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Auction Title: 5809 Better Quality Items from Richie Auction 5809 - AUCTION BEGINS TO END :Tuesday July 9th. 7:00PM ET

Item Description
1.Absolutely the best ANTIQUE BUTCHERS WOOD BLOCK I have ever seen. I believe this was made right around the late 1800's or early 1900's. This big and beautiful Hand  Block is all hand crafted, right down to the Blacksmith Hand forged dual metal bands around it, with hand cut adjusting Nuts. These alone are works of art.  I believe it is a carving block rather than a chopping block because of the shape of the top and its height. The top has a gently downward slope on all four sides which I believe was to let blood flow and wash away. Also its height, being 44 inches high would make it hard to swing a Cleaver or a Hammer, but perfect height to wield a Knife to cut. Also the rock hard top has no hard damage to it as meat cleavers would do, only some slice marks, but not many. The top is 27 inches by 27 inches and the overall height is 44 inches. The Block I estimate about 300 pounds so be sure to bring help and the proper vehicle to pick it up. You will not ever see a better one. Online these can bring as high as 3 to 4 thousand dollars, so don't loose this one. Beautiful in its original condition but would be wild as restored.

2.This is a beautiful solid Tiger Maple table. It is crafted from 100% solid birdseye and tiger maple, absolutley no veneers. There is a single drawer on the front. The legs are lathe turned and finished with cast iron casters with bronze wheels. The table is crafted with quality and very heavy. There are a few minor dings on the top from age. The table is 48 inches long and 27 inches wide. It stands 30 inches tall. It is in very good vintage condition.

3.On this Auction we have an assortment of Antique Medical Equipment. This first Piece is a very large and very rare foot powered Antique Victorian Cast Iron Treadle DENTAL DENTIST DRILL w/ Foot Pedal Signed. .And as a great bonus we are including an original framed photograph of a traveling dentist using one exactly like it in the street. Wonderful way to show provenance.  This is a great Piece and I have seen ones just like it, but missing parts and in bad condition, selling for 400. But this one is nice and would make a fantastic restoration project.  It is foot powered! just like an old sewing machine treadle! The treadle works and spins smoothly when you pump it with the pedal. I believe it needs a cord (that acts as a belt) to go from the wheel to the top piece where there is a small wheel. The parts all move as I think they should - just needs the belt or cord and the articulated Arms.. There is wear to it, but all parts present  good. Overall the piece stands 52" high. The cast wheel is 16 inches in diameter. This is a great piece of medical / dentistry history! And don't forget the photo. The next lot is a super nice folding Victorian Chair that supposed to be the one the dentist used. Would super good when displayed together. Dont miss it.

4.ANTIQUE DENTISTS CHAIR that was the one that the Dentist used when traveling with the drill in the previous lot. It was a circa 1910 McConnell Portable Dental Chair, made by  Southern Novelty Works in Demorest GA. It has the original a brass plate that is stamped " Manufactured by The Southern Novelty Wks Demorest GA. U.S.A." still attached to it. We know exactly what is is because of a original print add we found showing the Chair and all the information. It cost in 16 dollars in 1910, a lot of money then. It also had a brass spitoon attached to it that is not there, but would be fun to recreate. Good original Antique condition. A rare and wonderful Piece.

5.Here is a very nice signed Curtis Jere metal sailboat sculpture. It is dated 1983. Jere is known for his exceptional work with metal art. This is a large table display size and is crafted of brass plated steel rods. Jere's work commands big bucks, especially large pieces like this. It stands 35 inches tall and 32 inches long. It is in good condition with a little light patina.

6.Wonderful Piece of Nautical Art, for Lawn or home.  It is a large SEA CAPTAIN figure that stands 38 inches tall. This is made of a heavy compound, possibly plaster so it is slightly heavy, but not as heavy as concrete. He really looks the part with the pea coat and captains hat. Looks like he's been through a lot with his peg leg. Pastel pink and green colors and this thing is in beautiful condition. See the next lot for a similar item but painted in a different fashion. .

7.This piece is similar to the previous lot. This is another Nautical  SEA CAPTAIN figure. He also stands 38 inches tall. This is basically the same piece as the previous lot but with a different paint job. Same coat , hat and peg leg. This one has a blue coat with tan pants. Excellent condition. Go for it and get the pair.

8.Antique Native American Indian necklace. We were told by the consignor that it was an antique Seminole Indian Wedding Necklace and it was about 150 years old. We had no way to check or verify this, so if you have any interest, please come to our preview and examine it for yourself. Very nicely done with colored bids and it is about 18 inches long. Excellent condition.

9.Another rare and old Piece of Memorilibia that we could do research on. This is an antique  T.O.T.E. Fraternal Ribbon for CHEEKTOWAGA Tribe, No. 453 Imp'd O.R.M. Buffalo, N.Y. TOTE stands for Totem of the Eagle and ORM stands for Improved Order Of Redmen. The pin top is made by the Whitehead Co. Newark N.J. and carries a patent date of 1893. The front is enamel and has 3 images as shown. It measures about 9 inches long. It shows considerable wear but still shows wonderful. The Improved Order of Redman were actually White Men who could trace their lineage back to the Boston Tea Party activists, but they adopted all the language and trappings of Native Americans. Very strange, but it is old and interesting..

10.Beautiful vintage  ACCENT TABLE, with quality beveled glass 360 degrees around and two large front and back glassed Doors. Nice oval shape with attractive carvings all around that I believe was designed to be a high end Display Table of some sort.. It measures just under 30 inches tall and it is 30 inches wide by 21 inches across. in size. Beautiful beveled glass all around it is a deep  cheery wood finish  but the graining looks to be Mahogany. Could be either. Nice Turned and carved legs and in great condition. Come and see this beauty. Looks to be a very expensive Piece.

11.Beautiful and large Fantasy Fountain with motion made by "DE CAPOLI"  . It is a highly collectible fantasy piece. This fountain stands almost 2 feet tall and it is in excellent working condition (see attached video). This shows a warrior and his woman fighting off a dragon. The large pearl sphere spins on a slipstream of water. Very cool piece. You can see a video of it in operation by putting the following URL into your browser.

12.Vintage and attractive HAND CARVED HOBBY HORSE. Made of several pieces of carved wood. It stands 25.5 inches tall and 24 inches long. Basically painted green with red accents and a red and orange saddle. Very colorful piece is also very heavy.Lots of details in this fantastic Piece and it looks to be in original condition, with some checkering here and there. .

13.This is a very large wood carving of an Egyptian Stylized Jackal. The profile is very reminiscent of the Sphinx. It is beautifully designed and painted, giving it a folk art appearance. He will look great sitting beside your easy chair. It measures 36 inches long and 20 inches tall. The ears are deliberately not firmly attached so you can move it without breaking them. Great piece.

14.This is a beautiful ANTIQUE SECRETARYS DESK. This piece is in excellent condition with very few signs of use. One large drawer in the bottom and two smaller drawers up top. Fold down the front and you have a writing space and several more compartments and drawers. The one hinge inside has lost its rivet (easily repairable). It measures 49 inches tall and 28 inches wide. It is lockable and a key is included. Other than that this piece is super nice and would look great in anyone's home.

15.This is a beautiful antique English Sterling silver Bud vase. It is fully Hallmarked and in excellent condition. It has animal heads of some sort in raised high relief around the center of the vase. The mouth opening is flared. It stands 6 in tall and weighs 56 grams. Beautiful collector quality vase.

16.This is an Antique hand crafted pine blanket chest. It is made of full 5/4" stock and has hand made dovetail joinery. The top lifts to reveal a single large space. On the upper left is a small covered box that was made when the box was assembled. The chest uses very wide boards that are not available any longer. The front is a single board that is 18 inches wide. The chest has been recently refinished and 4 small casters were added for easy movement. The chest measures 43 inches long, 18 inches wide and nearly 21 inches tall. It is in very good vintage condition.

17.Here is a very desirable Fenton Silver Crest Four Horn Epergne. This large vase is very hard to come by, especially in mint condition. Perfect addition for the vintage Fenton collector. It stands 13 inches tall and the bowl is 12 inches wide.

18.Here is another great piece of vintage Fenton Silver Crest. This one is the ruffled 2 tier Tid Bit server. These are actually very scarce in Silver Crest. It stands 10 inches tall and the bottom is 11 inches wide. It is in excellent condition.

19.This is a mid century Fenton slung vase. While the glass was still somewhat molten, the vase was slung to stretch it out. It is a bright orange in color making it very desirable. It stands a whopping 21.5 inches tall and retains the Fenton sticker on the base. It is in excellent condition.

20.This is a collectible Marquis by Waterford Cologne Bottle. It comes with original box and paperwork. It is 4.5 inches tall including the stopper/dauber. It is in excellent condition.

21.Here is a lot of 3 collectible cologne or perfume bottles. The first one is a semicircular enameled metal holder with a tiny glass vial inside to hold the perfume. Next is a clear crystal bottle with faceted sides. Last is a deco style painted glass bottle with atomizer. All 3 are in very good condition. They range from 3 to 5.5 inches. Winning bid gets all three Bottles.

22.This is a gorgeous Amber Flint glass cologne bottle. It has beed highlighted with gold flowers and designs. It dates to the late 1800's and was made in England. There are a couple hard to find chips, but still in very good condition. It stands 7 inches tall.

23.Here is a special one for you frog collectors out there. It is a Shannon Crystal Piece made in Ireland. He has a cut crystal body with hand applied and shaped feet. I especially like the "bug out" eyes. He stands about 3.25 inches tall and 5 inches long. He is in excellent condition.

24.This id a hand painted porcelain "Pan" figurine. It is signed on the base Royal Copenhagen and is figure number 1738. It is finished in a gloss glaze and measures 3.5 inches tall. It is in excellent condition.

25.This is an original FRANKLIN MINT Porcelain POLAR BEAR. It is a large hand painted porcelain sculpture that measures 11 inches tall. It is on a wooden base and it is awesome.Clearly signed and numbered Franklin Mint on its bottom.

26.This is a large cut crystal spire with the likeness of a Chinese Pagoda deeply cut into the back. This technique creates a beautiful 3 dimensional image. Hard to find a nicer one. It stands about 11 inches tall. It is in excellent condition.

27.This is a real pretty teardrop shaped Paperweight mounted on a black glass base. The outer glass is clear with cobalt blue and metallic gold filaments. It stands nearly 7 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

28.This is a very nice tear drop shaped Paperweight with a polished "Window" on each side to view the inside. Inside looks like an explosion. There is a donut shaped air bubble with metallic gold flakes and green flames shooting out. It stands 5.5 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

29.This is a large lot of 5 contemporary art glass Paperweights. There is a large clear one with air bubbles, an orange one with black spots, a red and white swirly one, a large red glass with air bubbles and a small blue one with air bubbles. The large clear one is 4 inches tall. All 5 are in very good condition.

30.This has to be the largest and prettiest art glass Conch Shell we have had. It is white glass on the inside and bright multicolored on the outside. It is heavily cased in clear glass with metallic silver highlights. This impressive piece is about 16 inches long and 10 inches tall. It is not marked, but looks like Murano. It is in excellent condition. As good as it gets.

31.This is a lot of 2 collectible Van Briggle art pottery vases. They are both the same pattern with 2 different colored glazes. Both are signed on the base. The green vase is in excellent condition. The deep red vase vase has a repair as shown. Both are 4 inches tall. Winning bid gets both vases.

32.Here is a lot of 3 art pottery vases. There are two marked Sipoo Finland and the other has Asian characters. The 2 Finnish pieces are blue and purple and salt glazed. The Asian vase has a green and yellow drip glaze. They are about 5 inches tall. All 3 are in excellent condition.Winning bid gets al three vases.

33.This Auction has almost 10 very good quality pieces of Art that comes from one consignors private collection.This first one is a beautiful nude portrait by Kenneth Hayes Miller. It is an oil on board. He is a very famous listed artist that lived from 1876 to 1952. He did many sketches and nudes. His work is highly sought after and valuable. This may be the sleeper in the auction. Come in and check it out.

35.True OIL on Board by Nils Ryberg, a 20th century listed Danish Artist. He was a Modern Post Impressionist and the work is titled, signed, and dated on the reverse. The front has his very unusual, but well known signature in the bottom left corner.  Heavy real wood frame, gold in color with fabric matting, is about 26 inches by 20 inches. In excellent condition..

36.Listed American 20th. century Artist Dorothy P. Neaves. This amazing Floral still life is done with Pastel on Paper. The back of the piece has a very famous gallery sticker on it from Haley and Steele in Boston, Mass. Nice period carved wood frame is 23 inches by 27 inches with heavy triple matting. Clearly signed Signed by "DOROTHY P. NEAVES". Excellent condition.

37.Possibly the "sleeper of the sale", its a very large piece of Art, a Nude done with Pastel on paper The signature is illegibly signed, possibly "Sarah". It has been very expensively framed with a large Wooden Gold Gilded Frame and with heavy fabric matting. Done in beautiful blue and pink pastels it is 36 inches by 33 inches and in excellent  condition.

38.Nice example of an ANTIQUE FRENCH BAYONET with Scabbard.  Rare to have the matching serial numbered Heavy metal scabbard with it. It is a French Model 1874 Epee Bayonet for the Gras Rifle. The inscription on the spine include the place and date of manufacture. This one says  "Mre d'Armes de St. Etienne" and "Ovril 1879" for being manufactured in the Town de Saint-Étienne, and  April 1879. It is slightly under 26 inches long, with a nice wood and brass handle and the triangular blade. The blade looks almost unused and everything looks original, authentic, and great collectible condition..

39.This is an old TIN of ANTI-GAS OINTMENT Tubes. I believe it is from World War I and it was a first aid treatment for Mustard Gas.It contains 8 tubes of ANTI-GAS No.2 ointment. Not sure of how it was intended to be used but it is a very different collectible. Tin is about 4.5 inches by 3 inches in size. Looks to be unused and original condition.

40.If you are very Politically Correct please don't read any farther, but if you can put aside the fact that this was actually sold here in the USA, this becomes extremely interesting. So far out in left field that it makes you wonder what they were thinking in the day. But if you remember we rounded up Japanese Americans and locked them up, then you can see how they were thinking then. After this longwinded introduction, here it is..... A JAPANESE HUNTING LICENSE issued Dec. 7th 1941. It is in some kind of composite frame and it measures about 14 inches by 12 inches. Read the license carefully in the pictures, it is really amazing what they considered funny. Pretty amazing the stuff we used to get away with but being enlightened now, we can appreciate the moment in history this could exist. It looks original and I don't think it could be printed today. Read it carefully but with an open mind. Amazing collectible..

41.This lot is for a pair of Parrot shaped cream pitchers. They are both hand-painted and probably date to the 1940s or 1950s. The blue one is marked Made in Japan, the other is unmarked. Both are in very good condition with a couple minor paint flakes. They both stand about 4.5 in tall.

42.Per consignor, this is a vintage Steiff teddy bear. The ear button is missing, so please decide for yourself. It is about 18 inches tall and has articulated arms, legs and head. It has light brown fur with tan hands and feet. His eyes are buttons and the nose and mouth are stitched on. He has been well loved and has considerable wear, especially on the hands. Great old bear in any condition.

43.This is a BAGHERA PEDDLE TYPE CAR. There are no pedals, you use your own foot power to move. These are quite expensive items online. Typically they go for around $300 - $400. This measures 36 inches long and 17 inches high. Pastel pink with very few scuffs, a little surface rust on the steering wheel only. The hood ornament is missing.

44.This is a COCA-COLA POOL TABLE LIGHT. It measures 45 x 16 inches and it is about 10 inches high. It is a hard wired ceiling fixture with no switch. Although it has a real wood frame, and the outside is molded acrylic. There are a few scuffs on the wood and it is missing one of the three glass globes from underneath.

45.This is a real nice Michael Graves Design Monopoly Set. The wooden box becomes the playing board as well as all the required storage. It is complete and in very good condition. The board is 16 inches square.

46.This is a vintage Monopoly game from the 30's or 40's. It does not include the play board. The pieces all appear to be present. It shows considerable wear from play. The box is 7.5 by 6.5 inches.

47.This is a very nice FLORIDA THEMED ACCENT LAMP. This lamp has a stone base with copper construction. There is a Heron, dragonflies and plantlife. It has a textured shade with leaves in it. It stands 42 inches tall. The shade is about 16 inches in diameter. Tested and working and in excellent condition.

48.This is a NAUTICAL THEMED WALL CHARGER. On the back it is marked "DELFTS BLAUW", Hand painted in Holland. This piece hangs on the wall and measures about 15 inches in diameter. It is white with deep blue color. It shows a sea captain smoking his pipe. Great condition.

49.This is an Antique hand painted Charger. It is finished in shades of blue and is most likely English in origin. In the center are a pair of Partridges. It is 14.5 inches wide and is in excellent condition. Wooden stand is included.

50.This is an ANTIQUE MARBLE TOP EASTLAKE TABLE. It measures 30 inches tall and the top is 28 x 20 inches. The heavy marble top is removable. It is still on it's original metal casters and looks to be in great condition.

51.This is an ANTIQUE MICROSCOPE. It is stamped "MED DEPT. U.S. ARMY". It comes in it's original wooden case that is a little rough in condition. The handle, inside brace and the hinges are all detached. The case does lock but no key is included. Several eyepieces are inside the case along with other hardware. This microscope stands around 10 to 13 inches tall. Great used condition.

52.Here we have TWO ANTIQUE VINTAGE INHALERS. The white one is ironstone and it stands about 8 inches tall. It is marked "JL IRONSTONE JOHN LOCKETT CO. BURSLEM ENGLAND". The other inhaler is metal or tin and it is 9 inches tall. It is stamped "BENZOINOL INHALER MADE BY THE BENZOINOL MFG CO. NEW YORK". Both are in excellent condition.

53.This is an ANTIQUE BELLOWS SPRAYER. Made of wood, leather and metal. The metal canister is about 9 inches long. No markings or name could be found. Great antique condition.

54.Here we have an ANTIQUE SHAVING BOX. This is a small wooden box with a flip up lid and a fold down mirror. It measures about 8x5x6 inches. It is in great condition.

55.Here is a great old black & white photograph of an old locomotive and 22 men on and around it. Gives you a good idea how large they are. The railroad is the B & O, Baltimore & Ohio. Great memorabilia for the RR collector. It measures 14 by 17 inches and is in good vintage condition. It comes with a small metal easel as shown.

56.This is a lot of 7 autographed photographs. To be perfectly honest, we are not sure if any or all of them are authentic. Please come in and look for yourself. There is Brian Dennehy, Bob Newhart, Shirley Temple, President Truman, Mario Andretti, Liberace and Barbara Streisand. One bid gets them all.

57.This is a vintage Elgin National Pocket Watch. The case is made of Oresilver which is a zinc alloy. It carries a patent date of 1884. It is a restoration project. It is missing the crystal and not running.

58.This is a vintage nautical compass with gimbal mount. The housing is solid brass and it is mounted in a wooden box. The compass points are no longer legible and the floating oil level is low. Still a neat old relic from the past. The box is 9 inches square and 5.5 inches tall. The compass has a 6 inch diameter face.

59.This is a primitive antique wooden bucket. It has tapered sides and 2 metal stays. You can enjoy it as is or re-purpose it as a planter. It stands 8 inches tall with an 8 inch opening in the top. It's old and well worn, as expected.

60.This is a lot of two antique Hotel Room Keys. Both date back to the age of skeleton keys. The first one is from the Grand Union Hotel in Saratoga Springs Missouri. It has a beautiful brass Skeleton Key. The second one is called L. Knife & Son, 359 Court Street North Plymouth Mass. This one also has a metal Skeleton Key. Check these out online they are very expensive and collectible. One bid gets both.

61.This is a very nice, hard to find Antique Hotel Service Bell. It is a very hard to find style and carries a patent date of April, 1870. The base is solid brass with a bronze bell. The clapper and inner base are cast iron for weight and stability. It has been restored and looks beautiful. Of course, it works great. It stands 5.5 inches tall.

62.Here is a lot of 2 brass Hotel or service bells. The one with the fancy detailed surface is nickel plated. They are both around 3.5 inches tall and in working condition.

63.This is a beautiful older slag glass parlor lamp. We are not absolutely convinced of the age of this piece. It could very well be from around 1930, or it could be as new as the 1970s? As always, please come in and decide for yourself. The lamp is very heavy metal with eight slag glass inserts. There is a signature on the base with some numbers, but we cannot clearly make it out. The lamp stands about 21 in tall and the shade is about 12.5 in wide. It is in great condition with no damage to any of the glass. This may be a wonderful "sleeper" that you can add to your collection. It is tested and of course works perfectly.

64.Here are a beautiful pair of contemporary Leaded Glass Table lamps. They are Tiffany type reproductions made exclusively for Rooms To Go. The bases are terra cotta colored pottery with 2 bulbs in each. The shades are all leaded glass with a beautiful deco design. They are green, cream and amber in color. The green glass pieces are loaded with sparkling aventurine. Great pair of lamps, tested and working. They stand 26 inches tall and are 22 inches wide. We could find no damages.

65.This is the first of two antique kerosene lanterns we are offering. This style is commonly called a barn lantern. This one is a Dietz Monarch. It comes with a correct Deitz Fitzall clear globe. It has overall light rust, but is in great condition. I'm sure it would work great if desired. It stands about 14 inches tall.

66.Here is the second barn lantern we are offering. This one is a bit harder to find. It is a Regal No. 0 with a correct Paul's Leader clear globe. It carries a patent date of 1903. Like the first lantern, it has overall light rust, but is still in great condition. The globe lifter works as it should and I'm sure it is still functional if desired. It stands 13.5 inches tall. Nice collector piece.

67.Here are a pair of Winged Angel Candlesticks. They look like pewter, but they are not marked. They are very nicely detailed and stand about 7 inches tall. Both are in very good condition.

68.Here we have an ANTIQUE CAST IRON ELK BANK. This is the real deal and it is in great shape. He stands 10 inches tall. On the bottom it appears to be stamped "J M 78".

69.Cressi made in Italy quality Dive Mask. The model is the "Big Eyes Evolution".This revolutionary mask is made from High Seal, a new material that offers extraordinary and unprecedented comfort. Not only has this new High Seal silicone been chosen, with its exceptional softness and comfort, but the entire design of the skirt has followed new rules which allow a point of contact between the mask and the face that has a very open angle. The mask rests on the face with unprecedented comfort and does not leave any marks on the skin, even after extended use. Naturally, to obtain such a result the entire structure of the skirt is differentiated, with internal ribs that stiffen the parts of the mask that are most stressed.  The raked lenses, with their inverted drop shape (Cressi patent), are quite small and are brought as close to the pupils as possible, so that the already extraordinary visibility of the Matrix is increased by 25%.  The headband uses the exclusive patented Cressi system of double injection of an elastomer on a rigid element and allows the buckles of the strap to be mounted not on the skirt structure, as done by our competitors, but on an indestructible elastic element that tilts on a vertical plane and can be completely bent sideways on a 180° curve.  The thickness of the headband has been reduced to such an extent as to make it practically invisible when the mask is being worn.  Big Eyes Evolution has been created to take prescription lenses: a small screwdriver and a few seconds are all it takes to replace the standard Lens.  Includes  a quality Snorkel, a anti fog gel, and a Storage Case. All for your on bid.

70.Pair of Dive Fins, a Snorkel, and a Dive Mask, all with a carrying /storage Bag. The Fins are made by HRE, size 9-11, and float. Tempered glass mask and Snorkel. You get everything for your one bid.

71.High End Dive Fins and Snorkel with a fancy top quality combination Carry/Storage Backpack type Bag. The Bag , made by Promate, has four separate storage compartments, one zipper and three are Velcro. Adjustable shoulder straps and expandable outside storage also. The Fins are made by Tusa as well as the Snorkel. The Fins are Imprex, and are fully adjustable and include hard shaped storage inserts, all made by Tabata, a famous maker of pro dive equiptment. One winning bid gets the whole Set..

72.Two matching SKI / Fishing Vests made by Onyx Outdoor Sports. Both the same size, Mens Large 40 to 44 inch chest and over 90 lbs. US Coast Guard type lll personal flotation devices. Each one has two large zippered front pockets and one smaller velcro pockets. These are not your regular quality Vests but expensive top quality Pieces. Come and see yourself and you will know why. They have been used but are in excellent condition. Your one winning bid gets both Vests

73.Quality  WETSUIT made by Neosport  with matching Dive Boots The Suit is neopreen /spandex/polyester 3 mm thick and is size ML. The Dive Boots are made by Edge, and they are a mans size 10. In very good condition, but has been used. One bid gets the whole Set.

74.MOTORGUIDE TROLLING MOTOR. Model # 940100070.  It is an Electric Transom mount 30 inch motor. In its original box with manual. The box is opened but the motor looks like it’s in unused condition. Reversible motor head for bow or transom mount operation, Ergonomic, extending handle puts control at your fingertips, Wide Bite aluminum mount with 7-point adjustment, Aluminum shaft for strength and durability, Solid aluminum. Has not been tested, but it looks brand new and it carries our three day to be sure it works guarantee, so bid with confidence.


75.The next two lots offer M&M COLLECTIBLEs. This one is a limited edition "MADAME GREEN" FUN FORTUNES CANDY DISPENSER. Brand new in it's original box. Press the crystal ball , get your fortune read and get some candy. Cool piece.

76.This is a MARVEL COMICS SILVER SURFER FIGURE. This is a large figure standing 10 inches tall. It is a collectors 30th anniversary edition. New in it's original box that has some rough edges.

77.This is another SILVER SURFER collectible. This is made of pewter. Limited to 1 of 9,998. The surfer on his display stand is about 5 inches tall. New and never out of it's original packaging. From Marvel Comics.

78.This is another collectible from Marvel Comics. This is THE SHOCKER. Number 201 of 7,500. Only out of it's original packaging for photos. The figure stands about 6 inches tall. Cool piece.

79.Here is another Marvel Comics collectible. This is THE HOB GOBLIN. He stands about 6 inches tall and it is in brand new condition. This is a limited edition numbering 547 of 5,000. Only out of the box for photos.

80.This is a FANTASY SWORD. This is called the "SWORD OF VALIEN". It measures just under 37 inches long. High grade stainless steel with great details and it comes with a wooden plaque to hang it on. The label is missing off of the wooden plaque.

81.This is another FANTASY SWORD. This one measures 42.5 inches long. Made of heavy gauge stainless steel with high detail. This is a sharpened sword and definitely not a toy. No display plaque with this one.

82.This is a FANTASY DAGGER. This is an unsharpened, highly detailed display dagger. It measures 18.5 inches long. It comes with a nice wooden plaque for hanging.

83.Here we have two boxes of ARMOR PIERCING M-2 30/06 AMMUNITION. The boxes say caliber 30.06 Springfield , U.S. mil-spec recovered components. Made in U.S.A. Each box contains 20 rounds.

84.This is an ANTIQUE HOPKINS & ALLEN SHOTGUN. We believe it is a 12 gauge. It has a number stamped that possibly says L0727. It is a single shot break-down style shotgun. Stock and forearm are in excellent shape and the receiver and barrel look like they have been re-blued. Great wall hanger.

85.This is a COLLECTIBLE DAISY BB GUN. This is a limited edition Roy Rogers and Gabby Hayes model. This is 1/2500 produced. It is # 2326 of 2500. This comes brand new in it's original box with COA and brass keychain. Commemorative rifles like this seldom come up for sale and always realize premium prices.

86.This is another COLLECTIBLE DAISY BB GUN. This is the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans limited edition. It is # 64 of 2500 made. It comes with a COA and it's original box and paperwork. These commemorative guns are extremely hard to find and seldom come up for sale. Brand New condition.

87.This is a CROSSMAN STORM XT AIR RIFLE. It is model # C1K77ST. It fires .177 Cal. pellets or BB's. It is a single cock model. Adjustable rear sight and a night glo front sight. It looks practically unused.

88.This is a lot of AMMUNITION. There is a bin with about 200 RDS. of some cartridges that are marked "43...VII....RG", 19 RDS. of other cartridges that I cannot make out, two shotgun shells and another 5 RDS. that are marked "WRA 81". One bid takes it all.

89.Here are TWO MOSSY OAK KNIVES. These are both in like new condition. One has a six inch blade and one has a four inch blade. Both come with hard sheathes. High bid takes them both.

90.Here are TWO SPANISH SWORDS. These have the appearance of rapier swords, but they do not have the flexibility of true rapier blades. These blades are identical and measure 34 inches long each. The blades are double edge, unsharpened, and heavily engraved. In the engravings you can find the words "TOLEDO SPAIN". Each sword has heavy welded hand guards with wire wrapped handles. Overall they are in great condition but the finish on the blades is a little rough. Very nice quality collectibles.

91.This is a small Vivitar 8 X 22 mini telescope. It comes with a carry strap and vinyl case. Works fine. It measures 3.75 inches long. Very good condition.

92.This is a lot of 8 vintage military brass buttons. They come in a fancy box marked Hilborn-Hamburger, Inc. Military Jewelers New York. This same name is also stamped on the back of each button. The larger buttons are 7/8 inches wide. They are unused.

93.The next three Lots are all Quality Military gear that a Doomsday Prepper bought, believing the end was near. He always bought the best he could find. There is mostly new gear, and when new wasn't available he bought like new surplus. This lot offers several  high quality pieces of MILITARY COLD WEATHER GEAR.  We have a Camouflage surplus heavy Jacket size small regular stock # 6415, a pair of extreme cold weather Boots size medium, stock # 8430, 2 snap on extreme cold weather hats. One a flap Hat stock # 211265, jacket hoods (one is surplus), a cold weather Knit Dickie (turtleneck) and two sets of cold weather Poly knit underwear,  (1 large and 1 small) still never taken out of the package.  All expensive and quality Stuff here, and if your going back North, don't miss this. One bid takes it all. Your chance to make some money.

94.This is the second Lot of Military Clothes bought by the Doomsday Prepper. Most everything is military and never used. The original invoice was in this carton and he spent about 500 bucks for all this .This lot offers all types of MILITARY CLOTHING. There is a beautiful Woodland Camo Poncho, a large section of original US mosquito netting, two military wool blankets, a Swiss Face Veil, 3  Camo T-Shirts (2 large and 1 small),  2 sets of Twill tops with bottoms (1 large set and 1 small set) and a beautiful large Black Flight suit or Jump Suit.. Lots of money here and all New Stuff and the highest bidder takes it all.

95.This is a MILITARY STYLE MEDICAL FIELD PACK. This nylon, 3 compartment backpack style bag contains roughly 200-300 items. It includes gauze, bandages, splints,tongue depressors, cold packs, burn relief, swabs, blood coagulant, petroleum jelly, syringes, hemostats, sterile water, tape and much more. The highest bidder takes the whole package.

96. This is an ANTIQUE RCA VICTOR AM CLOCK RADIO. It is a five tube radio and is  model 4-C-541. It measures 12.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches. One knob is missing from the front. Not tested. but displays nicely.

97.This is an VINTAGE MEDICAL LAMP. This is a lamp you would see in a dentists office or typical doctors office back in the day. It has been tested and it works fine. It has a spring loaded adjustable arm and it stands from about 5 to 6.5 feet tall. It is on wheels and it is in great condition.

98.This lot offers TWO PIECES of ANTIQUE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. The small cardboard box contains a Turpo Electric Vaporizer. This is from the Glessner Co. in Findlay,OH. The box is a little rough on this one. The wooden case contains a Phenix Steam Atomizer. This is from the Whitall, Tatum & Co. Boston, N.Y. and Philly. This is it's original wooden case that has the directions for use. Both great collectibles.

99.This lot offers an ANTIQUE DEFIBRILLATOR or SHOCK THERAPY SYSTEM. This is from J.H. Bunnell & Co. New York. It comes in it's original wooden case with directions for the new 4 D. D. Home Medical Apparatus. It looks to be complete but we can't be sure. Great medical collectible.

100.High End and high quality Business or Home Telephone Set made by Talkswitch, a leader in this type of Phones. There is a Talkswitch CTT-S001 PBX 4 Line Switcher with A/C, a Talkswitch 480i Console Phone with stand and A/C, a Talkswitch 9112i Console Phone with stand and A/C, a Talkswitch TS350i Console Phone with stand and A/C, and two new Ethernet Cables. You get everything you see here for your one lucky bid. Everything is in working condition as it was just removed from a Store that went out of business. Don't miss this chance for a high end quality Phone System and save a ton of money in the process.

101.Jewelry lot A. This lot is for a pair of stud earrings and ring. They are marked 14K and the stones are CZ's. The earrings are about 1 carat each and full of fire. The ring is solid 14k gold with 22 small CZ's. It is out of round and broken and needs to be repaired. All for one bid.

102.Jewelry lot B. This is a 5 piece faux pearl Jewelry lot. It includes a necklace, 2 bracelets and a pair of stud earrings. They are all in very good condition.

103.Jewelry lot C. This is a lot of 2 pairs of quality earrings. There is a pair of dangly CZ's that is marked 10K. The other is genuine pearls with 14K posts. Both are in new condition.

104.Jewelry lot D. This lot is for 2 Sterling and Swarovski crystal bracelets. They are identical except for the crystal color. Both are in new condition.

105.Jewelry lot E. This is a real pretty iridized crystal Rosary. On the back of the cross it says "I am a Catholic, in case of an accident, notify a Priest". It is in excellent condition.

106.Jewelry lot F. This is a necklace with a cluster of small polished stones. The chain is gold plated. It is in excellent condition.

107.Jewelry lot G. This is a vintage set of earrings and a necklace. They feature iridized blue crystals. The necklace chain is gold filled and the earrings have gold posts. They are in excellent condition.

108.Jewelry lot H. This lot is for a pair of Diamond and Sterling silver earrings. Each one has several minuscule cut diamonds with a 1/10 CT total weight. They are very attractive and in new condition.

109.Here is a huge collection of First Day Issue Stamps and the accompanying 22K Gold Replicas. They date from 1995 to 2003. The quantity in each huge book varies up to 87 stamps. We have no idea if every stamp issued within that time period is present? There are hundreds of beautiful and important stamps here, all are in unopened condition. There are 7 books in the collection. With this auction, you bid on one book and pay 7 times your bid. Example: if you bid $5.00 and win, your total cost for this lot is $35.00. Come in and check these out. The original purchaser paid thousands for them.

110.This is a lot of BETTY DAVIS LOBBY CARDS. There are seven cards in this lot (see pics for details). These are dated 1953 but we are not sure if they are originals or not, you come see them and be the judge. All in great shape

111.This is another lot of MOVIE LOBBY CARDS. These are advertising the movie "THE BLAZING FOREST" with John Payne. There are seven cards in this lot (see pics for details). All with beautiful colors and all are in great condition.

112.Here we have another lot of MOVIE LOBBY CARDS. These are advertising a movie called "SEA HORNET" starring Rod Cameron and Adele Mara.  There are eight cards in this lot (see pics for details). These eight cards are in great condition and have beautiful bright colors.

113.Rocks lot A. Here is a large assortment of polished stones. Most are small, about an inch long. Also in this lot are 2 small polished agate slabs. Great assortment for the Jewelry crafter.

114.Rocks lot B. This lot has 7 carved stone figurines with an animal theme. We have 4 frogs, a turtle and 2 eggs, one with a chick inside. The largest frog is about 2 inches long. They are all in good shape.

115.Rocks lot C. Here is a 12 piece lot of cut and polished stone items. There is a trinket box, peach, apple, chop sticks and more. The largest piece is 3.5 inches tall. All are in very good condition.

116.Rocks lot D. This is a lot of various polished and narural minerals. There are over 20 pieces in this lot. There are pieces of pyrite, amethyst, rose quartz, calcite and more. Great lot for the rock hound.

117.This is a beautiful Quartz hand specimen that was collected in Colombia, South America. It has dozens of pointed clear crystals that sparkle brightly. It is a small specimen, but the crystal points are really striking. It measures 3 inches by 2 inches and stands 1.25 inches tall.

118.Here is another very nice mineral hand specimen. This one is Amethyst crystals in a very light lavender color. This piece has about 6 prominent larger crystal points. It is 3.5 by 2 by 2 inches tall.

119.This is the second of the three Giant sized CARVED WOODEN BIRDS in this auction. This is bird B.  Again the colors and quality of these birds are outstanding. This one stands just over 61 inches tall. The paint matches all three birds. Again these are in excellent condition. Don't miss seeing these three.

120.Here is a super simulated Fish Tank. Just hit the switch and watch the animation. Both the background and the fish swim from left to right. They move at different speeds simulating real movement. It measures 12 inches wide and 9 inches tall. It works perfectly and can be viewed from both sides.

121.This is a large hand carved Angel Fish. The wood is very hard and dense and looks like Rosewood. It can be enjoyed from either side. There are a couple nicks on the fin tips. It measures 12 inches long and 11 inches tall.

122.This is a very clever wood carving. It is a pot with a handle that looks like a branch. It is carved from bamboo and is non functional. There is a lot of work in this piece. It measures 10.5 inches tall and is in very good condition.

123.This lot offers HORS D'OEUVRES PLATES and NAPKINS from Cider House Home Decor. Each box has a set of four plates. There are four plates with no box. Also there are seven decorative heavy cloth napkins. The plates is 8 inches in diameter. There are 16 plates and 7 napkins included. All in great condition.

124.This is a hand made porcelain tile. It is very skillfully made and has been signed by the artist. It has been framed and is ready to take home and enjoy. It measures 14 by 10 inches. It is in excellent condition. These hand crafted tiles are very collectible and expensive.

125.Ceramic Tile lot A. This is the first of 4 lots of beautiful hand painted ceramic tiles we are offering. Each lot has 2 tiles of rare exotic animals. Each tile is 12 inches square and in excellent condition with a hook on the back for hanging. This lot is for a Chimpanzee and an Orangutan. Check the next 3 lots for all we are offering.

126.Ceramic tile lot B. This is the second lot of exotic animal tiles we are offering. Please refer to lot 125 for the details. This lot is for a Koala Bear and a Gorilla.

127.Ceramic tile lot C. This is the third exotic animal tile lot we are offering. Please refer back to lot 125 for all the details. This lot is for an Elephant and Rhinoceros.

128.Ceramic tile lot D. Here is the 4th and final lot of exotic animal tiles. Please refer back to lot 125 for all the details. This lot is for a Lion and a Jaguar or Leopard.

129.This is a huge carved wood African Tribal mask. It has a wonderful old patina and looks to be very old. We have no idea if it is authentic or not. It has an animal of some sort standing on the top. It is all one very large piece of wood. It is 39 inches tall and nearly a foot wide. Great condition for its age.

130.This is a molded resin sculpture of a Chinese Soldier. It is nicely detailed and mounted on a wooden base. It is 13 inches tall and in very good condition.

131.This is a better quality Asian wood carving. It depicts an aged man in traditional clothing and a very long beard. It is carved wood and hand painted. It stands 9 inches tall and is in very good condition.

132.This is a very nice MOSAIC TILED ACCENT TABLE. This table has a lower shelf that is also a mosaic. The top has two dolphins and it measures 17 x 17 inches square. The lower shelf is just over 9 x 9 inches square. Overall it is 22 inches high. Beautiful pink, green and blue pastels really pop under a bright light. Excellent condition. One of the nicest lanai side tables we ever had.

133.This is a very large schoolhouse map of the county of Plymouth Massachusetts, 1857. It is paper on muslin, and definitely requires restoration. Just the fact that it exists at all, is wonderful. We feel it is well worth the expense to have it restored. It was done in full color and great detail, especially for 1857. All four corners have historical landmarks and other areas of importance. It measures 63 in long and 61 in wide. It is very fragile in hard to display and its current condition however it will still be appreciated. It is rolled up and can be safely transported without further damage.

134.I'm sure many of you remember these wonderful old Wooden Nickel advertising pieces. We are offering 5 different ones, two are from the same establishment. These are hard to find. They are 1.5 inches wide and in very good condition.

135.Here is a very large lot of Wheat Back pennies. The consignor has been accumulating them for decades. There may be some goodies in here. I did notice several steel ones. The lot weighs 96 ounces which loosely converts to 1300 pennies.

136.This is the first of three collectible baseball cards we are offering. This one is a 1969 Topps card for Joe Morgan. It appears to be in excellent condition. It comes with a plastic protective case. Please come in and view all of the cards for yourself.

137.Here is the second of three collectible baseball cards we are offering. This one came in Kellogg's Corn Flakes cereal packages and is for Willie Mays. It is a flicker card that actually shows two images, one at-bat and the other a close-up of his face. It dates from 1991 and is very collectible. It appears to be in excellent condition.

138.Here is the last collectible baseball card we are offering. This is a Topps card dated 1975. It is for Thurman Munson, one of the more famous catchers for the New York Yankees. The card appears to be in excellent condition.

139.This is a lot of 2 new costume rings from QVC. They are both gold plated and in new condition with box. One has pretty peach colored stones and the other a single pear shaped clear stone. Both are size 7.

140.Here is a Tag Heuer men's watch. It looks like the real thing, but the consignor was told it may be a copy, so we are NOT guaranteeing it. It is the Monaco Automatic Chronograph model with a leather band. Please come in and take a look. There is a small crack in the crystal. It is running well.

141.This is a 4 piece Sterling and Onyx Jewelry set. There is a bracelet, earrings and a pendant. All 4 pieces are in excellent condition.

142.This is a vintage bone bracelet. Per consignor, it was made in Tibet. It has a polished agate in the center. It is in good condition with light corrosion.

143.Here is a very nice large lot of costume Jewelry. It includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. Also included in this lot are all of the display pieces. Great lot for the pro seller. Please check the pictures for exactly what you will receive.

144.This is a lot of 13 Bangle type bracelets. A couple are cloisonne and some are pewter. This lot also includes the black velvet display stand. They are all in very good condition.

145.This lot offers a mid century POODLE STATUE. This little guy is 23 inches tall and he is made of plaster we believe. Typical tan poodle color with purple flowers and a green collar. In great condition with a couple nicks here and there, but hardly noticeable.

146.Check out this vintage toy locomotive. It is all steel with nickel plated wheels. It is embossed on each side Stafford Liner. Maybe British? It measures 12 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall. Pretty rusty, but still very cool.

147.This is a vintage toy army tank. It was made in Western Germany and looks like it dates to the 1950's. It is a key wind toy. When you wind it up, the soldier pops his head out and the wheels spin. It no longer rolls because the rubber treads have stretched. It comes in the original cardboard box. It measures 3.5 inches long.

148.This is a limited edition Stinson Detroiter Replica Coin Bank. It is diecast metal and made by Gearbox. It is one of 5000 made. It is new, never out of the box. Check pictures for all the details.

149.This is a Wings of Texaco 1940 Grumman G-21-A Amphibian. It is an authentic replica of the Grumman Goose. It is a die cast metal coin bank. This is the 4th in a series. Plane is new, box was opened for photos.

150.This is a Wings of Texaco 1930 Travel Air Model R "Mystery Ship". It is the 5th in the series. It is authentically an scaled die cast metal coin bank. It is in new condition removed from the box for photos. Another great Ertl collectible.

151.This is a large pottery vase that looks Asian. It is hand painted with the gold in raised relief. On the front and back are a pair of Quail. It is quite tall at 14 inches and very colorful. It is in excellent condition.

152.This is a vintage brass and glass enamel Cloisonne Ginger Jar. It has an overall floral motif with one small bird. The colors are bright and I can find no damage. It is fully enameled both inside and out. It measures 6.5 inches tall.

153.This is an antique hand painted vase. I believe it is English and from the late 1800's. The painting shows 2 hunters, one on horseback pursuing a wild boar. It is quite a nice piece of art as well as a quality piece of glass. It stands 6 inches tall and has a fully polished lip and base. Excellent condition.

154.This is an O'DOUL'S BEER MIRROR. This is an oval shaped mirror with no frame. It measures 28 x 22 inches. There are a couple very fine scratches, but hardly noticeable.

155.This is a large decorative Nautilus shell replica made of tin. The front is covered with a mother of pearl like material that very closely resembles real shell. It stands about 20 inches tall and is in very good condition.

156.This is a TABLE CHARGER. It is just under 14 inches in diameter and it has an African motif. There is a deer or antelope in the front and some kind of bird in the back. Tan with brown accents.

157.This is a modern wrought aluminum bowl. It is triangle shaped with three round brass feet. Great piece for your contemporary home. It is 13 inches across and 4 inches tall. It is in very good condition with light wear marks.

158.This is a glazed ceramic sculpture.  It is contemporary with a modern look. It stands 24 inches tall and 14 inches wide. A little cracking in the glaze but still in great condition.

159.Here are TWO TABLE VASES. These are ceramic with a faux wood look. The tall one stands 18 inches high and the smaller one is about 14 inches tall. Both in great condition.

160.Here we have a MEXICAN MARIACHI MAN TEQUILA DECANTER. He stands about 12 inches tall and is in great condition.

161.Here is a large advertising Charger for the German beer Dortmunder Actien-Bier. It is very heavy stoneware and comes with a metal stand. The maker is printed on the back as shown. It measures over 14 inches wide and is in excellent condition.

162.Here is a cute lot of 4 little "Shelf Sitters". They all resemble "Guido", the Italian chef. Each one is holding a different food item. They are about 9 inches overall. All are in good condition.

163.This is a VINTAGE HEART PILLS ADVERTISING PIECE. It is in the shape of a heart and it is marked " DR. MASON'S HEART PILLS". It is around 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide. It is carved from one piece of wood. Great piece.

164.This lot is for 2 high relief metal wall decorations. They are a deep antique bronze color with a contemporary style. They are about 16 inches square. Both are in very good condition.

165.This is an all metal Florida wall art. It depicts 2 Pelicans sitting atop wooden pilings. It is hand painted and artist signed. It measures 17 inches wide and 15 inches tall. It is in very good condition.

166.Here are a large pair of Florida's most famous and favorite birds, Sandhill Cranes. They are all metal with a crackled metallic gold finish and the tell tale red cap on their heads. It will look great in any Florida home. They are large at 40 inches long and 21 inches tall. Great collection.

167.This is an attractive all metal piece of wall art. It depicts and arboreal orchid. It is growing on a branch with roots dangling below and leaves projecting upward. It is in great condition measuring 18 inches tall and 16 in wide.

168.This is a 3 piece metal wall art. They are flying Geese, each goose is all brass with the pieces brazed together. Let your imagination decide how to group and display the geese. They range from 14 to 6 inches tall. All are in very good condition.

169.This is a beautiful example of a WATER COLOR PAINTING. It is signed by Suzanne S. Placek in 1987. It measures 21.5 x 17.5 inches. Heavy double matting with a gold metal frame. Super nice piece.

170.This is another WATERCOLOR PAINTING. It measures about 25 x 15 inches. It is a depiction of trees in the forest. Hand signed by Suzanne Smyth. A gold toned wooden frame with a heavy lavender matting. Great piece.

171.This is another WATERCOLOR PAINTING. This is also signed by Suzy Smyth '65. For being 54 years old this is in excellent shape. It depicts a farm scene with a barn and a stream. Again this has heavy double matting with a gold toned wooden frame. It measures about 29 x 20 inches.

172.This is a different piece of art work. It is TWO STITCHED CLOTHS FRAMED UNDER GLASS. Each cloth measures about 17 x14 inches. One is a city square with people walking around and the other shows an old seaport with ships. It has a composite frame with a burgundy backing. It measures 43.5 x 22.5 inches. Excellent condition.

173.Here we have a JAZZ THEMED ART PRINT. It shows a cool laid back cat stroking the piano keys. This is a new piece still in it's protective cardboard, but it does have a few scuffs from being stored. It measures 35 x 27.5 inches.

This is a Miniature Persian Painting on Camel Bone? It is mounted in Khatam Marquetry Inlaid Mosaic Frame. It looks like men hunting on horseback on the left side and enjoying the spoils of the hunt on the right. Both the picture and the frame are beautiful. There is a spot of damage on the frame at the lower left as shown. It measures 10.25 by 8.25 inches. 

175.This is an impressionistic oil on masonite by Alfred Sussi. The painting shows a beautiful young girl sitting in a field of wildflowers.  As you stand back from the painting, the quality of the work becomes more evident. Her face and hair are very beautiful. Please come in and check this one out. Sussi, 1931-2013, did many paintings in this style, most on masonite.  This one is incorporated within this very unusual wooden frame and is finished in antique gold and black.  The frame is 21 inches square and the oil is 17 inches in diameter.  It is in very good vintage condition.  

176.This is a vintage engraving by Ernest Christian Rost. It is signed E. C. Rost and dated 1890 in the lower left corner.  The engraving process is very sharp and detailed.  The scene depicts a tranquil rural scene with trees, houses and a country lane.  Rost's work has been growing in popularity and value over the years.  The piece is in its original frame.  The etching has darkened a bit with age as you would expect and there is some light wear to the outer edges of the frame.  The frame measures 30 by 21 and the etching is about 25 by 15.

177.Here are 3 limited edition prints or lithographs. They are all signed bt the artist Jeanes and dated 1982 or 83. They are entitled IBIS, HERON & FLAMINGO. The frames are 16 by 13 and the prints are about 8 by 10. All are framed under glass.

178.This is a large TRUE OIL ON CANVAS PAINTING. This is signed "LEONARD". It measures 43x32 inches. It has a real carved wood frame painted gold. It depicts a farm scene with horses and dogs. Great condition.

179.Here we have a CHINESE ART PIECE. We think this is a watercolor but we're not sure. It is quite old with the wood frame and heavy real glass. It is signed but it is hard to make out, it looks like A. N. .... something. It measures about 38x28 inches It shows a few boats in a deep river gorge. Great piece.

180.This is an OIL ON CANVAS by E. Cole. This shows a barn near a creek. It has a heavy baroque style frame that measures 25 x 21 inches. The frame has a few rough spots but not in bad condition.

181.Extremely well executed Watercolor on paper, signed by the artist L.G. LICHTY, who we could not find listed. The snowy landscape with a barn and wagon have quirky shapes as if he was a commercial illustration artist.. Metal frame with 3 inch matting again is very well done. It is 24 inches by 20 inches and in excellent condition..

182.Beautiful Watercolor on Board by TREVOR PAVEROULTJA who is a listed Aboriginal (Australian) Artist.  He was a member of the Hermannsburg School and one of the most sought after artists. His paintings always bring good money and this is a prime example of his work.  Gold tone wood frame and non glare conservation glass with double matting. Its 24 inches by 16 inches and in excellent condition.

183.Here are 2 framed watercolors, both showing similar Mexican subjects, but by different artists. They are in matching frames, both with non glare conservation glass, and were displayed together by the owner, so we decided to keep them together for the auction....One is by MIGUEL ANGEL, and the other has the signature partially behind the matting. It looks like it says "BAH....something. Although both pieces look very similar, it is obvious that they are from different artists. Each piece measures 16 inches by 20 inches. They have heavily carved wooden frames with single matting. Beautiful and the winning bidder gets both for the oe bid.

184.Here are a pair of Nautical themed bookends. One end has a metal anchor and coiled rope. The other end is the anchor retrieval wheel. They are wood with felt on the bottom. They stand 5.5 inches tall. Both are in very good condition.

185.This is a very heavy solid brass Eagle landing a log. It is mounted on a carved resin base that resembles wood. There is a sticker on the bottom that reads Aldon Solid Brass. It stands 7.5 inches tall, is extremely heavy, being solid,  and is in very good condition.

186.Here is a lot of 3 brass Unicorns. The 2 larger ones are individual statuettes, the small one is a rotating music box. All three are in very good condition. They range from 5 to 7 inches tall. The music box works.

187.This is an unusual solid brass statuette. It is 3 Unicorns, all reared up on their hind legs, supporting a hollow brass sphere. Where else, but Richie's auction? It stands 6.5 inches tall and is in very good condition.

188.This lot offers TWO SETS of BRASS BOOKENDS. These are solid brass. There is a pair of unicorns and a pair of eagles. The eagles are 4 inches tall and the unicorns are about 7.5 inches. Great condition.

189.Here are a pair of solid brass Herons. One is larger than the other, probably male & female. They are 6.5 and 8 inches tall. Both are in very good condition.

190.This is a BRASS PIGGY BANK. It is only about 5 inches long and 2.5 inches high. It looks like the original screw has been replaced possibly but other than that it is in great shape. We love piggy banks.

191.Very Nice simple but older  VINTAGE BRASS BELL. It measures about 6 x 6 inches without the mounting bracket. This can be mounted on a wall or post. Very good condition.

192.This is a SOLID BRASS SNAIL from India, that is one heck of a long slime trail!  It measures 7 inches long and 4 inches tall. Great condition.

193.This is a brass tone locomotive mounted on a marble base. The train is marked "The World Famous Horseshoe Curve Altoona, Pa". The base was made on Italy. It measures 5 inches long and 2.25 inches tall. It is in good condition.

194.This is a lot of 2 solid brass Door Knockers. One is a Nautical themed anchor and the other is a classic shaped knocker made by Schlage. Both are about 6 inches tall and in unused condition. Winning bid gets both Knockers.

195.I must admit, this one has me a bit baffled? We are not exactly sure of what it is? It looks to be music related, just not sure how. Maybe a book or sheet music holder or even a stand for an instrument of some kind? It is cast aluminum with a great old patina. It is 11 inches tall, 8 inches wide and 6 inches deep. Be the first on your block to own one.

196.Large collection of  Vintage TRAINS ILLUSTRATED Magazines, bound into Hardback Books. Included are volumes 1 through 8. These are in like new condition and date from 1946 - 1955. Wonderful as reference material or fun to look through.

197.Again these are original vintage HARPERS  BAZAAR magazines that have been bound into HardbackVolumes. These are pre and post civil war dates and are super interesting.  The books are marked with volume numbers.... XXXII (32), XXXV (35), XXXVII (37), LVIII (58) and LXI (61). These date to the 1860 - 1890 period. Your one winning bid gets all five Sets.

198.Do you Women remember the famous Bobbsey Twins. At one time these books were king of the hill. Everybody, including some guys, were reading them.This is a large collection of BOBBSEY TWINS HARDBACK BOOKS. There are nine books in the lot. All have signs of use and a few have some child's scribbling in them, but still in good condition. Great non-violent reading for the kids.  See pics for details. You never see these anymore, so add to your collection. One bid gets all nine volumes.

199.If you travel a Lot, you are familiar with Audio Books. Sometimes you want the trip to continue because you are enjoying them so much. These are very popular authors and title and are expensive to buy. Here we have a lot of 8 AUDIO BOOKS that you can get for a reasonable price. Make those long drives feel short.  There are 4 Clive Cusslers,  2 James Patterson's, 1 Nicholas Sparks and 1 David Baldacci. See pics for titles. All in like new condition.

200.This is a beautiful WOODEN CHESS BOARD from RICARDO LYNN. It measures 24 inches square and it is about 7 inches tall standing on four legs. It has one drawer in the front to hold pieces. Right now this set comes with a set of inexpensive plastic chess men that is missing one white pawn. If you add your own nice pieces, this will be an awesome set. Beautiful inlayed wood board on top.

201.A Trio of  MID CENTURY MARBLE TOP STACKING TABLES. They are triangle shaped and each table stands 16 inches tall and about 16 inches across. They are wooden construction with marble tops. Try to find another set like this.Winning bid gets all three.

202.SMALL GLASS DISPLAY CABINET. It measures 17.5 x 12 x 6 inches. The bottom shelf is cracked and it is missing one foot. It can be hung on a wall also. Also it did have a hinged front door but that is missing too. Still pretty for the very small display pieces.

203.Beautiful Lladro look a-like Figurine of two European Nuns. It has the look and quality of Lladro, and  but it's not. It is a very nice glazed figure standing almost 15 inches tall. Great  like new condition.

204.This is a contemporary art glass sculpture. It is nothing more than a rope of reeded blue glass, but it strangely attractive. It is roughly 7 inches all around. It is in excellent condition.

205.Check out this high style flower arrangement. The base and stems are solid copper, and the flowers are hand blown glass. It is a very "artsy" piece for the contemporary home. It is 15 inches tall and the flowers are about 3 inches wide. It is in excellent condition.

206.Here we have TWO PIECES OF CORAL. Each piece is around 6-7 inches in size. One white piece and one deep red piece. Both pieces are natural. Winning bid gets both pieces.

207.Beautiful contemporary reproduction of a vintage Bradley & Hubbard doorstop. It is cast iron and has been hand painted. It is signed with the artist's initials and dated 1991. It stands 8 inches tall and is in very good condition. At least we feel it is a reproduction, but you come and look for yourself. Still beautiful.

208.Heavy Contemporary art glass vase. It has heavy applied glass that look like Ram's horns from the side. It has a fire polished opening and ground base. It stands 6.5 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

209.Modern crystal Ice Bucket with metal tongs. It is 7 inches tall and both pieces are in excellent condition.

210.Beautiful contemporary art glass Hyacinth vase. It is cased blue over white with 2 applied clear loop handles. It is marked Tozai Home on the bottom. It stands 9 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

211.Very heavy Flat sided contemporary Vase. It is pale blue with a frosted appearance. It is 9.5 inches tall and in very good condition.

212.Here is a vintage pottery fish vase. It probably dates to the 1960's and was often displayed on the TV set. It is turquoise blue with gold highlights. It is 13 inches long and in very good condition.

213.This is a beautiful antique English pitcher and bowl set. It has lavender edge painting and attractive bird transfers. Both pieces are signed Burslem England. Getting harder to find complete sets in very good condition. The pitcher is 14 inches tall and the bowl is 16 inches wide.

214.Here is a great old No. 70 food grinder made by Hibbard Spencer Bartlett. It is marked OVB which stands for Our Very Best. It comes with an additional blade set. It is in overall very good condition with some light rust. It is about 9 inches long.

215.This is an ANTIQUE COPPER ASH BUCKET. It is used to hold ashes when you clean out the fireplace. It measures about 16 inches high with the handle up. The handles are porcelain and the hardware that connects the handle looks to be brass. Excellent condition.

216.Classic Gray Graniteware handled milk can. It is entirely handmade as seen with the handle attachment to the side. It is a small milk can, probably doesn't hold much more than a pint. It stands 6.5 in tall and is in excellent condition for vintage graniteware.

217.This lot offers THREE VINTAGE TIN BANKS. Each piece is about 8 inches tall and I would say they are in excellent condition. These look like old Western town buildings. There is a saloon, a general store and a bank. Very cool pieces.

218.This is a ?????. Kind of like a Steampunk piece made from wood and metal by a local artist.  This is a hand made piece of art that resembles a house maybe?. It plugs in and has a light inside. It is just under 16 inches tall. Super different.Do you need this? It does look sort of cool.

219.Solid Nautical wood Man's Dresser Box. In the lid is a shadow box entitled Types of Anchors, which it shows examples of. It measures 10 inches by 6 inches and is 4 inches tall. It is in very good condition.

220.This is a beautiful vintage hand painted table lamp. It has fancy cast metal ornamentation and base. The body of the lamp is glass with hand painted flowers. The vintage shade is lined and looks like silk. It stands about 36 inches tall and is in very good condition. Tested and working.

221.This is a vintage solid brass Bankers lamp. It has a clear lucite body and is fully adjustable to most any angle. It has 2 bulbs and a single base mounted switch. It stands about 14 inches tall and is in great working condition.

222.This is an antique floor lamp. It is made of brass and cast iron. It has an attractive vintage shade with a Painted Parrot on two sides. Great Florida lamp. It stands 58 inches tall. It is in very good vintage condition.

223.Here is the best souvenir of the Gateway Arch I have ever seen. It is made of cast and polished aluminum and mounted on a walnut base. It has a plaque describing the monument in the center. It stands 8 inches tall and 10 inches wide. It is in excellent condition.

224.This is a metal sailboat mounted on a piece of marble. It stands about 12 inches tall and is in very good condition. Nice nautical decorator piece.

225.Hess lot A. This is the first of three collectible Hess Vehicles. This one dates to 1998. It is called Recreation Van with Dune Buggy and Motorcycle. It is in perfect condition, never out of the box.

226.Hess lot B. This is the second collectible Hess truck lot we are offering. This one is from 2002 and is called Toy Truck and Airplane. It is in as new condition, never out of the box.

227.Hess lot C. This is the last Hess lot that we are offering. This one is from 2005 and is called Emergency Truck with Rescue Vehicle. It is in new condition, never out of the box.

228.This lot offers TWO ANTIQUE MANTLE CLOCKS. One is a Sessions clock and the other is from the New Haven Clock Co. Both similar in size and shape measuring about 20 inches wide and 9-10 inches tall. There is a key included and it looks like it would work on both clocks.

229.Original GENERAL ELECTRIC TELECHRON CLOCK. It looks to have a copper case with an acrylic face. It measures about 7.5 x 5.5 inches in size. Tested and working.

230.Pair of Industrial Commercial Light Fixtures. The Industrial Look is very hot now, and these are Super Good. These are large decorative lights that would have been used in an old factory or outside of a garage, but now anywhere you want "The Look". These lights are roughly 47 inches long and the light globe is 17 inches in diameter. They could be repainted or leave as-is for the true antique look. These were made in the good old USA, in California. Great and we never see these anymore. Winning bid gets both of them.

231.Authentic Hardwood Police Baton or Night Stick. It has an attached blue braided handle with tassels. It is made of a heavy dark wood, possibly Rosewood. It is 18 inches long and in very good condition.

232.Vintage older interior Thermometer from the 1970's or so. It was made by TCA, and has a mercury bulb. It is mounted in a wood frame and is in excellent condition. There is an additional glass mercury thermometer included as well as the original box. It is 19 inches tall.

233.Nice reproduction of a Shaker type wooden box. It is faintly signed on the base, but all I can read is Wisconsin. It is lined with quilted fabric. It stands 5.5 inches tall and is 8 inches in diameter. It is in very good condition.

234.Neat FISHING SHADOW BOX. It measures 15 inches square and it is 3 inches deep. Entitled "American Angling". Lots of cute miniatures inside. Excellent condition.

235.Here we have TWO SAND SPIKES to hold fishing poles at the beach. These are homemade pieces made of PVC, painted camouflage with a cup holder on each. Each one is about 50 inches long. Very cool and usable items for surf fishermen.

236.Original MILLER LITE BEER MIRROR. This mirror is advertising the city of Philadelphia. It measures 21 x14 inches. It is a 3D style mirror with depth. It has a gold tone metal frame and in great condition.

237.Collectible Advertising BEER MIRROR. This one is advertising the Germen Beer M. H. WEBER. This mirror has a wooden frame and measures 17.5 x 13.5 inches. Good condition.

238.Authentic signed and dated Austin Productions "Playmates" Boy and Bunny, by Miro Musulin .  This is a small SCULPTURE by MIRO MUSULIN of a small boy holding a rabbit in his lap. It is made of fired clay or some heavy composite material. He stands 10 inches tall. Great condition.

239.This is a brass framed glass panel made by Glassmasters. It is a color transparency on glass and the artist is Wegner. It shows 14 colorful North American birds including, Baltimore Oriole, Cardinal, Rose Breasted Grossbeak and more. Comes with a chain to hang in your window. It measures 5 by 10 inches.

240.WALL HANGING decorative piece with STAINED GLASS center. It is made of some type of composite like Sorocco pieces but has a stained glass insert in the center. There is a seahorse in the center glass. It measures 25 inches in diameter. Gold colored with a blue and reddish insert. Good condition.

241.Attractive Custom all metal  WALL HANGING with Copper Branches, covered with Mother of Pearl Leaves. It measures about 36 inches wide by 40 inches tall. Lots of nice art work here and beautiful accent piece for any drab wall. 

242.Bright and attractive Tin Wall Mural .It depicts an active and vintage Dockside with three dimensional recreation of everything except the water. That is up to your imagination.  It measures 46 inches wide and 16 inches tall. Painted all bright gold and in very good condition.

243.Large and heavy Pair of ornamental Concrete garden Finials. These look great flanking your garage or driveway. Mount them on a pedestal for a different look. They are nicely detailed and stand 19 inches tall. Both are in very good condition. One bid gets both.

244.Large Statue of a reclining LEOPARD. This Big Cat is made of plaster and he is about 23 inches long. He is laying on a tree branch just waiting for you to come by. Good condition with a small ding or two, and made in Mexico.

245.Large CONCRETE TURTLE that is painted bright pink and green.  He measures almost 18 inches long, pretty heavy, a small nick or two, but otherwise is in great shape.

246.CAST IRON TURTLE TRIVET. It is about 10 inches by 12 inches in size. It has some slight surface  ust on it but still a very cool piece.

247.More CAST IRON TURTLES. There are two different types and each one is about 7 inches long. One is very detailed and the other is quite basic, but they both look great inside or out. Winning bid gets both.

248.More Cast Iron. Here are two small CAST IRON BIRDBATHS. These are identical and they are small decorative pieces. Each bath is about 3.5 inches tall and they each have two birds on them. Both are in great condition with some paint wear. winning bid gets both.

249.This is another CAST IRON BIRD BATH, but much bigger. It measures 16 inches wide and about 4 inches tall. It has three small cast iron birds mounted on it. Very different.

250.This is a very Large Garden Statue that we believe is David.  This one is quite large standing 43 inches tall. It is not very heavy being made of some type of fiberglass, and he looks to be in excellent condition. Quite large and very impressive, would look great by your pool. 

251.Doll lot A. This is the first of 2 collectible Franklin Heirloom dolls. She has a bisque porcelain body and flowing dusty rose dress. She is about 18 inches tall and comes in original box.

252.Doll lot B. Here is the second collectible Franklin Heirloom doll we are offering. Like the first one, she has a bisque porcelain body. This one has a lacy lavender dress. She is 18 inches tall and comes with original box.

253.Laminated quality WOODEN CUTTING BOARD. This board is over 1 1/4 inches thick and it is 16 inches in diameter. Two heavy metal handles to carry and it looks like it is unused. These also look great hanging on the wall.

254.WIRELESS OUTDOOR BLUETOOTH SPEAKER made by Thunder. This is brand new in the box. It includes 1 speaker, a USB cable, an audio cable, instructions and a strap. High bidder gets it all.

255.This is a lot of  six all different WILLOW TREE COLLECTIBLES by Susan Lordi. These are very expensive and very collectible. I believe these are made of fired clay. The plaque style pieces hang on a wall and the others sit on a table. None are taller than about 8 inches. Your one winning bid gets all six pieces. All are in excellent condition.

256.This is a second Lot of five more different WILLOW TREE COLLECTIBLES by Susan Lordi. These pieces are all angels. The tallest is about 6 inches tall. Again these are fired clay pieces, and expensive and collectible. Your one winning bid gets all five Figurines.

257.TWO VINTAGE PHOTO ALBUMS. They are filled with old photos that appear to be from the 40s or 50s. One says Souvenirs of Key West, Fla. and the other has a leather cover and says Snap Shots Skyline Dr. Va. Both in great condition.One bid gets boh albums.

34.Beautiful original Oil on canvas by Famous Listed Haitian artist FRANCISCO GERVAIS.  His pieces bring very big money as your searching will show. He studied under the Haitian masters Ernst Louizor, Dieudonne Cedor, and Richard Barbot and is known for his everyday Haitian Scenes.. This piece is framed at  28 by 24 inches. Its signed and dated and framed nicely in a  Beveled wooden frame. Excellent condition.


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