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Auction Title: 5804 Better Quality Items from Richie Auction 5804 - AUCTION BEGINS TO END : Thursday March 14th. 7:00PM ET

Item Description
1.Here is a legitimate "once in a lifetime" opportunity to own an authentic Faberge treasure.  Faberge items were created for the wealthy and well to do inside Czarists Russia.  In keeping with this theme, they created this exceptional Butler's or Servants Bell.  These were used throughout the mansion to "ring" for service when needed.  They used a low voltage wire system and probably dates to around 1900.  The Bell is a press button located in the center.  It is made of gem quality Jade with we believe to be a Moonstone button.  It is surrounded with white and yellow Gold.  The white Gold is set with approximately 52 tiny Mine Cut Diamonds.  The round ball feet are yellow Gold.  The Gold band around the button contains Faberge Hallmarks.  It measures 2 3/16 th. inches long, 1 3/8th. inches wide and stands 1 inch tall.  It is in excellent condition with a small dent on one of the ball feet.  It comes complete with the original presentation case that is also appropriately signed by Faberge.  The above information is our opinion, as well as the consignor's.  Please take the time to come in and inspect the piece for yourself. May be your only chance at an authentic Faberge Piece.


Here is an opportunity to own a 200 year old Windsor Rocking Chair dating from 1780 to about 1830. This example has the desirable Comb Back feature and the Continuous Arm and back.  The arm rests are one single piece of oak that has been bent in several different directions.  The chair has 13 splats supporting the arms and making up the back.  Five of which extend up creating the Comb.  All of the splats pass completely through the arms and back, a construction detail that provides both strength and beauty.  Chairs of this vintage are considerably smaller that you would find today.  It stands 41 inches tall to the comb, 16 inches to the seat and only 14 inches wider between the handle supports.  It is in remarkable condition, just as tight ans sturdy as the day it was made.  Don't miss your chance to own a valuable antique chair.  

If the Windsor chair developed in England, its form was certainly perfected in America. Colonial craftsmen eliminated the central splat featured in the original chair's back. They also slenderized the splats and legs, and developed, for some models, the "continuous arm" - that is, the chair arms and back rim are made of a single, bent piece of wood. These alterations simultaneously strengthened the chair while giving it a light, airy appearance.

Windsors come in a variety of styles, including armchairs, side chairs, rockers, and - as many students of a certain age remember - writing chairs. There are even Windsor settees. The spindled backs come in several heights and shapes too, and Windsor chairs are usually identified by that feature: "low back," "comb back," "bow back," for example. But the best-known, the version that seems to be the quintessential Windsor, is the sack-back or hoop-back. This is usually an armchair with a semi-circular back. These are the ones that often appear in portraits of prominent colonial figures and, as the American Revolution approached, members of the Second Continental Congress. In fact, cabinetmaker Francis Trumble made more than a hundred of them for the Philadelphia State House in the 1770s where the Declaration of Independence was drafted.

Windsor chairs were made of a combination of cheaper woods: hickory - an especially pliable wood - for the spindles; pine for the seat; maple, ash, or oak for other components.

3.We believe this is an authentic Vintage Galle Cameo Glass vase. The consignor believes it is authentic and we have found no reason to dispute it. We have asked two other people whose knowledge we trust and they both agreed it seems to be authentic. This is made in France at the Galle factory. This vase has gently curving sides with a white portion in the center. It is a white yellowish color and the flowers are brown and lavender in color. The flowers are raised and glossy and the background is a matte finish. French Galle glass is beautiful and like no other making it very easy to distinguish. This vase is 9 inches tall and in excellent condition. 

4.This is a vintage Tiffany Studios Trinket Box. The outside is made of brass or bronze and the pattern is called Grape Leaves. Inside is lined with cream Favrile glass. The box dates to the early 1900's and was introduced as a line of affordable quality goods. It is intended to hold small items like stamps or paper clips on your desk top. It is signed Tiffany Studios New York and was personalized with the initials C.F. on the top. It is 4.25 inches wide, 3 inches deep and 1.75 inches tall. It is in excellent condition.

5.This is a gorgeous signed art glass vase by Daum Nancy. It has beautiful carved cameo work showing a pond scene. There are green and maroon lily pads on the bottom and tall leaves and flowers rising up through the neck. It is further embellished with aquamarine colored jewels and flowers. On the base is a polished pontil. It stands 12.5 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

6.This is a large all leather Camel replica. It is quite realistic in every way. You can even see the muscles in this nicely detailed model. It stands 21 inches tall. The saddle is seems to be made to remove, and overall great condition.

7.Large carved Jade Elephant, complete with Wooden Base and Presentation Case. It is standing with his head held high and trunk reaching upwards. It is quite large and heavy. It is over 8 inches tall and 10.5 inches wide. It has wonderful texture and is in excellent condition. Don't miss out on this one.

8.This is a rather exceptional solid wood carving of 5 Elephants. It is quite large, however it is intended to be hung on the wall. The Elephants are randomly placed and facing in alternate directions. It is all carved from one large piece of wood. Three of the elephants have the white tusks. It measures 22 inches long and 14 inches tall and projects 8 inches out from the wall. Impressive looking piece.

9.This is a silver Antique Wine Taster with an authentic silver "8 Reales Coin" dated 1633 used as the bottom of the Cup. This coin is the original Pirates Coin seen in Pirate stories. It has grid marks on it, and when broken could be used to make change, hence the term "Pieces of Eight" or part of an 8  Reales coin..Also the expression "Two Bits" or 25 cents, would be a quarter of the coin. Enough history, it is a great historical coin, but the beauty of the Cup is the workmanship needed to make the whole object.  Near the coin is a small Hallmark that looks like MP. We believe it was assembled around 1880. This is a great double collectible appealing to both silver and coin collectors. Bet you have never seen another one! It measures 3.38 inches wide and 1.25 inches tall. In very good condition. Be sure to come and see this one.

10.This is an antique Sterling silver Match Safe or Vesta. It has a bold Repousse design with an Art Nouveau flair. It has a beautiful design of Scrolls and flowers. The lid still has its spring loaded mechanism and works perfectly. It measures 2.5 inches tall and 1.38 inches wide. There is a small dent on the lid, otherwise it is in excellent condition.

11.Large and heavy Stained Glass Nautical Picture.This quality picture shows 5 separate Lighthouses in a Seascape. It is framed and Sandwiched between glass and Plexiglas for its protection. It is quite heavy and well constructed and very colorful, especially when displayed in sunlight. It measures 25 x 27.5 inches wide. It has been enclosed in a wooden frame and is in great condition. 

12.Oversize Vintage Butcher's Chopping Block, also called a Butcher Block. It is solid Maple and a solid section of the whole Tree without the Bark. It measures 28 inches tall and it is about 20 inches in diameter on average [it is not perfectly round]. Our guess is that it is at least 100 years old. It is in great condition to display or use and would be a great focal point of any country Kitchen.. 

13.Authentic imported  large stretched skin Table styled Drum.  It has a deep and resonant tone because of its large size. Its completely covered in some type of Animal Skin from top to bottom.  We couldn't agree on what type of Animal. It measures 30 inches in diameter and it is 21 inches tall. It is in very good to excellent used condition. You can now be King of your Drum Circle. Come down and beat on it. Have fun.

14.This is an excellent quality XYLOPHONE, complete with a Practice Pad. Both are made by Pearl, a quality percussion maker. Also includes a pair of Sticks, a foldable Sheet Music Holder, and the Soft Case. We all had fun pecking out simple tunes, and wished we knew how to really play it, because it sounded so good. Come and try it and you will fall in love with it as we did. Hate to see it go. 

15.This is a very nice all brass Trumpet with blue velvet lined hard case. It does not have a maker's mark that I can find. It has been minimally used and is in very good condition. One of the white valve tops is missing. It measures about 20 inches long and is beautiful.

16.This is a very nice Electric Guitar. It is made by AXL Guitars. It has a deep metallic blue body with dark & light colored woods in the neck and headstock. It measures 35.5 inches long, . It is in very good condition with only a couple of minor rubs. Of course guaranteed.

17.This is a real pretty Vintage Table or Boudoir Lamp. It is amber Hobnail and very likely made by Fenton, but it is not signed. It has a brass tone metal foot and is mounted on marble. It is 20 inches tall and in very good condition. Tested and working.

18.All right you Michiganders, here it is. Beautiful and colorful Table Lamp with THE MICHIGAN WOLVERINES LOGO done in leaded glass.. It measures 20 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter. It is a heavy metal lamp with a stained glass shade. Tested and working and in excellent condition.

19.We have had quite a few Brass and Metal Decorative World Globes, but this is the nicest and the biggest one we have ever had. Just the Globe is about 13 inches in diameter, and in the Brass Base its almost 19 inches tall. The Brass is all high gloss and shiny and in excellent condition. The Globe is super nice quality with the multicolored inlays that are so popular. Lines of Latitude and Longitude are gold highlighted as well as the outlined countries. Just super high quality, right down to the operating Compass set on the bottom cross supports. As nice as these get and would be a proud addition to any home.

20.A simply gorgeous Hand Inlayed Oval Decorator Coffee Table from Italy. It utilizes several different contrasting colored woods. It measures 39 inches wide by 21 inches across and stands 19 inches tall. In excellent condition with just a few marks on the bottom of the legs. Stunning Piece.

21.This is a nice older occasional lamp. It is antique brass finished with amber glass prisms hanging in the center. It stands on 4 feet with a marble top on the base. It measures 19 inches tall and is in very good condition. Tested and working.

22.This is a large and very fancy Scrolled  Wrought Iron Metal Floor Lamp. It is probably contemporary, but could be Vintage. Either way it is big and impressive and beautiful. Lamps like this are often called "Piano Lamps". The lamp has 9 individual bulbs with lined taffeta shades. Each is topped with a round acrylic orb. The lamp stands on 4 scrolled feet and weighs about 50 pounds. It needs a little tightening here and there but overall great condition.. It stands about 80 inches tall. Tested and working.

23.Paperweight lot A. This is a contemporary art glass Paperweight. It utilizes controlled air bubbles and deep teal blue glass for a beautiful patterned weight. It is artist signed and dated on the bottom. It is nearly 4 inches wide and is in excellent condition.

24.Paperweight lot B. Here is another nice contemporary Paperweight. This one has a sticker signed Dynasty Gallery Heirloom Collectibles. It has controlled air and multi-colored fritt, which are little specks of colored glass, above a green and white swirl. It is 3.5 inches wide and is in excellent condition.

25.Paperweight lot C. This contemporary Paperweight is a scene from under the sea. It has 3 little colorful fish and blades of green sea grass. The bottom is shades of blue with yellow and green flecks. It is 3.5 inches wide and is in excellent condition.

26.Paperweight lot D. This is a cute and simple Paperweight. It is acorn shaped with a quadruple helix of air bubbles in the center. It is 3 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

27.Paperweight lot E. This Paperweight lot is a Crystal Apple with brass tone stem. It has rows of tiny air bubbles. It is 3 inches tall and in excellent condition.

28.Paperweight lot F. This is an unusual shaped contemporary Paperweight. It is an elongated teardrop shape with green, yellow and controlled air on the inside. It is artist sidned on the base as shown. It stands 5.5 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

29.Check out this huge art glass crystal Orb. The Orb is clear with thousands of tiny controlled air bubbles within. It is much too large to be considered a paperweight, in fact it weighs just a shade over 10 pounds with a diameter of nearly 6 inches. It is fun to look at, especially with the sun shining on it. It is in beautiful condition and ready to be enjoyed.

30.Colosseum Etching  A . Done by Italian artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi 1720-1778.  Fascinated by the historic grandeur of the monuments of ancient and modern (18th century) Rome, Piranesi spent a lifetime recording the images of Roman remains. An architect by trade, and passionate about archeology, Piranesi combined his interests with his creative energy to produce a large body of detailed etchings illustrating the imposing structures of Roman grandeur. Piranesi returned again and again to popular views of Rome to reinterpret scenes from varying angles, lights, and perspectives. Piranesi‚Äôs etchings were popular and important souvenirs of Rome for European visitors making the Grand Tour of Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries. We have two of his Etchings on this auction, and they are both two different Views of the Colosseum. Don't forget he was seeing them in the 1700's. These when they do come up for sale bring very good money. Be sure to check them out online. These are very big being 36 1/2 inches by 28 1/2 inches. Come and be impressed with them at our Preview.

31.Colosseum Etching B. This is the second Piranesi Etching we have on this auction. It is another view of the Colosseum in the 1700's. Check the full description in the previous lot for all the full information. Don't loose these two historical Art Pieces.

32.This is a huge free form multi-pedestal bowl. The bowl on top has a tortoise shell appearance and the free form pedestals are clear with a black center. The base is clear with a black swirl. It stands 15 inches tall and the bowl is 10 inches wide. It is in excellent condition.

33.Here is another nice piece of free form art glass that coordinates well with the previous lot. This is a basket shape with tortoise shell top and bottom. In the center is clear glass that almost looks to be woven. It makes a pretty bold statement. It is 11.5 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

34.This is a large Hand Blown Art Glass Bowl or Charger. It is clear based with a shaded blue swirl from center to edge. It has a polished pontil on the base. It measures 14 inches wide and is in excellent condition.

35.This is a super lot of 8 hand blown and signed Steuben dinner plates. They are light topaz in color with a gentle swirl pattern. Each has a ground and polished pontil on the bottom. They are 9 inches wide and all eight are in perfect condition.

36.This is a set of 10 Tiffany Dinner Plates. They were made by Spode Copeland's China, for Tiffany and Company New York. It is pattern number Y- 5171. The plates are trimmed in 24 karat gold and each one contains green leaves of some sort. They are quite beautiful and I am sure very hard to come by. We have never seen plates like these before. They measure 10 inches in diameter, all are in excellent condition. You're one winning bid gets all 10 plates.

37.This is a gorgeous vintage Waterford liquor decanter. It is one of their more attractive patterns called Colleen. It has a cut waffle pattern in the body, flutes in the shoulder and around the top of the neck and 3 simulated rings in the center. The stopper is original and correct. Both pieces are in Flawless condition. The decanter is signed on the base and it stands 11 inches tall including the stopper. They don't come along this nice very often.

38.This is a beautiful Waterford crystal Rose Bowl. The pattern is called Glandore.  It is a nice size and is clearly signed. It measures 5.5 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

39.This is a collectible Waterford 3 leaf Clover Paperweight. It has a paper sticker as well as the acid etched signature. It measures 4 inches wide and 1.25 inches thick. Great collection.

40.This is a real hard to find signed Waterford crystal Egg in Amethyst. It is tiny at 2.5 inches tall and in excellent condition. Colored Waterford is always desirable.

41.This is a large contemporary centerpiece bowl by Villeroy & Boch, a very high end maker of quality Crystal. It has flared and fluted sides and a round base. It is signed on the bottom. The bowl measures 12 inches wide and is in excellent condition.

42.This is a real nice and large piece of natural Coral. It is white at the outer tips and rust colored in the center. Great piece of Florida decor. It is about 11 inches tall and 9 inches wide.

43.Here is a real large Clam shell of some type. Not sure where they come from, but not Southwest Florida. It comes to you with a small clear plastic stand. It measures 11.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall.

44.This is a pair of natural Conch shells. Both are in very good condition. They are about 9 inches long. One bid gets both Shells.

45.This is an extremely  large pottery Urn made to resemble Wedgewood pottery. It was made by Irma in 1973. It is hand painted with Roman looking white cameos on the sides. It is over 20 inches tall, impressive,  and in good condition.

46.This is a very cool vintage diarama which includes a small Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, coyote skull and cactus wood. The snake is beginning to show some deterioration, but the  rattle is still intact. The snake is very realistically posed and ready to strike. It measures 18 by 13 inches and is about 9 inches tall. Great western piece.

47.This is a huge gothic looking Centerpiece Bowl. The ends are flanked by a pair of winged dragons in bright gold. The bowl itself is resin with a mosaic appearance. It measures 22.5 inches long and 12.5 inches tall. It is in very good condition.

48.This is a vintage handled plate made by P & L Limoges. It is brightly decorated gold with teal and blue peacocks. It has a Luster Ware finish making it very attractive. It is 10.5 inches across the handles and in excellent condition.

49.This is the first of two Ultra Modern matching upholstered Rocking Chairs with matching Ottomans. This is lot A. This super modern piece has an adjustable Head Rest as well. It is bright electric Blue in color and made out of some type of soft short knap velour. The rockers are shiny chrome or stainless..It  is in very good used condition, almost excellent, with very few marks. There are one or two spots that should be easily cleaned off. They are that nice that I would keep them as they are. Come and see these beauties. Again you are bidding on One Chair with matching Ottoman only. The second matching set is in the next lot

50.This is the second ultra modern matching Rocker and Ottoman to the previous lot.  . Again they do little show signs of use but still in great condition. This is lot B. Ultra modern rocker/ottoman combo. Come and appreciate them at our preview.

51.Beautiful Tall Bistro Drop sided round High Top Table. It stands 36 inches tall and it has two drop sides. It is all black and made of wood. It has been used but it is still in excellent condition. This pieces color does not exactly match the two Stools in the next lot,  but they would still go together to make a very nice Table/chair Set. Come and see yourself, or just get the Table by itself.

52.Two beautiful tall quality Wooden Bar or Bistro Table Stools. These are made in Canada by HOLSAG. Very heavy construction and well made. They are very dark cherry wood in color and they have a seat height of 30.5 inches. Overall they are 46 inches tall. In excellent condition and these would go well with the high top table in the previous lot.

53.Lighted Curio Cabinet. It is white with faux marble and gold accents. It stands just over 70 inches tall and it is 18 x 13 inches. It has four glass shelves and is in great condition. A very traditional look to it.

54.Hanging Figural Ceiling light. It has three monkeys with the "SPEAK NO EVIL , SEE NO EVIL , HEAR NO EVIL" theme and a palm tree on top. The shade is fabric with wooden reeds stretched over it and the top is resin. It is 17 inches tall and 20 inches in diameter. It has a plug in cord so it does not have to be wired in the ceiling. Very unique Florida styled Piece , tested, working, and in great condition.

55.Large Set of excellent Condition Calphalon Cookware. There are 10 Pieces of Cookware,  9 pieces are SIMPLY CALPHALON and the smallest pot is CALPHALON. 3 pans , 3 pots and 4 lids. All in good used condition. Great Set and one winning bid gets it all.

56.Brand new Electric Fan Forced Air Heater, made by HONEYWELL. It is a 360 degree surround heater. Has an adjustable Thermostat, Carrying Handle, and safety "Tip over protection". Good for one medium sized room.  Brand new in the original box with paperwork. Tested and working.

57.Countertop electric Popcorn Machine made by ELITE POPCORN. It stands 18 inches tall and just over 10 inches square. It includes a tray, two scoops and four popcorn buckets. Instructions also included. In excellent used condition. Of course we guarantee you 3 days to be sure its A-OK.

58.Quality Set of WOLFGANG PUCK KITCHEN KNIVES. It is a five piece set and includes the wood storage block. In very good used condition.

59.This is a CUCINAPRO PASTA MAKER. Making pasta at home is easier than you think, and much tastier than store bought. It is in good used condition with original box and instructions.

60.A BLACK AND DECKER JAR OPENER. It looks to be brand new and never used. In its original box with the instructions. It is  Model JW250, and if your a Senior like myself, you will be thankful for the help. 

61.This is a better quality Hand Held Metal Detector. It is a called the  COINMASTER MINERAL AND METAL DETECTOR. Made by Whites electronics, a better quality manufacture of Detectors, in Sweet Home Oregon. Not tested, but working when last used according to the Consignor. Again we give you the three day period to be sure electronics are working. No other guy does that but us. Bid with confidence..

62.This is a FOODSAVER VAC820 food bag sealer. It is clean and has been tested and works fine. No bagging material included.

63.Black and Decker Trimmer and a Black and Decker Blower, both Cordless.  Rechargeable Lithium Battery included, as well as the Charger. All tested and working and in excellent condition. Nice and clean pieces, with our 3 day try it to be sure guarantee.

64.Better quality 16 inch  HUSQVARNA 450 CHAIN SAW. 2 cycle Gas powered. It looks to be in great shape but has not been tested. Consignor said it works fine but you still have our 3 day to be sure guarantee from us.

65.50 foot extension cord. It is very heavy duty and comes with a cable clamp. This weight and quality are usually very expensive. Check it out.

66.Super nice Rolling Two section Tool Box made by TASKFORCE. It comes complete with all the tools as shown[see pics]. Box is in great condition, rolls well and all drawers function properly.The large bottom Section is 26.5 inches wide by 14.5 deep and stands 30.5 inches tall. It has two Drawers and the large storage bottom area. The portable Tool Chest on top is 22 inches by 12 inches deep and 13.5 inches tall. Has three Drawers and top storage.  Total height of both sections is 44 inches. Nice and clean. Great starter set for your garage.

67.Nice heavy duty portable Halogen set of UTILITY LIGHTS. Tested and  they are working great as you can see. Height and light angle are both adjustable.

68.This is a Pair of A/C GAUGES. One is for adding a can of coolant to a system and the other is for a larger tank. Both are brass and glass and heavy duty.  Made by THERMAL. No way for us to test but look to be in very good condition. Winning bid gets both.

69. ORBITAL BUFFER made by Autospa.. No bonnets included. These can save you hours of buffing time.  Tested and working.

70.MAKITA Model  BO4510  electric Palm Sander.  In good used condition. Tested and working.

71.This is a PAINT ZOOM PAINT SPRAYER. It is brand new without original box. It has a compressor, spray gun, hose, funnel and filters. Also includes a carry strap. Brand new and looks like it never had any paint in it.

72.CRAFTSMAN  Pneumatic Garage Stool. It has an adjustable height settings  from 28 to 32 inches and the overall height is 44 inches. Stainless steel with black vinyl seat and back. Also has adjustable feet to keep it from rocking. It does have a little surface rust on the steel but it is in very good condition.

73.Autocraft Engine Start/Battery Charger. It is model AC-750CR. It will charge both conventional and deep cycle batteries. It has a 2 amp trickle, 12 amp fast charge and 75 amp Engine Start. Very good condition. Tested and working.

74.This is a very decorative Carving Set. It is unmarked, but looks to be from India or Indonesia given its decorative styling.. It is made of wood with a colorful floral covering. The set includes a Carving Knife and Serving Fork. It measures 12 inches long. Nice set.

75.This is a vintage Case Grand Daddy Barlow pocketknife. It was made during the period from 1940 to 1964. It has a single carbon steel blade and pretty red bone handles. It has been sharpened, but still in very good condition. It measures 5 inches long closed. Cannot be shipped out of state

76.This is a very nice and hard to find Stag handled hunting knife. It is made by Edge Brand in Germany. There is an etch on the blade that says Original Bowie Knife. The blade is very thick and sturdy and made of carbon steel. It appears to have the original sharpened edge and shows very little wear. Again the handle is stag, the pommel and hilt are cast aluminum. It comes complete with original leather sheath. The knife is in very good vintage condition, the snap on the leather sheath is broken. The nice is 9.75 in long overall with a 5 inch blade. Cannot be shipped out of state.

77.This is a very collectible Snap-on 60th anniversary pocket knife. It is a limited edition from 1980 and 1 of 20,000 made. It is an American made knife, with three blades and celluloid handles. It says Snap-on 60th Anniversary on the front and The Masters Choice on the back. It comes with a presentation case which includes a commemorative limited edition coin. The knife is in as new condition and ready for your collection.Cannot be shipped out of state.

78.Here is a nice lot of 4 brand new collectible knives. All come with their original packaging. First is a 10th Anniversary gold plated single blade lock back. Next is a large Whitetail Deer liner lock with nice wood handle. Next is a signature series North American Fishing Club. It is a single blade lock back with a largemouth bass on the handle. Last is large collectors edition Freedom single blade lock back. It has an Eagle holding the colors on the handle. Cannot be shipped out of state.

79.Beautiful  and  very colorful Art Glass Rooster. It has a clear body with orange, blue and green inside, a very difficult trick for the Glass Blower.  His comb is bright red, and it stands 8 inches tall and 9 inches wide. It is in bright and excellent condition.

80.Vintage all metal still bank in the form of a Horse. It is made of spelter with a bronze plating. It retains the original plug in the belly. It is 8 inches tall and 11 inches long. It is in good vintage condition. Don't see this style very often.

81.This is a vintage leg hold animal trap. The size would be appropriate for rabbits, muskrat, and small mammals of that size. It is a long spring trap and is in decent vintage condition with considerable corrosion. It measures 9.5 in long.

82.This is a cast silver colored Polar Bear. Not sure if it is metal or a heavy resin. It is a nice rendition and is signed underneath PAT. It measures 7 inches tall and 13 inches long. It is in very good condition with a few paint rubs.

83.This is an older Taxidermy mount of a Black Bear head. The backing is wool felt. It has been sitting in a shallow wood box. I'm sure it could be modified so you can hang it on the wall. It has some condition issues around the sides. It is 20 inches long and 13 inches wide.

84.This is a Taxidermy skull of a large carnivore. The consignor couldn't identify it and we think it may be a Bear? It has large canine teeth as well as many molars. It has been wired to stay together. It measures 11 inches long and 5.5 inches tall.

85.This is a small full skin Alligator head mount. The eyes have been replaced with glass and the skin was varnished to protect it. It is 7 inches long.

86.This is a drip glazed pottery or ceramic Whale. It is mounted on a stone and signed on the bottom. The whale is hand crafted and very nice. We have never seen another like it. It is nearly 14 inches long and 4.5 inches tall. It is in excellent condition.

87.Just what Floridians love, Sea Turtles. This is a nice diarama showing a pair of Sea Turtles swimming around a piece of coral. They are hand painted and well crafted. It stands 9.5 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

88.This lot has 2 carved wood Turtles. One is carved from a live edge log, and the other is hand carved from a dark colored wood. The large one is 8.5 inches long. Both are in very good condition.Winning bid gets both wood Turtles.

89.Two great Pieces of Folk Art .They are a  cute reptilian duo. We have a turtle and a chameleon. Both are made of beads strung on a thin wire. The wires are then shaped to form the animals. The chameleon is 11 inches long and the turtle is 7 inches long. Both are in excellent condition. Winning bid gets both pieces.

90.This is a leaded glass tortoise shaped night light. It is shades of blue and green with brsss tone head and feet. It measures 8.5 inches long and is in very good condition. Tested and working.

91.This is a very old hand made wooden slat Laundry Basket. My research tells me these are quite scarce and hard to find. Each of the slats gently curves outward and are retained by a heavy metal wire and coiled spacers. This construction makes the basket remarkably flexible. The bottom is solid wood and there are 2 carry handles. It is in great condition. It measures 29 inches long and 22 inches wide and about 10 inches tall.

92.Check out this super antique pitcher. It is made of solid copper with a brass standing lion brazed on each side. It has been sealed so the top is no longer removable and the pour spout has been soldered shut. It makes a great decorator or accent piece just as it is. Put a little elbow grease into polishing and you will have a jewel. It is 13 inches tall and 10 inches across the base.

93.This is a lot of 2 antique graniteware coffee pots. Both are white, one is missing the lid. These date to the 1920's or so and are in very good condition for vintage graniteware. One is 10.5 inches tall and the other is 9.

94.This is a beautiful robin's egg blue swirl Graniteware coffee pot. This color is a collector favorite. The lid is missing, but it will make a great pot for dried flowers. It stands 9 inches tall and is in very good condition for vintage graniteware.

95.This is a vintage 5 gallon Red Wing stoneware crock, including the very hard to find original lid. The lids are about 10 times harder to find than the crocks. The stamp on the front of the crock is bright and bold, and it has the large Red Wing. The lid is marked with a 5 on the button top and surrounded by the classic Red Wing Daisy pattern. There is some repair on the edge of the lid which is very common. The crock is in excellent condition with a couple very light hairlines. It stands 15 in tall.

96.This is a vintage 1 gallon stoneware jug. We can tell from the shape that it is definitely made by Red Wing stoneware from Red Wing Minnesota. It is not signed, however the shape is unmistakable. The Jug is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. It stands 9 in tall.

97.This is a vintage 1 gallon Albany slip advertising jug. It is called a scratch jug because the advertising was literally scratched into the Jug before being placed in the kiln. It has an applied handle and is in beautiful condition. Fee Brothers was located in New York state I believe. The jug stands about 9 in tall and is in excellent condition.

98.All Metal Accent Table or Plant Stand. It measures 24 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter. It is all black with a palm tree design on all four sides.  Like new, excellent condition. Solid piece.

99.A Set of two Hand Woven natural finish Vintage Chairs. These are made of Bamboo and split Rattan and they are in excellent condition. These chairs are vintage and extremely well made.  Much nicer than you would find in most stores today.  They both have cushions, but I would not use them. The Chairs are beautiful by themselves. Each chair has a seat height of 20 inches and a width of 19 inches. The chair backs are 35 inches high. Very comfortable and they have "The Look". Winning bid gets both Chairs.

100.Here we have four very modern, yet traditional Dining Chairs.At first I thought they were metal framed, but now I believe they are some type of composite material. All the seats are very colorfully upholstered, including the backs, with some type of velvet material. Come and see what a nice color combination these have. The black frames have some very slight rubs but I would just polish them and use them as they very good condition. Your winning bid gets all 4 Chairs.

101.Attractive of Porpoises, jumping from wave to wave. They are solid brass and nicely cast. They measure 6.5 inches tall and 11 inches long. Very popular subject and in very good condition.

102.This is a fantasy lot of mythical figurines. Some are resin, some are pewter. We even have a musical snow globe. The largest figure is 7.5 inches tall. All are in very good condition. Winning bid gets the whole lot of all you see.

103.Here are two French Poodle wall hangings made almost entirely from polished abalone chips. They are actually very attractive and loaded with color when the light is just right. No way to know, but they probably date to the 1950's. Both are in great condition and must have taken hours to make. The larger poodle is about 15 inches wide. Winning bid gets both Poodles.

104.This is a large all metal Nautical themed light that can be hung in many ways. In the day they were hung from a down line or a spar. It measures 20 inches tall and it is 10 inches in diameter. Looks like an old ships lantern. Heavy glass with metal construction. In excellent condition

105.Another Nautical themed item, a cast iron back Door Bell.  It portrays an old  Sailor, fighting the Ships Wheel in a storm.Hanging underneath Him is a Bell with a pull cord, and a "WELCOME ABOARD" sign. It is 13 inches tall and projects 9 inches from the wall. The bell is 4.5 inches wide and sounds great. Very nice piece.

106.This is a vintage cast iron Boot Jack, with a decidedly Nautical theme. It is in the shape of a Lobster. To use it as intended, place the boot you want to remove between the lobsters claws and step on the tail with the other foot, when you lift your foot the boot will be removed. Just place it by your back door and enjoy the comments when friends come to visit. It measures about 10 inches long and 7 inches wide. It is in good vintage condition with some light paint loss and patina.

107.You can't pass this up !!! It's a dancing/singing lobster. Hit the button and he's off. He sings "ROCK THE BOAT" and "SEA CRUISE". He is about 14 inches long and 8 inches wide.In great condition. We all loved this piece and couldn't keep our hands off. Works and dances great.

108.This is a nice piece of Florida wall art. It is made entirely of copper and depicts a flying Heron or Crane. It measures 21 in long in about 20 in tall. It is in very good condition.

109.This is a real nice vintage Watercolor, framed and under glass. It looks like an autumn scene, out in the country. The frame is 23 in wide and 19 in tall. It is in very good vintage condition.

110.This is a real nice oil painting. It measures 39 x 27 inches and it is signed "PAULA ERMAIM..?". It is a still life with flower pots.

111.This is another oil on canvas and it is signed "REMIGER". Very bright vivid colors on this one. It is a still life of a flower pot and apples on the table. It measures 24 x 20.5 inches. It does have a chip out of the frame on the bottom right [see pics].

112.This is an oil on canvas painting. Signed by "J.B. HIRSCH". It also has the word or name "PALFFY" on the front, not sure of the meaning.  It measures 18 x 22 inches and is in excellent condition.

113.An original "JOYCE ROYBAL" oil painting up for auction. He is very Collectible and desirable, with his popular subject matter, children and their pastimes. We had five small ones on the last auction, and they were snapped up. This last two we have are much bigger, and worth much more. This one measures 21 inches by 25 inches and the frame does have a little damage, upper left and bottom right corners, but does not subtract from its value at all. This one depicts 5 children riding bikes, very colorful, like all his work, and very animated. Don't lose these last two..

114.This is the second and last original Oil  by "JOYCE ROYBAL" that we have. This is a much larger one and it measures 45 x 33 inches. Dynamic and colorful rendition of 9 young children musicians. These are very sought after, and much copied, so don't loose this original.

115.This is a watercolor of seven golfers dressed as they would be during the different time periods. It is fun to see how the outfits have changes so much over time. It is signed "SHERRI CRABTREE".  It measures 20 x 24 inches. It is clean and in excellent condition.

116.This is a very nice Vintage Oriental print. Looks to be on a wood backing with some kind of overlay. It is matted in a wooden frame. The frame is a little rough and it has been screwed to the wall right through the frame. Gold, green and red colors with Chinese characters. It measures 18 x 42.5 inches.

117.Beautiful colorful Print by Lost Tribes and Native American Tribes artist Carol Griggs. Large piece is exceptional because the Print and its Frame are fully encapsulated in a clear covering, making a permanent protected piece. These are usually sold in the Grango Gallery in Oregon, but here is a chance for you to pick one up locally. Its 38 inches wide by 25.5 inches tall and in very good condition. 

118.Nice tranquil relaxing Victorian scene by B.D. Sigmund entitled  "AFTERNOON PUNTING". I guess in that era just poleing along was called Punting.  Older Print is 30 inches wide by 24 inches high in an older wood Frame. Frame has some slight issues but displays well. 

119.This is a large professionally framed print entitled Indiana Winter. It was done by Calvin Maglinger in 1969. It measures 30 in wide and 23 in tall. It is in very good condition.

120.This is a very cute piece of folk art on wood. It shows a black and white cat hiding in the flower garden. It has a great look and is signed by the artist, Ginny. It measures 15 inches tall and 11 inches wide. It has a great aged patina.

121.This is an Asian rotating music box. It resembles a 3 string guitar with black and white snake skin covering. Has some Japanese characters on it, and we found a woman who could read it, and she said it translates to "snake skin covering". Not much of a revelation, was it.  It stands 17.5 inches tall and is in very good condition and plays some oriental music. What a surprise again. Sometimes it just "is what it is".

122.This is a pair of large Owl Bookends. They stand 7 inches tall and are gold tone metal. They are stamped "HAMPTON VA." on the back. Excellent condition. One bid gets both pieces.


123.This lot is a pair of Crystal Candlesticks with Owl stems. They are quite heavy and have etched wings. They are designed for a larger candle with a 1.75 inch diameter. They stand 6.5 inches tall and are in excellent condition. Winning bid gets both.

124.This is a leaded glass Peacock Night Light. It is nicely made from hundreds of individually set pieces of colored glass. Lights up softly making it a perfect night light. It measures about 10 inches long and is in excellent condition. Tested and working.

125.This is a sculpture of a Canada Goose. It is part of the Crow Springs Collection by Loon Lake. It is a sculpture of the original wood carving by Sam Nottleman. It is 10 inches long and 6 inches tall. It is in excellent condition.

126.This is a large and  heavy cast iron Horse Statue. It is contemporary and very well made. Nicely detailed with great musculature. It stands 12 inches tall. Could not find any forge marks. In excellent condition.

127.In keeping with our Horse theme we have another Nice Horse Statue. This one is made of some type of resin. It stands 19 inches tall and 18 inches long and again a great look. Painted charcoal gray in color with some slight cracking in the paint, otherwise excellent condition.

128.This is a pair of HORSEHEAD BOOKENDS. They are made of heavy resin with a bronze finish. They stand 7.5 inches tall and are in very good condition.

129.Another real nice Decorator Horse. It is carved from dark colored wood and has natural Bone and Brass inlays. It is very well crafted with many nice details. It stands 15 inches tall and 14 inches long. It is in very good condition.

130.This is a real nice solid brass picture frame. It is Korean and we believe about 100 years old. Each side is flanked by large Dragons and the Yin Yan symbol is in the center. The back is all wood. It measures about 8 by 12. It is in very good vintage condition.

131.This is a vintage all wood tool chest for boys. From the construction in the graphics, it looks to date to the early 1900's. There is a beautiful paper litho on the underside of the lid that calls it the Elite Tool Chest for Boys, No. 530. It was manufactured by American Manufacturing concern. The Box itself is made of pine and the corners are assembled using a machine-made box joint. Inside is a little metal tag that says William Brown, he must have been the original owner. It measures 14.5 in long 7 inch deep and 6in tall.

132.This is a vintage marionette, it's name is Jack and he is #803. It dates from the 1950s and it is in excellent undamaged condition, aside from some light soiling. It is made by Hazelle's Marionettes K.C., Mo. At one time these were very popular toys, they're very hard to find now. It has a wooden body, hard plastic head and synthetic hair.

133.This is a vintage Megaphone, likely used by a high school or college cheerleader. Obviously, her name was Amy and the colors are green and gold. It is made of a hard synthetic material with an a metal mouthpiece and lower rim. It has a handle on one side and it is in excellent vintage condition. It stands about 21 in tall. Great way to get your kids attention at dinner time.

134.This is a 50th Edition model of the 1965 Ford Mustang. It is made by AMT and is in large 1/16 scale. It was originally $45.95 and appears to be complete. It has been opened so we cannot absolutely guarantee such. It appears to all be there, please come in and take a look for yourself.

135.This is a vintage Welcome Back, Kotter board game. This is the show that brought us John Travolta as Barbarino and the ever-popular saying "up your nose with a rubber hose". The game dates from 1976 and appears to be complete and in very good condition. The box top has a little damage on the corners. These are very collectible and hard to find.

136.This is a fun collection of 15 buttons and artifacts from the American Revolution. Each package has either a faithful reproduction of a Button or other Artifact that was used in the American Revolutionary War. They are all brand new in the package, making an instant collection. One bid gets all 15.

137.This is a lot of five signed McCoy stoneware mugs. They have a transfer on the front with an American Eagle, Flag and Drum. All five are in excellent condition and stand 5.5 inches tall. One winning bid gets all 5 McCoy pieces.

138.This is a very attractive art glass vase. It is cased glass with teal over white. It has a tightly ruffled lip and swirl body. It resembles Fenton, but is not signed. It stands 6 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

139.This is a porcelain bird from Crown Staffordshire. It is Bone China, and was . It was designed, modeled, and signed by J.T.Jones. it is 6 inches tall and has a very slight chip on one of the leaves.

140.Nice Goebel Hummel figurine. It is signed on the bottom by the Master Painter Christina Goihl and dated 2001. The figure is a little girl and a pair of geese. It is 5 inches tall and is in excellent condition. You usually don't get them signed by the painter.

141.This is an attractive bowl of glass fruit. The lot includes the large beautiful clear Glass Bowl, a banana, eggplant, orange, apple, pepper and grapes. All the fruit are life sized, glass, and in excellent condition.

142.This is a pair of porcelain Capodemonte Flowers. They look like Iris. There is a signature on the bottom as shown. One is blue and one is pink. They are about 4 inches wide. Both are in excellent condition.

143.This is a fairly large wood carving of an African man and his children.  It is very well made. He stands 36 inches tall.

144.This is a large  wood carving of a man in the classic "hand on chin" thinking pose, but I don't think it was made by Rodin. Probably an unknown African Guy.This one stands 26 inches tall. It does have a few splits but that is normal as they age.

145.This is the last of the wood large carvings , it is an African woman. She stands around 26 inches tall and is in great condition. She has braided hair with beads, neck rings and horns?  Unusual to say the least.

146.This is a very high quality wood carving. Much better than the typical "souvenir quality" so commonly found. It shows an older man with a wide brim hat on his back. He is kneeling down tying up a bundle of sticks. The detail and degree of finish are exceptional. Please look carefully at the pictures. It measures 11 inches tall and 8 inches deep. It is signed by the artist on the bottom. It is in excellent condition.

147.This is a very large pair of wooden candleholders. They each stand just over 24 inches tall and the bases are 7 inches in diameter. One has a split in the base but still very usable. A deep purple color with blues, greens and blacks. Nice vintage Pair of very large Candlesticks.

148.This is a very nicely sculpted bust. It is fired clay and in excellent condition. Very detailed with a bronze color. Heavy mutton chops on this guy with the headband, I'm guessing it was made in the 60s. It is 14 inches tall and 9 inches wide. It has the initials "R.E.F." on the side of the base.

149.This is a Marble top Plant Stand. It measures 34 inches tall and it is 12 inches in diameter. Light  colored Marble contrasts nicely with the dark cherry finish. Very nice tall classic stand can be used for plants, statues, or just by itself., and in very good condition.

150.This Table matches nicely with the previous Lot, a Marble Top with dark cherry wood finish.This one is called a "DEMI LUNA" or Half Moon Table. Its also an entranceway Table. It measures 30.5 inches tall and it is 20 x 10 inches on top. In beautiful condition.

151.This is a SCHWINN SKYLINER 21 SPEED BIKE. In great riding condition, it does show use...stickers missing , scuffs and a couple seat scrapes. Tires, brakes, grips, pedals and seat are in good condition. Very solid ridable condition.

152.This lot offers two SCHWINN bicycle helmets. They appear to be adult helmets although I cannot find any sizes marked. In excellent condition.

153.This is a MONTECARLO "MONTANA II" cowboy hat. It is size XL. Made of wool felt. In excellent condition.

154.This is a lot of 2 very collectible vintage Compasses. The first one is a Marble's of Gladstone, Mich. It is all brass and intended to be worn on your shirt. It is only about 1 inch in diameter and still works well. Next is an official Boy Scouts of America Compass. It has a plastic case and metal face. It is 2 inches wide and still works. Both for one bid.

155.This lot offers 300 rounds of 9MM ammo. One 50 RD. box of TULAMMO FMJ , One 100RD box of WINCHESTER FMJ , and three 50 RD. boxes of FEDERAL FMJ. One bid takes it all.

156.This is a shoulder holster with magazine pouch. I can't find a brand name on it but it is in new condition and looks like it will hold a full frame gun.

157.This lot offers two OWB BELT HOLSTERS. One has a LOST WOODS brand name on it and the other has no name. Both brand new and each has a mag pouch. One winning bid gets both Holsters.

158.This is a hard plastic gun holster that is OWB. It comes with an extra belt paddle. This looks to be gun specific but I couldn't tell you what kind.

159.This is a lot of two leg holsters. No brand names could be found but they both are in new condition. One is modern camo and one is all black. Your one winning bid gets both Holsters.

160.This is a brand new HARLEY DAVIDSON HERITAGE SOFTAIL LAMP. It has never been out of the box. It has a working headlight and lighted base , HARLEY sound effects and detailed features. New in box.

161.This is a very nice older cast iron figurine of a Medieval Knight and Mount in full armor. Could possibly depict an English or French Knight by its styling.  It has been heavily bronzed over the cast iron and has a great aged patina. There is a signature on the back however I cannot read it, please check my photo you may be able to. The figure stands 6 in tall and 6 in long and weighs nearly 5 lb. This is a very nice little sculpture in excellent condition. This is not a piece of inexpensive souvenir ware.

162.This is the first of two military helmets. Both are not from the U.S.. This one we believe is Russian or European?  No markings on this one, but it looks to be unused. It has some nicks and marks from being handled.

163.This is the second military helmet up for auction. Again this is not a U.S. helmet, definitely a foreign helmet from an unknown country. This one is gray in color and possibly a riot helmet. It has some marks from being handled, but looks unused in combat.

164.This is a performance medal from Winter Haven Rifle Club Florida 1955. Expert Class 2nd. .22 Rapid Fire. The actual medal is a pistol on a target. Nice mid-century item still in original packaging. The medal is 3.5 inches long.

165.This is a small metal box filled with ammunition. The box is 11.5 x 4 x 3.5 inches and probably is just a small tool box [not weatherproof]. The ammo is as follows...full boxes are 555 RDS of Winchester .22 long rifle...2 100 RD. boxes of Winchester .45 AUTO FMJ....One box of Independence 5.56x45MM....8 40 RD. boxes of Anerican Eagle .22 long rifle. There is one partial box of HERTERS SELECT GRADE 9MM LUGER [33 RDS.] One bid gets it all.

166.This is a Co2 powered BB pistol. I believe the maker is Umarex X-B-G. It is made to look like a 9mm semi-automatic. It has a drop down clip to hold the ammo and a working safety. It needs a new Co2 cartridge to be tested, but we will guarantee it for 3 days. It is in excellent condition.

167.This is a vintage Craftsman M Camping or Utility hatchet. It is stamped on the side of the blade Craftsman Reg.U.S. Pat.Off.- M. It is in remarkably good condition for an older tool. It is even still very sharp and it appears to be the original honed edge. The handle is Hickory and quite probably original. It measures 12.5 in long and the head is 6.25 in long.

168.This is a boxed gift set of high-quality Bella and Rose jewelry. The set includes a quartz watch, necklace and pair of rhinestone earrings. Everything is in new condition and suitable for regifting.

169.This is a large lot of costume Jewelry. Necklaces, brooches, earrings and bracelets. Look closely at what you get for one bid.  Must be over 100 pieces.

170.Foreign Currency lot A. This is a lot of 11 vintage Canadian One Dollar bills. Most are marked 1954, two are from 1937 and one is 1986. These are really beautiful bills. One bid gets all.

171.Foreign Currency lot B. This is a lot of twenty foreign currency notes. They are from Phillippines, England, Fiji, Mexico, Jamaica, Germany and more. Look carefully at the pictures for exactly what you will receive. The consignor collected these for years. You get all you see for one bid.

172.This is an 1878 Seated Liberty quarter dollar. Please check the picture carefully for accurate condition.

173.This is a 1916 Mercury dime. It is a rather scarce coin in extremely fine condition. Please check the pictures closely.

174.This is a huge old Italian coin. It is 10 Tornesi and dates to 1825. The quarter is there for scale. I believe it is made of copper.

175.This is a set of three 1943 Steel pennies. There is one from each mint and all three are in uncirculated condition.

176.This is a lot of four vintage Eisenhower Silver Dollars. There is an uncirculated one from 1976, a 1977 with a minting error, a 1972 and a 1971. Please check the pictures carefully for condition.

177.This is a large lot of 10 Silver foreign coins. All are varying amounts of silver from 80 to 90%. Some photos have an American Quarter that is there for size purposes only. There is a Guatemala 25 centavos from 1963, a British sixpence, a 1960 Canadian dime, a 1967 Canadian quarter, a scarce 1913 German drei mark, a 1961 Guatemalan 10 centavos, aa1919 Canada $0.25, a1954 Venezuela $0.50, a 1902 Canada $0.05 and in 1894 Swiss 5.

178.This is a framed BOSTO AND PROVIDENCE RAILROAD GOLD DEBENTURE BOND. It is a $1000 bond from the commonwealth of Massachusetts. In excellent condition.

179.Here is a very nice Asian wood carving. The wood is beautifully striped giving the work a great look. The sculpture is a nude asian woman with long flowing hair. She stands 21 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

180.This is a vintage BUSCH BEER MIRROR. It has a real wood frame.It measures 24 x 20.5 inches and it is in good condition with some small signs of age.

181.This is a modern electric LG LED LIGHT. It is a plug in and it is a display light from an electronics store. It measures 16 x 8.5 x 8 inches and it sits on a table or shelf. It does not mount to the wall. Like new condition.

182.This is a tin toy called Rocket Racer. I don't see a makers mark. It is a friction toy that makes gun shooting sounds when you roll it. It measures 7.5 inches long and is in very good condition.

183.This is a collectible Star Wars Storm Trooper toy. It is new in box and comes with a Blaster. It stands a bit over 18 inches tall.

184.This is a vintage 1971 Cox Tether Chopper Trike. It is powered by an .049 fuel burning engine. It is bright red metallic with a black seat. These are very scarce and extremely collectible in any condition. It is all original with a few issues. The rear slicks are hard and deformed. The engine has a recoil starter and it is presently locked up. Still a great collectible. It is about 12 inches long. The last one I saw on Ebay he was asking 400 bucks.

185.Giant sized R/C Helicopter . Made by Align it is the Model Trex600CF. We know nothing about these expensive Copters, except what we found online. This particular model retails about 700 without anything extra. Electric Powered, Carbon Fiber Frame, Pre painted Canopy, Carbon Fiber Tail Blades, and a ton of things I don't understand, but we do have the original Manuals. It says the main rotor Diameter is over 53 inches. That is very big. Please do your research, and asking us questions wont help. Feel free to call us anytime and come over to look at it. I think this is the type of item you need to know about before you buy it. Looks to be in excellent condition. Come and check it out.

186.Another quality Electric Helicopter, also made by Align. This one is slightly smaller than the previous one. It is the Trex Model 450SE V2. Its main Rotor blades have about 28 inches diameter. This one includes an expensive Stand made in Germany, to hold it. Again we know nothing about these things, so you are welcome to call and come over anytime to see it. Again we have the original manuals, but you had better know what you are doing with these Copters. Looks to be in excellent condition also.

187.This is a vintage brass and wood washboard. It was made by National Washboard Company out of Chicago and Saginaw and Memphis. This model is called the Brass King. It is in very good vintage condition and someone added a small hook so you can hang it on the wall. It measures 24 in tall and 12 in wide.

188.This is a lot of 4 vintage collectible Swee Touch Nee Tea tins. There are three different sizes, two of the largest. Condition varies between them as seen. These are all getting very hard to find. The largest are 4 in tall and the smallest is 2 in tall.

189.This is an original picnic basket from LONGABERGER BASKETS in Dresden Ohio. It is a handwoven basket with its  plastic insert. This one has been personalized as a retirement gift with a persons name painted inside with a message [see pics].It measures 12 x 12 inches and it is 6 inches tall. Of course signed on the bottom. In very good condition.

190.This is an antique wooden block plane. The handle has been removed, but it has been done so well it appears to be intentional. The plane includes the original wedge and blades. It is 21 in long and in good vintage condition.

191.This is an antique hand drill, actually I think its called an Auger.. Very heavy construction [that's why it's still around]. Thick contoured wooden handle with a 1 3/4 inch bit. Excellent condition for its age which is estimated to be 100-125 years old. It measures 24 inches long and the handle is 17 inches wide. Probably Amish.

192.You know these had to exist, but nobody I know has ever seen one. This is an all Stainless steel Milk "pail", called the " Milker". It is large and heavy, without the milk in it. Has a carry handle, hinged Lid, four Tubes with The Plumbing to fit over the cows Udder. Looks to be complete, just  power up the suction and its a self milker. Its very heavy duty and is 16 inches in diameter and 13 inches high. Has the original label on it. Don't know who has one, but you can be the only kid on the block with one. Looks to be in excellent condition.

193.Large Lot of collectible Playing Cards. There is one 3 pack , 3 double packs and 3 single packs , 12 decks total. We have a new decks of MARILYN MONROE and SOUTHWEST AIRLINES. One deck of DELTA AIRLINES 50th Anniversary cards , one double pack of 1964/5 WORLDS FAIR CARDS , One triple pack of SAMBA from BOLIVIA , and two double packs of CONGRESS is THOMAS KINKADE and the other is a patriotic theme. Come and see these great condition Lot.

194.Here is a fun lot of 2 vintage mouth operated musical instruments. We have an old Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, complete with original box. We also have a vintage Jews Harp that is stamped England. Both instruments are in good working order and in good vintage condition.

195.Now here is an item that any old time guitar player will enjoy. The consignor said her father made it back in the 60's. She remembers him playing each side. Sadly, now it is just a wall hanger, one of the fret boards is missing. Still a pretty cool folk item. It is about 34 inches long.

196.Drum Sticks lot A. Who ever thought of collecting Drum Sticks, but these things are Beautiful with bright colors and great graphics. This is the first of 3 lots of collectible Drum Sticks. This lot is for 4 Pairs of Hard Rock Cafe sticks. They are from Gatlinburg, Las Vegas, Key West and Tampa. All the sticks are in great condition.

197.Drum Sticks lot B. This is the second lot of collectible drum sticks. There are 4 pairs, all from the Hard Rock Cafe. They are from Cozumel, Niagra Falls, Key West and Chicago. All are in great condition.

198.Drum Sticks lot C. This is the last lot of collectible drum sticks. This lot has two pairs, one is House of Blues and the other is Kutless. I believe both are bands. They are in great condition.

199.This is a wooden dropside table. With the sides up it measures 45 x 35 inches and it is 30 inches tall. When the sides are down it is 11 x 35 inches. In good solid condition and would go well with the next lot of chairs.

200.This is a lot of 10 Quality Wooden Dining Chairs. Made in Yugoslavia, they are heavy wood construction with deep reddish fabric. They are all in very good used condition with still a lot of life left in them. One small nick here and there,but nothing major. One lucky bid gets all 10 chairs.

201.This is a small hand made Chess Set. Very colorfully and decorated with African wildlife , sea-life , astrological signs and more. The pieces are clay and hand painted and look to be possibly Egyptians and conquistadors?...who knows? All pieces are intact except one horse is broken. It measures just over 10 inches square and the board is a foldable case. Beautiful Little Set.

202.This is another small Chess Set, but it was made in Russia. The old Russia. It is all wood and the size is just over 11.5 inches square. The board is a folding case. It shows some use and the white king is missing his crown. Very traditional style and overall in great shape.

203.This is a vintage potato bin. It stands 35 inches tall and it is 15 x 11 inches. 3 bins on this one and it does have some rough spots on the bottom bin.

204.This is some sort of storage bin. Possibly a potato bin or kitchen storage. Looks like it could have been homemade. It measures 25 inches tall and it is 28 x 17 inches in size. Two drawers and a flip up storage bin on the bottom. In great condition

205.This is an traditional shaped queen Anne style accent Table.. It is a round 24 inch diameter top with graceful Cabriolet legs. It stands 21.5 inches tall. Dark wood with gold accents. Very good condition.

206.This is a beautiful piece of Bi- colored art glass. It is a handled vase in apple green, highlighted with brilliant cobalt blue trim. It is quite light and delicate and may very well be Venetian glass. It is hand blown with an open pontil mark on the base. It is in excellent condition and strikingly attractive. It stands 8.5 in tall.

207.This is an unusual piece of Early American pattern glass. There is an overall Sawtooth pattern and features Lion Head handles. This is a covered piece that would serve best as a candy jar. It measures 10.5 in wide and 5 inches deep and 5 in tall. It is in very good condition.

208.Vintage and tall traditional looking Ewer.  It has an attractive and well done   hand painted glass body with a Brass toned  Base, Spout, and Handle. It is quite tall at 19 inches, and it is in very good condition .

209.This is a large candleabra. It is a heavy piece,some kind of resin or stone possibly. The candle holder on the far left has been broken and reattached and a small knick on the front. It measures 29 x 17.5 inches tall. Candles included.

210.This is a set of vintage brass bells. They all have floral carvings that look to be Asian. There are 5 bells of graduated sizes. The rope they are attached to is not original. Hang them on the back door to announce someone's arrival. The largest bell is 4 inches tall. The entire string is about 28 inches long.

211.This is a very nice antique brass Desk Top Inkwell. It comes complete with the glass ink reservoir and matching brass cap. It is quite heavy and in excellent condition. It measures 8 inches long.

212.This is a figural Cast Garden Faucet. It is a sitting Duck and is made of solid brass. It is marked Flora & Fauna Faucets. It has a nice worn patina and must have given years of service. It is about 5 inches tall.

213.This is the second figural Garden Faucet we are offering. This one is a Hummingbird. It is marked U.S.A. and has a Swan emblem. It feels like it would work fine. It measures about 4 inches tall and is in good vintage condition.

214.Here are 2 graceful hand blown glass Swans. They make a great pair. The taller one is 11 inches. Both are in excellent condition.

215.This pretty art glass Porpoise was made by Mdina Glass Malta and is signed and numbered. It is deep blue fading to red in the tail. It is 6.5 inches long and in excellent condition.

216.This attractive glass Porpoise is speckled blue and white and cased in clear. It is 5.5 inches long and in excellent condition.

217.This is a hand blown art glass fish statuette. It is clear on the outside and blue and white striped on the inside. It is 6 inches tall.

218.This is a large hand painted and carved wood fish. He is very colorful and realistic looking. It is 11.5 inches tall and 15 inches long. It is in very good condition.

219.This is a vintage box of 8MM Film Reels or spools. Made by FOCAL. The box measures 8 x 7.5 x 4,5 inches, and there are 6 reels in metal cases included.

220.Original Lot of Reel to Reel Music recordings by Bing Crosby.  It is called BING CROSBYS TREASURY - THE SONGS I LOVE. They look to be in great condition. When was the last time you saw anything like this.

221.This is a really nice early Dietz lantern from the mid teens. It is the HY-LO model and includes the correct Loc-Nob globe in red. The lantern is in remarkable condition, with no rust or deterioration at all. Definitely a collector quality piece. It stands 14 in tall and is ready for your collection.

222.This is an antique milk can which I believe holds about 2 gallons. It is stamped on the front, Whiting Milk Co. Boston Mass. On the shoulder are two small copper tags, one to indicate the fill line, and the other appears to be a company logo in the shape of a triangle. The can is steel and quite heavy. The black paint is not original and can be simply removed if you choose. It stands 14 in tall and is in good vintage condition.

223.You are bidding on a lot of 3 vintage cigar boxes. All three are different shape, and made of wood. The graphics on all or excellent, please look carefully at the pictures for exactly what you will receive.

224.This is a very nice collectible piece of automobile history. It is a one quart galvanized steel pour pitcher with an adjustable gooseneck. It is embossed on the side NYC - PA, Approved type Q10, Lawson Cinti. Within a triangle it says 61 Minn. It stands about 7 in tall and is in very good vintage condition.

225.This is an authentic vintage World War 1 ammo box. It is made of wood with box joints in the corners. It has a heavy duty brass hinge as well as a brass push button release latch. The handle is leather and appears to be original to the box. It has a name stenciled on the side, one side says Robert and the other side says Bobett. It is in completely original condition with the original green paint with lots of visible wear. The box measures 15 in long 8 in tall and 4.5 in deep.

226.This is a lot of two beautiful vintage fountain pens. First is a marbled green Wearever. It has a lever fill to inflate the ink bladder within the pen. It has a solid 14 karat gold nib and it appears to be in very good condition. Next is a Packard fountain pen in gray and red marbling. It is also a lever fill pen and has a solid 14 K gold nib. It is also in very good vintage condition. Two great old pens for 1 bid.

227.This is a lot of 6 "OLD FITZGERALD'S" Irish liquor decanters. 5 of them are a matching set but one is missing the correct lid. The 6th one is a non matching OLD FITZ. decanter. These were in the consignors home since the early 70s when new.

228.This is a BISSELL POWEREDGE PET VACUUM. It is designed to reach into tight corners to get pet hair. It has been used but it is clean and tested. Still has paperwork with it.

229.Composite Pet Carrier, for medium to small Pets. Not good for goldfish.  Made by PETMATE, It measures 19 x 12 x 10 inches. In excellent and clean condition.

230.This is a  3 Tray Tackle box made by is filled with all kinds of freshwater gear, Line, lures, bobbers, weights, a scale, hooks, etc. Check the pictures to see what a large lot this is.. One high bid gets it all.

231.This lot offers two fishing rods with reels. The first is a EAGLE CLAW STARFIRE POWERLIGHT 9ft. with a SHIMANO R3 reel. The second is a ZEBCO 8ft.rod with a QUANTUM LONGSTROKE SL5 reel. Both are in good used condition.

232.A Lot of three vintage Fishing Rods.  The dark brown 8ft. rod is a SEARS solid Fiberglass  boat/spinning rod. The other two rods have no names or specs anywhere on them. The wood handles and the way the eyelets are wrapped tells me they are vintage at least. There is a 6.5 a 7 and an 8 footer. Good condition. One winning bid gets all three.

233.This is another lot of four Fishing Rods with Reels. We have a ZEBCO 5FT. COMBO , a DIAWA SAMURAI 6.6FT. COMBO [looks brand new] , a QUANTUM SNAPSHOT 5.6FT. rod with a ZEBCO spinner , and the last rod looks to be older , it is a MASTER 6.6FT with a DIAWA 8100 spinner on it. One high bid takes all four.

234.Assorted  Lot of  three Fishing reels. One is a more modern reel. It is a EAGLE CLAW 4000 spinning reel. The next two are a bit older.  There is a SHAKESPEARE WONDERCAST push button reel, NO. 1778, MODEL EK.  And the last reel is a PENN LONG BEACH 65. One winning bid gets all three Reels.

235.This is a Shadowbox Display showing examples of old Fishing Lures of the 20th.  century. It measures 21 inches tall by 9.5 inches wide  and it is in excellent condition.

236.Wicker and Rattan woven Room Divider. It stands 67 inches tall and it has three hinged panels that stretch out 65 inches. Still in solid condition with a few stray pieces of loose  wicker that can be easily tweaked.. Still looks and functions great.

237.This is a very cool metal Florida style Wall Hanging.  its a Surfer, with his traditional long hair and muscles  riding a long board on a big wave. The clever way its crafted  has a nice 3D effect.  It is also signed and numbered. It measures 39 inches wide and 26 inches tall. In excellent condition with brushed metal in the wave that makes it look very real. Great Florida Piece.

238.At first we thought this was just an outside statue of a little girl holding her dress in a cute curtsy .  But looking closer we realized she is a Fountain and she is naughtily spreading her dress to make a pee-pee.  She stands 21 inches tall and is in great condition. It is painted nicely with a pinkish color. It has the tube in the bottom and it comes out at the bottom front of her dress. No pump included. It is marked DHM 1997 on the rear. Great pool conversation piece.

239.Heavy duty solid all Plaster decorated Umbrella Stand. It stands 19 inches tall and has an inside diameter of 7 inches. It has a Florida or Island motif with bamboo and palm tree graphics. Its in great solid condition and ready for your front entrance or rear lanai. . Made in the Philippines.

240.This is a large attractive metal Butterfly Wall Hanger . Its very colorful and is bejeweled with orange Jewels at the tip of its wings. It can be utilized either inside or out. It is in very good condition and it measures 19 inches  tall aby 24 inches wide.

241.This is a folding portable soft sided Lawn or Beach Cart. It measures 36 inches wide by 22 inches across and 22 inches tall. Has a nice solid folding  Metal frame with heavy nylon sides. In good used condition. Summer is coming.

242.This is another Lawn Cart but much heavier duty for lawn and garden chores. It has a solid strong composite body and it measures 41 inches wide by 25 inches across and 25 inches tall plus the handle. Inflatable tires with steering in the front. Very heavy duty and Made by RUBBERMAID. In good used condition.

243.Two unopened Rolls of Garden Edging. Its called "ULTRA-EDGE" and is a long lasting composite Edging.  Package says its Guaranteed for 25 years.  Its 5.3 inches wide and 20 feet long per each roll. New in packaging, this is expensive stuff to buy retail. One bid gets both Packages..

244.This is a large lawn ornament statuary showing a nude male with an animal skin wrap. He is in the traditional pose, leaning against a tree and is holding some type of a horn.  The ornamental piece  is made of fiberglass I believe.It seems  lighter in weight than concrete yet completely stable to be outdoors. He is nearly 35 in tall and in very good condition with a little soiling and weathering stains.

245.This is the first of two coordinating cast aluminum Garden Herons we are offering. This one is standing erect with his head held high. They are very nicely cast in solid aluminum. They have not been painted, so they will continue to look better and better as years go by. It is in very good condition, with a little bit of light patina. It stands 36 in tall to the top of his beak.

246.Here is the second of two complementary cast aluminum Garden Herons. This one is bent over in a feeding position with his knees slightly bent and about to take some food. Like the previous lot, it is unpainted and will continue to age beautifully. This one stands about 24 in tall.

247.This is an all metal outdoor Patio Table with four matching Chairs. Everything is made with that heavy duty perforated metal that does not hold the rain outside. The Table measures 48 inches in diameter. There is no umbrella included with it, but it has the hole in the center for one.  The matching Chairs have nice scroll work on them, and use a heavy twisted spring and operate like nice solid Rockers.. All pieces are in great condition but shoe some weathering, and maybe could use a new paint job. Very durable and nice set.

248.This is a very heavy outdoor light fixture that could be used commercial or at home. It uses a metal halide bulb. It measures 14 x 9 inches on the face of the lamp. Overall it is 15 inches tall with the mounting bracket. It does not plug in , it has to be hard wired. The glass face does have a small crack but still in usable condition.

249.This is an authentic original Vintage Doctor's Medical Scale or Baby Scale. Made by HEALTH-O-METER it looks like it has a max. capacity of 130 LBS. It also has the length measuring scale on it. Uses the tried and true double balance beam slides for accuracy. Made o solid heavy duty steel, these were made to last forever.  It measures 24 inches by 22 inches and 22.5 inches high. In excellent condition.

250.This is the other authentic and original Scale always seen in the older Doctors Office. This is another vintage piece used for everyone else with a maximum capacity of 350 LBS. Also made by DETECTO SCALE.  Its in excellent working condition and looks beautiful. It stands 58 inches high and would make a great focal point in any vintage setting.


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