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Auction Title: Better Quality Items from Richie Auction 5803 - AUCTION BEGINS TO END :Tuesday, March 31st7:00PM ET

Item Description
1.Black Americana items are very hot and collectible. Here is a great example of the genre, and the nice aspect of this piece is that it was made for indoors. We have a nicely dressed antebellum looking Butler or Servant, presenting a silver plated platter for what ever you would like to feature. He stands a full 40 inches tall and seems to be made of some type of composite material, possibly fiberglass. Very good to excellent condition and just waiting for you. Dont miss him.

2.Fantastic hand crafted full size Bar with matching Stools. This is a "One of a Kind" piece that the consignor had made for him while in Turkey in the military, and then paid 1000 dollars to have it shipped home. Carved Camels are the back of every Stool, and the Bar itself is supposed to be one giant Camel, kneeling down. Beautiful finished Curved Top has fine detailed carvings all around it, and measures 78 inches across by 18 inches wide. The Top is removable and attached with dowels so you will have no problems moving it.  The unit stands 45 inches tall and the rear itself is finely crafted for ease of use.  Several storage cabinets and 3 drawers in the back with a pull out cutting board and a 6 bottle wine rack make it very functional.. The Bar itself is all carved wood depicting a Camels on their bent knees for legs. Highly detailed grapevine carvings all around the top and the front area is upholstered and padded with some type of material, possibly Vinyl. Three stools are included and they also have the Camel leg motif, as well as the large sculptured hand carved three dimensional Camel on the backs. The only thing I noticed is the small support leg in the center has been chipped and the seat covers, although still attractive and functional have a few scratches but for being shipped 8000 miles, it is in great condition. This is a one of a kind and would be the focal point of any entertainment area. You will never see another. Delivery is available, so bid with confidence you can get it to its new home. 

3.Here is a very impressive piece of vintage Cameo Glass. It is signed Galle and is covered with carved in relief Ducks and Cattails in a marsh scene. The vase is huge, 14 inches tall, and finished in warm earth tones. Through our research, we were not able to find another example of this exact piece. We believe it to be authentic, but please come in and check it out for yourself. This gorgeous vase is in perfect condition.

4.This is an 1890's vintage Ladies Dresser. It is made of solid quarter sawn oak and features a huge beveled mirror. The mirror and supports are decorated with carved oak appliques as well as the center front. The brass hardware is original as are the small wooden casters. The 3 drawers feature dove tail construction. Great piece in original condition. It measures 46 inches wide, 23 inches deep and 25 inches tall. The top of the mirror stands 72 inches tall.

5.Just when you have had your full of Italian Chef decor, the King of them all jumps up at you. If you like many of us, have some of this decor, here is the last piece you will ever want. A Giant  Italian Chef, holding a full size slate menu board. Here is the real way to display your parties menu. Gino (yes we named him), stands a chubby 67 inches tall with the sign. It is made of some type of composite material, possibly resin, so its easily moved around.  It weighs about 40 Lbs. I'm guessing. The sign itself  is a chalk menu board that measures about 16 x 20 inches. Everything looks to be in great condition. Here is another piece you will not see aain, so dont miss it.

6.Beautiful and high quality Slag Glass Table Lamp. It has what seems to be a real original and wonderful antique slag glass panel shade, on a contemporary base. The shade has blended shades of blues and purples is 8 curved panels. The frame is very fancy and made of spelter but we could not find any name on it, but many antique shades like this one are not signed, but it sure looks like a Bradley and Hubbard  to the few people we showed it to. We looked and found many similar, but all we can say is it has its quality. The base has 2 bulbs and does compliment the shade well. It stands 24 inches tall and about 19 inches wide. There is no damage to the glass shade and the overall look is fantastic.

7.Here is a beautiful antique Telephone. It was made by Western Electric about 100 years ago. It is solid white oak with quarter sawn details on the front. It retains most of the "guts" inside and is very heavy. Try explaing this to your grandkids. These look great hanging on the wall. It measures 20.5 inches tall and 9 inches wide. Great old phone in very good vintage condition.

8.Here is a partial set of Gorham Strasbourg Sterling Silver. The pieces are not monogrammed and are as follows: 7 dinner knives and 1 butter knife with hollow silver handles. 8 tea spoons at 34.4 grams each. 1 sugar spoon at 40 grams, 1 serving fork at 82.6 grams, 1 serving spoon at 84.2 grams, 1 soup Ladle at 75.9 grams, 7 dinner forks at 54.7 grams each and 5 cake forks at 40.7 grams each. Our math totals 1102.5 grams plus the knives. We do not guarantee the weights and totals, please check for yourselves. Vintage wood case is included.

9.Vintage Clarinet in the original padded Case.. The brand is Silvertone and the consignor said it is Rosewood. It is in used vintage condition with no apparent damage. A full restoration would make it beautiful. It comes in a velvet lined wood case that has seen better days, but the instrument is in better condition. These older pieces are very collectible and when we searched were surprised to see their high values.

10.This is a very scarce mid-century vase by Hauy Pauiga and clearly signed.. It is silver plated brass. The beautiful detailed base depicts two Koi fish heads with glass eyes. Pieces by this artist usually bring very high prices. The last one sold for over 300 dollars. It stands 11.25 inches tall and is in good vintage condition.

11.Fantastic Vintage and rare Collectible featuring an iconic President. Here is a very hard to find vintage 1935 Franklin Roosevelt Calendar. It is all paper and measures 12.5 by 5.5 inches. It is printed Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Fearless - Determined - Resourceful. Never used or hung. Great condition. The graphics look to be a quality lithograph, and the Calender Page were never used or removed. Have never seen one like this.

12.Vintage and original Round glass top accent or display Table/cabinet. This table is round in shape and it is 20 inches in diameter. It stands 32 inches high with a three legged design. 4 curved glass panels around the outside, one being a hinged door. You can display things inside the cabinet on the bottom or on the suspended glass shelf. Semi nautical theme with the braided rope lining the glass on the inside. Unique look and in Great condition.

13.Here is a beautiful pair of carved Bone Prancing Horses according to the consignor. . They are mirror images of each other and have matching wood bases. They are 3.5 inches long and 3 inches tall. Both are in very good condition with and displaying very high quality craftsmanship. Your winning bid gets both Horses and stands.

14.We believe this is an authentic Nazi Badge and the people we showed it to agree. It depicts the Teutonic Sword superimposed  on top of the Swastika and surrounded by a floral Wreath, a very popular image for the Nazi's. On the back is inscribed its  serial number as well as what we were told is, in German, who that the Badge was the property of, and his high Office. Our German is rusty, so we took his word for it, but come and look at this rare piece for yourself. It is made of brass with a nice patina. It is almost three inches long and in excellent condition.


BIG EYES LONG RANGE MILITARY BINOCULARS 65-25 40 WYJ 98 SN-310413 WITH ORIGINAL MILITARY TRIPOD!  The Binoculars are marked 65-25 40 WYJ 98. It has a floating action for the tripod mounting attachment. A pair of very heavy black four (4) eye piece military binoculars with heavy tripod. Has degree markings at base as to figure distances and fine adjustment knobs for precision alignment. Two (2) sets of eye pieces with individual focusing capabilities. You can see up to 5 Miles according to the specs. . Optics are clear on both the clear lenses and the tinted lenses. The Wooden Tripod itself is like a work of art in polished wood and brass and stands about 5 feet tall when open. The Optics are stored and transported in a large high quality military grade Backpack style case.  This is a rare and expensive Military Collectible and on the secondary market average about 2000 dollars, and they all sell fast. Would look fantastic set up and assembled in any ones military collection. All pieces look to be in great condition, but because of its complexities, it is sold as is.

16.Antique 1880 Torre Annunziata Vetterli model 1880 Infantry rifle. Torre Annunziata Arsenal ws established in 1758 in Naples and was the largest producer of Weaponry and Ammunition in the Kingdom of The Two Scilies. A Gunsmith examined this Rifle and found the correct markings denoting the Rifles original place of manufacture.  It is marked "Torre Annunzinta 1875", and is a Bolt action Piece.

17.This is a 50 cal. black powder Kentucky long rifle. This is a kit from Traditions. It has been assembled and is ready for shooting. The stock has not been finished. It is quite easy to disassemble and finish if you are so inclined. It is in excellent condition and has never been fired. These kits go for about $425 online.

18.This is a lot of 5 Vintage boxed Hand Mirrors. The largest mirror is just over 7 inches long. All of them look to have a hand formed silver type metal around each of them. Some have porcelain backs with hand painted artwork featuring butterflies, dragons and flowers. Also each mirror has a Jade looking type handle, possibly real, we are not sure. All come in their original boxes and were made in China, and are beautiful by themselves, but your one winning bid gets all five.

19.Brand New collection of Cloisonne eggs. There are two larger eggs that measure 2.5 inches tall and there is a box that has 10 smaller eggs that are 1.5 inches. All eggs have a small black base to sit on. These are in like new condition and come in their original boxes. Super attractive and your one bid gets all dozen Eggs.

20.This is an electric wine cooler. Made by Vissani, it is model # HVWC28ST. This cooler measures 33 inches tall and it is 17 inches by 20 inches in size. It will hold 24 bottles and it has a small storage space in the bottom. Tested and working and it comes with our 3 day guarantee.

21.This is a large freeform art glass vase. It is shades of lavender on a clear base. It has a sticker calling it Royal Gallery Made in Poland 1999. It is 11 inches tall and in excellent condition.

22.This is a large free form art glass vase. It has a sticker that says Noble Excellence Made in Poland. It is faux tortoise shell over white. It stands 13 inches tall and in excellent condition.

23.Here is a very nice and large art pottery vase. It is crafted in the southern pottery style, the home of very famous face jugs from the turn of the century. This piece is artist signed and dated 2005. It has a matte glaze on the face and a metallic glaze on the back. It stands 18 inches tall. There is a small crack in the neck that likely happened in the fireing.

24.Solid Crystal Globe of the Earth, nicely etched with continents.  It is 4 inches in diameter and it sits on a small square crystal base. It comes in it's original box but no manufacturer could be found. This looks brand new and it is in excellent condition.

25.Beautiful Brand New Wind Up Wall Clock made by Hermle.  Dual Spring Pendulum Chime Clock looks to be a multi week wind up. It seems to be forever between winds. Beautiful Blonde finished Wood Clock is 24 inches tall and 10 inches wide. This has been tested and is working as we speak on the wall behind my desk, and I will miss it when it is gone.Brand new and includes the  original box, with Key and paperwork.


Emerson 50X/100X Refractor Telescope With Adjustable Tripod In "Black".Emerson refractor telescope:-High-quality glass optic for improved viewing.-Quick Screw-Type Assembly with No Tools Required.-Great for Star Tracking and Astronomical Viewing.-360 Degree Rotating Pan Head Lets You Navigate the Night Sky.-Locking Tripod Legs Fully Expand to Stand Up To 4-Feet High. This is new in box.

27.Authentic and original full sized three light all metal Traffic Signal Light from Eagle Signal Corp. in Moline Illinois. The Eagle Logo is clearly marked on the back of the casting as well as on all three Lenses. It measures about 45 inches high and has some light patina from being used outside, but in beautiful condition still. Perfect for inside that Man Cave, or for any business use. The heavy cord has been professionally converted to a simple 115 volt plug in with a three way switch that light all 3 colors separately. Tested and working and it comes with our 3 day guarantee.

28.Here is a very cool and unusual Vintage cast aluminum Hid-A-Way Can Container. It has a step to open feature as well as a close top. Nice older piece that is now very collectible and another neat feature is that it is a local piece from Punta Gorda, Fla. Clean it up and hang it on the wall....instant folk art. It is 21 inches in diameter. It has a very heavy patina.

29.Large Heavy Duty Portable Barn Fan This is a heavy duty fan from Maxx Air Pro. This fan is 30 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep. This is a high flow fan that pushes a huge amount of air. This would be in a shop or barn, but can be used anywhere. Tested and working and it comes with our 3 day guarantee.

30.Antique Civil War era Book entitled "Stories of the Civil War", by Kirkland. It is dated 1895. Pretty scarce book in very good vintage condition.

31.Here is a collection of 3 beautiful leather bound and bright gilt edged books. They are all firearms related and privately printed for the members of The Firearms Classics Library of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its Firearms Museum. The titles are "A History of the Colt Revolver", "The Rifle in America", and "The Gun and its Development". They were printed between 1995 and 1997. These are beautiful books in perfect condition. One bid gets all three.

32.Large Lot of Rare antique and Vintage Records. Made from lots of different types of materials, but all seem to be of some very unique materials. Some of these are blanks to be recorded on and some are actual albums. There are about 18 different Records that include a plastic carrying case.

33.Here is a very nice vintage Professional, not a toy, microscope and storage case. It is a German made Scope by Paul Waechter Wetzlar. It appears to be complete and in good working condition. It comes with 2 eye pieces, box of slides and more. It is 12.5 inches tall. Perfect for that science guy in the family. The case has some veneer peeling, but nice solid dovetail and reinforced construction..

34.Beautiful quality Sculpture of Two Hands entwined, one putting a ring on the finger of the other. It is made by  Austin productions Inc. 1980. It seems to be some type of light metal.probably aluminum and it is 13 inches wide by 9 inches tall.

35.This is a Peavey Guitar Bass Amp, all solid state. It is called the model 260C Series monitor.  Well respected online and described as having 130 watts to 400 watts output, depending on the rating system.. It measures 24 inches by 11 inches and it is 8 inches tall. Not tested but it does come with our 3 day guarantee so you can bid with confidence.. No power cord included but it is a standard pronged plug with it being available anywhere..


Peavey Tour TNT115 is a one piece 600 watt Guitar Amp and Speaker combo It features a 15-inch speaker plus many useful controls. With a power output of 600 Watt, this amplifier strengthens the signal coming out of the attached bass guitar to reproduce accurately and even to enhance its sound, while increasing the volume.  It measures 23 inches by 20 inches and it is 22 inches tall. Needs the standard A/C cord so not tested but it does come with our 3 day guarantee, so bid with confidence.

37.This is a professional Vinyl Cutting Machine made by U.S. CUTTER. Known as a cutting plotter, it is model # MH871-MK2.  It features a Dual position carriage (front position for cut-through, rear position for standard vinyl). A- Roland compatible blade holder gives you access to the most economical blades available. - Two fully adjustable pinch-rollers allow you to use a flexible range of materials. - Superior ball-bearing dual roller media roller system allows you to place material on top of rollers rather than putting roller through material each time. It includes software VinylMaster Cut:
VinylMaster Cut (Basic Edition) is dedicated vinyl cutting software designed specifically for making vinyl signage. VinylMaster Cut allows you to produce a wide range of vinyl lettering, pinstriping, and general signage, and comes with a suite of text, curve, and object tools. Take your creative vision from your mind to ready to cut computer image file with an easily customizable and intuitive interface. Fonts are vectorized and ready to cut immediately. Edit images, draw shapes, customize text, modify signs, create logos, and so much more.This comes with power and USB cords, a manual and a soft cover. Not sure if this has been used but it looks brand new. It stands about 41 inches tall.

38.Looks to be a vintage Cast Iron Hitching Post Cap in the shape of a Horses Head and neck. Large Metal Ring where the bridle would be is for hitching your horse too when this is post mounted.  The Head is about 10 inches tall and had some surface rust but not in very good to excellent condition. These have been counterfeited many times so we cannot verify if its original, but still a great piece for your collection..

39.Hand painted Custom Wooden Bench with Storage. This is attractively decorated and painted  with a fishing motif. It is a green bench that looks like pressure treated wood and it has a hand painted fly fishing scene on the seat and a fish on the front.  Hidden on a back leg is a nicely painted Gecko. It has a flip up seat for storage. The bench measures 40 inches wide and 18 inches deep. It stands 35.5 inches high. Excellent condition.


Champion Classic 2000 Masticating Household Juicer. It is model G5-NG-853S and is finished in gloss black. The Champion Juicer has been around for over 20 years and has people who still rave about their juicer. Built with a powerful 1/3 horsepower heavy duty GE motor. The large 1.75" diameter feeding tube allows it to take in larger vegetables without cutting them. The floating cutter is designed to separate the juice from the pulp all in one continuous operation with little to no intermittent cleaning. The blades are made of tempered stainless steel that are cast into the cutter for strength and years of use without rusting. The Champion is also a very versatile machine and can juice all types of fruits and vegetables except wheatgrass, whatever that is. It Juices all types of fruits and vegetables. Makes nut butters, frozen fruit sorbets, baby foods, ice creams, sherbets, purees, salsa, etc. These are very expensive Machines and are still sold on Amazon. Don't miss the Cadillac of Juicers.​​​​ Tested and working and it will come with our 3 day guarantee.

41.This is the first of the five different "Ispanky Porcelains"  we have in this auction. Laszlo Ispanky, 1919-2010, was a famous artist and maker of fine Porcelains. Ispanky’s works have been selected by the United States as special gifts to heads of state and remains internationally renowned for his remarkable ability to duplicate an individual’s exact likeness. This is most visible in his majestic sculpture of Pope John Paul II. His pieces are in some of the finest collections in the world, including The Smithsonian; The Museum of Modern Art of Peking; The Brooklyn Museum; The Rockefeller Collection; Buckingham Palace and the Vatican. President Gerald Ford selected three of Ispanky’s major pieces for presentation to heads of state on his European trip in 1975, as well as a presentation to Chinese leader Mao Tse-tung. During John Paul II’s visit to the United States, the Pope was presented with Ispanky’s “Ten Commandments”, which is now at the papal summer home in Castle Gandolfo. In 1974, he created “Basketball Players” for the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA.
    This first piece for auction is a beautiful rare limited edition porcelain of King Arthur. He stands about 12 inches tall and is in excellent condition. This is a limited edition signed and numbered piece, and it is number ONE of 500. These five pieces are very limited, rare and expensive, plus beautiful.  Have fun.

42.This is the second rare limited edition "Ispanky Porcelain' up for sale. See the description in the previous lot number 40, for full details. Another rare limited edition signed and numbered piece. This piece had 800 made but only 200 were painted. This one is number 145 of that 200.  This one is the Little Drummer Boy and looks to be a Civil War Drummer.  In excellent condition and it stands about 9 inches tall and beautiful detail..

43.This is the third rare Porcelain Figure by Laszlo Ispanky.  See the full description on Ispanky in Lot number 41.This one is a large detailed breathtaking American Indian on horseback.  Its titled  "Great Spirit" The Chief on the horse is reaching to his higher power. He is seeking answers. Beautiful colorful finish there is a lot of texture in this piece. It brings out the muscles and power in horse and Indian Chief. It is 12 1/2" length x 14" high Made in the USA in 1971. It is also a limited edition signed and numbered piece. This piece had 350 made, but only 200 painted, and this one is number 49 out of that 200. Of course very impressive, very expensive  and in excellent condition.

44.This is the fourth of the Laszlo Ispanky Porcelains in this auction. For a full description of the artist go to lot 41. This one shows an exhausted Pack Horse taking a little break. Another signed and limited edition piece that 350 were made but only 200 were painted. This one is number 11 of that 200.  It is in excellent condition and it measures 14 inches long and 10 inches high.

45.This is the fifth and last Laszlo Ispanky Porcelain Figurine in our auction. For a full description of the artist go to lot 41. This Piece is a 1967 Limited Edition Piece called "Romeo and Juliet Ballet" and signed by Ispanky. This is a signed and numbered piece and it is one of 500. It is in overall excellent  condition but there are several fingers broken off. It is still an Ispanky that shows beautifully.  It stands 13 inches tall.

46.Here is a brand new Black Patent Leather Coach purse. It has 2 short handles and 3 internal pouches. It is 14 inches wide and 10 inches tall. As in all designer Purses, we check it out to the best of our abilities but you must be the final judge. That is why we have a two day Preview.

47.Here is another nice Coach purse. This one is lightly used and all black leather. It has 3 internal pouches lined in purple taffeta. It measures about 14 by 12 inches. As in all designer Purses, we check it out to the best of our abilities but you must be the final judge. That is why we have a two day Preview.

48.Here is a very unusual and very high quality designer purse. It is marked "Sharif 1827" and is all leather with colorful machine embroidery on the front. It has one large compartment, two small clutches and a long blue handle. It is 15 by 12 inches and appears unused. Includes two clutch inserts and a logo marked Sharif storage Bag.  Rules are made to be broken - and nowhere is that more apparent than in Sharif’s bold and colorful handbags. Sharif has cultivated a global following for his award-winning style that combines leather, textiles and unique hardware in distinctive silhouettes. It looks to be brand new and unused.

49.This is a real leather horse saddle. It looks to be full size, no markings could be found. It has the straps and stirrups attached and it comes with a saddle blanket and pad. Everything seems to be in very good to excellent condition.

50.Beautiful large and hand carved wooden bowl, that we believe is Cedar.. It is hand signed by the sculptor. It measures 17 inches long by 14 inches wide and it is about 8 inches deep. In excellent condition.

51.Here is a great chance to set your Formal Dining Table for a reasonable price. This is a 65 piece set of Gold Flatware. It comes to in it's original case and it is in new condition. Do not know how they plate sets like this, but they make a beautiful table. Holidays are still coming.

52.Four very nice quality collectible Walking Canes.. One is a natural wood color with a head as a handle, one is black wood with silver handle and tip. Another cane is a black braided rope design with ivory accents and the last cane is a dark wood with lighter bands all around it and a dog's head handle. All are in good condition. Your one winning bid gets all four Canes.

53.This a very collectible 4 chamber liquor bottle. Made in France, it is Marie Brizard & Roger Bordeaux. We are not allowed to auction liquor, so you are only bidding on the bottle. What is inside we do not know, but what it originally had was Creme de Menthe, Curacao Triple Sec, Creme de Cacao, and Apricot Brandy. Around the neck of the bottle are 4 extra stoppers in a knotted wrap. The bottle is 12 inches tall and in good condition.

54.Here is a piece of vintage English Treen Ware. I believe it is a Sewing Accessory of some type. It is hollow wood with a transfer scene of Burns Monument on one side and the words "From the Banks of the Doon" on the other. Inside is a device as shown. It is 5 inches long and in very good vintage condition.

55.Here is a lot of two antique snuff spoons. They are brass with semi-precious stones mounted in the center of the handle. One has a Tiger Eye Agate and the other a piece of Jade. The Tiger Eye spoon is 2.5 inches long and the Jade Spoon is 2 inches long. Both are very collectible and hard to find. Both are in very good vintage condition.

56.Digital Electronic Coin Counter for collecting and keeping track of your pocket change.It is a push on top that fits in most typical jars. Put it on a jar and it counts every coin that goes through it. Very handy.

57.Heavy Duty portable  battery operated Coin Counter as well as a Sorter. It operates on two "C" cell batteries which are included. Tested and working, it comes with extra coin tubes and many coin wrappers.

58.Here is an 8 piece lot of collectible vintage Military Payment Certificates or Currency.  Military Payment Certificates (MPC) were issued from 1946 until 1973.  They were printed in fifteen series and used in 22 different countries during that 27 year period.  The denominations issued range from as little as five cents all the way up to twenty dollars.  Military payment certificates were intended to be used by members of the United States military who were serving overseas.  That means that U.S. MPCs can be found all over the world today.  They have been very well researched.  In most situations we have records of exactly how many were printed and we usually have a pretty good idea of how many are still known to exist.  This makes collecting military payment certificates fairly easy.I think most date to the Vietnam era. They are small denominations as shown. Most of the bills are about half the size of our currency. One bid gets them all.

59.Heavy Cast Iron Ball, Chain, and Shackle. Can not call it antique because these were reproduced in large numbers. But we can call it a Ball and Chain that looks accurate and maybe useable, depending on your partner. The ball is about 4 inches of solid heavy cast material and the chain is 15 inches long. In great condition.

60.Looks to be an authentic antique Child's Toy Sewing Machine. It was made and labeled made in Germany. It measures about 7 inches high and 7 inches wide. It is a real machine that still seems to be in working order, and turning the crank does move everything. machine and ingreat condition.


Schumacher Model SP1298 12V Automatic Battery Charger and 6A Maintainer. Charge and maintain your motorcycle, car and marine batteries with the Schumacher SP1298 12V Automatic Battery Charger and 6A Maintainer. The clamp and ring terminal adapters are easy to connect, and the convenient hook attachment lets you hang the unit outside of the work area. Microprocessor controlled, multi-stage charging adds precision, safety and battery life. Float mode monitoring to automatically maintain optimum battery charge. Built-in reverse hook-up protection prevents charger from operating if clamps are reversed. This unit features scrolling digital messaging, LED charging status indicator and a button for display and battery type. Brand new and in its original box.

62.This is a 25 gallon commercial sprayer unit. This would typically be mounted on a riding mower or cart for spraying large areas. It looks complete with pump, connectors and spray wand. This will come with our 3 day guarantee so bid with confidence.

63.This is a small hydraulic car Jack from MVP SuperLift. I could not find a weight rating but these are usually used for changing car tires and such. It is 20 inches long and seems to be working fine. It will come with our 3 day guarantee. It is in well used condition.


LASKO 30" OSCILLATING INDUSTRIAL GRADE PEDESTAL FAN made by Lasko. Freestanding Fan is model NSC-43. This is a large free standing shop fan from Lasko. It is model # NSC-243. It is a 30 inch fan that oscillates and tilts. The base is 30 inches in diameter and it has casters mounted on it for easy mobility. The pole is a little loose in the base but it still stands up and is an easy repair. It is in well used and in great working condition.

65.This is a Delta ShopMaster Table Saw. It is model #905657. It is a 10 inch model and includes the Blade. Tested and working and it will come with our 3 day be sure all is well guarantee so bid with confidence.

66.Industrial Dual Halogen Industrial Portable Work Light  system. Made by Commercial Electric, it is on an adjustable tripod stand and is in great used working condition. It has spaces for extra bulbs storage.

67.This is the largest and most heavy duty Industrial Bench Grinder we have ever had. It is a 2 HP grinder from Packard Precision and looks to have 10 inch wheels. It is model # BG-10R. It is very heavy and it is 22 inches wide. Tested and working with and of course has our three day to be sure  guarantee.

68.This is a stick welder from Campbell Hausfeld. It is a 225 Max 230 volt Pro AC welder. Model# WS2800. This comes with a welding manual and several welding tools. A helmet is also included. This has not been tested but consignor told us it works fine, and because of our three day to test it out guarantee, you can bid with confidence.


12 Ton H-Frame Industrial Heavy Duty Floor Shop Press.  Straighten, bend, stamp, and do bearing work right in your workshop with this 12 ton Hydraulic Shop Press . Made by Central Machinery it is Model # 33497. It stands 54 inches tall and is in like new condition.


Pro-Lift Convertible Z Creeper/Shop Seat Model# C-2036D. This Pro-Lift Convertible Z Creeper/Shop Seat easily transforms from a low profile creeper with padded backrest and headrest, to a rolling shop stool with padded seat. 300-lb. rated capacity. Creeper measures 36in.L x 16 3/4in.W x 4 7/8in.H, Shop stool measures 17 3/4in.L x 16 3/4in.W x 14 1/2in.H, 6 swiveling casters offer easy mobility, Heavy-duty steel frame, Tough, vinyl covered padded seat and headrest. In very good condition.


71.This is a set of outrigger poles from SeaChoice. Model # 88201. These are a new Pair of Telescoping blue and white fiberglass Outrigger Poles that are 3 sections each. They extended out 15 feet each. These are new in package and they come with stainless mounting hardware and braided nylon line.

72.Here are 2 vintage double long spring leg hold traps. The small one is a Korean made Duke trap for small mammals like a muskrat. The large one is an American made Victor for fox or coyote. Both in working condition. The large one has 6 inch wide jaws.

73.This is a lot of 5 fishing rods. 4 are Vintage Fly Rods and reels and one is an Antique Baitcaster. These are all well used and your one winning bid gets all five.

74.This is a brand new Okuma Avenger AV-65b Spinning Reel.  Okuma Avenger spinning reels feature precision elliptical gearing system and cyclonic flow rotor design that create less friction during casting for increased distance, greater accuracy, longer line life and minimize water intrusion and corrosion.Brand new and never out of the packing.

75.This is a roll of Parachute cord.  Paracord is the most used, dependable, tough and long lasting cord we around. It can be used for countless ventures and is perfect for crafting, repairing and other corded projects. It is army green in color and there is 300 feet of it. Brand new and your one bid gets the whole spool..

76.This is a lot of 14 Military Ration meals by Ameriqual Foods in Evansville Indiana.  Called MRE's by the military these are Meals Ready to Eat, and have shelf lives for 20 years or better. Great to store in safety not refrigerated in your Pantry in case that bad day actually arrives. Or just be lazy and eat healthy and quickly. These are top performance high energy foods. Just add hot water and enjoy. Included is 5 Penne pasta with vegetable crumbles in spicy tomato sauce, 4 Chicken Pesto pasta, 3 Chicken Noodle stew w/vegetables, 1 Asian style beef strips with vegetables and sauce and 1 Beef roast with vegetables and gravy. One bid takes them all.

77.This is a  Penn No. 309 salt water fishing reel. It is called the Penn Peer. The spool is 2.75 inches wide. The reel is in good working condition with some light patina.


WEST MARINE–Coastal 400C 7 x 50 Waterproof Binoculars with Compass. A compact, light and high quality pair of waterproof binoculars. The Coastal 400C's internal rangefinder scale and illuminated compass help users determine the distance, size and direction of objects. Nitrogen-charged interior eliminates fogging on internal lens surface. BAK-4 prisms for bright, sharp images. Rubber-coated body for shock resistance. These binoculars also float when used with the included Flotation Strap. Includes Internal center focusing: Simple adjustment, enhanced waterproofing and a clean appearance. Nitrogen charged interior: Eliminates fogging on internal lens surfaces even in severe conditions. BAK-4 Porro prism: For bright, sharp images across the field of view. ​​​​​​​Rubber armored body delivers great shock resistance and a secure, slip-free grip. ​​​​​​​7 x 50 binoculars: Best size for all-around use onboard the moving deck of a boat. ​​​​​​​Compass and rangefinder reticle: Valuable tools for checking range and bearing of navigational markers and other boats. Field of vision is 350 feet at 1000 yards. Includes both Lens Caps, Neck Strap, and Cordoba Case. These are very expensive Binoculars. Check out the price today on West Marines site. Don't miss out on these.

79.Marine Dock Cleats with many other practical uses. This is a lot of four Cast Aluminum Cleats , never used, that are number 6, or six inches wide. These each measure 6 inches long and look to be unused.

80.Here are 5 boxes of 9mm Luger ammunition. Four are Winchester and one is Prvi partizan made in Serbia. They all look full and winning bid gets all 5 boxes.

81.This is a genuine leather U.S. NAVY bomber jacket made in the U.S.A. This is made by Cooper Sportswear. It is size 48R. This jacket is in brand new condition and has never been worn.

82.This is a backpack tent from Northwest Territory. It is a Sierra done tent that sleeps 2-3 adults and it is 9 feet by 7 feet. It comes in it's original carrying bag and looks to be in great condition.

83.This is a lot for the bird lovers. It is a small bird call from the Audubon Society and a hand carved bird whistle. The call will attract several different species of wild song birds and the bird whistle scares them away...just kidding, but even we were amazed at how realistic these sound. Wnning bid gets both.

84.This is an all metal 1942 World War II Howitzer Shell Box. Used to carry one single shell safely. It measures 22 inches by 9 inches and it is 9 inches deep. In well used condition.

85.These are authentic original vintage World War II  Ration Books from 1943. They are from the Parsons family in Grand Ledge Michigan. They measure about 6 by 4 inches and come in a leather pouch. In the day to buy one unit of a commodity you needed to present one ticket from your book. Made it so everyone got an even share of hard to get items. Not like today where some people have 300 rolls of Toilet Paper and others use old newspapers. Worked well in 1943, why not do that now. Just Saying.

86.Here is a contemporary version of an antique Cherry Pitter. It is cast and stamped iron and would looks like it is working properly. It measures 6 inches tall and 10.5 inches long.

87.Medium sized Antique Wood Spoke Wheel with cast iron rim . It is 16 inches in diameter. May have come from a goat cart but easily displayed because of its smaller size. Great decorator item.

88.An older Mug that is in rough shaped but very interestingly made. Almost looks like a barrel maker did it with formed oak slats, then hammered metal sheeting over it. It has three pewter handles and rims and it is in overall very rough condition, but still looks cool. We have no clue to its age or who made it. It is about 5 inches tall.

89.This is a vintage brass quilt rack. It stands 37 inches tall and it holds 4 quilts.

90.A Pair of vintage Hand Made Quilts. See pics for details. Winning bid gets both quilts.

91.This is a lot of vintage laundry items. There is two washboards and a ringer. The small washboard is marked Dubl Handi. The large board is 23 inches long.

92.This is a vintage Embury Supreme No. 160 barn lantern. It has been painted mauve in color.  Clearly stamped "Warsaw New York USA". It stands 14.5 inches tall and good vintage condition.

93.This is a newer Dietz barn lantern. It doesn't appear to have been used. It is made in Hong Kong. It stands 15 inches tall.

94.This is a vintage Dietz D-Lite barn lantern. It is in rough shape with a chipped and cracked globe.

95.This one has us stumped. It is some type of a antique crank blower or spreader. We think its for spreading small seeds, but not sure. All we know is that it is old.. It is about 18 inches long and 13 inches high.

96.Here is a vintage celluloid or French Ivory dresser set. The set includes a hair receiver, powder box, 2 covered round boxes, mirror, rectangular trinket box, comb, tweezer and nail file. There are 2 unrelated bonus pieces, a crochet hook and a thread shuttle. The trinket box has a damaged hinge and one of the box lids is incorrect. Nice set.

97.Here is a very beautiful and unusual French Smoking pipe. The only marking I can find is Bruyere which means Briar in French. It has a nicely carved bowl. The stem is half red birch and stag horn with a horn mouthpiece. Very cool pipe and likely quite rare. It is 10 inches long and in very good vintage condition.

98.Here is a large lot of vintage smoking pipes and a rack that holds 6. There are 12 pipes total in the group. There are names like Cavalcade, Medico, Varsity and more. They are all in good smoked condition.

99.This is a queen size airbed with pump. It is new in the box by Enerplex. 80 inches by 60 inches when inflated. Perfect for unexpected company. 

100.This is a vintage or mid-century Child's Trike. It is all metal with solid rubber tires. The label on the gooseneck says "Community". It is about 25 inches tall at the handlebars. In good used vintage condition.

101.This is a large Quartz crystal. It measures about 5 inches tall and 6 inches wide. It is a pure white with clear crystal tips. Nice large specimen in excellent condition.

102.This is a smaller quartz crystal with orange/pinkish tones. This one measures 1.5 inches high and about 4.5 inches wide.

103.New wood Boxed Art Set.  It has pencils, chalks, erasers, sharpeners and more. The inside of the lid is some type of easel. This set is new and unused. The case measures 13 inches by 11 inches and it is 4 inches deep.

104.Wood Easel from Winsor & Newton Co. in London.It is called "The Dart" and is a  versatile lightweight Beechwood easel for water colour or oil sketching. Canvases or boards can be secured upright or tilted to any required angle, including horizontal for water colour sketching. The telescopic legs can be adjusted for best working position. Maximum extended Height: 6 feet Width: 2 feet 7 inches Depth: 2 feet 9 inches. Maximum canvas height: 2 feet 4 inches This easel is in great condition but the box is in rough shape. A piece of the locking nut is missing, but it doesn't affect the usage. 

105.This is a set of vintage tools from Starrett. There is a Dial test indicator, a protractor head and a center head. These are all in there original boxes and in great condition.

106.Here is a vintage Barbie Doll. She has straight blonde hair and bendable knees. We are not sure of the date, but she is an early one. Condition as shown.

107.This is the first of 2 vintage Barbie and Skipper cases full of clothes. The case is dated 1964. It is made of printed vinyl on cardboard. It opens to reveal 3 sections of hanging space for clothes and 2 drawers. The case closed is 13 by 12 by 8 inches and in fair condition. There are about 20 clothing items inside. Some seem to be handmade, and some are store bought. We don't know them apart but they are all for Barbies.

108.Here is the second Barbie Travel Case from 1964. This one is blue vinyl over cardboard and Barbie only. It opens to reveal 2 spaces for hanging clothes. There are 15 to 20 pieces of clothing inside, again some seem to be handmade. It measures 13 by 10 by 8 inches closed. It is in used vintage  condition.

109.Here is a 20 piece collection of Scout patches and badges and Ribbons.  Vintage 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, to the present.  They come in a glass front case that is included in the sale. The case is 12 by 16 inches. All excellent condition.

110.Here is an instant collection of NASA Space Shuttle Mission Pins and patches. Vintage 1980 and early 1990's . They include STS-47 Shuttle Endeavour 1992, STS-34 Shuttle Atlantis 1989, STS-49 Shuttle Endeavour 1992, STS-36 Shuttle Atlantis 1990. STS-40 Shuttle Columbia 1991, and STS-33 Shuttle Discovery 1989. There are 6 pins and 2 patches. The 8 by 14.5 glass front case is also included.

111.This is a vintage Shriners hat. It is deep maroon felt with the jeweled word Araba. This hat is much better quality than most. Very expensive on line. It is in excellent condition.

112.This is a large play table and accessories from Imaginarium. The table is 48 inches by 33 inches in size. It includes a large lot of wooden train track, trains of all types, buildings, bridges, and different accessories. In great condition and very clean. Hours of fun for the kids or grand kids. Everything you see is included for your one bid.

113.Giant Dragon Kite. Over 10 feet wide and 10 feet long including the tail. Wood dowel frame work with brightly hand painted colorful three dimensional Dragon Body and Head. I assembled it the way I thought was correct, but Kite aficionados will probably have a better way. Very impressive piece that looks great just hanging from our ceiling. In very good condition. 

114.This is a contemporary art pottery handled dish. On top is a sea turtle and a couple different shells. It is artist signed and dated 2008. It measures 8 by 12 inches and is in excellent condition.

115.Here is a solid brass clock in the shape of a propeller. It has a quartz mechanism that you access from the back. It must be hung on the wall. The clock face is 3.75 inches in diameter. It is working.

116.Here are a pair of brass Whale bookends. They look to be Sperm Whales, but not sure.They are 6.5 inches tall with light patina. Winning bid gets the pair.

117.This is an nautical figural accent lamp from California Originals. This is a resin lamp sculpted into a ship's captain sitting among his nautical wares. It is working fine and in excellent condition. It is 27 inches tall with it's original shade. Very pricey lamp.

118.This is a 100th anniversary Kentucky Derby bar tray. Commemorating the 100th run for the roses. It lists all winners from 1875 thru 1973. It measures 21 inches by 13 inches. In good condition.

119.This is a very unusual piece. It is a planter in the shape of a horse. It is a metal frame with a glass body with a hole in the top. It is 13 inches long and 13 inches tall. Very cool.

120.Brass lot A. This is the first of 5 lots of brass figurines. This lot has 3 different brass ducks, geese and a swan. Thr swan is 4 inches tall. All are in very good condition.

121.Brass lot B. Here is the second lot of brass figurines. This lot has a Grasshopper, a Fly and an Elephant. The Elephant is 2.5 inches tall. All are in very good condition.

122.Brass lot C. This lot has 2 brass Cat figurines. The large one is 5.5 inches tall. Both are in very good condition.

123.Brass lot D. This lot has a single large brass Duck. It is 4 inches tall and 10 inches long. It is in very good condition.

124.Brass lot E. This is the last brass lot we are offering. This one is a solid brass bell with clapper and mounting bracket. The bell is 4 inches tall and in very good condition.

125.Here we have two solid brass candlestick holders. They have a floral with a wide base. They stand around 10 inches tall and they are identical. All polished up and ready to enjoy.

126.This is a solid brass sculpture of two ducks in flight. It is fairly large measuring 9 inches high and 18 inches wide. In great condition.

127.This is a porcelain baby duck or goose. It has a fancy signature on the bottom as shown. It is Boehm Cygnet and made in U.S.A. it is hand painted and finished in a matte glaze. It stands 6.5 inches tall and is in excellent condition. These are very expensive on line.

128.Here is a fun and collectible solid brass garden hose faucet. The handle is a duck head. It is made by Flora & Fauna Faucets. It is about 5 inches tall with heavy patina.

129.This is a vintage cast iron Boot Jack. It is the popular Beetle shape where the antennae grip the heel of your boot. It is 10 inches long and in very good vintage condition.

130.This is an all wooden rocking chair with wicker seatback and seat. No markings or manufacturer could be found. It is a high back design in excellent condition. The seatback measures 41 inches high.

131.This is a Bear Whitetail 2 compound bow with case. The bow has a draw length of 30 inches and a pull weight of 65 LBS. The bow is stripped down with no quiver, sights or knock rest. Other than that it looks to be in good condition. It comes in a soft camo bow case with a practice arrow.

132.This is a PSE compound bow. I could not find a model. We believe this is set up for a woman or child. It has a 24 inch draw length and a 35 LB. pull weight. It has a wrist strap and knock rest, but it has no quiver, sights or arrows included. Good used condition.

133.This is a set of 6 small Sterling silver knives from Meridian Cutlery Co. dated 1855. These knives have Mother of Pearl handles and they measure 6 inches long with a 3 inch blade. Excellent condition.

134.This is a lot of 9 betterquality Jewelry items. We have necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and one watch. These are from names such as JC Penney, Liz Claiborne, East5th, Roman and others. The watch is a Bora. See pics for details. One bid gets it all.

135.Here is a very pretty ring that was originally sold through QVC. It has an antique silver mounting with a large round yellow CZ and is flanked by 2 small blue trillions. It is size 8.5 and comes with a lighted presentation box.

136.Here is another beautiful Cocktail Ring marketed through QVC. This one is marked 925 and has a pear shaped cluster of synthetic garnets. It is size 11 and in excellent condition and comes with a lighted presentation box.

137.This is a genuine Swarovski Crystal Star Pendant and silver tone box chain. Perfect condition with box.

138.Here is a huge lot of vintage costume jewelry and a heavy wood "Treasure Chest" box to store it in. There are hundreds of pieces in here and undoubtedly a treasure or two. Come in and check it out. The box is 10 by 18 by 9 inches. You get everything you see in the pictures.

139.This is a carved jade ring. The sides are Cloisonne and it is stamped Silver. It is currently size 9 but is adjustable. Very pretty.

140.Here is a lot of Bangle Bracelets and Brooches. They are plastic or Lucite. Three of the brooches are signed Linda Sicard 1990. The brooches are about 3 inches long. All pieces are in very good condition.

141.Here is a lot of 4 vintage medals awarded for athletic performance. They are from the early 1930's. They all have their original presentation boxes and were distributed and made in the marked named  jewelry stores. There are 2 for Met. Assn A A U Athletes Development, Independence Day Assn. And Hoboken Games. Very cool. The boxes are a bit rough from age but the Medals are in very good condition..

142.Here is a lot of 9 vintage silver plate utensils. There are several novelty spoons and larger serving spoons. Your one winning bid gets all 9.

143.Here is a lot of 2 vintage Sterling silver utensils. There is a Birth Record spoon and a large butter knife. Both are clearly marked. They weigh 85.7 grams together.

144.This is a cute little picture frame. It has a deep blue frame and a Sterling silver face showing British hallmarks. It is free standing and measures 3.5 by 2.75 with a picture opening of 1.25 by 2 inches. Good vintage condition.

145.Here is a vintage hand mirror. The consignor believes it is Sterling silver, but we can't find any marks to confirm it. It will have to be tested. The backing and the mirror are separating slightly at the top. It is nearly 11 inches long.

146.This is a pretty pedestal candy dish with a weighted Sterling silver base. It has a pressed glass bowl with a beaded edge. It is 4.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide. It is in very good condition.

147.This is a very nice vintage necklace and earrings set made by Monet. It is gold tone barrel chain wrapped with a silver chain. Very attractive and well made. The necklace is a 16 inch choker size. Excellent condition.

148.Here are 2 beautiful pendants with nice Sterling clasps. There is one Sterling chain included that will interchange between the two. The round one i believe is a scarce color of Jade. The guitar pick style is a Carnelian Agate. All three are clearly marked and in great condition.

149.This is a brand new in box 1080p Sports Cam or generic GoPro. It is Waterproof, 2 inch screen, super wide angle lens and more. Never out of the box or unwrapped.

150.This is a small unbranded Android Tablet. It measures 7.5 by 4.25 inches. It is new in box. Not tested but carries our three day to try it out guarantee.. Complete with charging cable.

151.Very Large and heavy Ceramic John Deere Cookie Jar. Bright green and yellow plus the graphics make this an impressive piece plus its in like new condition. It measures 17 inches long and about 10 inches high. Must have for JD Fans.

152.This is a vintage Disston wood saw with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle Logo on it. Perfect for the Harley fan to hang in the garage. It has a little surface rust but not an issue. It is 29 inches long.

153.This unique "transformer " Bench is actually called a Jefferson bench. It is a reproduction of an actual 3 way bench that he owned.This is a 3 step ladder and a chair and an ironing board all in one. As a chair it has a high back measuring 48 inches and a seat height of 24 inches. Fold the seat back over and it turns into a step ladder. This piece is in excellent condition with floral stenciling still in great shape.

154.This is a small antique Bowed Front Wall Display Cabinet. It is a half round cabinet glass front with curved door.. This piece has two glass shelves inside that give you three total with the bottom. It measures 28 inches high by 12 inches wide and it is 6 inches deep. In very good used condition.

155.This is a attractive and working quartz  table clock from Kent. It has a beautiful light finished wooden case and it stands 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Tested and working.

156.Here is a vintage desk top Weather Station with a Nautical theme. It has a plaque on the base that says The Presidents Award October 1958. It is all brass with a heavy patina. It will be amazing polished out. The gauges are working. It is 5.5 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide.

157.This is a lot of German weather gauges. All made in West Germany. The two that are mounted on the wooden plaque are Barigo gauges, another says West German Lloyd and I couldn't find a maker on the other. The single gauges are both barometers. The two on the plaque are temperature and barometer. All in great condition.

158.Here is a very nice Metal statue of a Woman and a Bird. We could not deciper what type of metal but consignor said bronze, but check for yourself. It is signed as shown, but there are some letters missing so we can't read it. It stands 13.5 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

159.This is a hollow glass egg that has been painted on the inside. It is a religious scene with winged cherubs. It is marked on the bottom 19915 MD. It comes with a wooden base. It stands about 7 inches tall and is in very good condition.

160.Crystal Glasses lot B. Here is the second lot of fine German Crystal stemware. This lot includes 8 stemmed parfait glasses and 8 sherbet or dessert glasses. They are the same pattern and manufacturer as the previous lot. These glasses are once again extremely nice quality and in perfect condition. The parfait glasses are 6.5 in tall and the sherbet glasses are 5 in tall.

161.Here is a great lot of 10 vintage Amberina Cordial glasses. They have a red twisted optic bowls with yellow stems. They probably date to the 30 or 40's. They are 3.75 inches tall and in excellent condition.

162.Here is a real nice antique Cruet Set. It has no markings that i can find except 100 on the underside and the spoon is marked EP. We assume it is silver plate. It has 4 blown and cut glass vessels that are all original to the set. They all have ground and polished bases. Minimal damage to the bottom of one of the glass stoppers. Otherwise it is in excellent vintage condition. The stand is 11 inches tall and the bottles are 5 to 7.5 inches tall. Great old set.

163.Here is the first of 3 beautiful framed Watercolors by the same artist, Margaret Hylton, a local Tampa artist. This one is entitled "Under The Sea I". The frame is 25 by 19 inches.

164.Here is the second of 3 watercolors by Margaret Hylton that we are offering. This one is entitled "Spring Explodes" and the frame measures 26 by 21 inches. Beautiful piece.

165.Here is the final offering we have from famed artist Margaret Hylton. This one is also framed ana matted, but we do not know the title. The frame measures 33 by 20 inches.

166.This is a print by Jim Griffiths. This is a hand signed and numbered print, it is # 501/2000. It shows two tall ships leaving a port. It has an ornate gold toned frame with a blue matting. The frame measures 30 inches by 24 inches.

167.This is an artpiece depicting two ponies. It is signed by Lawrence China. He was an artist from New Mexico. This is known as a gouach painting and it measures 17 by 21 inches in size and it has a wooden frame with a 3 inch matting.

168.This is a Georges Ronault art work. He is a very famous and listed French artist (1871-1958). His work blends Fauvism and Expressionism with its jewel like tones and bold graphic lines. Alongside Henri Matisse and Andre Derain, Ronault culled from his spiritual fervor and knowledge of Medieval stained glass to produce resonating portraits, landscapes, religious scenes and still lifes. In one of his hallmark works, " The Old King" (1916-1937), the painter poetically explores the power of symbolism and primary colors. This is a vintage Serigraph Silkscreen of that work, ca. 1937. This is a very large and rare vintage piece that measures 26.5 by 33.5 inches framed. He is a very important and renowned artist. Take a moment to go on line and see how desirable and expensive his work is. We are proud to offer an important piece like this.

169.Here is a beautiful antique print by R. Atkinson Fox. It is entitled Sunset Dreams and dates to the 1920's. Original Fox prints are beautiful and very collectible. It measures 15 by 9 inches in the original frame.

170.This is an artprint of a schooner blueprint. The boat is called "COQUETA FATINITZA". This is in a nice composite frame that measures 33 inches by 28 inches. It has a heavy blue matting and it is in great condition. A couple scratches on the frame (hardly noticeable). The next lot offers a similar print

171.This is a similar print as the previous lot. It is a blueprint of a pilot schooner called the "GRACIE S.". This is in a nice composite frame that measures 33 inches by 28 inches. A couple is scuffs on the frame but not too bad. Beautiful decor pieces.

172.Original 1830's hand colored Engraving by E. D. Smith Del.  Published by J. Ridgeway in Piccadilly in 1830. Quality framed piece is 14 by 11 inches and in excellent condition.

173.This an artwork known as a Marquetry or wood mosaic. This artform is from Egypt. This piece shows two birds on a branch. This is made from different woods from all around the world. It measures 13 by 16 inches. Excellent condition.

174.This is a print by Les C. Kouba entitled Bye Bye Blackbird. It is in a composite frame that measures 29 inches by 23 inches. Heavy double matting with beautiful colors. It is signed and numbered 739/2000.

175.This is a very large oil painting by Bayafa. It measures 64 inches wide by 35 inches tall. It shows a canoe at a river bank. It has a wooden frame in gold.

176.This is an original lithograph by Richard Linton. This is signed and dated March 1979. It is called "Landfall-Tahiti". It has a C.O.A. attached to the back. It measures 26 inches by 22 inches. It is in a real wooden frame with heavy matting.

177.This is a print by Rick Kelley. It is titled "Gateway to Freedom". It shows a family ice fishing and a whale breaching the surface. It is a signed and numbered piece, 2333/2500. It measures 37 inches wide by 29 inches tall. Real wooden frame with double matting.

178.This is a print of a vintage autorama display from the late 50s. It shows a prototype Buick LeSabre with futuristic rocketship design. This is in a wooden frame that measures about 24 inches by 20 inches.

179.This is a tin sign advertising the inaugural voyage of a new ship called the Titanic from Southampton to New York. We all know the rest of the story. Very cool piece in great condition and it measures 11 inches by 16 inches.

180.Super large vintage Darth Vader action figure discontinued long ago. It stands 31 inches tall and it is new in it's original packaging. The Deluxe Darth Vader features 7 points of articulation, has a Real fabric cape, an Authentic light saber and measures over 2.5 feet tall. Made by Jakks Pacific. Press the buttons on his chest and it makes sounds and says phrases from the film. Never taken out of the box. Dont lose this baby.

181.This is a die cast coin bank airplane replica from the Wings of Texaco collection. These were made by Ertl and it is about 12 inches long. This plane is a 1936 Keystone-Loening Commuter called "THE DUCK". This is new in it's original box with seal.

182.This is another die cast coin bank airplane replica from the Wings of Texaco collection. This plane is a 1929 Buhl CA-6 Sesquiplane called the "Spokane Sun God". Also new in it's original box. About 12 inches long.


Vintage 1993 Friendly's Remote Control Ice Cream Truck Trailer By Manley Toys. This remote control truck has never been out of its box. The truck and trailer measure about 18 inches long. It is battery operated and it is new in it's unopened package. The box is a little rough but not bad.

184.This is a lot of 3 Brand New but old stock collectible 75th anniversary Mickey Mouse Coca-Cola Tour Carrier Tractor Trailers from 2004. These are not remote control but they do take batteries and have lights and sounds. These are all brand new in their original boxes. Two of them still have the parchment wrap on them. The third one had the parchment seal, but we removed it only to take the pictures.

185.Here are a brand new pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses. They would look great on a man or woman. Removed from box for the first time for photos.

186.This is a Peavey KB/A-50 amp. This amp features multi-channel inputs that can use both high and low gain, and semi-parametric EQ. This amp delivers a big bang for such a small cabinet. Three on-board instrument inputs, perfect for your keyboard, acoustic or electric guitar and microphone all three at the same time. Front-panel 1/4" headphone jack.Front panel:- Channel 1 Input: XLR / 1/4" Low Z/Hi Z-- Channel 2 Input: 1/4" with gain switch-- Channel 3 Input: Regular 1/4" - Headphone Output. 
Rear panel: - XLR Line Out- - Effects Processor Send/Return- - Monitor Send. It is a keyboard/acoustic amplification system. It measures 17 inches by 11 inches and it is 18 inches tall. Not tested but it does come with our 3 day guarantee so bid with confidence.

187.This is a Yamaha GA-10 guitar amplifier. Your bread and butter amp! Yamaha makes quality products and they happen to at one point make this little guy. Perfect for beginners, or small practices. Open back, Basic EQ, Headphone out, and two channels. Normal wear and tear and consignor said its fully functional. It is a small amp that measures 10 inches by 6 inches and it is 10 inches tall. Not tested but it comes with our 3 day guarantee so bid with confidence.

188.Quality heavy duty Guitar Stand. Foldable and adjustable with rubber protectors.  No names or model numbers could be found but we believe it is made by ROM. It is all metal with rubber feet and padded rest. It is about 17 inches tall. Great condition.

189.Guitar Stand made by ROM that folds for storage and easy opens to be used. Made from some type of composite it folds up for storage. About 12 inches high and in good condition.

190.Another type of Guitar stand very similar to lot # 188. This is another generic guitar stand with no names but we believe ROM makes it. It is metal with padded rests and rubber feet. It stands about 17 inches tall. Good condition.

191.Here is a gorgeous pair of signed Val St. Lambert crystal Candlesticks. They have a timeless contemporary style for use or display. They are 5.5 inches tall and in excellent condition. These sell for around $100 on line.

192.Here is a very scarce vintage fly trap for inside the home. They were typically located near the eating area of the home. The internal reservoir was filled with sugar water. Flies would enter through the opening in the bottom and not find the way back out. They typically would drown in the sugar water. The trap was made by Consolidated Flint Glass Co. around 1910. The finial on the lid is the best part looking like a huge fly. It stands about 6 inches tall on 3 little feet, and is in excellent condition. Very tough to find.

193.Here are 2 beautiful awards from the Order of the Eastern Star. A Masonic appendant body that was open to men and women. It was founded in 1850 by Robert Morris, a noted Freemason and Lawyer. These medals were both presented to women. Please look closely at the pictures for complete description. They are marked 10kt top.

194.Vintage Sterling Silver  sharp shooting Pins with 4 separate accomplishment awards. They read Expert, Machine Gun, Submachine Gun and Rifle. They are all marked Sterling. The pin on the back is broken and 2 loops need to be reattached.

195.Here are 2 vintage and very collectible old fruit fars. They are both half gallon size. One is an Atlas Improved Mason and the other is Mason Improved Pat'D. These are getting pretty hard to find. One bid gets both.

196.Paperweight lot A. Here is a lot of 4 art glass paperweights and a vintage advertising paperweight. The advertising weight is from Cheyenne, Wy. All are in very good condition.

197.Paperweight lot B. This is a 4 piece lot of contemporary art glass paperweights. They all incorporate controlled air bubbles in their design. All are in very good condition.

198.Paperweight lot C. Here is a magnum size antique paperweight. It says "Home Sweet Home" surrounded by a wreath. Below the writing is a colorful bed of glass confetti. There is a ground and polished pontil on the bottom. This is an early piece in fantastic condition. It measures 3.25 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall.

199.Great Idea to collect pure Rain Water to use for anything you want.  Better than our sulfur ground water. Attractive large Composite Rain Barrel collecting device on a stand that is ready for instant use. This collects rainwater for you to use for your landscaping. You can attach a garden hose to the bottom and water your flowers. It stands 45 inches high on its stand. In very good condition.

200.This is a vintage octagonal shaped accent table. The table measures 30 inches tall and it is 27 inches across. It has 8 lathe turned legs with cross supports. There is a small center shelf on the bottom. Excellent condition.

201.A nice smaller Demi-Luna Table. Nice accent table measures 22 inches high and it is 22 inches wide by 10 deep. It is a medium/dark wood tone. In good used condition.

202.This is a large decorative pottery platter of Caerhayvon Castle in Whales. It looks to be German in manufacture. It measures 15 by 13 inches and is in very good vintage condition.

203.This is a lot of replica historical documents. There are 4 items in the lot, the Gettysburg Address, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and a constructional amendment. These are all on faux period correct parchment paper. In great condition with fold creases. Winning bid gets all four.

204.This is a lot of two replica Revolutionary War documents. One is a recruiting poster for George Washingtons Army and the other is a Revolutionary War battlefield map. Both are on period correct parchment paper with fold marks.

205.Here are 7 pieces of replica Revolutionary War currency. An effort has been made to age then for a more realistic feel.These are all different denominations. There is a seven dollar note, a fifty dollar note, an eight dollar note, a four dollar note, a twenty dollar note, a three dollar note and a ten shilling note. One bid takes them all.

206.Another nice lot of five Replica Notes. These are the popular Civil War Notes. There is a one dollar note, two five dollar notes a twenty dollar note and a hundred dollar note. All in great condition.

207.Here is a huge lot of contemporary Comic Books. There are dozens of titles and many duplicates. Most appear to be in very good condition. You get everything you see for your one lucky bid.

208.This is a set of 4 wooden rice or salad bowls. The largest bowls are 8 inches in diameter by 2.75 inches deep. The smallest is 7 inches in diameter by 3.25 inches deep. All are in excellent condition.

209.This is a 3 piece matching set of wicker style baskets. These are bamboo frames with wicker wrapping. These baskets nest inside each other and the largest one is 21 inches by 15 inches and it is 6 inches deep.

210.This is a Bradford Exchange hummingbird wallhanging. Entitled "Heavenly Hibiscus". Limited to 295 casting days. It is a round plate with a large flower and hummingbird. It measures 6 inches in diameter. This is in like new condition.

211.This is a Bradford Exchange hummingbird wall hanging. Entitled "Heavenly Lace". Limited to 295 casting days. This is a round plate with a large flower and hummingbird. It measures 6 inches in diameter. In like new condition.

212.This is a small welcome sign being held by 3 squirrels. It is a resin piece measuring 11 inches wide by 7 inches tall. Made for outside and has a little outdoor patina on it now. On the bottom is a birthday wish.

213.This is a small gecko table top or wall decoration.  It is about 16 inches long and 7 inches wide. Very bright colors.

214.This is a hand carved wooden bottle opener. It is a piece of a branch about 6 inches long and it has a face carved in it. Overall it is 8 inches long.

215.This is a soft insulated thermal bag from Coleman. It is a two compartment bag with pockets on the outside. Teal green and black in color and in good used condition. It measures 18 inches by 10 inches and it is 12 inches deep. Carrying strap included.

216.This is an antique household scale. Made by L.F.&C. which I believe stands for Landers, Ferry, and Clark from New Britain,Conn. It measures in ounces. It shows some use but it still works fine. It is about 8.5 inches high.

217.This is a Visio 21.5 inch flat screen TV. It is 1080P Full HD. Comes with power cord, HDMI cord and remote. Works great. Three day guarantee.

218.Coca Cola items are among the most collected items there are. Here is an instant collection of 6 very collectible Coke Bottles 1970's to the 1990's. There is a DollyWood cokr from 1994, two Olympic Torch Relay bottles from 1996, a very rare 1976 commemorative from the Grand Opening Johnson Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Cleveland, Tennessee, a 200th Anniversary bottle from the University of Tennessee dated 1994 and lastly a 1979 Crimson Tide Paul "Bear" Bryant Coke bottle. All 6 bottles are still full and in great condition.

219.This is a lot of 5 Giant Vinyl Bar Display Hanging NFL banners. 4 are Bud Light banners and one is a DirecTV banner. These would hang around the edge of a ceiling or around a bar. Super for that Super Bowl Bash. All are new in package. You get all five for one bid. 

220.This is a large commercial DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket banner you would see in a bar. This one measures 9 feet by 4 feet.

221.This is a DirecTV Sunday NFL Ticket banner from a bar. This one measures 6 feet by 3 feet.


Sorelle Fine Porcelain Service For 6, 18 Pc Tea Set With Candlesticks.  It looks to be a complete 18 piece set. It is still in it's original case. White with beautiful blue artwork and gold accents.

223.This is a large decorative carved wooden mask. It is 40 inches tall and made to hang on the wall. Green and white in color.

224.This is another large carved decorative wooden mask. This is a wallhanging that is 39 inches tall. Mostly green, red and white in color. Great condition.

225.This is an antique sewing stand. This is for storing all your sewing accessories. It is in excellent original condition and it stands 27 inches high. It has a bi-folding lid and it's original tray inside. It also comes with a tray of thread spools, some sewing tools and a rhinestone setter in it's original box.

226.This is a vintage wood box for holding wood in your fireplace. It is made of 16 metal horseshoes welded together. It measures 15 inches by 14 inches and it is 9 inches tall. Good condition.

227.We believe this is a cast iron urn? It has a removable lid with many small holes in it. It is just under 11 inches high and 8 inches in diameter. It had an antiqued white finish. Could be used for many things, you decide.

228.Here is a very nice vintage graniteware milk can. The color is mottled grey and it is a one quart size milk can that measures 5.5 in tall not counting the lid. The can retains its original handle. The lid doesn't seat completely in the mouth opening. The can is in very good condition with only a couple chips.

229.This is an antique accent or side chair. It has heavy cloth floral upholstery with decorative tacks all around. The chair still has its two original wooden casters on the front legs. Great condition.

230.Well folks, you saw it here first. We have a hand carved and painted figural ashtray featuring a man taking a poop! The ashtray is brass and removable. It is made in Germany. It is unusual and definitely not for everybody. It stands 6 inches tall and 8 inches long. It is in very good vintage condition.

231.Here we have an old Chinese wood carving. It is a man riding some kind of animal, a dragon maybe. It is highly detailed and it stands about 8 inches tall. Real nice piece.

232.This is a decorative banana tree. It stands about 18 inches high and it is made of resin. Great condition.

233.This is a decorative coconut palm tree. It is made of resin and it measures about 19 inches tall. Great condition.

234.This is a contemporary cast iron doorstop showing two cats. This is a large doorstop measuring 10 inches wide by 9 inches tall. In great condition.

235.Here is an antique cast iron Doorstop. It is a basket with colorful flowers. It is probably made by Bradley and Hubbard, but not signed. It is nearly 11 inches tall and in good vintage condition.

236.This is a cast iron doormat-shoe scraper. These will last forever with a little maintenance.  It measures 34 inches wide by 27 inches deep.

237.This is a large sun face made of metal for Wall/Garden hanging.. Great piece of Florida decor. It measures about 35 inches in diameter and is in very good condition.

238.This is the first of several white tail deer antlers up for auction. This is a 4 point that is about 11 inches long.

239.Here is another pair of white tail deer antlers. These are mounted on a small wall hanging board. These are 8 points and about 10 inches long.

240.Another pair of white tail deer antlers. These have a large portion of the skull still attached. These measure about 12 inches long.

241.Here is another pair of white tail deer antlers. These are mounted on a display plaque. These are fairly wide measuring 16 inches. This is an atypical rack with 5 points.

242.This is one single white tail deer antler. It is quite large, about 17 inches long.

243.This is a remote control R2-D2 figure from the Kenner collection. It has full motion with lights and sounds. It stands about 9 inches tall. This is brand new in it's original box.

244.This is a lot of 5 Star Wars action figures. These are all from the Kenner collection and new in the original boxes. These guys are the band from the Cantina scene. They are each about 12 inches tall. See pics for details.

245.This is the 1997 Hong Kong commemorative edition Star Wars collection. It has 3 action figures including Luke Skywalker, Obiwan Kenobe and Darth Vader. These are all about 12 inches tall and new in the original box. From the Kenner collection.

246.This is a lot of 4 Star Wars collectibles from the Kenner collection. These are action figure sets including Mynock Hunt, Death Star Escape, Cantina Showdown and Jsbba The Hutts Dancers. All are new in the original boxes.

247.This is a lot of 4 Star Wars action figures from the Kenner collection. This lot includes Obiwan Kenobe, Lando Calrissian, Luke Skywalker and Greedo. These are 12 inch figures new in the original boxes.

248.This is the first part of a giant outdoor Nativity Set. This is the 3 Wisemen set by General Foam Plastics in Norfolk VA. The set includes Balthazar, Gaspar and Melchoir. The tallest man stands 36 inches tall. These are lighted figures that come with extra bulbs. These come in their original box. The boxes have some wear but the figures are beautiful. Goes with the next two lots nicely.

249.The second part of the giant outdoor Nativity set. This part has three figures, Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. The tallest is about 28 inches high. These are lighted figures, tested and working and go with the previous and next lot.

250.This is the last part of the giant outdoor Nativity set. These 4 pieces include the Shepard, plus animals, a sheep, a cow and a camel. These are lighted figures that are in the original boxes. Complete a beautiful set with the previous two lots.

251.This is an animated Tigger the Tiger. It has a Christmas theme, when you plug it in it plays Jingle Bell Rock and dances. It stands 26 inches tall. It is in it's original box and in excellent condition. The box is a little rough.

252.This is a large lighted nativity Star from General Foam Plastics in Norfolk VA. It measures about 39 inches tall and 26 inches wide. Christmas is coming.

253.Very Rare combination of all original hand signed by the authors hard cover books. These  8 autographed books are all in great condition and hand signed by the author's clearly and legibly. They include names like Mitt Romney and Charlie Crist among others.. See pics for all the authors and titles. One lucky bid takes all 8 Books. 

254.This is a lot of 4 Harley Davidson/chopper coffee table books. These are all hard cover books in excellent condition. See pics for details.

255.This lot contains two coffee table hard cover books on Hot Rods. One is a large book entitled "Art of the Hot Rod" and the other is all photos of Hot Rods.

256.This is an actual and authentic Civil War Era antique Medical Book entitled "Circular No.6 War Department Surgeon Generals office - Reports on the Extent and Nature of the Materials available for the preparation of a Medical and Surgical History of The Rebellion". It is dated Nov. 1st 1865. This book is in fair condition. Come in and check this book out.  Anyone with a medical career will have to have it.

257.This is a lot of 6 coffee table books. There are two hardback books on fighter plane "nose art", one book on vintage aviation helmets and 3 firearm books. One bid takes them all.

258.This is a nice cast iron plant stand for your garden or Lanai. It is dark green in color and it measures 15 inches tall and 14 inches in diameter. Good condition.

259.This is a metal wallhanging of a flower pot. Brown with gold accents and it measures 22 inches tall and 28 inches wide. Great condition.


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