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Auction Title: 5812 Quality Items offered by Richie include , Antiques, Furniture, Collectibles, Art, Silver, Home Décor, Nautical, Sporting goods, Lawn and Garden, Tools, etc. - AUCTION BEGINS TO END :Tuesday September 17th7:00PM ET

Item Description
1.This is the nicest antique balance we have ever seen. It was made by J. White & Son Makers in Auchtremuchty, Scotland. We believe it dates to the mid 1800's, but could be older. It is mostly brass with a heavy cast iron base for stability. These were made in several different configurations, this one having a hammered brass bowl to receive the merchandise you wish to weigh. It stands an impressive 32 inches tall and about 24 inches wide. The brass ball on the right side of the scale is for calibration. You add or subtract weight to make it balance. It is presently about 2 ounces out of balance, but we don't want to adjust it. This is a very rare balance and worthy of your consideration. It will be the highlight of your collection.

2.Here is the first of 2 vintage Japanese Fish Net Floats we are offering. They both date back to WWII. This one is extremely large at almost 13 inches in diameter and a circumference of about 40 inches. It weighs over 12 pounds. It is a beautiful blue in color and retains the original netting. The large glass plug that was used to seal the blow hole is signed with a character of some type. These are hundreds of dollars if you can find a real one like this. It is in excellent vintage condition.

3.Here is the second of 2 vintage Japanese WWII Glass Fish Net Floats. This one is a bit smaller, about 11.75 inches in diameter, but what an exceptional color. It is bright green and full of character. This one is also signed, but they put the signature on a completely separate glass plug. Once again, vintage originals like this are hard to find and pricey. It is in very good vintage condition with a few light scrapes from use.

4.This is a super nice globe. It measures 21 inches high and the globe is 12 inches in diameter. This is a replica of some jewel encrusted globes you might see. It has a heavy metal base and it really pops with the colors on this one.

5.This is a very early antique world globe. It is marked The Peoples Favorite Globe Manufactured by E.L.Hankey & Co. Paterson, N.J. The rings around the globe are solid brass and the base is cast iron. There is no date on the globe, but we were able to determine that it is at least from 1914, but could be considerably older. It is a smaller globe, just perfect for a bookshelf. It is a very scarce and hard to find globe in any condition. Start your collection with one of the nicest globes you'll ever see. It stands about 14 inches tall and in good antique condition.

6.Here are a striking pair of genuine horn carvings. They are Water Buffalo horns with intricate carvings of a Tiger, Pheasant and Dragon. The dragon wraps around both sides of the horns and the others are only on the front. They are carved as mirror images and all have glass eyes. They are very large at 19 inches tall and mounted on a wood base. Both are in great condition.

7.Antique all original single door wood China cabinet. It measures 40 inches wide by 16 inches deep and stands 61 inches tall. Nice smaller size for our smaller Florida homes.This is not a lighted cabinet, but easily added if you desired.. Two solid shelves inside with plate notches and cup hooks underneath. Nice simple carving and rope trim on the front and nice traditional turned legs. Beautiful simple desirable Antique in very good vintage condition.

8.Beautiful all original Antique High Relief Carved Wood Chest, with possible cedar lining.  Definitely an older and very much high quality piece, not like the imports one sees today. Carvings are almost so deep they have a three dimensional look to them. Loaded with Dragons and figures and details of all types. Not only figures but there are two lines of oriental characters that could be the signature or title of the piece. I wish I knew somebody who could translate these characters as this piece could be very much older than we think. The carvings are so detailed that they did not use hardware for the side Handles, but carved hand holds into the chest as part of the design. Truly nice work. The top of the chest was designed as its own box, giving a better seal and more one piece effect when closed. Although one corner has some checking to it, the chest is so solid you don't notice it.They even tried to create a seal edge for the chest. You have to come and see this Piece to truly appreciate it. We believe this is the best example of an Older Carved Chest we have ever had. Come and see for yourself. It measures 41 inches wide by 20 inches across and 23 inches high and in very good used vintage condition.

9.Beautiful 100 percent hand carved looks to be solid Teak Vintage Room Divider. This could again be one of the best and nicest room divider we have run across, and a beautiful match to the previous lot, the Carved Chest.. This has so much carving on it, it's unbelievable. It is a four panel divider that is 6 feet tall and 80 inches wide. Each panel is 20 inches wide.. It has hundreds and hundreds of carved flowers and leaves and loads of fine detail. All Hardware is solid and it is in Excellent condition. Befitting its quality, it is a very heavy piece. Be sure to come and see it.

10.Belleek Porcelain lot A. Here is the first of 4 lots of collectible Irish Belleek porcelain. This lot includes a cup and saucer, mug and a vase. They are all signed and in excellent condition. The vase is 4.5 inches tall.

11.Belleek Porcelain lot B. This lot contains 2 beautiful figural Belleek figural vases. Both have their classic hand painted Clover. One vase is a handled vase with ruffled opening. The next one resembles a hollow tree with spots for 3 flowers. Both are signed and in excellent condition. They are about 6 inches tall.

12.Belleek Porcelain lot C. This lot includes 2 different Cream & Sugar sets. One has their hand painted Clover and basket weave pattern. The other is more simple with a vertical pattern. All pieces are signed and in excellent condition. They are 2 to 3.5 inches tall.

13.Belleek Porcelain lot D. This is our last lot of Belleek porcelain. This is a 4 piece lot that includes a covered jar, heart shaped candy dish, little bell ornament and a tiny little 5 sided bowl. All pieces are signed and in excellent condition. The jar is 7 inches tall.

14.Here is a classic Tiffany Atlas Series Centerpiece bowl. Around the top edge of the bowl are the Roman numerals from 1 to 12. On the bottom is the Tiffany & Co. Etched signature. This beautiful bowl is 10 inches wide and 6 inches tall. It is in excellent condition.

15.This is a Marquis by Waterford Ship's Decanter. Ship's decanters have a very and bulbous base for stability in the waves. The decanter has its original stopper and is in excellent condition. It is 10.5 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

16.Here are a signed Waterford Creamer and Sugar bowl. The pattern is called Lismore. Nothing more collectible than quality Waterford Crystal. The creamer is 4.25 inches tall. Both pieces are in excellent condition.

17.Here is a real hard to find signed Waterford Bird. All of the Waterford figurals are very desirable. The bird is 4.5 inches long and 1.75 inches tall. It is in excellent condition.

18.Here is real pretty Waterford crystal decanter. It is signed on the bottom Marquis by Waterford. It stands 19 inches tall and has the correct stopper. It is sparkling clear and in perfect condition.

19.Here is a real cute lot of 5 crystal critters. There are 3 bunnies and 2 snails. One of the bunnies is signed Atlantis and another is Fenton and the smallest one is signed B. Shackman & Co. 1981. They range in size from 3 to 4 inches in length. They are all in excellent condition.

20.Here is a large lot of 21 vintage Wade porcelain miniatures. Wade is made in England and known for these little figurines. They are predominantly animals, but there are a few unusual ones also in the group. They are all 1 to 1.5 inches tall and in excellent condition. One bid gets them all.

21.This is a beautiful high-quality crystal decanter. It is made by Gorham and it is the pattern called Lady Anne. It has the word "Invitational" etched into the front. It comes complete with the original box and carries a retail price of $115. It is 12.5 inches tall and weighs 6.5 pounds. New condition.

22.Beautiful contemporary Solid Stained Glass Table Lamp with a truly vintage look and feel to it.. It has a metal base that is black in color, with a nicely done leaded glass shade in browns and earth tones. It stands 29 inches high and the shade is 19 inches in diameter. Tested and working and in excellent condition. A great Lamp.

23.Here is a wonderful and VERY expensive designer adjustable desk lamp made by Stefano Cevoli. It is model Meridiana Vermezzo and is made in Italy. It is brass with a single bulb in the top. It adjusts front to back and the shade around the bulb rotates 360 degrees. The lamp has great simple lines and is very well made. These are extremely expensive on line and new listed for about 2000 dollars and used the cheapest one we saw was 650 dollars. I know that is wild but you pay for the Italian designer.. It stands 21 inches tall. There is a very light rub on the back of the shade, otherwise it is in excellent condition. Tested, working and beautiful..

24.Another beautiful high lamp from the same consignor as the previous lot, this woman only bought high quality. It is a very heavy and well designed high end Lamp made by the Chapman Company. Everything about this lamp is quality. The base is natural black & white marble. The pedestal is very reminiscent of a pineapple and is cast heavy solid brass. Even the light sockets are polished heavy brass. The shade is a neutral taupe colored satin and fully lined. If you're looking for a gorgeous new lamp for that special spot, here it is. It stands 25 inches tall and is in excellent condition. Of course, it works. Check these out online, they bring many 100's of dollars.

25.This is a semi-nude bust of a beautiful woman on a pedestal. She looks Roman the way she is draped with one exposed breast. Her hair is up and adorned with roses. The pedestal is separate with the same fancy embellishments on all 4 sides. It is made of a pottery of some kind. Both pieces are in very good condition with a couple slight blemishes. The bust is 29 inches tall and the pedestal is 23 inches tall making it 52 inches tall overall.

26.This is an amazing tankard style Pitcher. It is silver plate and was made by Pairpoint Mfg. Co. It it a jacketed pitcher with a removable plug in the bottom. You can fill the jacket with either hot or cold water depending on the beverage you are serving. The detail in the casting is remarkable. The band around the lower third has raised flowers, spiders and webs, birds, butterflies and more. The upper third was hand etched with a floral design. The handle and pour spout are boldly embossed in yet another floral pattern. This is one of the nicest pitchers you will ever see. It is 14 inches tall and in great shape.

27.Fantastic quality Oriental Bench that has all the looks and feel of true Rosewood. This is a very heavy, solid made bench that measures 5 feet wide and 23 inches deep. It is 42 inches high in the back. The back and arms are removable to make just a bench. Inlaid tiles in the seat back that seem to be made to be removed and or replaced with its design.  Excellent condition and a great addition to any oriental themed design.

28.Unique and beautiful Set of four Nesting Tables. There are 4 tables in this set and each table has a different wood tone and variation to it. As you go from smaller to bigger tables, each one has a little deeper  cherry wood tone to it. The biggest table measures 20 inches wide and 14 inches across by 26 inches tall. The smallest one is 11 inches wide by 8 across and stands 15 inches tall. All nest neatly together and all are in excellent condition.

29.Mid sized Antique Oak Dresser with pivoting attached Mirror. Nice bowed Drawers are nicely dovetailed, and the Mirror is bent wood and scrolled construction. Everything looks to be solid Oak construction, and the solid older wood back shows it has some age to it. It measures 42 inches wide and 22 inches deep and stands 35 inches tall. Add the Mirror and it is 67 inches tall.. The Mirror itself is 29 inches wide by 22 inches tall. Two large drawers and two small drawers on the front, all bowed forward.. Each drawer locks and uses the same key that is included. It is on older wooden wheels but one of them has lost the wheel insert, but easily replaced..The Mirror has an attractive bent wood frame, but the silvering is starting to fade some. Overall in very good vintage condition with attractive graining.

30.Cast Metal highly detailed Wine Bottle Opener, seems to be Brass and made by Legacy. It is solidly mounted piece is mounted on a very nice tripod style wooden stand. It is 50 inches tall and in like new condition and works perfectly. Everyone needs one of these for speed drinking at its best..

31.This is a striking carved stone sculpture of a handsome Native American. It is fashioned from natural red marble with white striations, just perfect for the subject matter. It depicts a man in full headdress looking off to the right. The contrast between the polished and rough surfaces showcase the artist's skill. The artist is M.J.Chee and the work was done in 1995. It is signed on the back. Great piece for the Native American collector or anyone who appreciates quality. It is very large at nearly 16 inches tall and weighs over 20 pounds.

32.This is a beautiful molded sculpture from the original by Rodin. It is signed Alva 1990 S. Eylanbeker. It is very heavy, remarkably like the stone original. It depicts a nude woman slumped over her knees with her eyes closed. It measures about 12 inches wide and 7 inches tall. It is in very good condition.

33.This is a vintage Pennsylvania House solid cherry knee hole desk. It is Colonial or Traditional in style built like a rock. The drawers are dovetailed and all hardwood throughout. There are three drawers across the top. There are three drawers down the left side and 2 down the right. There is a double size file drawer on the right. The hardware is solid brass and all original to the desk. The back is as beautiful as the front so the desk can face either toward the wall or out into the room. It has a matching glass top keeping the top beautiful. The only thing to call is some light wear on the feet from chairs and vacuum cleaning. It measures 46 inches wide and 24 inches deep. It stands 30 inches tall. Beautiful high quality desk.

34.Vintage Miniature Secretary/ Desk. It looks very much like a Cheveret.  A  Cheveret is a variety of small, delicate stand or desk, specifically of the type commonly referred to as a "ladies writing desk because of its small size and long tapered legs.. Nice older piece stands 43 inches tall and it is 18.5 inches wide by 13.5 inches deep.. A drop down door in the top that opens to a storage and writing area and one drawer in the bottom. The bottom Drawer need a replacement knob, but they are simple round wooden pieces Home Depot stocks.Great smaller size for the smaller homes many of us have now. Nice small footprint and graceful federal styled legs make a piece you can put to good use in any room, no matter its size. This piece shows some light use but for its age it is in very good condition.

35.Tall Vintage Secretary Desk with Glass Hutch Top. Drop Front style Base opens to revel the writing space with multiple cubbyholes and compartments.  It stands 80 inches tall , 32 inches wide and 18 inches deep. The Top Hutch has nice scroll work Top and a pair of glass doors with two shelves inside.  The bottom Cabinet section has 4 drawers in it with brass hardware. Nice older piece that is not oversized, so can be utilized in todays smaller homes. All in very good used condition.

36.Fantastic Older Waterfall seat Antic Rocker. We look long and hard to find this style and age piece, and usually they are not in this great condition. Lots of wood bending here, and with its weight and looks we believe it is probably Oak but in the period it could very well be Mahogany. Either wood is quality.. Solid Piece with bent wood arms, and carved wing styled Back. Has the older darker finish, probably older shellac, giving it almost an ebony look. Its  37 inches high, 26 inches wide with a seat height of about 16 inches. Shows some lightly but loving wear and would be a great addition to any home to become your own heirloom.

37.The next two lots are a Pair of Fantastic Florida styled Vintage Chairs. One is a standard Chair and the second matches it but is a Rocker. The first one, lot 37,  is a standard shaped but oversized upholstered Chair, with quality Caning on both the Back and the Sides. Beautiful quality bent wood back, arms and fronts are in a beautiful polished light walnut finish. The seat length is longer than a typical chair but not quite as long as a lounge. It measures 28 inches from back to front and about 22 inches wide. The seat back is 34.5 inches high and the chair is 34 inches wide in the front. All quality workmanship. The upholstered bases are older styled with heavy duty webbing, springs, and possibly horsehair. They still look almost new. The cushions are a light green checkered pattern, perfect for that Florida look, and they are so heavy, they must be stuffed with horse hair.  No kidding, these are the heaviest cushions I have ever seen. They spared no expense in the construction of these Chairs. There is a similar matching chairs in the next lot, but it is a Rocker..

38.This is the matching Chair to the previous Lot but it is a rocking chair. Again a fantastic Florida looking Chair, with everything matching, wood, caning, cushions, design etc. This one has matching cushions and build materials as the previous lot chair.  Again this chair has a longer than normal seat length with a higher back. Everything about these Chairs screams expensive, from the quality woods to the quality upholstery. Chair is 35 inches high with a seat width of 21 inches and a depth of 24 inches. Shows some very light use, almost nothing. Be sure to come and see these two beauties at our preview and be prepared to be impressed. See the previous description for a full discussion of these Chairs. 

39.Here is a crazy nice Carved Figural Accent Chair. This is an all wood chair that has every square inch carved and then finished in a snow white.  The back and seat are each a giant leaf and they each have a bird with a snake in its mouth. The arms are birds with there wings trailing to the seat back. Each leg is a carved bird also. It is all white in color with some paint chips here and there, but this chair is solid and in great condition. The measurements are 34.5 inches high at the back and it has a seat that is 20 inches by 19 inches. We have seen carved chairs before, but never of this shape and magnitude. Don't miss seeing this one..

40.This is a very special small Military themed Table, with storage in the top. At first glance it is unassuming, but something about its designs led me to look closer. And though its not bright, it is loaded with fantastic military details. I didn't realize the numbers on the front were 18 and 15, but the maker was dating the mural on the top of the Table. 1815 was the Battle of Waterloo, and the crossed Sabers on the back now make sense, as well as the mural of Napoleonic Cavalry massing for a charge. The front of the Table has the English and I assume the French Flags entwined around the front lock. This beauty is loaded with military designs and symbolism, and although it has been repaired at some time, it is a fantastic Piece.  It measures 21 x 9 inches and it is 23 inches tall and is my favorite piece in this sale.

41.Here are 4 porcelain miniatures made by Sebeastian. They are hand painted and some are signed on the base by the artist. These are very collectible and expensive. The small ones are about 2.5 inches wide and the large one is 5 inches wide. There are a couple small chips, but overall are in very good condition. Your one lucky winning bid gets them all.

42.Here are 2 cute little hand painted figurines. The little Chimney sweep is unsigned. He has a little brush and ladder. The young bowler is marked Goebel. Both are about 4 inches tall and in excellent condition. Winning bid gets both.

43.Lenox high gloss Porcelain Hummingbird. It comes in it's original box and is in like new condition. It stands about 4 inches tall and clearly signed..

44.Very nice and original shaped Antique Carved Accent Table, shaped more like a demi-luna half Table. It is a 3 legged table with a half octagon shape and heavily carved legs and beautiful  tiger grain oak on top. It measures 24 inches wide by 12 inches across and 27 inches high. Do not see this style or shape often so don't miss this one.

45.This is a modern Free Style solid wood Coffee Table. It is 46 inches wide by 16 inches across and it stands 18 inches high. Natural wood tone with high gloss durable poly finish heavy glazing on top. At first we thought it was a Bench, but with only three legs it has to be a coffee table and not a bench. Excellent condition and very unique looking.

46.Antique bent and shaped Metal Marble top Table, with a lower marble shelf. Could easily be a plant stand but the metal work is highly detailed so we believe it was done for a accent Table. It stands 31 inches high and 15 inches square and in excellent vintage condition..

47.Here is a real nice vintage Singer console sewing machine. It dates to the early 1940's. The cabinet is maple with graceful cabriolet legs. The machine is Singer Electric Sewing Machine Model 15-91 reversible feed lock stitch. It comes with original instruction manual. Also included is a box of assorted attachments. It is constructed as well as any quality piece of furniture we have seen. There is a single "tip out" drawer in the front. We plugged it in and it does work, but we didn't try sewing. It measures 25.5 by 17.5 and stands 31 inches tall. There is some light wear to the top, but still in very good condition.

48.This is an Ethan Allen accent table. It is 18.5 inches square and 16.5 inches high. It has a cream colored base with a natural wood top. It has a flower pattern around the top and a few flowers on the base. Great condition.

49.This is the first of two Vintage/antique Oak Accent Tables. This one measures 22 inches square and stands 30 inches high. Lathe turned legs and a lower shelf with excellent grain patterns.It is in very good to excellent condition.

50.This is the second Vintage Oak table up for auction. This one is a little bigger than the previous lot in that it measures 28 inches square and 29 inches high. Very similar to the table in the previous lot in design and finish, also with a lower shelf.

51.This is a signed copy of Keith Richards book "Life". This is a hardback book in excellent condition. On the Fly Leaf there is a signed inscription that says " This is the Life. Believe it or not I haven't forgotten any of it. Thanks and Praises" and then his signature. I tried to see if this was original, but he signed many books in the same manner, so I believe it is real, but come and see it for yourself, then decide. In Excellent condition including the Fly leaf.

52.Here is a great old collection of Harper's New Monthly Magazine. They date from 1863 to 1871. These are hard bound collections of the magazine. Please check the photos for what each volume contains. The books have leather bindings and do show some deterioration and a couple of the bindings are loose. Still pretty good for 150+ years. Five great books for one money.

53.Here are 4 great old books from around WWI. The titles are "The Land of Deepening Shadow Germany At War " 1917, "The Secrets of the German War Office" 1914, "The War Book of the German Staff" 1915 and lastly "The Roots of the War" 1918. All 4 books are in great condition and very hard to find. These are very rare and amazing books filled with information that is becoming impossible to find elsewhere. An Instant collection for the WWI buff.

54.This is a super grouping of 4 publications relating to the Seabees from WWII. One is entitled "Seabees Where they Worked and Fought in WWII. Next is a copy of the Constitution By-Laws of the Seabee Veterans of America. Next is a program from their Convention in Ft. Myers 1997 and last is a program from the Seabees 50th National Convention in Clearwater Fl. 1996. All are in pretty good vintage condition.

55.This is an antique book called "Godey's Lady's Book 1866". It is a great old book filled with all a woman needs to know in 1866. There are pictures of just what to wear and how to make it. There are even musical songs to sing. The cover is in poor condition and many pages are stained or torn. It is still fun to leaf through and read. It measures 7 by 10 and is 2.5 inches thick.

56.Heavy duty waterproof or marine storage case. It is 16 inches wide by 7 inches thick in size. Thick composite case with watertight gasket can be used on any size boat to keep your valuables safe. It is in  Like new condition.

57.This is a lot of high end hobby tools. They have signatures like Hirobo, Align and The assortment all has hollow anodized aluminum handles. The tips are all varied and quite small. There are Phillips, slots, Allen heads, and sockets. Real pricey tools, all 14 for 1 bid.

58.This is the Versaladder. A fully adjustable ladder for all types of applications. Made in the U.S.A. This can be a step ladder, an A-frame ladder, a scaffold and a few other configurations. In great used condition

59.This lot contains painting equipment. Brushes, rollers, edgers, sanding blocks, sandpaper and more.

60.Here are 2 small anvils for the hobbyist. The first one is an actual anvil and is embossed Grizzly on both sides. It is 5 inches long and 2.5 inches high and weighs 2 pounds. The second anvil is actually a section of train track. It is 6.5 inches long and 2.75 inches tall. It weighs 3.5 pounds. Perfect size for the handyman.

61.Here are four high-end Rockler Woodworking pipe vices. The consignor took the time to hand dowel wooden jaws on each vice. This allows you to do delicate wood work without damaging your project. I'm sure this was quite time-consuming, but you will definitely appreciate it. This lot has for pipe clamps. There are two with 12 inch long pipes and 2 with 14 inch long pipes. These are 1 inch diameter heavy duty pipes. All four are in excellent condition with minimal use.

62.Here is the second lot of for high-quality Rockler pipe vices. Like the first lot, the consignor made wooden jaw protectors for all of these also. The biggest difference is that this four has longer pipes allowing you to work on bigger projects. These come with 21 inch pipes. Don't forget, you can add your own pipes making these as long as you wish. Like the first group these are in excellent barely used condition.

63.This is a Delta ShopMaster model 526-262L laser guided chop saw and work stand. This piece is brand new and unused with all paperwork included. It has a 10 inch blade and dust bag.

64.This is a 50 ft. 12 gauge extension cord. In like new condition.

65.This lot contains 4 cargo straps. Two heavy duty yellow straps and two medium duty orange straps. All in great used condition. One bid gets all the straps.

66.This is an antique farm jack. Is is a small jack measuring 9 inches tall when lowered and works fine.. In great old vintage  condition.

67.This is a lot of ammunition. There are (12) 20 RD. boxes of Herters 7.62 x 39MM, one 10 RD. box of Triple Beard 12 gauge 3.5 inch length 5,6 and 7 shot size shells. Also there is one 25 RD. box of Federal 12 gauge 7 1/2 shot. One bid gets it all.

68.This is a classic Boat shaped Nautical Knick Knack shelf. It is all wood and has 3 shelves to display your collectibles. It even has a copper bow protector. It is 48 inches tall and 16 inches wide. It is in very good condition. Much nicer done than the average made in China pieces. It looks like it was made as a real Boat. Nice wood and great workmanship.

69.Contemporary Brass and Marble Banker's Lamp. It has a single fluorescent bulb and is fully adjustable. It stands about 13 inches tall and is 15 inches wide. Tested and working and beautiful..

70.Here is a very cool piece of Folk Art that started its life as a Guitar. It is signed on the back by the artist. Stuff like this takes a lot of imagination and creative talent. The pictures tell the story best. It is 40 inches tall. You must see this one. See you at our preview.

71.This is a very cool Asian Soapstone  two Piece Carving. It is a Dragon like creature with a set of Interlocking Spheres within a sphere carvings that simply defy all logic as to how it was made? It stands 9.5 inches tall and the spheres are 4 inches in diameter. It is in excellent condition.

72.Here is a nice lot of 4 Silver items. There are 3 small ingots of Pure Silver weighing 7 grams total. Next is a large coin marked The Entombment 1507 Raphael. It is 24k gold over Sterling Silver and weighs 1.3 ounces. All 4 pieces for one bid.

73.Slabbed and graded Uncirculated Morgan Silver dollar from PCS Stamps & Coins. It is a 1921 from the Philadelphia mint. Beautiful coin in guaranteed grade and hard slabbed and as good condition as you can find..

74.Here is a fun lot of vintage and collectible American couns. There are 4 different sets as follows. Unique One Year Rarities. This includes 7 coins that were minted for only one year. Next is the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Set with a Mount Rushmore coin. Next are 3 Buffalo Nickels, one from 1935, 1936 and 1937. Last is a nearly complete set of Lincoln Cents from 1941 - 1974. The set includes 90 coins and only 12 are missing. One bid gets them all.

75.This is a 12 piece lot of old coins and medallions. There are 4 Abraham Lincoln 175th Anniversary coins, a Kauai Dollar, a Reagan Commemorative, an American Weapons ingot, a Liberty bust half dollar and 3 Buffalo nickels. One bid gets them all.

76.This is a lot of 7 coin collecting display books. The large blue book is for First State Quarters (99-08). The 6 smaller green books are for the following coins...Franklin 1/2 dollars, Lincoln cents, U.S. type collection, Washington quarter dollars, liberty standing 1/2 dollars and Jefferson nickels. One bid takes them all.

77.Here is a big lot of foreign coins. Lots of Canadian and Mexican coins. They have not been picked and may have a goodie or two. All for one bid.

78.This is a ceramic McDonalds collectible from the McMemories collection. It is the original McDonalds building. This lights up when plugged in. New in it's original box. It is about 6 inches tall.

79.This is a lot of McDonalds collectibes. There is a plastic plate with Ronald and Grimace. Also there is a night light plate with Mac Tonight playing the piano. 7 and 9 inches in diameter.

80.September is coming and of course 9-11 Memorabilia will start appearing.  Here are two Pieces we kept together as one Lot. One is a nice highly detailed Statue three first responder firemen raising the flag in the rubble of the WTC. It seems to be resin, with a small cloth American Flag.  Also there is a silver coin featuring The Freedom Tower. These coins also have a history as they were supposed to be cast with recovered silver from the actual site, but the Attorney General of NY forced them to stop selling, because they could not prove their claim. As a result here is a nice coin, that you will never see again.They are called "The Freedom Tower" Coins.  Statue is about 9 inches tall and the coin is a full size dollar size, both are in excellent condition, and your one bid gets both. 

81.This is a lot of 10 authentically signed sports photos. There are hockey, football, baseball and basketball photos. Some of the names are Derek Sanderson and Byron Defoe from the Boston Bruins, Steve Francis of the Orlando Magic, Cecil Collins from the Miami Dolphins and more. Most come with a C.O.A. All are in protective plastic sleeves.

82.Consignor states that this is an authentically signed baseball. Signed by 19 members of the 1977 New York Yankees. No C.O.A. with this ball so all we have is his word, you be the judge. It is quite faded but fairly legible. Comes in a nice gift box. Come and judge for yourself.

83.This is a vintage Gilbert Motorized Erector Set. This is from the 50s and it's in its original box. It is model No.49-16311/35197. Looks to be complete with instructions.

84.This is a hand forged double headed hatchet. The head is very old but someone has replaced the handle with a new one. Still very cool and collectible. It measures 14 inches long and the blade is 8 inches wide.

85.Here is a great piece of sports Memorabilia, especially if you are a New York Mets fan. This is a cast iron stove mounted on a wooden stand. It is labeled NEW YORK METS BOOSTER HOT STOVE LEAGUE WELCOME HOME DINNER. New York Hilton, April 5, 1971. There is also the Mets logo as well as a home plate showing the 5 boroughs of New York. This has to be a super rare collectible since only the attendees of the dinner received one. It stands 6 inches tall and the base is 4 inches square. Don't miss out on this one.

86.Here is a larger than most, antique cast iron Doorstop. Most of these better quality castings were either made by Bradley & Hubbard or Hubley. The vast majority are unsigned. We do guarantee is that it is a vintage original from the 20's to 40's. It stands 15.5 inches tall and weighs 9.5 pounds. There is considerable paint loss, but still very nice.

87.This is an antique cast iron match holder and striker. The top lidded container was for the matches. The smaller open container was for the used matches. Under this container is the striker. These were usually attached to the wall very near the stove. It is 8 inches tall and 4 inches wide. Good vintage condition.

88.This is an antique cast iron Ice Shaver. It is boldly embossed Enterprise No. 33 Pat. July. 4. 1898. There is a scraping blade exposed on the bottom of the bowl. When you drag the blade across a block of ice, the cup would fill with shaved ice. Bet it would still work great. It is about 8 inches long.

89.Here is a vintage pair of solid brass Andirons. They are Traditional or Colonial in style and include cast iron log holders. Thet have gracefully curved legs with "lion's paw" feet. They are complete with agreat aged patina. They stand 20 inches tall.

90.This lot contains 5 high end golf clubs. There are 4 Taylor made and 1 King Cobra. From Taylor made we have a Proforce XL R580XD, a flexR R5 DUAL, a lite R80 320T and a UG65 FLEX RESCUE MD. Also there is a King Cobra 3 wood. All in very good used condition.

91.This is a set of golf clubs and bag. I believe this would be a great starter set for someone or a good second set for your guests. The clubs are Northwesterns with the name Judy Rankin inscribed on them. There are 12 clubs and a ball retriever. The bag is aqua green in color and in good used condition.

92.We found a lot of odd Fishing gear around, so we threw it all together for your pleasure.  We have a large tackle box filled with assorted lures, bobbers, worms and a new spool of line. Also included is a box with several Riptide reels and parts, all in very used condition. One bid takes it all.

93.This is a Danforth Fluke Anchor in hot dipped galvanized finish. It is 24 inches wide and 30 inches long and ready for your boat. Very good condition.

94.This lot offers two vintage fishing rods. One is all metal with a cork handle and had a Pflueger Skilcast reel. The other is a Montague 8662 rod that also has a Pflueger reel. Winning bid gets both Rods.

95.This is a Very collectible Boy Scouts of America Daisy BB Gun. It is a BSA Model 1910. This is new in it's original box and has never been opened. It is a single pump, dual ammo gun (BBs and .177 cal. pellets). These go for a lot of money, so if you collect BB guns, grab it.

96.This is a lot of 7 BB/pellet pistols. One is a brand new Daisy Power line 340. The other six are of different manufacturers including Crossman, Daisy and others. These have not been tested but the consignor states that they are all in working condition. One bid gets all seven guns.

97.This is a vintage Ethan Allen table. It measures 26x18 and it stands 29 inches high. Two drawers in front with beautiful brass hardware. Tapered legs and practically like new.

98.This is an accent cabinet/table. This small cabinet stands 27 inches tall and it is 14x12.5 inches in size. It has three small drawers in front and possibly  an oriental motif. Good condition.

99.This is an Antique Marble top Dresser or Washstand.. A little smaller than a typical dresser but a little bigger than an accent table. Looks to be all Oak with two large Serpentine Drawers and a two door cabinet in the bottom. Natural Oak finish wood tone with brass hardware. It measures 33 inches wide by 19 inches across and it stands 31 inches tall. A pinkish white marble top that is removable. Just a few light rubs scuffs and overall in great condition.

100.This is an Antique large Marble Top triple Dresser. Made by Kzipper, Webster & co. Baltimore MD it is signed on the wood under the Marble top.. It measures 49 inches wide by 22 inches deep  and it stands 29 inches tall. Two large drawers in the bottom and three small drawers on top. Nicely carved with unbelievable brass hardware. The marble on top is a brownish color.Very good used condition.

101.Antler lot A. This lot offers two pair of deer antlers. These are the real deal and still attached to the skull. The larger pair is 10 inches high and the smaller pair is 6 inches high. Both in great condition.

102.Antler lot B. This is the second pair of deer antlers in the auction. These are also the real deal and slightly bigger than the previous lot. One is 10 inches and one is 9 inches high. Again these are great examples.

103.Antler lot C. Beautiful set of Eight point deer antlers. This is an almost perfectly symmetrical pair. They measure about 14 inches long. The piece of skull has been painted red. Lots of 8 point racks, but few this symmetrical.

104.Large Taxidermy Hoof made into a free standing Ashtray.This is real Buffalo hoof that  is the real thing and quite eye catching. It is about 6 inches high and capped with a gold metal ashtray.

105.This is a hand carved all wooden nativity set. There are 13 pieces in total. The tallest is 7 inches high. Great condition.

106.This is a lot of stone figures. There are several different animals and birds and even few vegetables. The largest is about 3 inches high. There is a total of 19 pieces and a one small set comes in its own box. You get all you see for your one bid.

107.Here is an assortment of small Animals Statuettes made of several different mediums. The lot also includes a nice multi-level display stand. All the pieces are between 1 and 4  inches tall. There are Zebras, elephants, dogs, turtles, a cat and much more, nice instant Menagerie.

108.This is a lot of fine porcelain figurines that closely resemble Lladro. There are 4 large pieces in the lot and they really are very beautiful. The larger pieces are about 13 inches tall and the smaller one is 8 inches. All in perfect condition and your one bid gets all four beautiful pieces.

109.This is a very nice older Stained Glass boudoir lamp. It has a painted spelter base with an attractive design around the base. The glass shade is primarily gold and white. There is a signature on the shade that I photographed, but I can't read it. It stands 16 inches tall and is in great condition. Tested and working.

110.This is a modern home decor sculpture. This is faux wooden disc made of heavy resin and in great condition. It is 26 inches high and the disc is 20 inches in diameter.

111.Here are 2 pairs of antique eyeglasses. One has a very thin brass wire frame and the other pair is marked 12K gold filled. They both come together in one vintage case.

112.We had a similar slot car like this in our last auction, so the consignor brought us another one. It is a very scarce Scalextric Maserati from 1957. Like the other one, it has a very unusual current puckup that was changed very quickly. The car is all metal and completely original. The seat bottom seems to be missing. It measures nearly 6 inches long and is in good vintage condition.

113.Here is a lot of 5 colorful vintage train cars made by Marx. They are all metal cars and approximately 6 in long. Condition varies from car to car, but they all appear to be very serviceable. Great way to start or add to your collection.

114.This is a lot of vintage railroad track switches made by Marx. There are three that work manually and four that are electronic switches. There are two different types of electronic switches as shown in the pictures. The straight section in the manuals are 9 in long. The straight section in the large electronics are 11 inches long and the straight section in the electronic switches with red covers are 9 in long. They definitely show some wear and can use a good cleaning. They are not tested and you are buying them as is.

115.This is a large lot of vintage O gauge train track. Many of the sections are marked Lionel, many are unmarked. There are approximately 30 curved pieces and 30 straight pieces. They are vintage and many have considerable corrosion, but they are probably all very serviceable. One bid gets all.

116.This is the limited edition Timeless Glory Collector's Clock made by The Bradford Exchange. It is dated 2006 and number A6671. The clock commemorates the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. We think the three men on top are General Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis. The clock is covered in history and beautifully detailed. It stands about 12 inches tall and 13 inches wide. It is in excellent condition, and of course it works.

117.Canon lot A. This is the first of 4 canon Replicas we are selling. This one has a plaque that says Civil War Period Canon 1863. The barrel is metal with a wood frame and plastic wheels. It is 13 inches long and 5 inches tall. It is in good condition.

118.Canon lot B. This is a real nice 2 piece lot. This lot includes a Civil War canon with matching Caisson. The canon has a bronze finished barrel with wood frame and plastic and metal wheels. It bears a plaque that says Dahlgren 1861. It also includes the ram rod on the side. The matching Caisson has the same construction plus the lid opens on the munitions trunk. Both pieces are in very good condition. The Canon is 11 inches long and the Caisson is 10 inches long.

119.Canon lot C. This Canon looks to be from a period before the Civil War. It was made by Penn Craft, known for quality canon replicas. It has a cast iron frame and bronze barrel. It is 9 inches long and 4.5 inches tall. It is in very good condition.

120.Canon lot D. This is the last canon we are offering. This replica was a Naval Canon and would have been used on a ship. The canon has a solid brass barrel with a wood frame and wheels. The barrel is stamped 1755 which is likely the time period it was used. It also includes the wooden wedge that was used to adjust the elevation of the shot. It measures about 8 inches long and 3.5 inches tall. It is in very good condition.

121.Dragon lot A. This is the first of 3 Dragon sculptures we are offering. They are all limited editions from the Bradford Exchange and very high quality. This one is called Battle of Valor. It shows a dragon with a woman in its talons with her horse below. It is 9 inches tall and in excellent condition.

122.Dragon lot B. Here is the next Bradford Exchange Dragon we are offering. This one is called Conqueror's Spell. This one shows a bright red dragon engaging a pretty lady Warrior. It stands 10.5 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

123.Dragon lot C. This is our last limited edition Bradford Exchange Dragon. This one is called Conquest of the Beast. This one features a black dragon fighting a beautiful female warrior on horseback. It stands 10.5 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

124.Fantasy knife A. This is a very nice fantasy sword. Made by Kit Rae in Taiwan, this is a sharpened stainless sword with spider wire braided handle. This sword measures 43 inches long and comes with a mounting plaque.

125.Fantasy knife B. This is a fantasy dagger. Overall this piece is 18 inches long with a 10 inch blade. This dagger is sharpened so this is not a toy. Made in Pakistan and comes with a mounting plaque. Great condition.

126.This is a desk top train set. This is new in box and for ages 5+. It has 7 feet of track when assembled. Die cast steam engine with working headlight. Made in U.S.A.

127.This is a deluxe 10 in 1 game set by Harvard. This is a new set and never used. The games included are chess, checkers, cribbage, backgammon, Chinese checkers, solitaire, dominoes, straight mill, cards and poker dice. Great item to have when the hurricane hits.

128.This is a vintage gaming set. It comes in a decorative wooden case with cards and a few other games like dominoes, Tic-Tac-Toe and more. The wood looks like teak and is assembled with brass joinery in the corners.  It measures 10 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches. Not your run of the mill gaming set.

129.Here are a hand made set of Dominoes. They are all carved stone and includes a stone storage case. The case is 7 inches long, 2.75 deep and 2.75 tall. Each domino is nearly 2 inches long. The set is complete and in excellent condition.

130.An original rare and collectible Arthur Court hammered platter. It is a two headed pig. It is cast aluminum and in great condition. It measures 15 inches by 8 inches.

131.This is an antique Bennington or Bennington type glazed pottery Pitcher and Tumblers set. It has a classic brown drip glaze and is finished in high-gloss. Sets like these are very hard to find, in any condition and this set is in excellent condition, all five pieces. The pitcher stands 7 in tall and the tumblers are 4.5 in tall. Great opportunity to get some quality antique pottery.

132.This is very nice antique Majollica bowl. It is very heavy stoneware, not light weight pottery. It has beautiful green drip glaze on the inside and white on the outside. It is decorated with colorful grapes and leaves. The handles are twisted grape vines. It is 6 inches tall and 10 inches wide. It is in excellent condition with no damage.

133.This is a Sterling silver bowl with an attractive reticulated pattern. It is made by La Pierre and weighs 41.5 grams. It measures 6 inches wide and is 1.5 inches tall. It is in very good condition.

134.This is an etched crystal and Sterling silver bowl. The glass is etched with a floral swag design. The base of the bowl is Sterling with an embossed design. The bowl is 5.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall. It is in excellent condition.

135.This is a set of 6 Wine Glasses. They are very delicate glass with separate Sterling silver bases. Each piece is 4 inches high and 2.75 inches in diameter. They are in great condition.

136.This is a vintage Sterling silver bowl made by Amston. It is oval in shape with upturned handle edges. It weighs 7.88 Troy ounces and measures 11 by 6.25 inches. It is in excellent vintage condition.

137.This is a lot of 2 vintage Table cigarette lighters. Both are very large and fancy with a faceted crystal insert. One has a marble base and the other has bronze tone metal cherubs. The one with a marble base is 8.5 inches tall and in working condition. The cherub lighter is 9 inches tall and not in working condition. One bid gets both.

138.This is an unusual Japanese wooden box covered with printed paper. On the top is a signature as shown. All sides of the box are the same theme, but all are different. The inside of the bottom tray is lined with galvanized metal. It measures 13.5 by 10 by 9.5 inches. It is in very good condition.

139.This is a small antique ladies desk. It measures 44 x 22 and it is 30 inches high. It has beveled edges with fancy wood inlays on the top. There are three drawers in front with its original brass hardware. It has cabriole legs and in in great condition.

140.This is a beautiful Vintage hand made small Chest.  It is about about the size of a small tool box, measuring 23 x 9 and it is 9 inches deep. Dark varnished wood with black enamel overlay accents and lion head handles. A few signs of use, but still in great shape.

141.This is a nice accent table. This is all wood and quite heavy for it's size. It is 22 inches high and 20 inches in diameter. Great condition.

142.This is a simple accent table. It measures 24 x 18 and it is 16 inches high. It has a square top with a lathe turned pedestal. It has rope accents around the edges. Gold in color and in good used condition.

143.Antique set of two Twin Bed with matching nightstand. Vintage wooden bed frames with matching head and foot boards. These beds will hold mattresses up to 39x75 inches. The night stand matches the beds and it has two drawers in the front and a glass top. It is 16x14 and stands 29 inches tall. All pieces in good used condition.

144.This is an oversized solid pine Rocking Chair. It was made to commemorate the Bi-Centennial in 1976. Across the back are the 2 dates 1776 and 1976 carved and highlighted in gold. In the center is a carved spread Eagle holding the Union Shield. In his beak is a banner reading: E Pluribus Unum. The chair is very well made and comfortable. The seat is nearly 3 inches thick. There are some wear marks, but it is overall in very good condition. The seat is 18 inches tall and 22 inches wide. Great chair.

145.Here are a beautiful pair of Pennsylvania House solid cherry colonial style Windsor chairs. They are vintage from the 1970's or so. These are the Captain's chairs with armrests. The next lot is for a matching pair of side chairs. The quality construction and finish are trademarks of Pennsylvania house. We checked on line and these still bring over $200 each if you can find them. There is some very slight wear from use, but still in very good condition. The seat is 18 inches tall and 19 inches wide. Seat back is 34 inches tall.

146.Here are the matching cherry Pennsylvania house side chairs to the previous lot. They share the beautiful lines and craftsmanship of the previous lot. When photographed separately, the side chairs do not look as red in color as the previous lot. There is one detail that is missing on one of these chairs. One chairs does not have the thin groove cut into the back of the seat. They are otherwise identical. Both are in very good used condition with very slight wear. The seat is 17 inches tall and 17 inches wide. The back is 35 inches tall.

147.This is a signed Hitchcock classic 3 legged Candle Stand. These versatile little tables also make great plant or lamp tables. It has a maple top with matte black legs. The top has a scalloped edge and is stenciled with a dainty floral border. It stands 20.5 inches tall with a 14 inches top. It is in very good condition.

148.This is a very nice Wicker full length Dressing Mirror. It pivots to adjust to anyone's height. Aside from one small piece of loose wicker at the bottom, it is in very good condition. It stands 65 inches tall and 25 inches wide.

149.This is a 100% Silk small rug. It is made in China and well crafted. It is plush and very soft. It is very dark blue, with shades of brown. It is in great condition except for light damage to the fringe. Probably tangled with a rogue vacuum cleaner. It measures 36 by 24 inches.

150.This is a beautiful wooden oriental display cabinet. This is a two piece cabinet that has a top and bottom section. The top has thin glass doors and glass side panels. Inside are several different shelves and compartments. The bottom has two small drawers and a cabinet with one large shelf inside. The entire piece measures 36 x 14 and 70 inches tall. It is all black with gold accents and brass hardware and carvings of flower pots and birds in foliage. It has brass capped legs and it is in great condition. It is missing one small drawer handle.

151.This is an antique Apple Peeler/Corer. It is cast iron and marked Little Star and has a patent date of 1885. Just clamp it on a table and start peeling. Looks like it will still work!

152.This is a very unusual cast iron Pecan Nut Cracker. It carries a date of 1915. It is made by Schroeter Brothers Hdw. Co. St. Louis, Mo. It works with a simple lever action. It clamps to the table for easy use. It is about 5 inches tall.

153.This is a real large brass faced antique spring scale made by Landers. It is the Landers Improved Circular Spring Balance. It has a 30 pound max weight. It still works and is in good condition. It is 11 inches long.

154.Here is a lot of 3 antique spring scales. First one is a PS & WCo. 24 pound scale. Next is a Pelouze Mfg. Co. Warranted Accurate 50 pound scale. The last one is a L.E. Knott Apparatus Made by C. Forschner & Sons. It is an 8 ounce max. All three are in good working condition.

155.This is a decorative bed warmer. It is copper with a wooden handle. It measures 31 inches long and the pan is 10 inches in diameter. This is a replica piece made to hang on the wall. Great condition.

156.This is a Top-O-Matic cigarette making machine. You just need tobacco and papers and you can roll your own.  It measures 9 x 7 inches and it is in like new condition.

157.To his is a vintage Burwood clock. It is in excellent visual condition, but has apparently been over wound. A simple fix. This measures 32 inches wide and 15 inches tall.

158.This is a very nice antique Cranberry Rake. It is a wooden hand tool that was used to separate the cranberries from the branches when they flooded the bogs for harvest. It looks like it is made of cherry or apple wood and has a wonderful patina from age and use. It carries a patent date of June 1897. It measures 16 inches long, 11 inches wide and 8 inches tall. Beautiful vintage piece.

159.Check out this great advertising crock. It is not an antique, but you have to love the subject matter. You first need to remember that back in the day, the barber wore many more hats than they do today. The crock advertises SCHNIPPS Artistic Tonsorial Saloon. You could get a hair cut as well as Leaching, Cupping and Bleeding. Gotta love it. It is 6.5 inches wide and 5 inches tall including the lid. It is in excellent condition.

160.Here is a lot of vintage military gold tone buttons. There are 11 large ones and 8 small. There are some made by Meyer and some by Waterbury. The Meyer buttons are fancier with the eagle in raised relief. All are in very good condition.

161.This is a genuine lasso. These are made is very stiff rope to retain their shape when throwing. The loop measures 16 inches in diameter.

162.This is a very nice vintage Hummel Figurine. It shows a little boy up an apple tree with a dog keeping him there. It has the old "Full Bee" signature on the bottom. It is 6 inches tall and in excellent condition.

163.This is a Precious Memories figurine. It is a little girl in uniform, saluting. It is about 5 inches tall and comes in it's original box.

164.This is another Precious Memories figurine. This one is two little girls carving "I love you" in a tree. This also is about 5 inches tall and in it's original box.

165.This is a pot and pan hanger for your kitchen. It is shaped like a giant rolling pin and it measures 54 inches wide and it hangs down about 13 inches from the ceiling or whatever you hang it on. It is quite heavy duty and has the right hooks for your pans.

166.The next two Lots have been made by a famous local artist I believe was named David Days, but not sure. He has lots of these metal nautical things in many place.This is a piece of wall art, a metal fish in turquoise color. This is about 32 inches tall. Signed by the artist, but very hard to read. Bright metallic colors on this , looks great.

167.This is another piece of nautical wall art done by the same artist as the previous lot.. It is a wooden plank with a partial map and a metal shark attached. It is about 15 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Signed by the artist, but we could not make it out. Very cool piece.

168.This is a limited edition print from Warner Bros. It is Marvin the Martian in "Invaders from Mars". Number 420/500. Signed by Juan Ortiz, original concept artist. COA on the back by Clampett studio collections. It measures 26 x 37 inches.

169.In 1969, in the midst of a raging storm off the Brittany coast,  famous French Photographer, Jean Guichard circled above the French lighthouse of la Jument (Le Phare de La Jument) in a helicopter, camera in hand to capture the tempest. Hearing the helicopter, Lighthouse Keeper Theodore Malgorne came out to investigate but retreated quickly as a huge wave crashed into the lighthouse.  This dramatic moment  was captured by Guichard in a series of photographs.  This is a matching pair of wall hanging photo prints from that series.  This unreal photography made all three famous, the photographer, the Keeper, and the Lighthouse. These are both printed on partial boards to hang on the wall for you to enjoy that special moment and nature. . The larger one measures 30 inches by 24 inches and the wider piece is 36 inches by 12 inches. Your one bid gets the Series. .

170.Art Work #1. Georges Ronault, very famous listed French Artist  (1871-1958) His work mixed  Fauvism and Expressionism with its jewel-like tones and bold graphic lines. Alongside Henri MatisseAndré Derain, Rouault culled from his spiritual fervor and knowledge of medieval stained glass to produce resonating portraits, landscapes, religious scenes, and still life. In one of his hallmark works The Old King (1916-1936), the painter poetically explores the power of symbolism and primary colors. This is a vintage Serigraph/ Silkscreen of that work, circa 1937. This is a very large and very rare true vintage piece that measures 26 1/2 by 33 1/2 inches framed. He is a very important Artist and go online to see how very expensive his works are. We are proud to present quality artwork such as this. Don't miss this one.

171.Art Work #2. Beautiful rendition of "The Modernist Woman". Signed by Petek, a 20th century American artist. Obviously done by a trained hand, this painting could easily become the centerpiece of any Modernist Art Collection. With frame it measures 32 1/2 inches by 27 1/2 inches. Be sure to look closely at this painting in mixed medias on paper, as there is much to admire in it. 

172.Art Work #3. Beautiful French Street Scene, done by a listed 20th. century French artist, Andre Kraft. He was famous for his street scenes, and this was one of Paris after the war, circa 1945. Plainly signed on the bottom left it measures 17 inches by 21 inches in its older wooden frame.

173.Art Work #4.  Striking geometric abstract done by Melanie DeSourdy, a highly collectible Canadian artist who lives and works in Montreal Canada. It is a Pastel on Paper and is titled  "# 31". Signed on the bottom right, one of this series was exhibited in the University of Quebec in June of 2011. It measures 21 inches by 21 inches framed and is a wonderful collectible piece.

174.Art Work #5.  A piece by Madlyne Murray Seal (1911-1998). A listed 20th century American artist who is known for California Redwood Forests, and Yosemite National Park works. She was an early Californian Impressionist. This original Oil on Board is 29 inches by 16 1/2 inches and signed on the bottom right.

175.Art Work #6.  An Acrylic on Paper by Claudo Giannini, born 1952. A listed 20th century artist and one of Latin Americas most famous living artists. He lives and works in Buenos Aires and has exhibited in the Richards Gallery (Greenwich Ct.), the Allison Gallery (Miami Florida), and many others world wide. He is a highly collectible artist and there is lots of information on him available on the web. It is 22 1/2 inches by 29 1/5 inches gold metal framed, signed on the bottom right, and has an Exhibition sticker on the reverse. 

176.Art Work #7. Listed American artist, living in France, Joseph Downing (1925-2007). He is known for his Non Objectve Abstacts. Studied in the Chicago Art Institute, exhibited many times. Framed at 20 inches by 23 inches and signed bottom right.

177.Art Work #8. A 20th century Japanese Ink on Paper, signed on the bottom right and also a round red seal. The artist name seems to be Seigi but we could fid no information on him. There is a card on the reverse that says "Righteousness-Seigi" but we don't know if that is a title or a description. Never the less it is a quality original work and could very well be something good. It measures 16 inches by 20 1/2 inches framed.

178.Art Work #9.  A Piece entitled "Kyoto Moon", and signed C.V. Ducret, an artist we could find no information on. It is signed on the stretcher as well as on the bottom right. Simple chrome frame measures 22 inches by 30 inches.

179.This is a nice landscape by the listed French Impressionist Artist Montrec. It is a signed original Oil on canvas showing four young children romping through the French countryside. Nicely framed, it measures 32 inches by 22 inches and is in very good vintage condition. 

180.Here is a lot of 8 vintage Wolverine Comic books. Most are in very good condition, one is poor. One bid gets all.

181.This is a lot of 5 vintage Spiderman Comic books. They are in pretty good condition and there are 2 of the 30th Anniversary edition. One bid gets all.

182.Here is a lot of 14 vintage Comic Books. There is Superman, X-Men, Pitt, Spawn and more. All look to be in very good condition. One bid gets all.

183.Here is a neat lot of 13 very old vintage Comic Books. Many have an original retail price of 12 cents and date to the 60's. Names like Casper, Sad Sack, Mighty Mouse and Archie. All in good used condition.

184.Here are a pair of carved wood stirrups we believe are Spanish or Mexican. We also believe they are quite old. They have been fashioned from one piece of wood and intricately decorated. The strap is wrought iron and functional. There is some damage on one of them as shown which looks like it was from use.. They are about 8 inches long and 8 inches tall.

185.This is a three knife skinning set from Elk Ridge. It comes in a nylon carrying case and looks to be in like new condition. The blades are marked 44 high carbon surgical steel.

186.This is a 14" Bowie knife. It is marked Break Up Country. It has a leather sheath and bone handle. In new condition.

187.This is a very large double sided Dagger with matching leather sheath. It has an etched Eagle and was made in Pakistan. It has a wooden handle with brass hilt and pommel. It is 17.5 inches overall with a 12 inch blade. There is some light corrosion that should clean off.

188.This a large group of about 50 authentic Native American Arrowheads. Some are well formed, and some are rather crude. There are also many that were damaged from use. We are not sure where they were found. They range in size from one to two inches in length. Also included is a bag of flint chips and shards from the knapping process. One bid gets them all. Display case is not included.

189.This is a very nice Bald Eagle statue mounted on a real Wooden base. An eagle on top of the liberty bell with a Confederate flag draped over it. Mounted on a section of tree with leaves. It stands about 15 inches tall and is in great condition.

190.This is a porcelain statue of two Bald eagles in flight. It stands just under 12 inches tall.

191.This is a statue of an eagle. It is a resin statue that stands about 10 inches tall. Great piece in great condition.

192.We have offered several very nice and collectible bird pitchers over the last several auctions. This is the last group we have and possibly the best. This lot has yellow painted under glaze bird pitcher that stands 5 inches tall. Next is a very nice blue/green hand painted bird made in Czechoslovakia. This one is my favorite of all the ones we sold. It is 4.5 inches tall. Last is a cute little duck hand painted pitcher. It stands 4 inches tall. All 3 are in great condition.

193.This is stylized carved wood pair of water birds and a plant. The birds have solid brass beaks and legs. It is nicely finished in a white transparent stain, letting the wood grain show through. All 3 parts can be rotated to suit your mood. Very nice quality just perfect for your Florida home. It stands 13 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

194.This is a vintage General Electric kitchen wall clock. This one goes back to the 50's or 60's and plugs into an a/c socket. It is cream colored metal with a glass crystal. It is 7 inches square and in good vintage condition with a few light marks on the corners. Works great.

195.This is an antique tin-ware spice holder. Inside are 6 individual square tin lidded boxes for your favorite spices. Back then, spices were very hard to find and often expensive. Boxes like these protected your investment. The box is 7 by 10 inches and 3.5 inches tall. There is some damage as expected, still displays well.

196.This is a vintage yellow pine spice rack. It has 2 shelves and a storage space in the front. It also has 2 inset porcelain tiles with a Pennsylvania Dutch motif. It is very nicely constructed and likely dates to the 50's or so. It is 16.5 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep. Good vintage condition.

197.This is a lot of three antique desktop Inkwells. All three date to the end of the 1800's. The large beehive shaped one has its original pewter lid, no longer attached. The large 6 sided one is missing its lid. The last one is a never spill inkwell. Here is a great instant collection.

198.This is a lot of two beautiful pieces of antique art glass. The first piece is a ruffled blue opaque glass candy dish with hand painted flowers. It has a crimped edge with one side turned up. On the bottom is a hand-made brass foot. In the center is a pontil mark indicating the piece is hand blown. It measures 7 in wide and is in perfect condition. The second piece is a tri-cornered Vaseline opalescent candy dish. It has a fully ruffled edge with white opalescent highlights. It measures 5 in wide and fluoresces brightly under black light. It is also in excellent condition.

199.Here are a beautiful pair of Cambridge Caprice single candlesticks. They are Deco style and have frosted sockets and a partially frosted foot. They also come complete with the original glass prisms. These were made in the late 1930s through the 1940s. They stand about 7.5 in tall and both are in excellent condition.

200.This is a vintage pair of Carnival glass Candlesticks in Celeste Blue. They date to the 30's or 40's and were made by Northwood or Fenton. They stand 8.5 inches tall and both are in excellent condition.

201.A Pair of vintage Mid-Century Modern Side Tables. They have solid walnut turned legs with an extremely thick and heavy glass Top. They are perfect for any Danish Modern interior and are truly "Designer Pieces".  Each table is 24 inches square and 20 inches high. The glass is 3/4 inches thick and quite heavy. Both are in very good condition. Winning bid gets both tables.

202.This is a pair of table lamps. Each lamp base has three small children standing back to back. Made of plaster and in great condition. Each lamp is 33 inches tall.

203.Here we have 5 pairs of vintage gloves. One pair is full length, two pairs are elbow length and two pair of regular size gloves. The two regular size pairs are leather and the rest are cloth. Great condition.

204.This is an antique mother of pearl Dip Pen. It comes in a beautiful case that is marked Aikin.Lambert & Co. New York. The name is most likely a Jewelry store where fancy pens like this were sold. The pen has a MOP handle and gold plated tip and nib. There is a crack in the nib holder as shown. It measures 6 inches long.

205.Here are a pair of very nice and highly collectible antique Fountain Pens. The green and black one is a Wearever, and the black and gray one is a Packard. Both pens have solid 14-karat gold nibs. They both appear to be in very good vintage condition.

206.This lot contains 2 collectible porcelain signs. These are aviation related, advertising TWA and the Ford Tri-motor airplane. These signs are 8 x 12 and 9 x 14 inches.

207.Here are 16 pieces of high quality vintage jewelry plus the collectible 15 compartment case. The Jewelry is primarily brooches from the 40's to the 60's. There is also a beautiful gold filled necklace. Each piece in the lot is easily worth $20. One bid gets them all.

208.Here is a large lot of better costume jewely. There are necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets and a single ring. I have included a close up picture of each piece. All are in new condition. One bid gets them all.

209.Here is a very attractive strand of genuine Cultured Pearls. It is a graduated set ranging in size from 3.5 mm to 6.5 mm with a delicate Sterling silver clasp. Each pearl is hand knotted and expertly matched for color. The strand is 18 inches long and in as new condition. Everyone should own a beautiful pearl necklace like this.

210.Here is a great dinner ring by jtv that I believe was sold through QVC. It is Sterling silver and has a huge CZ center stone. The setting and band are covered with small CZ's giving the ring a flashy appearance. Perfect for that special night out. It is size 6.5 and in excellent condition.

211.This is a very pretty ring with clear and blue stones. We took it to our jeweler and it tested to solid 14k white gold. The stones however are not real. It is size 8 and in very good condition.

212.Here is a lot of 6 Avon necklaces. Five are gold tone and one is silver tone. Three of the chains are plain and 3 have pendants. There is a magnifying glass, a Taurus Zodiac medallion and a three part Western group. All 6 are in excellent condition. One bid gets all.

213.This is a very large oak finished upright console jewelry cabinet. It stands 40 inches tall and it is 16" wide and 12" deep. It has two side cabinets, each with 4 necklace hooks. There are 7 drawers in front. The top opens and has storage compartments and a ring holder. In great used condition.

214.This is a small bone jewelry box with many pieces of costume jewelry. There are at least 40 pieces of jewelry in a 6 x 4 x 2 inch bone box. Good condition.

215.This is a lot of brass items. There are 19 pieces in this lot. Mostly animals and a few others. We have 6 cats, two sets of monkeys, a pelican, an elephant, a swan, a butterfly, a beetle trinket dish, a golf player, a candle snuffer, three small trays and a stand. See pics for more details. One bid gets them all.

216.This is a lot of 3 brass butterflies. You can arrange them any way you like. They range in height from 5 to 7 inches. All in great condition.

217.This is a pair of brass door knockers. One is in the form of an anchor and the other is a typical knocker handle. Each piece measures about 6 inches in length. One is new in package and both are in excellent condition.

218.This is a solid brass serving dish made in India. This is a clam shell shaped dish measuring 12 x 10 and it is 2 inches deep. Great condition.

219.Here are two collectible toy Banks. They are replicas of antique trucks, and both are made by Ertl. They are all metal with great detailing. They are 5.5 and 8 inches long. Both are in excellent condition.

220.This is a very large Coors Light coin bank. It is a plastic bottle that is 21 inches tall. Great condition.

221.This is a Coors Light beer sign. It measures 28 x 24 inches. It is a tin sign with no frame. Good condition.

222.This is a Lowenbrau beer mirror. Harder to find item for the beer collector. It measures 26 x 23 inches. It is in a solid  wood frame and in good condition.

223.This is a small stained glass mirror. It has a teddy bear holding some balloons. It measures 12 x 14 inches. Great condition.

224.This is a couple of Japanese vases. These are deep Cobalt blue with hand painted birds and flowers. The large vase is 11 inches tall and the smaller one is just under 7 inches. Beautiful colors with gold trim accents, really beautiful pieces.

225.This is a large ceramic table center piece. It is a gourd I believe. It measures 20 inches long and 10 inches high. Deep green colors and very shiny.

226.This is a lot of white porcelain serving pieces. There are three pitchers and a gravy boat made in Portugal. All in good condition.

227.This is an antique ceiling light fixture. It is all brass hardware with a frosted glass globe. It is just over 15 inches in diameter. Since it is an antique, the wiring needs to be replaced before use.

228.Here is a vintage 70's cruet set made by Anchor Hocking. It includes decanters for oil and vinegar plus salt and pepper shakers. Comes in a brass tone rack. It is 7 inches tall and 9 inches wide. It is in good condition.

229.Here we have two large Art Pottery serving platters. The larger one is made in Mexico and it is 22 x 16 inches. The smaller platter has a fruit pattern and it is 18 x 9 inches in size. Both in great condition.

230.Here are 2 Chinese vases with hand painted blue Dragons. They have Chinese characters on the base. They are 9.5 and 6 inches tall. Both are in excellent condition.

231.This lot offers three religious figurines, two of which are music boxes. The two angel figurines are working music boxes that you wind on the bottom. The other is also a porcelain piece made in Holland and it is entitled "Pieta". All are less than 8 inches tall.

232.This is a lot of 6 small wooden boats. The largest is 9 inches long. These are small boats you would use for arts and crafts or displays or dioramas. Good condition and one bid gets them all.

233.This is a clever individual photo frame for the aviation buff. It is made of metal and can be hung on the wall or on a shelf. Its 12 inches wide by 8 inches tall. 

234.This is a candle holder and lamp set. These pieces are made by a local artist. They are made of metal with a leafy vine design on them. There are 4 candle holders, two are 7 inches high and two are 2.5 inches high. The lamp is 14 inches tall and has a switch-in-cord plug. All is in very good condition.

235.This is a metal wall decoration of the sun. It is very bright and colorful and measures 23 inches in diameter. Signed on the back with "DJPR".

236.This is a wooden plaque by G. Turner. Numbered 146/2000 from 1993. It comes with a COA attached to the back. Entitled "California Quail". It shows two highly detailed quail on a branch. It measures 18 x 24 inches.

237.This is a very nice Nautical themed decoration. It is a large piece of natural driftwood with an oyster cluster on one side and an unusual spotted crab on the other. It has hooks to hang it on the wall, or set it on a shelf. It is 29 inches long and 8 inches tall.

238.This is a wooden sculpture of a drummer boy. It looks to have an oriental theme to it. It stands 21 inches tall and it is missing one of the drum sticks.

239.This is a candle operated carousel. It is all wood and stands 18 inches high. When the candles are in the holders and burning, the rising heat makes the blades on top spin. It is missing two blades but still works fine.

240.This is a cast iron rooster. He stands 16 inches tall and is in great condition. Use as a doorstop or in your rock garden. Like new condition

241.This is a very large ceramic frog for your lawn or patio. It is 13 inches long and 10 inches wide. One front leg has been repaired but it is not visible when on display. Two tone green in color.

242.This is the first of two concrete lawn deer we are offering.  This one is the Doe. It stands about 25 inches tall. Natural colors and in excellent condition.

243.Here is the second concrete lawn deer up for auction. This is the Buck and it has genuine deer antlers. This one and the previous lot are freshly painted in natural colors. Larger than the previous one it has actual antlers. Very nice lawn art.

244.This is a concrete statue of a holy man. It is much higher quality than you typically see in concrete statuary. It stands just over 2 feet tall and it is in great condition.

245.This is a very large outdoor heavy metal tree. It has removable branches and stands over 7 feet tall. It has a bird house on top and birds in the branches. It has surface rust but it is in good condition and perfect for your treed area.

246.Vintage "Banjo" style Clock by Sessions United timepieces, made in the USA. It is an electric unit, and surprise it does work. This one is different from all the others out there in that it has a working decorative brass pendulum. Wood finished case, over 2 feet tall, with americana styled carved front and metal scrollwork sides. In very good vintage condition. 

247.This is a clever hand made nautical wall decoration. It is a wooden plank with an attached boat propeller entitled " Captains Quarters". It measures 20 x 15 inches. The boat prop is a real one, it still has barnacles on it.

248.This is a decorative life preserver. It is a real one that is fairly old and been turned into a decorative piece. It measures 24 inches in diameter. Great item for the lanai. 

249.This is a vintage kids toy push wagon. It measures 24 x 20 inches. It has wood construction and is bright red in color. White rubber tires on steel wheels. Great piece.

250.This is a "Welcome Wagon" planter. This is a wooden wagon that is 22 inches long and 15 inches high. Metal frame and wheels with wooden wagon. Brand new.

251.This is a Norton tool and knife sharpening stone with sharpening oil. Both new in package. The stone is 6 x 2 x 3/4 inches.

252.This is a lot of electricians tools. There are 4 Greenlee screwdrivers and a pair of Klein wire strippers.

253.This is a lot of drill bits. We have a DeWalt 1/2 inch bit, a Bosch 3/16 masonry bit and a 5 pack of Irwin speedbore wood bits.

254.This lot offers two pair of Craftsman Handi-Cut pliers. These will cut rubber hoses and soft lines. They also make great pruning shears.  Both are in great condition.

255.This is a large pair of Irwin Vise-Grip pipe pliers. We used to call these water pump pliers.  Every tool box needs a pair. These are marked GV12.

256.This is a HuskyPro swivel head and swivel handle 3/8 drive ratchet. Also included is a Gearwrench spark plug socket. Both are i n great condition.

257.This is a set of 4 Marples chisels. There are 1, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 inch chisels. Marples makes very nice tools.

258.This is a small lot of Craftsman hand tools. There are 3 screwdrivers and a pair of wire strippers. All in great condition.

259.This is a small lot of pneumatic accessories. There are two Bostitch 1/4 inch swivel plugs and a tire inflator. All are like new.

260.This is a webbing stretcher from C.S. OSBORNE & Co. This is used in furniture making. These are very expensive if you need one. 

261.This is a children's Doll Crib. It measures 26 x 14 x 18 inches high, big enough for a large doll. It is all wood and it is a rocker. Lace skirt around the bottom with matching padded base and pillow inside. Great condition.

262.This is a Schwinn girls bicycle. It is a 20 inch bike and in great used condition. Reflectors, horn and chain guard for safety. Keep a bike handy for the grandkids.

263.This is a heavy duty bike lock from Bell. Two keys are included. Great security item for the bike in the previous lot.

264.This is a lot of 2 different KitchenAid accessories for your KitchenAid mixer. There is a Food Grinder and a Food Tray. The Food Tray has never been out of the box and the Grinder looks as new. These are very pricey accessories.

265.General Electric 1100 Watt Countertop Microwave Oven with Sensor, model  WES1450DM1BB.  Sensor  The 1.4 Cubic feet microwave has sensor cooking which makes cooking less time-consuming and safe due to its unique features. It is extremely a powerful microwave with an 1100 watt cooking power. This oven features a glass turntable for evenly cooking of any kind of food. The sensor cooking touch controls let you adjust the time of cooking and the power needed, based on the food being cooked. Its weight and time defrost feature detects the weight of the food and the oven automatically sets the optimal defrosting time and power level for defrosting. The on/off oven timer comes in handy when you have the time to keep checking the level of heating. This microwave prevents unnecessary accidental activation thanks to its control lock feature. This unit measures 22 inches wide by 15 inches by 13 inches. Very clean and working great.

266.This is a generic model food chopper. It has several different cutting blades and looks to be unused. It measures 11 inches tall. Very functional accessory.

267.This is a complete set of Henckels carving knives and storage block. They are called Fine Edge Pro German Stainless steel. There are 7 pieces in the set. Some knives are like new and some show use.

268.Here is a great companion lot to the previous one. This lot contains two vintage sewing boxes, one a traditional wicker style and the other more resembles a Shaker type box. Both boxes are loaded with vintage sewing goodies. Lots of thread, pins, needles, buttons, pins and more. Many of the thread spools are wooden and very collectable in their own right. One bid gets both boxes and hundreds of accessories.

269.Etched Glasses lot A. This is a pretty set of 12 tall Wine or Champagne glasses. They all have a simple floral etch and twisted stems. They are 8 inches tall and all are in excellent condition.

270.Etched Glasses lot B. Here is another beautiful set of 12 etched glasses. This set is Brandy glasses. They have the same simple floral etch as the prior lot. They stand 5 inches tall and all are in excellent condition.

271.Etched Glasses lot C. This is an 18 piece lot of glasses with the same etch pattern as the previous lot. This lot contains 12 Wine glasses and 6 Water goblets. They all have twisted stems and floral etch. The wines are 6.25 inches tall and the Goblets are 7 inches tall. All 18 pieces are in excellent condition.

272.Etched Glasses lot D. This is a set of 12 short tumblers or bar tumblers. They all have a simple but attractive floral etch. They are 3.5 inches tall and all are in excellent condition.

273.Etched Glasses lot E. Here is the last lot of etched glasses we are offering. This lot includes 12 Wine glasses with green bowls and twisted stems. The etch is the same pattern as the earlier lots. They stand 6.25 inches tall and all are in excellent condition.

274.This is a cast aluminum Ricer. Works great on most any boiled vegetable like potatoes, turnips or carrots. Great way to make a small portion of mashed potatoes. It is 16 inches long and in very good condition.

275.This is a Bissell Cleanview Multi cyclonic Hepa filter vacuum. Model number 80Q2-C. In great used condition. Tested and working with our 3 day guarantee.

276.This is a Primo Hot/Cold water dispenser. It is model 601142. Not tested but consignor says it works well. This does come with our 3 day guarantee, so bid with confidence.

277.This is a lot of 7 vintage individual Salt Cellars. They are all glass and there are 6 different patterns including Fostoria American. They are all in very good condition. Instant collection.

278.This is an oriental themed large Floor vase. It measures 24 inches tall and about 10 inches in diameter. Beautiful hand painted vase with gold accents. Great condition.

279.This is a table top display basket. It is made of wood with metal feet. All black in color and it measures 39 inches wide and 17 inches high. Good condition.

280.This is a metal wall hanging of a branch with leaves. It is all black with shiny silver leaf inserts. It measures 46 x12 inches.

281.This is a hand painted platter that is mounted in a shadowbox. The platter had birds and foliage and it is 16.5 inches in diameter. The window box measures 23 inches square and 3 inches deep.

282.Here is a large solid brass Nautilus type decorator seashell. It even has little seashells for feet. It can be enjoyed as a decoration, or use it as a vase. It is 9 inches tall and 10 inches wide. It is in very good condition.

283.Electronic Air Purifier by Sharper Image. The Model 3.0 Air Purifier is an efficient, high-quality air cleaner that uses electrostatic precipitation to remove airborne contaminants such as dust, cat dander, pollen, mold spore-size particles and other indoor-air irritants and pollutants. The air purifier cleans and circulates air electronically, without a noisy fan! It traps airborne irritants, allergens and pollutants on stainless steel collection blades. You simply wipe off the collected debris, and reinsert the plates. The purifier features silent operation, efficient air cleaning and odor reduction, ultra-low energy use, lightweight housing with an attractive, discreet profile and continuous 24-7 cleaning.  Includes instructions and paperwork  It stands about 20 inches tall, tested  and works perfectly.


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