, whichever is correct, for your lanai or garden. One has a twisted shaft with an art figural design on top. The other is a simple design hook. Both are about 6 feet tall. Winning bid gets both pieces.

244.This is a forged iron fireplace tool set. It stands 32 inches tall. It has a grape leaf design on top. It has a graber, a shovel, a poker and a broom. Real nice set.

245.This is a metal shelving unit/display stand. It is obelisk shaped, (Washington Monument). It is 5 feet tall and 15 inches square at the base. It has four shelves in it and it is a brownish/copper color. In like new condition.

246.This is an extremely nice table top Water Fountain. It is made completely of Terracotta, and looks and feels exactly like Natural Weathered Sandstone. It is completely self-contained and is powered by a 110 volt pump. It is about 11 inches tall and 11 inches wide. There is some light patina from use, but it can be easily removed if a desired. Of course it is working perfectly.

247.This is a fossil Otodus Shark tooth from Morocco. It is about 1.75 inches long and in very good condition. It is about 4 million years old.  Comes complete with display case.

248.Shell lot C. This is a large Conch shell.  This measures 10 inches by 7.5 inches and it is 5.5 inches high. In good condition.

249.Shell lot A. Another nice large Conch shell. It measures 10 inches by 8 inches and it is 6 inches high. It has a couple chips but still a great looking shell.

250.Shell lot B. The last large Conch shell in our auction. This measures 9 inches by 7.5 inches and it is 6 inches high. A few chips but still in great condition.

251.This is a lot of Vintage Meisen tableware. There are 19 pieces included. Much of the gold plating has been worn off. It seems to be a mis-matched set with several different pieces with different patterns, but still all Meisen Pieces. See pics for details.

252.This is an old military ammunition box and fold military shovel. The ammo box measures 11 inches by 6 inches and it is 7 inches deep. The shovel has a wooden handle and it is collapsible. It is 28 inches long and both are in good shape. Winning bid gets both pieces.

253.This is a mixed lot of assorted fishing poles. There are 5 poles included. All in good used condition. See pics for details. One winning bid gets all 5 Poles.

254.This is a standard commercial Machete with nylon sheath. It measures 35 inches long with a 20 inch blade. No manufacturer name could be found. In great condition.

255.This is a Roman style Fantasy Sword. It has a composite handle and it measures 25 inches long with an 18 inch blade. The blade is not sharpened and for display only.

256.This lot contains 2 identical packages of Lenox Gorham Silver Plated picture frames. The frames are round and can be hung, or stand on a shelf. They are 5.5 and 2.5 inches in diameter. Both come with COA's.  Both packages are damaged, but the frames are excellent and new. Winning bid gets both boxes.

257.Here is a great lot of Thanksgiving Items to make your Holiday Table something to be proud of.  Most of the bigger items are heavy Porcelain painted pieces. There is a covered butter dish, covered bowl, 2 sets of Salt & Pepper shakers, candle holders and 4 solar powered wigglers. All are in very good condition. One bid gets them all. Make next year Great Again.

258.Here is a real nice antique lathe turned wood bowl that was hand decorated by a local artist. She calls it Flip Flop Till You Drop. It features nice bright colors and large jewels. It measures 12.5 inches wide.

259.Here is the craziest Gecko we've ever seen. It is made of wood and bright yellow green in color. It has been decorated by the same local artist as the previous lot. It has a jeweled back and googley eyes. It is 15 inches long.

260.Detailed metal crafted Gecko looking for somewhere to chill. He could be yours. You can enjoy Him inside or out. It is brightly painted in purple and blue. It measures 13 inches long and ready to go..

261.Here is a neat little Florida Home Decor piece.  It is solid wood it appears to be hand carved. It is a Starfish on a Stick. It has a very light natural color stain. It stands 16 in tall and is in very good condition.

262.This is a vintage hand blown glass Ostrich Egg. I have seen many of these in chicken egg size, but this is the first large ostrich egg I've ever seen. These were commonly blown to put in the nest to stimulate egg laying. It is approximately 6 in long and in excellent condition.

263.Here is a very nice antique Hand Bell. It has a turned maple handle that is stamped with the number three. It has a bronze bell with original clapper. It has a beautiful sound as you would expect from an old bell. It is nicely crafted and in very good vintage condition. It stands 6 in tall and the bell is about 3 in wide.

264.This is an amazingly beautiful and highly detailed silver candlestick. It has Hallmarks on the back of the base, but we are not sure if it is solid or plated. You please come in and take a look for yourself. The candlestick has a classic Dolphin stem and is quite a piece of work. It has a removable candle cup that is also hallmarked. The Candlestick stands 6.5 in tall and is in beautiful condition.

265.Here is a lot of 12 vintage Pewter Spoons. Several are Miniatures with figures on the handles. Most are marked P P which stands for Plymouth Pewter. One bid takes them all. The largest spoon measures 7.5 inches long.

266.Here is a huge group of vintage Melamine or Melmac table wear. This was the perfect set for picnics back in the 1950's. There are names like Texas Wear, Beverly by Prolon and more. Inexpensive and unbreakable tableware is always useful. One bid gets this giant lot.

267.This is a very attractive, Art Deco style vase made by Camark Pottery of Arkansas. It probably dates to the mid-1930s and has a beautiful shaded green matte glaze. Camark was producing fine Art Pottery during the same era as the giants like Roseville and Rookwood. This beautiful large vase stands 10 in tall and is in excellent condition.

268.This lot contains 4 pieces of Brand New Paula Deen cookware. There is a large 12 inch chicken fryer pan, a 5 qt. jumbo cooker, a 2 qt. pot with lid and a 1 qt. pot. These pieces are new and unused. They are a blueish pastel color. One bid gets all these Pieces.

269.Complete New Boxed 15 piece Set of Paula Deen cookware. This is a sealed box that has never been opened. These are porcelain non stick, heavy gauge pots and pans. 6 pots and pans, 4 lids and a 5 piece measuring spoon set. See pics for details. Winning bid gets it all.

270.This is a New 2 piece set of Pioneer Woman cookware. It is an 11 and a 9 inch non stick skillets. These are new in packaging. Winning bid gets both.


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