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Auction Title: 5807 Quality Items offered by Richie include Antiques, Furniture, Collectibles, Art, Silver, Home Décor, Nautical, Sporting goods, Lawn and Garden, Tools, etc. - AUCTION BEGINS TO END : Thursday May 23rd 7:00PM ET

Item Description
1.This is a VINTAGE VITTORINI CABINET. It stands 73 inches tall and it is 38 inches wide and 20 inches deep with Bowed front, rounded and carved bottom and top,one large door on the front with two drawers cleverly disguised under it, with carved hidden drawer pulls near the bottom. Overall it is in beautiful condition with a with nice deep reddish finish. It is lighted but it needs a long bulb, that walmart has. 3 shelf levels inside. The sides and front glass are one curved piece with wooden mullions. Very ornate carved panels around the bottom. Key is included so you can pull open the front, but it does not turn the lock mechanism. Overall a fantastic pretty and useful piece in the perfect size for todays smaller home.

2.Rare and seldom seen type of antique Table called a LYRE or HARP TABLE because of its resemblance to the instrument of the same name. We have been selling quality antiques for a long time, and have had a few Tables similar to this, but this one has many more nice touches to it, like the fitted Marble Top, the thick heavy base with the excellent grain patterns, and the mirrored front section. The overall all impression is one of high style and quality. Can be used has a hall or entrance way Table, or a focal point in any room. It measures 36 inches tall and it is 32 x 17 inches and is beautiful.

3.This is an example of a BRUTALIST CASCU METAL SCULPTURE. It has a copyright of 1996. If you check online , these are very expensive pieces of art. This particular one appears to be a tall lighting bolt style design. It is an all metal sculpture, probably aluminum,with a heavy marble base that is 7 inches square. The overall height is 36 inches. Stunning look to an impressive piece that is in excellent condition

4.NAUTICAL styled Table with four Seats that fit neatly underneath it when not needed. This is a low round table, wood with glass insert, and the four Seats are in the shape of a quarter circle, so that when they are put together, they neatly fit into the Tables circle. The seats are of some type of leather like material and are in excellent condition. Underneath the glass top the Table is  marked with the letters N,  S,  E,  and W, so the Table resembles a Nautical Compass. It is a dark wood, almost mahogany finished and the seats are nicely padded. It measures 40 inches in diameter and 17 inches high. The seats are triangle shaped,and easily moved. Has been very lightly used and in great condition.

5.This is a heavy duty Kitchen Aid mixer, model K5SS. This is one of the most useful and desirable of all small kitchen appliances, and this is the larger 5 quart unit.  It comes with a Stainless Steel bowl and 3 different mixing attachments. One of the attachments I have never seen before. It is solid with flexible sides to cleanly scrap the sides of the bowl. Very clever. These units are very expensive as you can check by going online. It is in great condition and your one winning bid gets all the attachments also. Of course it carries our 3 days to be sure it works guarantee that no one else does. Bid with confidence.

6.This is a VINTAGE COCA-COLA SIGN. It is a double sided sign that is 24 inches in diameter. It is mounted on a non original heavy cast iron base. The base is adjustable in height from about 60-68 inches high. The base is marked KARLO and is quite unique in itself. This heavy cast iron Industrial Table was made in the 1920's and has the original gold "KARLO MANUFACTURING" sticker still on it.  I search the net and found the same Industrial Table online and they were asking 2500 bucks for it. It is beautiful and truly a piece of Industrial Art by itself.The sign and base were coupled together with hardware not original to the piece, and not damaging either piece. We will include the original X Bracket that came with the stand. Together though they make an extremely impressive Display Piece.. Very cool piece.

7.Look at this super miniature Kitchen Cabinet. It is either a salesman's sample or a very high quality children's toy. It is clearly stamped with the manufacturer's name Cass Kitchen Cabinet right on the front. It is all solid oak, no plywood or veneers. With the exception of one lost drawer pull, it is complete and in very good vintage condition. It measures 21 in tall 17 in wide and 7 in deep. This is a great piece for the early furniture collector.

8.Beautiful and Intricately Carved and decorated Cedar Chest. The carving is deep and very detailed and must have taken months to complete.  No labels but I would guess with It being  fully carved on the front, back and sides, it was probably done overseas somewhere. Nice brass hardware with and carved claw feet. It measures 40 inches wide by 21 inches deep and it is 24 inches tall. Very clean and no we could see no sign of damage anywhere. One of the prettiest chests we have ever had. Dont miss seeing this one.

9.This is a very nice NATURAL CORAL NEST. Those of you who collect coral know how special a specimen like this is.  It measures 8 inches across. Super clean and eye catching.

10.Here is a great looking Florida piece. It is a very large faux clam shell on a bed of simulated coral. It is all mounted on a rectangular glass base. It looks good empty, or fill it with shells or shark teeth? It measures 13.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches tall. It is in excellent condition.

11.Here is a Table for the true Pet lover, or someone who just likes unique and different things. This is a heavy cast concrete style Table in the shape of a  DALMATIAN Dog sitting and gazing at its master. Nice Glass Top is in good shape and the Dog casting does have some minor chips in it, but does not distract from its great look. This super accent Table  is 26 inches in diameter and 22 inches high. The finish is nicely painted and detailed and has a some great crinkle finishing to it.  It has a super detailed paint job and it is in great condition.

12.This is a Black heavy composite  Sculpture showing  three playful Porpoises. It is signed Aardvark 1972 Canada. It stands 7 inches tall and is in good condition. 

13.This is a beautiful  wood  ANTIQUE CHINA CABINET.  It is dark mahogany wood with a large glass door. Original key included and the lock works fine. This one has the desirable antique finish everyone looks for. It has three shelves inside that are 12 inches deep. Classic lattice woodwork inside the glass door. Some light chipping on the left rear. Very solid original piece. Excellent condition.

14.This is a rather large and unusually shaped vintage art glass vase. It has a bulbous base with a twist and and a long straight top. It has multi-colored clear glass cased over white. The colors include maroon, blue, white and bright metallic goldstone. There is a ground pontil on the bottom. It stands 8.5 in tall and is in excellent vintage condition.

15.This is a large art glass vase with a hand applied flame decoration. The base glass is clear over white and the flames are deep red, orange and yellow. It is a very nice affect and wraps completely around the vase. There is a ground pontil on the base. It stands over 16 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

16.This is a raised relief pottery vase with a deep red glaze. It has a distinctive Asian flair and almost looks like a Bonsai tree. It is very tall at 19 inches. Very bold decorator piece. It is in excellent condition.

18.This is a very beautiful Randy Jackson American Tribute Collection Limited Edition Acoustic/ Electric Guitar. It is number 3012/9000. It comes with faux leather fur lined hard case. It is a beautiful piece of work with warm honey colored wood on the front and black enamel with American Flag wings on the back. It has Let Freedom Ring written on the back also. It is a 6 string guitar in virtually new condition. The case has an area with light damage that doesn't affect the inside. This is a scarce collector guitar in wonderful condition. Worthy of any collection.

19.This is a Line 6 Spider II 112 Amplifier 75 watts with 12 inch speaker. It comes complete with a FBV4 four channel selector. It includes power and accessory cables plus original users manual. It measures 17 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 10 inches deep. It is in very good used condition. The amp belonged to Artie Brooks from the 1960's band Tricycle. It was used later in his career. Tested and working.

20.This is an ESTABAN AMERICAN LEGACY STARLIGHT BLUE STARS LIMITED EDITION  ACOUSTIC ELECTRIC GUITAR. Use it as a great sounding Acoustic, or power it up. With Electronic Pick up  Full tone and Volume Control.  This one is beautiful.  Very unique sparkle finish that looks great.  It has a built-in pickup so you can plug this into an amplifier, recording interface, mixing board, etc.  Beautiful to look at and plays great.  Looks to be in like new condition.  It includes a strap , a few extra strings and a nice quality zippered carrying case. Limited edition # 19,361 of 25,000.

21.This is an ESTABAN G-10 GUITAR AMP. It is a small amp measuring 12 x 6 x 9 inches. Looks to be in like new condition. This would be very useful with the guitar in the previous lot.

22.A beautiful professional  Marching Band Drum and Snare combination.  It is made of quality wood by Verve Percussion, and since it has 10 Lugs they call it the 14 inch version, which is the larger one, although it measures 16 inches in diameter and 13 inches tall. Includes two drumsticks and a very expensive and quality white Support Belt. Includes a pair of Nova 5A sticks by Vic Firth. Excellent used condition.

23.Here is a very Unique piece and the only one we have ever had.  It is a ONE MAN BAND musical instrument. Seems to be all  hand crafted and  stands just under 5 feet tall. It works similar to a pogo stick. You bounce it up and down and pluck the string with your fingers. It has one string that plays a tambourine among other things, and a cow bell,  jingle bells,  and symbols, etc.. Very different piece and everyone wanted to try it out. In excellent used condition and looks to be loads of fun.

24.Attractive wood SQUARE ACCENT TABLE with top mounted edging.  It stands 26 inches high and it is 14 inches by 12 inches on top. Nice deep dark mahogany looking wood finish and nicely turned legs. Looks like a Bombay Furniture Piece. In excellent condition.

25.Nice small three legged  VINTAGE ACCENT TABLE, or Pie Table.. It stands 20 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter. It has what seems to be a  leather inlay on the top with gold accents. Excellent vintage condition.

26.This is the first of three Giant sized colorful CARVED WOODEN BIRDS. This is bird A. It is the shortest of the tall birds measuring 39 inches tall. Not sure what type of bird it is but he is white with orange legs and beak, possibly stylized Flamingos.. Excellent condition. Put together with the other Birds in the series, would make a killer Display. Don't miss seeing these. You are only bidding on the 39 inch tall Bird... 

27.This is the second of the three Giant sized CARVED WOODEN BIRDS in this auction. This is bird B.  Again the colors and quality of these birds are outstanding. This one stands just over 61 inches tall. The paint matches all three birds. Again these are in excellent condition. Don't miss seeing these three.

28.This is the third and last of the Giant CARVED WOODEN BIRDS. This is bird C. This one stands just over 62 inches tall. This is a different bird but still matches the others. Again all are quality and colorful and impressive. Excellent condition.

29.A portable 17 gallon air compressor made by Husky. It is model WL651004AJ, It features 120 volts, 15 amps, 60 hertz, and puts out, 150 PSI max.  Tested and working, and of course it carries our 3 days to be sure its working guarantee. We are the only auction guy that does that, so bid with confidence. Its in very good working and cosmetic condition.

30.Extra long heavy duty PNEUMATIC AIR Hose Line, Made by Amflo. Would go nicely with the compressor in the previous lot. We estimate this is 80 to 100 feet of line, and it is equipped with both male and female connectors on the ends. Very good condition, just plug it in and go to work.

31.Beautiful Antique Desk. This style we call a Piano Desk, because the front opens and closes just like a Piano. They are also called  Spinet Desks, because when the top is closed, the Desk resembles a Spinet, which was a musical instrument of the day, similar to a Harpsichord.  The top tri-folds to open and close for that neat look. It has three drawers and several compartments as well as a pull-out desk top for a larger writing space. We believe its mahogany, but come and check it out. Gorgeous carved Trestle Base, It stands 39 inches tall when open. It is 40 inches wide and 17 inches deep. Excellent condition, a beautiful and useful Piece for todays smaller homes.

32.This is an antique wood mantel clock. It is made by Russell and Jones Clock Company of Pittsfield Massachusetts. It dates to around 1890 to 1900. The clock is in completely original condition, and works great. It has run for over a week on my workbench. The clock also chimes on the hour. The clock stands 21 in tall and is 14 in wide. It is in very good vintage condition with a deep dark patina. As with all of our antique clocks, we do not guarantee it.

33.This is an antique electric Sessions Cathedral mantle clock. It has a nice mahogany wood case with an opening framed glass door. It looks just like a manual key wind, but only needs to be plugged in. It is a smaller clock at 12 inches tall. It is in very good vintage condition. Tested and working.

34.Murano style GLASS FISH STATUE. It stands 10 inches tall. It is amber colored glass with a gold metal flake inside for a striking color combination.  Clear glass base. Excellent condition.

35.This is the first of two large bird HERON LAWN STATUES. Looks to be made of some types of heavy fiberglass and can take the outdoor abuse. This first one is posed standing tall with his beak in the air and he stands 38 inches tall. It is Weathered gray in color but can be easily changed to what ever color of your choice..

36.This is the second standing tall HERON STATUE that matches the one in the previous lot. This one bending his neck to preen his feathers. He stands just under 30 inches tall. This one has a small crack in the lower leg but only in the outer shell, the under metal support is solid as a rock. Beautiful good condition.

37.Here is a wonderful piece of vintage Black Americana. It is made of cast pot metal or spelter and depicts a black man in a top hat sitting on a stump. There are pots at his sides and a small pail behind him. I believe it is a smoking set with cigarettes holder, ashtray and match holder behind? Maybe it is simply a planter? What ever you call it, it is very cool. It is hand painted and very collectible. It stands about 8 inches tall with chipping paint from age. Great piece.

38.Here is a very unusual smoking collectible. It is a cigarette stuffer, much like the old-time sausage stuffer, only much smaller. It is made by Crescent Marvel here in the U. S. A. It is made of solid brass with a wooden knob handle. To use the stuffer, you clamp the device on the edge of a table, pour your tobacco into the funnel top and slide the cigarette paper over the tube. As you crank the handle the tobacco is slowly forced into the cigarette paper. Very clever little device dates to the 1920s to 1930s. It measures about 6 in long and is in excellent vintage condition.

39.Here we have an unique and rare ANTIQUE SMOKING STAND with beautiful slag glass accessories. It is 28 inches tall and 11 inches in diameter. It has a lighted slag base, ball on top, but we could not test it because the cord was cut.  It has a cigar lighter in the top along with two ashtrays and a match holder. It is made of all embossed cast aluminum. Wonderful piece for the smoking collector and is in good vintage condition.

40.Everybody at one time in their life should own a Cigar Store Indian, and maybe its your turn. This one is very heavy being cast from concrete.  Serious Indian Brave in full headdress, standing there with his hand full of Cigars in a container. It stands 40 inches tall. Painted all brown. No damage, with only some slight wear marks on it.

41.Very Large " ARMILLARY SPHERE" for your outdoor Lawn or garden. But this one has also been cast to be used as a Sundial. It is all cast metal, both top and bottom, with silver paint that shows some light wear. It stands about 49 inches tall, very unique and in very good condition.

42.This is a GREEK/ROMAN BUST of ATHENA or DIANA we believe. It stands 23 inches tall, labeled "Made in Mexico". It is made of a heavy material, possibly plaster. Excellent condition with no  damage. It is very large, traditional, and impressive.

43.Here we have TWO ALABASTER GREEK STATUES. There is a statue of David that stands 12 inches tall. Also a statue of greek columns that stands 8.5 inches tall. Both hand made in Greece. Great condition.

44.Very Large Garden Statue, that we believe is supposed to be David.  This one is quite large standing 43 inches tall. It is not very heavy being made of some type of fiberglass, and he looks to be in excellent condition. Quite large and very impressive, would look great by your pool. 

45.Here is a great old piece of Black Americana Folk Art. The original water color is done by Blanche McVeigh and is based on the poem "Free Steppin'" by Kate McAlpin Crady in 1938. It has been matted and is displayed in a poster frame. The matt is 18 by 28 inches and the watercolor is about 10 by 16 inches. There is a small tear in the upper left corner, otherwise it is in very good condition. You will never see another.

46.This is a huge and very heavy hand fabricated GENUINE TEAK WOOD BOWL. It measures roughly 28 inches wide by 24 inches across and it is about 9.5 inches tall. Beautiful highly polished deep colored teak in excellent condition. Very impressive piece.

47.This is a large and impressive Asian wood carving. It is hand painted and depicts a woman that seems to be of great importance.  It looks to be from somewhere such as Thailand, but no markings on it. It stands 19 inches tall, highly detailed, brightly colored, and is in excellent condition.

48.Check out this huge leaded glass Parrot Night Light. It is the nicest and largest one we have seen. It is all hand leaded with green, orange, blue, and red. Making it even more special, all the green glass is loaded with sparkling Aventurine! It stands a whopping 17 inches tall and is in excellent condition. Tested and working.

49.This is an authentic Antique Stained Glass window. It has a central heart shaped design with textured clear glass in the corners. This type window probably came from England where they were used extensively in homes. The frame measures 20 in by 20 in and the glass is 17 in by 16 in. There are no cracks or missing pieces.

50.This is a contemporary full sized OAK HALL TREE. It stands 76 inches tall and it is 21 inches wide by 12 inches deep. Beautiful tall Mirror on the back that is 36 inches tall by 13 inches. Two hat hooks on top with a single drawer and open storage in the bottom. Excellent condition.

51.This is a very nice 3 piece HIGHTOP BISTRO TABLE with STOOLS. The Table measures 24 inches square and it is 41 inches tall. The two Stools stand about 29 inches tall. The set is heavy metal frame construction with glass top and thick padded stools. Brown in color with beige seats. Looks like brand new in excellent condition. Winning bid gets all three pieces

52.This is an ANTIQUE SECRETARY DESK. It measures 46 inches tall, 30 inches wide and 16 inches deep. Has a Fold down front which hides several compartments and two small drawers, plus one wide drawer in the base.  A  key is included so that you can open and close the front, but it does not turn the lock. There are some stains on the leather insert or writing surface inside of the fold down front, but it can be easily replaced or covered with another piece.  In great solid condition.

53.This is a MEAT SLICER from Rival. Model 1101/8. Tested and working and all accessories are included. Also there is an extra blade. Super clean and practically unused.

54.This is a KEURIG COFFEE MACHINE. It is model B70. Maroon in color. Not tested but the consigor states that it works. Feel free to bid as this item comes with our 3 day guarantee.

55.This is a VINTAGE FARM JACK. It is bottle jack style and it is quite heavy duty. Not sure how high it would go but it is 21 inches high at the lowest point. It is about 2 1/4 inches in diameter. Handle included.

56. DELTA BENCH GRINDER. It is called the 6 inch "Thin Line" grinder. It measures 16 inches wide. Has both wheels, dual shield/guards, and a large flexible work light.Tested and working.

57.Heavy duty Industrial Wet or Dry Marble/Stone/Tile or Concrete Electric Saw. Made by  MOYI , It is model # Z1E-TB-125A. It al It looks to be almost new and possibly unused and comes with a new electric powered water pump , tools , 5 blades, fitted hard storage/carrying case, and the manual, except the manual is in Chinese, but it looks self explanatory.

58.We believe this is an INDUSTRIAL WET DRILL. Made by ONG SIKO , it is model RT-110. This is brand new in its case. Two handles and water line included.

59.Great heavy duty chrome and leatherette swivel work Stool. It is labeled KOBALT.  It has an adjustable seat height between 28 and 33 inches. Blue vinyl with stainless steel construction. Slight surface rust but still in great condition.

60.This is a 22 piece COMBINATION WRENCH SET. Made by Summit and it comes in a roll up case. Complete and ready to work.

61.This is a 25 piece HEX KEY WRENCH SET. Made by Buffalo Tools. Complete with soft carrying case.

62.This lot offers TWO TRIPOD FLASHLIGHTS by Stanley. Both are new in original boxes. They use 3, 6, or 9 LEDs. One is medium sized and one is smaller. Look to be very useful. You get both unopened work lights for your single bid.

63.This is a portable SOLDERING KIT by "Solder-it." This runs on butane. It is a complete portable kit with a gun , 3 tips and solder. 30-70 watt range. Comes in a case. Looks almost new.

64.Heavy duty  MOTORCYCLE DOLLY. Made by Haulmaster. It has a 1250 LB. capacity and is Model number 95896.. You put this together, and roll your Motorcycle onto it. The Dolly has a special platform for your kickstand,so that once its on you can easily roll and position your motorcycle anywhere with ease. This is brand new and never assembled.

65. MASTER TUBING SERVICE KIT. Model 41590. Made by Danaher Tool Group. It has a double flare tool , a tubing bender and a mini tubing cutter, among other things. Looks to be complete in its original fitted storage Case.

66.This is a vintage Millers Falls set of small wood carving chisels. They have wooden handles and come in their original box. There are 6 different chisels labelled A-F. They are about 6 inches long and in very good condition.

67.This is a great tool for the amateur picture framer. It is a set of 4 vintage Craftsman 45 degree miter clamps. They show light use, but retain their original box. They are about 8 inches wide. Great set to have.

68.This is a brand new 250 PSI 12 Volt DC air compressor. Measures about 6 inches long. Perfect for storing in your Glove Compartment for that day when needed. Its in Excellent condition and comes in the original box.

69.Gasoline Safety Can made by Justrite. It is a 2 gallon size and has a working safety cap. It is 13 inches tall and in good condition.

70.Large collection  Trout Fishing Flies and small Bass bugs. They all look to be hand tied and there must be about 50 included. They come in a tin Orvis storage box. Look at the pictures for exactly what you will receive. Winning bid gets all you see. Lots of great stuff here.

71.MOTORGUIDE TROLLING MOTOR. Model # 940100070.  It is an Electric Transom mount 30 inch motor. In its original box with manual. The box is opened but the motor looks like it’s in unused condition. Reversible motor head for bow or transom mount operation, Ergonomic, extending handle puts control at your fingertips, Wide Bite aluminum mount with 7-point adjustment, Aluminum shaft for strength and durability, Solid aluminum. Has not been tested, but it looks brand new and it carries our three day to be sure it works guarantee, so bid with confidence.

Other Detai

72.BUSHNELL NAUTICAL BINOCULARS.  Heavy duty, water resistant, rubberized, designed for Marine use. They are 12 x 42 power. Excellent condition with lens caps and a carrying case.

73.A Vintage  AMMO CASE or BOX. It is wooden with rope handles and a metal latch. It measures 26.5 inches wide by 14 inches. It is about 6 inches deep. It is marked "Ammunition cannon with smoke projectiles ". Also it is marked "81MM SMOKE WP M375" , "M1 AND M29" , "3 CARTRIDGES W/FUZE PD FOR MORTARS". It is in excellent condition.

74.METAL AMMO CAN. It measures 11 x 7 x 4 inches. The name "vince" was written on both sides. A little surface rust but still in good condition.

75.SIX BOXES OF .22 LONG RIFLE AMMO. 4 are full 50 Round. boxes and the two Remington boxes have about 75 Rounds. between them. One bid gets it all.

76.Two boxes of ARMOR PIERCING M-2 30/06 AMMUNITION. The boxes say caliber 30.06 Springfield , U.S. mil-spec recovered components. Made in U.S.A. Each box contains 20 rounds.

77.Impressive HOYT MEDALIST COMPOUND BOW with tons of quality accessories. We believe the owner must have been into Target Shooting because he invested lots of money into Range accessories. It has a draw length of 29 inches. It comes with a wrist strap,  fiber optic sights,  heavy duty long stabilizer,  two arm guards,  a release,  34 practice arrows and a hard sided case by FieldLocker. There is a separate very expensive extra sight that is stored in its own zipper case. Everything seems to be in very good to excellent almost brand new condition. Lots of complicated stuff here, but your one lucky winning bid gets it all.

78.This is a STAG CROSSBOW made by the Horton Manufacturing Co. It is model number 91834. It comes with sights,  a quiver, and 4 bolts (arrows). Two of the bolts have broad heads and 2 do not. It measures just over 36 inches long. The bolts are 17 inches long without the broad heads. This is not a toy , it is a serious piece of hunting equipment. Excellent condition.

79.Another high tech Bow, this is a PSE KINGFISHER FISHING BOW. It is a modern Takedown Recurve Bow with the Roller-style Arrow Rest and the Bowfishing Drum Reel. The Model is called "The Cajun" and seems to include everything, including a Glove. It is in very good used condition.

80.Large doubled sided ARCHERY TARGET. It measures 28 x 28 inches and it is 10 inches thick. This is a foam target inside a nylon bag. Lightly used, still good with years of use still in it. 

81.Knife lot A. This is a small two blade pen knife with brass handles. It also has a brass tone chain. The handles are embossed with a man holding a gun with his dog by his feet. The knife is made in Germany and both blades are in excellent condition. It measures 3.25 in long.

82.Knife lot B. This is a great old utility / camper knife made by Ulster. It was marketed through Sears and has the Craftsman etch still faintly visible on the primary blade. This is a well-constructed knife with jigged bone handles and 5 blades. They include and awl, large blade, can opener / bottle opener, Phillips head and slotted screwdrivers. The knife show some light wear, but is in overall very good condition. It measures 3.5 inches long.

83.Knife lot C. This knife is a newer Buck 3 blade pocket knife. It has a wooden handle with 3 stainless steel blades. It is model 371. It is in very good condition and measures 4 inches long.

84.Knife lot D. This is a Fishing/Diving knife with sheath. Both the sheath and handke are all weather synthetic. The blade is stainless steel with a serrated spine and gut hook. It is on good condition with some light corrosion. It is 9 inches long with a 4.5 inch blade.

85.Knife lot E. This is an older, and quite large Bowie knife. It has a wooden handle with brass hilt. The blade is massive and very hefty. It comes complete with its original embossed leather sheath. There is a repair on the handle and some very light pitting on the blade from age. It measures 15 in overall with a 10 inch blade.

86.Nice used original pair of working SPURS. These are chrome plated spurs with leather straps. Each one measures 5.5 inches long without the strap. Great condition. Can display or polish up and use.

87.ANTIQUE WASH TUB AGITATOR. Definitely pre washing machines, this antique gadget shows how tough life really was. You put your wash in a large Tub, and beat the heck out of it. Still yearn for simpler times? It stands 40 inches tall and has a clearly embossed label on it that says, " Made by C.T. CHILDERS , GALESBURG , ILL". Excellent condition for its age.

88.This is the first of two ANTIQUE PULLEYS on this Auction It measures 6 inches in diameter. The pulley wheel is wood and the bracket is cast iron. Displays nicely in very good vintage condition.

89.This is the second ANTIQUE PULLEY up for auction. This one is the same size as the first one , 6 inches in diameter. Again a wooden pulley wheel with cast hardware. Shows nicely.

90.ANTIQUE CABBAGE SHREDDER. It is all wood with two blades. The slider is missing but still a cool piece. It measures 26 x 9 inches. Good condition.

91.Large Lot of  6 vintage collectible SALT & PEPPER SHAKER SETS. Also there is a single piece to a 7th set. See pics for details. One winning bid gets all.

92.This is the second lot of vintage collectible SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS. Again there are 6 sets and a single piece of a 7th. See pics for details.Your one lucky bid gets all.

93.Beautiful ANTIQUE BALANCE BEAM SCALE. Made in England and marked "Warranted Accurate". All brass scale mounted on a wooden base. Includes a set of four brass labeled balance weights that you can make up almost any combination of weight you may need. Attractive display and working piece that  measures  7 inches by 4 inches around the base. Excellent vintage working condition.

94.Vintage Globe of the Earth called a "SCAN-GLOBE". Made in Denmark in 1980. Includes a Thermometer , Barometer and a Hydrometer built in to its wooden base. Everything seems to be working.. This globe lights up on the inside and gives a very attractive glow to any room. . Also there are adjustable longitudinal and latitudinal dials that points a small light beam at the desired location from the inside. Way ahead of its time, its tested and seems to be working fine.

95.ANTIQUE ZENITH AM/FM RADIO. It is a 7 tube super-hetrodyne set am/fm radio from the early 50s. Called the Zenith long distance. It is model H725. It measures 15 x 9 x 10 inches. It is complete but we did not plug it in and test it. You can decide if you want to try it. Cool antique piece.

96.Another Antique Table Radio. This is an ANTIQUE RCA VICTOR AM CLOCK RADIO. It is a five tube radio and is  model 4-C-541. It measures 12.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches. One knob is missing from the front. Not tested. but displays nicely.

97.Vintage GERMAN WEATHER STATION. Has a Thermometer, a Barometer and a Hydrometer mounted on its tall wooden base. It is made in West Germany. The wooden base/plaque measures 18 inches tall. Excellent condition and all seems to be working. Come and check it out.

98.Real and original vintage ORIENTAL GONG. It measures 16 inches tall and 14 inches wide. The brass gong measures 8 inches by itself. Comes with a padded striker. Excellent condition. Looks great and sounds great.

99.Beautiful ANTIQUE ACCENT TABLE. Nice gingerbread lower edge trim, nicely turned legs and a really attractive grain pattern on its top, plus a small lower shelf on the bottom.. This table measures 28 x 28 inches square and it is 28 inches tall. In excellent vintage used condition.

100.Another  nice ANTIQUE ACCENT TABLE. Is much darker than the others, almost mahogany.This one measures 28 inches tall and it is 27 x 18 inches. Shows some light wear wear marks and it is a very nice table. I especially like the turned legs and spreader bottom.

101.Huge 3 piece hand painted Ceremonial Mask. It looks like it came from Thailand or that area. It is brightly painted and incorporates hundreds of tiny pieces of mirrored glass. There are 2 large curved teeth that look like genuine boars teeth. It looks like It is made of paper mache. It comes complete with a mounting stand for display. It stands 31 inches tall, breaks down into three sections to move it, and is in excellent condition.

102.Here is the second beautiful Ceremonial Mask from the same area that we are offering. This one is also paper mache and much smaller at 14 inches, and comes in 2 pieces. It is decorated in the same colors but this one has faceted rhinestones instead of mirrored glass pieces. It also comes with a display stand. It is in very good condition. Both are unique and display beautifully.

103.This is a super nice HAND PAINTED CRYSTAL CARAFE and STEMWARE SET. It is clear crystal with blue and gold accents and colorful flowers. The carafe stands 14.5 inches tall and the five stemware pieces are just over 7 inches tall. This is really an eye catching set.

104.Vintage stoneware advertising crock dating to about 1910. The advertising is from Geo. E. Wales, Newton Centre, Mass. This small size is fun to collect or place it on your countertop and fill it with wooden spoons or flowers. It stands 7 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

105.CRYSTAL DOLPHIN CANDLESTICK. It is real lead crystal and stands a little over 9 inches tall. Made by BLEIKRISTALL in Germany and in excellent condition.

106.Vintage Brass,  Marble, and Crystal rendering of  "THE SCALES OF JUSTICE." It stands 22 inches tall and 17 inches wide. It has 36 crystal pendants with a marble base and brass construction. It matches nicely with the next lot 107, a Crystal and Brass Lamp. Excellent condition.

107.This is the matching Vintage Lamp to the previous lot 106. This is also Brass , Marble and Crystal. It stands just over 13 inches tall. It is missing one crystal pendant. It is in overall great condition and would go great with the Justice Scale.

108.This is a very nice high quality bowl made by Arthur Court. It is cast aluminum and has Alligators embossed on the bowl and base. The outside of the bowl looks like alligator skin. It measures 10 inches wide and about 4 inches tall. It is in excellent condition.

109.This is a reproduction of an ANTIQUE CAST IRON MECHANICAL BANK. It is from the Book of Knowledge collection. It measures 10 inches tall. You put a coin in the top of his head and spin him and the coin goes into the bottom. Great condition.

110.Vintage Brass Bookends showing winged Pegasus. They are from SNEAD & CO. in Jersey City N.J., and they are plainly stamped with the date 1902. They are molded with the winged horse Pegasus. Each one stands 4.5 inches tall. They are cast bronze or brass. Excellent condition.

111.This is a solid BRASS EAGLE. It stands 10 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. He has his wings spread and is mounted on a base. Great condition.

112.ASIAN INDIAN ELEPHANT STATUE. It is light in weight and made of some type of carved resin. Highly decorated with an far-eastern Indian motif. It measures 14 inches long and 10 inches tall. Great piece.

113.LEATHER WRAPPED GIRAFFE. He stands almost 18 inches tall. Bright orange with black spots. Great colors and accurate detail. This is a large one but these come in many different sizes and are fun to collect. This one is a beauty. Excellent condition.

114.Love these Murano style GLASS FISH and this one is no exception.. This is a medium sized piece measuring 9 inches long. It has beautiful colors of red , blue and green, with no chips or damage of any kind. Very nice collectible.

115.Another nice Lot of Glass Fishes. This Lot offers 3 jumping GLASS DOLPHINS. Two are identical measuring 3.5 inches long. The larger one is 6 inches long. All are made with blue colored glass. Excellent condition and your one bid gets all three..

116.More Glass Fishes. This lot offers 5 all different dainty high quality small GLASS FISH. These range in height from 3.5 to 4 inches tall. Very bright colors on these, and great detailing. Your one wining bid gets the whole School. All are in great condition.

117.Nice Lot of 5 GLASS ANIMAL FIGURINES. There are 3 fish and two birds. The tallest is 3.5 inches tall. Bright vivid colors on these pieces. All are in very good condition. Again your one bid gets all five collectibles.

118.This is a beautiful stylized GLASS SCULPTURE OF A WOMAN. It stands 16.5 inches tall. It is brilliant cobalt blue glass. Excellent condition.

119.This is a ladies Jewelry display doll. It resembles a sexy flapper from the roaring twenties. It stands 15 inches tall and will hold 8 necklaces, rings or bracelets. Makes it easy to select your jewelry every day and would look great standing on your Dresser.. Excellent condition.

120.Nice GRANDFATHER CLOCK but without the hassle of winding or adjusting weights every week. That is because it looks like one of those expensive mechanical monsters but it is a modern quartz movement, complete with Chimes or Music and swinging Pendulum. It is a battery powered clock. No worries about fine balancing your floor or driving  yourself  crazy with constant adjustment. It stands 6 feet 10 inches tall,, thats a full size Grandfather case, but without the weight. It is model Model # 7822, and uses regular batteries you buy in Walmart.  It has been set up and working constantly for two weeks in my shop with no problem. Enjoy the beauty of tradition with the modern convenience of quartz movement. It is in very good  and working condition. Come and see it and enjoy its simplicity.

121.This is a very small antique New Haven mantle clock. It has a solid mahogany case and a porcelain face. I took the movement out and inspected it carefully. There is nothing missing or damaged, but it will not run. I'm sure it just needs a good cleaning. It is 5 inches tall and about 8 inches wide. Well worth the investment in a good quality clock.

122.This is a large nicely detailed statue of a Roman Centurion or Soldier. He is sitting serenely  with his sword in his hand. It has a bronze patina and nice detail. It stands 16 inches tall and is in very good condition. Nice classical looking piece.

123.Check out this beautiful high fashion jewel encrusted leather belt by Leatherock of San Diego. The front has 3 different color sparkling rhinestones as well as colorful polished stones. The outside is bordered with copper studs. The sides of the belt are thin strips of woven leather. The back is a simple leather strap with 3 snaps for adjustability. It is style 5749 and size M34. These are beautiful and expensive accessories. It is in very good condition with all of the stones and rhinestones present.

124.This is a 3 piece lot of vintage Sterling silver jewelry. The first piece is a hand made brooch with an inlaid abalone Archer. It is heavily hallmarked on the back. I believe it is made by Taxco. Next is a striking Sterling necklace with a freeform polished stone in the center. It is a very heavy piece with vintage patina. The pendant is 2.75 inches long. Last is a vintage Gorham Sterling Children's or Baby's bracelet. It is engraved Julie Louise. All 3 pieces are in excellent condition. 

125.This is a lot of 2 vintage faux pearl choker necklaces. Both have pretty Sterling silver clasps. The double strand has a pinkish color while the single strand is more white. Both are hand knotted and in excellent condition.

126.This is a lot of collectible shell Jewelry and a shell art Trivet or coaster. The lot also includes a long necklace made of small plant seeds of some type. There are 2 identical Cowrie shell necklaces and another made of tiny snail shells. All 5 pieces are in excellent condition. One bid gets all five nice pieces.

127.Coins lot A. This is a lot of 8 Franklin silver half dollars. There are 2-1949, 1950, 1951, 1954, 1957, 1958 and 1962. Please look carefully at the pictures to determine the condition.

128.Couns lot B. This is a lot of 9 silver half dollars. There are 5 1964 Kennedy's and 4 Walking Liberty's, 1927, 1936, 1941 and 1942. Please check the pictures for condition.

129.Coins lot C. Here is a lot of 40% Silver Kennedy half dollars. There is a 1965, 3- 1966, 2-1967 and 2-1968. Please check the pictures for condition.

130.Coins lot D. This is a lot of 17 Silver Washington quarters. There are 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1944, 1945, 1947, 3-1948, 1950, 1952, 1955, 2-1957, 1958 and 1961.

131.Coins lot E. This is a lot of 4 vintage nickels. First there are 2-1937 Buffalo nickels in excellent condition. There is an 1883 "V" nickle in very good condition and a 1908 "V" nickel with considerable wear.

132.This is a limited edition Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition Pickup truck. It is 1/18 scale, diecast metal. It is brand new, never out of the box. The Box does show some wear.

133.This is a 1960 Ford Starliner made by American Muscle Memories. It is a 1/18 scale, limited edition, diecast metal. It is brand new, never out of the box.

134.This is a 1937 Cord Model 812 Convertible, made by American Muscle Classics. It is 1/18 scale limited edition, diecast metal. It is brand new, never out of the box.

135.This is a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere made by American Muscle. It is 1/18 scale limited edition diecast metal. It is brand new never out of the box.

136.This is a 1958 Plymouth Fury made by American Muscle. It is 1/18 scale limited edition diecast metal. It is brand new never out of the box.

137.This is a NASCAR JEFF GORDON DIECAST. It is 1/24 scale and it is from Action Collectibles. It is a 1994 Charlotte win milestone car. 1 of 1008. Like new in its original box. Excellent condition.

138.Here we have another JEFF GORDON DIECAST. This is also from Action Collectibles. 1/24 scale. This is the Pepsi Challenger car. 1 of 2988 cars. Like new un its original box.

139.This is a lot of TOY CARS. There are 37 pieces included. There are cars , bikes , helicopters and snowmobiles. There are several different makers.  Come in and check them out. One bid gets them all.

140.Here is a lot of 10 vintage collectible Cracker Jack toy guns. Some are plastic and some are metal. There are even 4 Ray -Guns included in the collection. One of these is hard to find, ten is it instant collection. It even comes to you complete with a nice little cotton lined wooden box to protect your collection. These guns are all about 1 inch long.

141.This is a very hard to find vintage original Little Orphan Annie Cook Stove. Annie was a very popular comic strip that started back in the mid 1920's. The stove is all heavy metal and actually has a heating element inside, but no cord. This model has 3 baking compartments and 2 surface burners. It retains its original shaded 2 tone paint and is in good display condition. It measures 8 in tall, 10 in wide and 5 in deep.

142.This lot offers three vintage tin toys. There are two mechanical spinning tops and one pinball style points game. The tops work well, but do show some wear. The "SKIN DIVERS" game sits flat on a table but one tab is broken off the bottom so it doesn't sit level. It can be held in your hand and it works fine. The tops measure 8 and 7 inches in diameter. One is from Ohio Arts and one is from Colmor. The pull and shoot game is made by the Wolverine toy co. They show some age but one bid gets all three collectible toys.

143.This is a vintage iron combination Bank. It is called Junior Safe Deposit, and it has a double combination lock in the front. It is in excellent vintage condition, retaining most of its original paint. We do have the combination so you can open it at will. The bank stands 4.5 in tall 3.5 in wide and 2 in deep.

144.Here we have two METAL TRAIN MODEL KITS from Ulrich, a division of Walthers, in Milwaukee, WI. Both are un-assembled in original boxes. They are HO scale models. Each box measures about 8 inches long. They are nicely detailed in nice cast metal. One bid gets both.

145.This is a vintage train set from the 1940's we believe. It is called Union Pacific Stream Line Electrical Train made by Louis Marx. The set includes the engine, caboose, 2 passenger cars, transformer and 12 pieces of track. Also included is the original cardboard box. These old sets are very collectible and hard to find complete. It is in good vintage condition, the box shows considerable wear. The engine is 8 inches long. Not tested.

146.This is an ORIGINAL HALLOWEEN MICHAEL MYERS ACTION FIGURE. It is still sealed in its original packaging. You push on his stomach and it plays the theme from the movie. It is a large figure standing 18 inches tall. It is a numbered series, 7125 of 100,000. Very rare item to find in its original box.

147.This is another ORIGINAL ACTION FIGURE from the movie FRIDAY THE 13TH. It is JASON VORHEES. This is a large figure measuring 18 inches tall. Push on his stomach and it plays the theme from the movie. Still sealed in its original packaging. Rare piece.

148.This is the last of the ORIGINAL MOVIE ACTION FIGURES. This one is FREDDY KRUEGER from "A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET ". He is sealed in his original packaging, never opened. The box is a little rough but you won't find many of these. This is about 18 inches tall.

149.This is a BUCCANEER PIRATE GOAT MASK? It is an adult size Halloween or party costume mask that fully covers the head. It is about 21 inches tall. He has a pirate hat, an eye patch and an earring. A small window under the chin to look through. Very cool item and in excellent condition.

150.This is a ANTIQUE STEAMER TRUNK. It measures 30 x 18 and it is 24 inches tall. Handle is missing on one end but the latches are intact. The hinge has become detached on the inside. The center lock has been pried open. Good condition.

151.This is an ANTIQUE OAK CURIO CABINET. It has curved glass sides and wood shelves. Shelves have cut plate rails and it has hooks inside the top for cups. It has a lock, but the key is not included. It measures 54.5 inches tall and it is 40 inches wide and 13 inches deep. This piece is in excellent , beautiful condition and it is how they used to make furniture, with quality.

152.This is a collection of FENTON MILK GLASS. There is a condiment set with salt & pepper shakers , toothpick holder , creamer , sugar bowl and a honey cup with tray. Also there is a medium sized candy dish. The candy dish stands 6 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter. All pieces are in excellent condition. Your one bid gets all you see.

153.Very large but still cute  CAT STATUE made of glazed pottery. It stands about 14 inches tall, has lots of nice detail, and of course Tabby has that "I Dont Give  a Damn" look on its face. You gotta love it.. Excellent condition.

154.This is an all metal Artistic TURTLE with different colored stones on its top Shell. . It measures 13 inches long. It sits on a table or you can mount him on a wall. In very good to Excellent condition.

155.This is a mid-century 4 piece set of  home decor, made by Sorocco. It is clearly labeled on the back for you collectors of Sorocco.  It includes a wood looking mirror, a matching Shelf, and a pair of Matching Wall Sconces. The mirror is elliptical shaped and measures 35 x 15 inches. The shelf is 20 x 8 inches and the sconces are 16 inches tall.  You get all four pieces, the complete Set,  for your one winning bid. Excellent condition.

156.This is a nice and large  light green RIPPLE GLASS VASE. It stands just over 10 inches tall and it is 9 inches wide. Excellent condition.

157.Contemporary metal wall Art piece in the simple shape of a Fish Nice interior detail and one goofy eye that seems to give you "The stink eye".  It it 36 inches long and has several different color large beads to accent its scalelines and looks great. It is in excellent condition.

158.Nicely constructed all Metal Bicycle wall art Piece.. This measures 21 inches long and 12 inches high and shows great detail.. It is a brown color and in excellent condition.

159.Here we have a large COAT OF ARMS that is intended to be hung on the wall. Shows two majestic lions holding a shield in their arms. It is a composite or resin of some sort and looks like Sorocco. It measures 30 inches across and 22 inches high and antiqued gold finish. Excellent condition.

160.This is a Modern Decorative Piece that is simply a slice of a Tree, displayed on a stand. Attractive in its simplicity, it is about 20 inches tall. The piece of wood is around 10 inches in diameter. Painted a yellowish color on a black stand, it is probably a synthetic but looks real.Excellent condition.

161.This is a very nice Museum Reproduction of David. It was made in Greece and is mounted on a marble with plaque containing Greek letters. It is signed on the back, but I can't read it. It is made of a synthetic material that really looks like aged bronze. It stands 10 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

162.This is a cut and polished thick and heavy stone Obelisk. The stone that was used is full of fossil and shells of some type giving it an interesting look.. It stands 12 inches tall and is in very good condition.

163.This is a real nice vintage Hummell figurine entitled Culprits. It shows a little boy up an apple tree with Fido keeping him there. Nice larger figurine in perfect condition. It stands nearly 7 inches tall.

164.This is the first of three Precious Moments figurines we are offering. This one is called "God Bless America ". It comes with all original packaging and paperwork. Excellent condition.

165.This is the second of three Precious Moments figurines we are offering. This one is called "Bless Those Who Serve Their Country ". It comes complete with all original packaging and paperwork. Excellent condition.

166.Here is the last Precious Moments figurines we are offering. This one is called "Blessed Are The Merciful". It comes complete with the original packaging and paperwork. Excellent condition.

167.This is a large decorative Nautilus shell replica made of tin. The front is covered with a mother of pearl like material that very closely resembles real shell. It stands about 20 inches tall and is in very good condition.

168.This is a nice SHADOW BOX WALL CLOCK. It is a wooden case with gold accents. Inside there are many clock gears and parts that make up the Tower Bridge in London. It measures 14 x 10 inches. Great condition.

169.This a vintage TABLE LAMP. It is a small piece measuring 10 inches tall and 8 inches wide. It is a brass base with a ruffled glass shade. The base looks like it could be an ashtray or trinket tray. Tested and working. Very nice.

170.This is a super nice VINTAGE DOVE LAMP. The dove is snow white porcelain sitting on a wooden base. The shade is tasseled taffeta and it is in great condition. It stands 28 inches tall and the shade is 15 inches in diameter.

171.Here is a great display bowl with 3 cast aluminum elephant heads making up the base. Use it as a fish bowl, terrarium or just fill it with seashells.

172.This is a nice vintage looking 4 TIERED DISPLAY STAND. It measures 43 inches tall and it is 21 x 12 inches. Really nice cherrywood color with turned supports. I believe it is a contemporary Piece, but I could be wrong. Showes nice, come and see it. Its in  Excellent condition.

173.Here we have TWO REVERSE PAINTED MIRRORS. These are from Peru and they are done by hand. The larger one is 10 x 8 inches and the other is 9 x 7 inches. Great condition.

174.This is a professionally framed and matted set of 3 vintage comic strips. They are called Foxy Grandpa. These are American "Gag-A-Day" news paper comic strips authored by Carl E. Shultze under the pen name "Bunny". The strip was very popular and ran from 1900 to 1918. These 3 are dated 1905 and ran in the American-Journal Examiner. They are 114 years old and appear as new. Great piece for us old-timers. It measures 36 inches by 18 inches.

175.This is a MICHELOB ULTRA BAR MIRROR. It measures 51 x 40 inches. Pressed wood frame with screw holes for mounting. Excellent condition.

176.This is a true oil on canvas PAINTING by T. MARINO. It is a beautiful mountain scape. Waterfalls and snow capped mountains flowing into a river. This painting really has some texture on it , thick raised tree bark and grasslands. It measures 41 x 29 inches and it is signed. Excellent condition.

177.This is a super nice RINGLING BROS AND BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS POSTER. This is from 1993 and it is celebrating 200 years of circus in America. It is a rare poster because it has the famous clown DAVID MARIBLE as the focal point. This has been in the frame since new and it is in perfect condition. Beautiful colors on this poster.

178.Here is a real nice and hard to find vintage Circus Poster. It is for the Sells & Gray 3 ring circus. It is from 1969 and shows 2 clowns and an elephant. It is mounted in a poster frame and is in good vintage condition with some wrinkles and thumbtack holes in the corners. It measures about 21 by 27 inches.

179.This is the second vintage Sells & Gray circus poster we are offering. This one is from 1968 and shows two pretty girls and a clown riding horseback. It is in good vintage condition with the usual folding creases and thumbtack holes in the corners. It is also mounted in a commercial poster frame. It measures about 21 by 27 inches.

180.Here are 2 vintage Ringling Bros. Souvenir Programs. They date from 1963 and 1964. They are in exceptional "as new" condition except for a little deterioration at the fold. The colors are bright and all the old ads are priceless. They each have the same collectible Coca Cola ads on the back cover. Great find for the circus collector.

181.This is a great old framed poster advertising Chesterfield Cigarettes. The ad features Ethel Merman who was currently starring in "Annie Get Your Gun". The ad was cropped at some point and is not full sized. It is still bright and colorful and Merman's photo is great. It measures 21 by 18 inches. There are areas of light staining.

182.Here is a nice old poster on board for the State Road 776 at San Casa Englewood Fall Sun Fest. This is a neat local piece that probably dates to the 1960s. It is bright and colorful with some staining and thumbtack holes. It measures 14 by 22 inches.

183.Here is a super old poster on board for the Professional Wrestling fans out there. It features a tag team match between Kendall Windham & Mike Graham vs Bob Roop & Kevin Sullivan. The match was at Robarts Arena in Sarasota. The poster is still colorful with some light damage and stains as shown. It measures 28 by 22 inches.

184.This is an antique hand held Schoolhouse Bell. It is solid brass with the original clapper. The handle is lathe turned and stamped 10. It sounds loud and clear. It measures 10 inches tall with a great aged patina. Very good vintage condition.

185.This lot offers TWO ORIENTAL WALLHANGINGS. These are wooden plaques with detailed inlays, probably Albalone,  under glaze. These reddish art plaques like these are usually from Vietnam, and I would say they are. Each plaque measures 31 inches long by 15.5 inches wide. They do have some light rubs from being moved but still look excellent 

186.This is a lot of 12 vintage high quality prints of antique works of art. They are all nudes and suitable for framing. Most measures about 12 by 17 inches. The prints showing dates are from the 1880's. All are in very good condition.

187.Here we have a really nice example of a VASELINE GLASS BOWL. It measures just over 10.5 inches in diameter and it is 4.5 inches tall. Beautiful light green color that really lights up under a black light. Excellent condition.

188.Here we have a CLOISOINNE VASE. It is brass with nicely detailed porcelain enamel floral designs. It is likely from Asia and very well made. It stands 7 inches tall. It is in excellent condition.

189.This lot offers Two Goofus Glass vases. The large one is just over 7 inches and the smaller one is about 5 inches tall. We dont see these very often now. They are in good vintage condition.

190.This is a SMALL CLAY JUG that may be from Peru. Use it as a vase or simply a nice decorative piece. It stands 7.5 inches tall. 

191.This is a CLAY LIZARD JUG or POT. It measures 6 inches tall and 8 inches in diameter. It shows three lizards crawling around the jug. Took a lot of work to make this. Good condition.

192.If you have never before seen a wildly painted Aardvark, take a good look. I can't imagine how long it took to complete. There are thousands of tiny dots and spots that make up the design. It is made of carved wood and will be the highlight of your Aardvark collection. It is about 20 inches long and in very good condition.

193.This lot offers several different calibers of AMMUNITION. Here we go......29 rds of assorted 12 gauge , 49 rds of .38 special , 73 rds of .22 magnum , 75 rds of .303 , 35 rds of 7.62x54mm , 80 rds of 7.62x39mm and about 25 rds of other assorted handgun ammunition. One bid gets it all.

194.This lot offers AMMUNITION RELOADING SUPPLIES. There must be about 1000 pieces of brass of different calibers including 348 WIN , .38 SPECIAL , 45-70 GOVT and 7MM MAUSER + others. Also included is 12 cans of powder , 2 boxes of gunstock epoxy and 11 boxes of bullets for reloading. One bid gets it all.

195.Here is a vintage full box of 10 German shotgun shells. They are 16 gauge rifled slugs with paper casings. The box is covered with nice graphics and written entirely in German. The box has considerable scotch tape, but the shells look like new.

196.This is an older Daisy C02 200 BB pistol. We think it dates to the 1970's. It comes with the original packaging and box. The gun looks to be in good condition, but we did not test it, so you are buying it as is. The Co2 cartridges and BB's in the box are corroded and unusable.

197.This is an Axeon Optical rifle sighting device. Comes complete and ready to use, batteries included. It measures about 2.5 by 4 inches. As new.

198.This has got to be the best looking bowling trophy ever made. It is actually a vintage early 1960s German Stein. It has been adapted to be used as a bowling trophy. It is called the Rupert Brunswick trophy. It was presented to a woman with the high score in the year 1960 / 1961. It is quite large at 16 in tall and is stamped Made in Germany on the base. It is in excellent condition and a great one for your collection.

199.This lot offers 4 BRAND NEW BAR STOOLS, still with the shipping plastic on them. We have two Lots of these, one lot has four stools and the other only has two stools. Depending on your needs you can make up a large set, or stay small.. These stools are height adjustable from 24 to 33 inches. They have chrome bases with a footrest and padded brown vinyl seats. Again these are brand new and still have the plastic wrap on several of them , we removed a couple for taking pictures. One bid gets all four. Very comfortable and all work perfectly. If you only need two or want two more, be sure to look at the next Lot.

200.This lot offers 2 BRAND NEW BAR STOOLS. These stools match the four stools in the previous lot. Again they have chrome bases with a footrest and padded brown vinyl seats. They are height adjustable from 24 to 33 inches. They still have the shipping plastic on them.

201.This is a very scarce split oak flower picking basket. It has a comfortable carry handle as you wander through the flower garden. When you pause to pick flowers, you press the spike under the basket into the ground so you can use both hands. I think they were more popular in Europe and are seldom found here. It is 16 inches long and 11 inches wide and about 31 inches tall. Excellent vintage condition.

202.Here are two very nice antique split Oak baskets. The smaller of the two is a rather traditional fruit collecting basket with heavy handle and strong sides. It has a very faint stamp on the bottom where I can read Vermont. The larger shallow basket is much harder to find and more desirable. It was probably used as a flower collecting basket. It has fine split oak sides interwoven with thicker pieces through the base. It has a couple areas of minor damage, but nothing very distracting. The large basket measures 25 in long 15 in wide and 5 in tall not counting the handle.

203.This is what we believe is a quite unique OUTDOOR CANDLE HOLDER. We first thought it was Celtic in nature but looking closer we think it is middle eastern. The figure near the top has a curved sword and a decapitated head in its hand?  You be the judge. It is all metal and it is 32 inches long from top to bottom. It is a little more than 13 inches wide. Cool piece.

204.This is a very unique WIND CHIME. It is all metal, made to look like twigs and limbs with a wind catcher at the bottom. The twigs strike the bells in the wind. It is about 19 inches from top to bottom. Very cool piece.

205.This is a DECORATIVE COW BELL. It hangs on the bottom of a leather strap with colorful fringes and hand painted accents. It measures 10 inches long. The bell itself measures 3 x 3.5 inches. Beautiful piece.

206.This is an actual working Medical Stethoscope. Good for making sure you're still alive! Excellent condition.

207.This is a highly collectible TILLEY made "PORKYPIE" model  PRESSURIZED LANTERN. It is made in the U.K, and doing research seems to be from the 30's to 40's.. It stands 20 inches tall with the handle. In great condition, and looks like it could be used today. Does have some light surface rust on it, and has the original labeled Pyrex Tilley Chimney. On line they go for good money. 

208.This is a small FAUX LEADED GLASS TABLE LAMP. It stands 18 inches tall and 7.5 inches in diameter. The color is flaking off the glass in some spots, but still a cool lamp.

209.This is a BRASS TABLE LAMP. It has a crystal and brass base with a paper shade. It standa 19 inches tall. Good condition.

210.Per Consignor, this is an authentic game bat signed by Tim Raines. He was nicknamed "The Rock" and played left field for 6 pro teams, most notably the Montreal Expos. The bat is a Louisville Slugger Model C243 Pro Stock. It has several ball marks and pine tar residue. We believe it is authentic, but come in and look for yourself.

211.This is a collectible mini-bat commemorating Mickey Mantle. The bat has a photo likeness of Mickey and dates to 2004. It is 18 inches long and in good condition.

212.Here is a great set of collectible sports cards called the Four Sport Gold Draft Pick Collection 1992. It has one card with four autographs including Shaquille O'Neal. It is a limited edition and is number 3191 of 9500. It comes in a beautiful wood presentation case and all the cards are untouched. The full set contains 326 cards. It sold for $135 when issued.

213.Here is a fun adult themed lot of about 250 Clubhouse Diamonds trading cards. These cards are actually advertising cards if you wish to "hire" any of these young ladies. They have phone numbers as well as their home club. They leave nothing to the imagination so please be advised. Great collection for the adult entertainment collector.

214.A very collectible  FAUX STAINED GLASS ADVERTISING PANEL of SPEEDY ALKA- SELTZER. It measures 18.5  INCHES By 17 inches. Excellent condition and we only unwrapped it from its wrapper to take the pictures.

215.This is a 3 piece lot of vintage Porcelain Birds. They are all made in England and hand painted. They all stand a bit under 3 inches tall and are in excellent condition.

216.This is a pair of POTTERY GEESE. Each one stands 13 inches tall and they are black in color. There is a male and a female. Great shape.

217.This is a hand carved WOODEN PARROT. It stands about 19 inches tall. Painted with nice pastel greens , blues , yellows and pinks. A little light wear, but still very nice looking piece.

218.This is a HAND CARVED PLAQUE from ITALY. This piece measures 19 x 9.5 inches. All wood with leather accents. Great condition.

219.An authentic Italian  FONTANINI Statue of a beautiful Peasant Woman carrying her basket of fruit. Fontanini has been making collectible statues for over 100 years and people love their quality, detail, and attractive expressions. This one is no exception. It stands almost 13 inches tall, clearly marked and signed. Made in Italy, these very desirable pieces are very much sought after by a large group of avid collectors. Check them out online and see that they bring good money. Excellent condition.

220.This is a small WOODEN PLAQUE from OREGON. It is 7 inches in diameter and it is made of Oregon Myrtle wood. It has a painting on the front of a polar bear catching a fish. Cool piece.

221.This is a real nice and hard to find piece of Devil Rays Memorabilia. It is a framed mirror commemorating the Devil Rays 1998 Inaugural Season at Tropicana Field. It is sponsored by Budweiser making it a cross collectible. It is 36 by 28 inches and is in excellent condition.

222.This is a GREAT WESTERN WINERY BAR MIRROR. It shows a woman sitting on a flying champagne cork. It says Great Western Champagne since 1860. Made in Hammondsport N.Y. It is in good condition and in a wooden frame. It measures 22 x 28 inches.

223.These next two lots offer two nice SALOON or PUB SIGNs. This one is "THE WHALES TALE" TAVERN & INN. It measures 24 x 16 inches. Made of all wood.

224.This is the second SALOON or PUB SIGN. This one is from the "THE KNOTTY ANCHOR" SALOON AND PUB. This one also is 24 x 16 inches and made of wood.

225.This is a MULTIMEDIA ACTIVE SPEAKER SYSTEM. It has Budweiser logos all over it. It does power on but it has not been tested with a guitar or any other media. It is an MPE player and it takes sd cards, usb, microphones and guitars. It is in used condition and one wheel is broken off the bottom. It is model # 188193. This item comes with our 3 day guarantee.

226.This is a small DRINK HEATER/COOLER. Looks like it can hold six cans of soda. It is DC powered and it plugs into your car cigarette lighter. A little discoloration from the sun but still in great condition. It measures 11 x 9 x 8 inches.

227.Here we have 3 painted enamel COLLECTIBLE STREET SIGNS. One is orange and says "HOOTERS RACING BLVD."  The other two are green signs , RED BUD and SUSSEX Rd. The orange sign is 36 x 6 inches. The two green ones are 24 x 6 inches. Good condition.

228.This is a nice DECOPAGE  Wall Art. This is where an actual painting or piece of art is laid on the wood and glazed over. It is signed "DICK PFAHL". It is a pirate with a banner that says GASPARILLA '68. It measures 27 x 20 inches. Great local piece.

229.This is a VINTAGE POKER CHIP SET. These chips are made of clay and possibly a bakelite case. There are 12 stacks of chips, I don't know how many exactly. They are plain unmarked chips, red, blue and white. Great condition.

230.This is a CAST IRON WATERING CAN DOORSTOP. It measures 9.5 inches tall and 7.5 wide. Painted silver with pretty Sun flowers. Nice piece.

231.This is a lot of three Vintage Carnival Glass tumblers. They have a vertical Holly Leaf and Berry pattern. All three are cobalt blue base glass. They all have excellent iridesence and are in great condition. They stand about 4 in tall.

232.This is a Vintage Carnival Glass handled candy dish made by Dugan glass. The pattern is called Question Mark, and the base color is amethyst. The candy stands about 4 in tall and is 7 in wide across the handles. It is in excellent undamaged condition.

233.Here is the final Carnival Glass piece we are offering. This pattern is called Scroll Embossed, and it is made by Imperial Glass. The base color is ice blue. This is a ruffled bowl that measures 8 inches across. This is a slightly newer piece, and it does carry the Imperial Glass signature. It is brightly colored and in beautiful condition.

234.Here is a great old Advertising / Display item for Clark's Teaberry Gum. This little display stand would have set right beside the cash register and have the Teaberry gum neatly stacked in a pyramid shape on top. These date to about 1910, and this example is a beautiful sun colored amethyst. It stands 3 in tall, 7in long and 4.75 in deep. It is in excellent condition.

235.Here we have a large lot of construction brackets. These are used for floors and decks. There are 20 pieces of 4x4 and 2x4 brackets. One bid gets them all.

236.This is a lot of brass and copper plumbing hardware. 12 pieces in all. See pics for details. One bid gets it all.

237.This is a lot of PVC PLUMBING FIXTURES. We estimate 80 - 100 pieces of different size elbows, T fittings, valves and straight connectors. One bid gets it all.

238.This lot offers a decorative  PLANT STAND AND BASKET. It is a two tiered metal plant stand with leaves and grapes decorating it, and a small metal basket with leaves. The stand measures 27 inches tall. The basket is 9.5 inches tall and it is 8 x10 inches. Great condition.

239.This is a large OUTDOOR TERRARIUM. It stands about 7.5 feet tall and 22 inches square. It is all metal with glass doors and sides. It breaks down into 3 pieces for easy transport. It has a bottom shelf and a shelf in the middle. Great condition.

240.This is a big Blue Crab decorative wall ornament. It is resin and quite realistic. It measures about 17 inches wide and is in very good condition.

241.Here is a lot of 7 small decorative Tropical Fish. Each is mounted on a realistic piece of faux coral. They are carved wood and hand painted. They are 2 to 4.5 inches tall. They are all in very good condition.

242.Here is a very rare and large Carnival Ware or chalkware statue. It depicts a rodeo cowboy riding a Brahma Bull bareback. The sculpture is very nicely detailed and hand painted. These were originally intended to be prizes that you could win playing skill games at the traveling carnival. They are very easily damaged and consequently few survived. This one is much larger than most at 17 inches tall. It has a few paint scrapes, but nothing is broken or missing. Great old collectible.

243.This is a chalkware one eyed Pirate with a compulsory Parrot on his shoulder. Argh! It is hand painted and very detailed. It is intended to be hung on the wall. It measures 7 inches tall and is in excellent condition.

244.This is a lot of 2 complimentary Parrot wall decorations. Both are in profile and very realistic. They are resin and hand painted. They are about 8 inches tall and in very good condition.

245.This is a lot of 2 identical Prograde WiFi Grilling Thermometers. They come with a mobile App so you can monitor on your phone. Both are new.

246.Here are 2 fun metal yard bugs. There is a yellow mosquito and a red grasshopper. The hopper is about 13 inches tall and the mosquito is 26 inches wide. Both are in very good condition.

247.This is a beautiful WIND SPINNER/WATER FOUNTAIN. This awesome spinner has an attachment for a garden hose and when it spins it slings water 360 degrees. It is quite large standing about 7 feet tall. Bright rainbow colors on the spinner. It still has it’s original price sticker of $178. In unused condition.

248.This is an IRON OUTDOOR PLANT HANGER with POTS. This decorative piece hangs on a wall and measures 18 x14 with the pots. 2 clay flower pots included.

249.Here we have a SMALL GARDEN CART/SEAT. It has a storage area inside. It measures 22 x 13 inches and it is 11 inches high. Good condition.

250.This is a brand new JIM BEAM PATIO UMBRELLA. Bright Red with sharp white graphics, it came completely sealed in the original shipping box, and we only opened it for our pictures. It measures about 5 feet square. Wooden frame with brass colored accents. Very nice.

251.This lot offers TWO PICTURE FRAMES. The larger one is wood and the smaller one is metal with a brass finish. The larger one is 12.5 inches tall and it pivots. The metal frame is 8 inches square. Both made to sit on a table or shelf. One bid gets both new frames.

252.This is a Hallmark miniature Murray Champion Pedal Car. It is a 50th Anniversary Nascar edition. It measures 6 inches long and is in excellent condition.

253.Here is a lot of 14 vintage comic books. These are nice oldies priced from 35 to 60 cents. They are all wrapped in protective covers and seem to be in very good condition. Please come in and take a good look for yourself. All 14 for one bid.

254.This is a heavy duty walking stick with a very thick shaft. The handle is a cast brass duck. It is 38 inches long and is in very good condition.

255.This is an ANTIQUE CAST IRON FURNACE DOOR. It measures about 18 x 18 inches. It has a beautifully stamped company name on the front, it says “THE CRAIG REYNOLDS FOUNDRY CO. DAYTON , OHIO.” Dates back to a time when appearance was nearly as important as function. Super antique piece.

256.Here is a lot of three signed Waterford Crystal by items. There is a bud vase that stands 9 in tall, a quartz clock, and a 1987 collectible Crystal Bell. All three pieces are in excellent condition. The clock does need a battery, and we do guarantee for 3 days that it will work.

257.This is a beautiful antique Tole Painted Tea Caddy. It is hand crafted tin and has a Pennsylvania Dutch appearance with the bird and foliage painting style. It is cone shaped with the original lid. It is in overall good condition for its age, but there is some paint fading on the top and remnants of maybe a paper label on the back. It stands 11 inches tall.

258.This is a classic Gray Graniteware handled milk can. It is entirely handmade as seen with the handle attachment to the side. It is a small milk can, probably doesn't hold much more than a pint. It stands 6.5 in tall and is in excellent condition for vintage graniteware.

259.This is a vintage mid-century lamp that is made to look much older. It has a beautiful metal base with an Antique patina. Suspended on three sides are two pairs of glass prisms. The shade is an embossed taffeta with tiny jewels hanging all around the outer rim. It takes a single bulb and is tested and the working. It stands 28 in tall.

260.This is a lot of two pieces of vintage Fostoria American Glass. The first piece is a handled platter with the handles turned upward. This is actually quite scarce and a desirable piece to own. It measures 10 in wide and is in excellent condition. The second piece is a small bud vase. It has a slight amethyst tint from being exposed to the sun. It stands 6.5 in tall and is in excellent condition. Two great pieces for one bid.

261.This is a lot of two vintage collectible flower frogs. The first one is commonly called a Bride's Basket. It is all hand-blown and crafted crystal and has a polished pontil on the base. It stands about 5 inches tall. The second one has an oval shape and is marked on the base made in England and carries a patent date of 1910. It is quite unusual. It has a glass bottom and a synthetic lucite type material on top. It measures about 4 in tall. Both pieces are in very good vintage condition.

262.This is just about the most unique paperweight I have ever seen. It resembles a multicolored candy kiss on steroids. It is beautifully crafted with lots of wonderful colors and it stands about 3 inches tall. It is in perfect condition.

263.This is a very high-end art glass vase. It is swirled shades of blue and is frosted on the outside. With just the right light, there is a slight iridescence on the outside of the glass. On the base is a ground and polished pontil. This striking little gem stands 4 inches tall and is in perfect condition.

264.Look at this beautiful and graceful art glass bird. It resembles a Sea Bird to me. It has a deep cobalt blue body and orange bill and eyes. It measures about 10 in long and 7 in tall. It is in perfect condition.

265.This is a vintage Staffordshire type Pottery dog. It is a bit unusual because it has Glass Eyes. It is quite old, hand-painted and well made. It stands 11 inches tall and as you can see, has a few areas of light paint loss.

266.This is a cute little folk art hand painted sign. It is painted on an old oak barrel stave. The sign reads: Even a Blind Pig Finds an Acorn Sometimes. In the center is a rural scene including 3 little pugs. The sign is 18 inches long and 4 inches wide. It is in very good condition.

267.Here is a very hard to find duo of Bird Pitchers. They are vintage 1950's and made in Japan. Both are hand painted and the liquid dispenses out the beaks. One is 6 inches and the other is 4.5 inches. Both are in very good vintage condition.

268.This could either be an antique lady's jewelry box or a men's dresser box? It is solid walnut and intricately hand carved with a floral design. The interior is lined with red velveteen. It stands on 4 flared feet and does have a lock, but we have no key. It measures 13 inches long, 4.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall. There is a chip on the rear corner of the lid, but it is not distracting. It is a beautiful and well made box.

269.This is a small group of pottery and Metal home decor items that were made in Greece. There is an Ewer, a Vase, a Plate and a small  metal Pitcher. The Vase is 9 inches tall. All four pieces are in very good condition.

270.This is a CERAMIC POTTERY PARROTT on a PERCH. This is hand painted and made in Mexico. The bird measures 17 inches tall and when on its perch it is about 26 inches high. Great condition.

271.This is a CRISPLY FOLDED AMERICAN FLAG. It is in a display case such as you would have when a veteran family member has passed. It measures 23 x 13 inches. It is an older example but still in great condition. Looks to be heavy and embroidered.

272.This is the first of two RAZOR SCOOTERs. This is a foot powered scooter that is completely foldable for easy transport and storage. It measures 23 inches long and the handle is height adjustable from 24 to 33 inches. Great used condition.

273.This is the second RAZOR SCOOTER up for auction. This the same size as the scooter in the previous lot but this one is all chrome. Again the handle is adjustable from 24 to 33 inches in height. Good used condition.

274.A larger than normal  HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP. It is the large one standing 11 inches tall. These are supposed to have positive medical benefits. It has been tested and works fine.

275.Frog lot A. This is a DECORATIVE FROG for your patio or garden. This one is made of a very hard composite and is 9 x 7 x 5 inches. This frog is blueish/green in color. Great condition.

276.Frog lot B. This is the second FROG we have up for auction. It is a ceramic frog that is 8 x 8 x 7 inches. This one has a shiny glaze and it is cream in color. It is in great condition.

277.Frog lot C. This is the last FROG we are offering.  This is a ceramic frog that is greenish/brown in color. He stands 7 inches tall and is in great shape.

278.Here we have a CERAMIC FISH statuette. This one is teal and purple in color. It measures 6.5 x 9.5 inches. It is signed by C. ROWLEY SOUTH FLORIDA. Very nice.

279.This is a SEAHORSE WALL HANGING. It is made of clear lucite with primarily mother of pearl chips. It is 24 inches high and in great condition.

280.This is a Pair of matching clear lucite Sailfish with abalone chip highlights. The large one measures about 13 inches and the smaller one is around 9 inches. Perfect for Florida. Great condition and one winning bid gets both.


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