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Auction Title: 8506 – Lots of Tools, Sporting Goods & More - Outboard Motors, Air Compressors, Stihl Concrete Saw, Generator, Table Saws, Golf Clubs, Fishing Rods & Reels, Air Tools, Power Tools, Hand Tools & More! Too Many Items to List, Just Take a Look!! - AUCTION BEGINS TO END: Wednesday, March 25th, 2020, 7:00PM ET

Item Description
1.Here we have a Evinrude Super Fastwin 15 HP OUTBOARD Motor. Comes with a stand to easily store away. Also comes with a throttle. Seems to be in good used condition. See pictures for more details. Come check it out in person on our preview day!

2.Johnson 9.9 outboard motor. Looks to be in good used condition. Made in Canada. See pictures for model numbers and more.

3.Vintage Andover Motors Corporation Accessory Power Unit (Generator). Was used by the U.S. Army to provide portable power to the planes when they landed at remote airports. Operating condition unknown. See pics for more info.

3A.Very large and very heavy wet tile saw and stand. This thing is heavy-duty. The water tray does have a crack in it, may be able to easily be fixed. Comes with a small water pump. Turns on, seems to work fine. In used condition. Stand has wheels on it to easily move to differwnt spots. Again, heavy piece. The bars that the tile tray sits on could use some oil.

3B.Here we have a True Temper wheelbarrow. It is a sturdy piece which is in hi ch hly used condition. Needs air in the tire, but does have lots of good tread left. Also, has been cracked, but fixed in the bottom of it. See all pictures.

4.Large 27" tall boat anchor. Comes with a chain and decent sized rope. In decent used condition.

5.Homelite brand chainsaw. 2.7 cubic inch, and an 18" chain. Fast cutting chain. Comes with storage box and more. Wouldn't start for me (i may be doing something wrong), but cord pulls and sounds like it wants to start right up. May want to come check it out at the preview. See all pictures. It is in used condition.

6.Large E.L Smith air compressor. Has a electronic ignition GX160 Honda 5.5 motor on it. Tested and works fine. Looks to be in good used condition. See pictures for model numbers and more.

6A.Craftsman 10 inch bench saw on casters. The 4 wheel dolly is not included. Does work but something needs adjusting as it is making a noise. See all pics.

7.Here we have a Stihl brand, listed cutting off machine. Disc on it seems to measure approx 14" in diameter. Tested and works good. Don't miss out on this great deal. See pictures for more information.

7A.Honeywell 2000i Inverter Generator. Starts and runs with choke out. Won't keep running if you cut back on the choke. See all pics.

8.Here we have a small and portable 1500 PSI power washer. Its electric and comes with a wand. On wheels so it is easy to move. Seems to turn on and work great. HAS NOT been tested with water.

9.Here we have some items for a sand blasting system. Comes with the carrier on wheels, can hold 120 lbs and a hose with a nozzle on the end. See pictures. In decent used condition, has a small crack on the top of the cart.

10.Sears craftsman air compressor paint sprayer. It is a 20 gallon tank size on wheels and has a handle for easy moving. It is a 2 HP and 3450 RPM. Unfortunately it can not be tested here at the warehouse due to it having a weird plug. See the pictures for the plug type. May want to come check it out so you make sure it fits for you.

11.Work lamp which folds up and is very bright. May need to be tightened up so it stays in one place when opened. In used condition.

12.Work lamp which folds up and needs a new bulb, but is very bright. May need to be tightened up so it stays in one place when opened. In used condition.

13.Here we have a dual, 4" belt sander and a 6" disc sander. Two on one for projects or more. Seems to work great, just needs new discs and sanding belt.

14.Three great items for your living room, den or man cave.  Includes a Yamaha receiver, which has many controls on it, a B&W speaker (does not include any wires) and a KLH brand amplifier.  Please note that these do not come with any speaker wires.  Receiver has been tested and turns on, functions seem to work on it just fine.

15.Two B&W speakers that look like they attach to a wall.  May be a great item for your lanai or around the pool area.  They have not been tested, but they each do come with a nice amount of speaker wire.

16.Two B&W speakers that look like they attach to a wall. May be a great item for your lanai or around the pool area. They have not been tested, but they each do come with a nice amount of speaker wire.

17.This lot comes with two great collectible 1 gallon cans and a large oil drip pan.  Both cans are in decent used condition.  See pictures to see which ones are included.

18.Two collectible 1 gallon cans.  Perfect for any vintage collector.  One has a paper label and the other is printed on the can.  See pictures for details.

19.Three more vintage cans.  Ideal for the mechanic or collector in the family.  See pictures for products.

20.Another vintage collectible can.  This one is a 2 gallon and in good used condition.  See pictures.

21.Metal, Evinrude brand, 6 gallon gas can. Comes with a hose on top. See pictures.

22.Airhead double action hand pump. This pumps on both up and down strokes to fill your item faster. Great for air mattresses, inflatable toys, boats and more.

23.Here we have a gas container for a boat. Looks like it holds approx 5 gallons or so. See pictures. In used condition.

24.Metal box that can be used for virtually whatever you like. It has a place for a lock and a clasp to keep the opening secure. Has one small handle on it and is stamped northeastern on both sides. Measures 19x10x17"

25.Here we have a Jupiter Pneaumatics hand crank hose reel. Does NOT include the hose. Made of steel, has a bracket to attach to a wall and spots to easily attach your air hose. Looks like it holds up to a 50 foot hose.

26.Two boat transom savers. In good used condition.

27.Great All American rolling toolbox. Has multiple drawers and a slide up door on the bottom. Perfect for storing small hand tools and more. Measures 22x12x32". A tad rusty but in decent used condition.

28.Huffy Main street cruiser bike. Ideal for any area down here. It is in used condition, but works pretty good. Brakes are decent, tires hold air and rides smooth. It is missing a handlebar grip, the seat is a tad cracked, and the kickstand needs to be tightened up. Other than that and a little rust this baby is ready to go!

29.Upright 25 gallon air compressor with built in cart to easily move it around your shop or garage. Powers on and gauge did move. See all pics.

30.Here we have a Ray Marine radar. The piece in the pictures is the only thing that comes with it. Does not include any wires and the owner is not sure if it works or not. The top of it measures approx 4 feet long. Sold as is.

31.Get ready for some florida golfing! This includes a Tommy Armour Evo golf bag and some included clubs. This bag has a shoulder strap, a built in stand and multiple pockets. In decent used condition, could use a good wipedown. Includes a cover for your clubs, but doesn't zip due to rust. See pictures for golf clubs included. They are right handed clubs.

32.Here we have a Miller brand golf bag and clubs. The bag is a little worn, it does have some rust on the zippers so they don't zip too well. Also comes with lots of clubs and a couple covers for them. See pictures for further details.

33.Gold Eagel golf bag filled with tons of different brands of golf clubs. Vlubs are right handed. The bag and clubs are in used condition, but still useable. Bag could use a cleaning. See pictures for more details.

34.More golf clubs?!?! This includes a bright neon green and orange golf bag filled with clubs. Bag in decent used condition. See pictures for further details.

35.Callaway gold bag and comes with a couple putters. Bag is in overall decent condition. Could usea good wipedown. See pictures for included clubs and more details.

36.Manual tire breaking machine. Appears complete and in good condition.

37.Here we have a pair of metal saw horses. Fold up nicely for easy storage. In good used condition.

38.A pair of bright colored fold up lawn or beach chairs. Perfect for camping, the beach, bbqs and more. They do have a few small specks of paint on them, but everything is in tact.

39.Can you see yourself sitting in this chair?! This Mossy Oak camo chair is ideal for hunting, fishing off the bank or much more. In good condition. Folds up nicely and has a cup holder.

40.Igloo cooler. In used condition. Missing the plug for the drain part. See pictures.

41.Here we have a set of three fishing poles, all are in slightly used condition. Includes two Shakespeare brand poles and an intrepid. See all pictures for more information and details on these poles.

42.Two fishing poles and a fly fishing reel as well. Reels are pretty large and long. They all look to be in decent used condition. See all pictures for more information on poles.

43.Two more larger fishing poles. Both in decent used condition, the handle on the cork handled one has pieces of the cork missing. See pictures for more details.

44.Two great, metal seashell and sharks teeth sifters. Great for any age. A tad rusty but they get the job done!

45.Three life vests, come in a canvas bag. Two are adults and the third is a kids. See pictures for all sizes. In good working condition.

46.Two pairs of scuba feet covers, or simply for protecting your feet against sharp seashells. Both look to be about a womens size medium. Also includes four snorkels. All in used condition.

47.Here we have a heavy plastic, Suncast, three pole, fishing pole holder. Measures 25" long. In good condition.

48.Fishing items includes a large bag of sinkers, some bobbers, a grouper rig and more.

49.Here we have a small bait basket, bobbers, two new grouper rigs and more. See all pictures.

50.Three great items for any boat. Includes a life vest, a pair of fishing gloves and a boat bumper, does have a crack in the end of it.

51.Wetline adult universal sized lifevest and a scuba weight belt. Or can be used for exercising. In used condition.

52.Three, newly packaged, fuel and water seperating filters. See pictures for model numbers.

53.Four lifevests. Bright orange and will fit most sizes. All in used condition.

54.Here we have a chrome fishing reel replacement. Seems to be in good used condition. Stamped Penn Peerless No. 9.

55.Two useful items includes a magnetic, weight with an eye hook on the top and a box to keep your ammo in. Includes some items inside.

56.Nice boat anchor. Approx 8" tall.

57.Two retractable dog leashes. Perfect for walking your furry friends. One for a smaller dog and the other for a medium sized dog.

58.Two 10 lb weights. Work those muscles!

59.Two skillets, in very used condition. Both need a very good cleaning. They are rusty as well. See all pictures.

60.Plasplugs wet tile saw. Measures 15"x15". In used condition, guard needs to be adjusted a bit to work well. Needs a new blade. See all pictures.

61.Here we have a large hitch accessory use only piece. See pictures for details and measurements on piece. Seems to be in good working order.

62.Heavy duty pintle hook hitch for a trailer or more. In good used condition. See pictures for measurements and details on piece.

63.Here we have a single, mini sized seashell scooper and sifter. Cool smaller piece to have. See pictures for measurements.

64.Multiple items includes a large, floating landing fish net, and more items. See pictures for included pieces.

65.Two decent fishing poles. One is a Shakespeare brand. See pictures for more details.

66.Here we have a Furuno brand marine radar. It was in good working order when the previous owner unhooked it. Includes a plug and items shown. Does need additional wires. See the pictures for model number, items included and more.

67.Very cool, vintage gossip table. This piece is to sit down while you're gossiping on the phone! Has a seat on one end and a small table for your phone and phonebook on the table side. It is in slightly used condition. Normal wear and tear from age. Has some scuffs and marks on it. Also, tje seat has some small punctures in it as well. Measures approx 33x15x25". See pictures for more details.

68.Only thing this 10 gallon shop vac needs is a filter and your ready to go. In used condition but works great. Hose has some tape around it. It is both a wet and dry vac.

69.Heavy duty hitch piece. Comes with pin. See pictures for measurements.

70.Here we have a 2" ball SAE class, 35000 lbs max. tongue piece for a hitch. Max tongue weight is 300 lbs.

71.Another tongue hitch piece. Unsure of what size ball it is for. See pictures for measurements.

72.Tongue hitch piece for a 1-7/8" ball. Max tongue weight is 200 lbs.

73.Here we have four grinding discs and a steel wire wheel as well. They are in used condition, but still have life left in them.

74.Weller brand soldering tool. Works great, has a light on it that automatically comes on when its in use.

75.Pneaumatic air chisel. See pictures.

76.Pneaumatic impact wrench. See pictures.

77.Pneaumatic staple gun. In good used condition. Has not been tested.

78.Pneaumatic impact wrench. See pictures.

79.Another Weller brand soldering gun. Light dosen't work on it, but tool itself works fine.

80.Rockford pneumatic impact wrench. See pictures.

81.Pneaumatic Bostitch fastener gun. See pictures for staple size requirements and more information.

82.Bostitch nail gun. Heavy duty, in used condition. Has not been tested.

83.Paslode brand fastner pneaumatic gun. In used condition.

84.Black and Decker drill. Works great. Comes with chuck key.

85.Black and decker 3/8" drill. Variable speed. Works great, body just in used condition.

86.Black and Decker electric drill. Can use up to 3/8". Works fine.

87.Here we have a pneaumatic grinder tool, a hose with trigger qnd a t-square type hand tool. All in decent used condition.

88.Perfect mechanics lot. Includes wrenches, a couple sockets, pliers and more. See pictures for close ups and a couple sizes. All in used condition.

89.A set of different sized and kinds of screwdrivers. In secent used condition.

90.More miscellaneous sized screwdrivers. All in useable condition.

91.Here we have a bunch of small handtools. Including cutters, razor blade, screwdrivers, scissors qnd more. All in decent used condition.

92.Great hand tools for any handyman. Includes a basin wrench, plumbers grease, small pipe cutters, hammer and more. All in used condition. See pictures.

93.Alltrade Trades Pro 5 gallon air compressor. Powers on and gauge did show it was building pressure. See all pics.

94.Nice Husky 20 ton bottle jack with 3 piece handle. Works just fine. See all pics.

95.Nice empty propane tank. Appears in good usable condition.

96.Stinger ultra insect killer. Does power on. See pics for more info.

97.Aluminum step ladder. Height to top in open position is approximately 54 inches. Good usable condition. Does have some rust and paint spatter.

98.Large engine hoist, 2000lb capacity. The cylinder will need to be resealed. See all pics.

99.Nice large heavy duty bench vise with small bench. Jaw measures 6 inches. Works as it should for tightening but you have to pull it as you turn handle to open jaw. Bench is approximately 28 high by 24 wide by 16 deep.

100.Pair of 3 ton jack stands. Appear in good usable condition.

101.Craftsman 32cc gas powered blower/vac. Working condition unknown.

102.Nice large electric winch powered by a Dayton motor. Tested and works great. Has nice long cord with power button. Cable pulls freely for hook up, then flip the lever to engage the winch.

103.Craftsman 16" electric chainsaw.

104.Craftsman 6" bench grinder with flexible light. Does work. Light bulb socket needs attention. See all pics.

105.Sta-Rite ProJet 1/2hp water pump. No way to test. See all pics.

106.Nice helium tank with valve. See all pics. Stands approximately 47 high.

107.Black & Decker electric drill driver. Works just fine. Includes chuck key.

108.Electric motor. Does work. Size unknown. Come check it out in person if you're interested.

109.Black & Decker 1/2 inch drill. Works just fine. Includes chuck key.

110.Black & Decker 7 1/4" circular saw. Works but is very noisy.

111.Nice Jupiter Pneumatics air hose reel with 25 foot long 3/8" hose. Operates as it should. Appears used very little if at all, just dirty from sitting.

112.Trades Pro Pneumatic impact wrench. Comes with everything shown. No way to test but appears in great shape. See all pics.

113.Nice Husky gravity feed spray gun kit. Appears used very little if at all. See all pics.

114.Wagner Pro Duty Power Painter. Comes with everything shown. Appears it would work. Pmugged in, pulled trigger and it made noise.

115.Super Hooker galvanized fluke anchor, 4lb size. Appears new, never used. See pics for more info.

116.Roper double burner cooktop. Appears to work fine. Plugged in and burners did heat up. Needs some cleaning. Measures approximately 21 by 16 1/2.

117.Makita LS1030N 10" miter saw. Does work. See all pics.

118.Single wheel trailer jack. Works just fine. See pics for more info.

119.Vintage 15lb cast iron anchor. See pics.

120.Five sheets of pegboard. Each is approximately 46x40. Good condition.

121.Another five sheets of pegboard. Each is approximately 46x40. Good condition.

122.Six foot wall power strip with 12 outlets. Appears in good condition.

123.Single wheel trailer jack. Works just fine. See all pics.

124.Three one plus gallon gas cans.

125.Pressure washer hose and wand. See pics.

126.A second pressure washer hose and wand. See pics.

127.Reclining camp cot. Appears in good condition. See pics for more info.

128.Black 3/8" air hose. Not sure of length, looks like 25 feet.

129.PGT aluminum single hung window. Measurements to fit opening are 25 3/4 by 49 1/2. See pics for more info. There is no screen.

130.Oster dryer with stand. Tested and working. See all pics. Has adjustment wing nut to change angle of dryer.

131.Peak Performance 2/8/12 amp battery charger/maintainer. Appears in very good condition. Comes in original box with manual.

132.Assorted Tapcon screws and a drill bit. See all pics. Boxes are not full.

133.Two boxes of flat phillips wood screws. See pics for sizes. All are new and shiny. Boxes are not full.

134.Assortment of hardware and fasteners. See pics for what's included.

135.Stanley Bostitch air coil nailer. Working condition unknown. Selling as is. See all pics.

136.A second Stanley Bostitch air coil nailer. Working condition unknown. Selling as is. See all pics.

137.Evercraft metric socket set with ratchet and short extension. Good usable condition. See all pics.

138.Pro-Lift 2 ton floor jack. Tested and working. See all pics.

139.OMC boat throttle cable. Operating condition unknown. See all pics.

140.A second boat throttle cable. Operating condition unknown. See all pics.

141.Fiskars telescopic tree pruner. Appears in good condition. Has some rust.

142.Vintage metal wagon wheel. Measures 24 in diameter. Appears never installed as it still has cap on center rim.

143.Very nice U.S. General AC gauge set. See all pics.

144.Woods Wire 20 foot reel light. Does work. Good condition.

145.Two welding masks and two pairs of welding gloves. See pics for styles.

146.Uniflame clam shell style propane grill. Measures approximately 9 high. Grilling surface is approximately 20x14. See all pics.

147.Assortment of electrical wire. See pics for styles. Most is 14 AWG.

148.Bucket with quite a few 3/4" hex head bolts. Some have nuts. Overall length is 3 3/8". Thread length is 1 7/8".

149.Three plastic battery boxes and a small Duracraft fan. The fan is cracked but works just fine. See all pics.

150.Here we have a bunch of small allen wrenches, a few screwdrivers, measuring tools and a hand sander. See pictures.

151.Small plastic tool box with a few miscellaneous items inside. All in used condition.

152.Includes a 7" metal cutting blade, sharpening stones, drill bit set, electric fence wire and more.

153.Three brand new, still factory sealed, water heater repair parts. Includes three, screw in elements. Two different sizes. See pictures.

154.Two great pieces for bbq's. Includes a Big Easy smoker tent set and a Big Easy burner replacement kit. See pictures for more details on items.

155.Here we have three small grease guns. Ideal for small projects. In used condition.

156.Miscellaneous items, some of which are, a small postal scale, clippers a sharpening stone and more.

157.Here we have a double flaring tool, looks to be new, a 2" and 3" clamp and vehicle replacement bulbs. See all pictures.

158.Here we have four different oil filter wrenches. All seem to be in good working order.

159.Small miscellaneous items ideal for hobbies and more includes, small screwdrivers, small hand roller, brushes, scissors, a file and much more.

160.Here we have three boat vent cover accessory pieces. Comes with three vents, three wing nuts and three fabric gaskets. All look brand new. See pictures for instructions qnd measurements.

161.Includes three car chargers and one wall charger. All look to have the same sort of output. Could be used for multiple devices. See pictures to see if it will work for you.

162.Here we have three different hitch accessories. Includes a tongue, and more. See pictures for some details and measurements.

163.Two ball hitches which are 2". One is a 2000 lb max, the other is 3500 lb.

164.Two ball hitches. One is a 2-5/16" and the other, I believe, is a 2". Both in decent used condition.

165.Here we have two, 2" ball hitches and one thay is 1-1/8". Also includes a hitch pin. All in decent used condition.

166.Includes two 1-7/8" ball hitches, a hitch pin, ball hitch which looks to be a 2" and more. All in used and rusty condition.

167.Small plastic tub filled with electrical pieces. Includes lots of outlets, a couple light switches, and more. Ideal for any electrician or handyman.

168.Another electrical lot includes a bunch of metal electrical boxes, three fuses, conduit clamps and more. See pictures for some included items.

169.Box of 10, brand new wallplate covers. Still in plastic. Made of unbreakable nylon. Also includes some additional covers.

170.Trouble finding that specific outlet wall cover for your house? Well here are plenty of options! Some metal, some plastic. Can be easily painted whatever color you desire.

171.Two pairs of reflective light replacements and a large third one. See pictures for measurements. May want to come check them out. Ideal for anyone who works on trailers of vehicles.

172.Six large storage totes. None have lids, all in used condition. Would be ideal for sorting your garage or more. See pictures for more information.

173.More brake light replacement pieces and smaller reflective lights as well. Comes in a crate and lots of wire. See pictures.

174.Large, 5 gallon bucket filled with rolls of nails. Nails are different sizes. Great deal!

175.Large hitch accessory piece. See pictures for measurements.

176.Everthing you need to stock your golf bag up! Includes more tees than any one person will use, a glove, golf balls and more.

177.Here we have a crank jack for a trailer. Seems to work fine.

178.Two packages of Jr. West Coast mirrors. Heavy-duty chrome finish, measures 6"x11". Fully extendable and adjustable arms, measure 12-14". Boxes look bad but the product itself looks brand new. See all pictures. Only comes with shown pieces

179.This may be a manhole puller. Or i could be wrong. Whatever it is im sure someone could find this useful. Almost 3 feet long.

180.Electrical items includes a time control box, a plastic box full of wire parts and more. See pictures.

181.Magnetic plate or board to put in your workshop. By kobalt. A tad rusty. Plate measures 6x15" .

182.Miscellaneous lot includes a oil filter wrench, casters, spool of leather, flashl8ght and more. All useful items for a workshop.

183.Electrical items includes an appliance cord, box of miniature bulbs, two flood light bulbs and a pack of AMP female disconnects.

184.Lot includes a sharpening stone, small crimping tool, E9C cartridge tool and more. See pictures for all included items.

185.Two items includes a Simmons brand scope for a rifle and a kaleidoscope with a stand. Scope looks fairly new.

186.Small plastic container filled with some accessories for the Dremel tool and some other similar hand tools. See pictures.

187.Here we have a battery and charger for a rigid tool. Battery is a 12V and seems to charge fine. Also includes a couple small pocket knife holders, a brush to scrub your vehicle and more.

188.A lot of great dvds. Classics, some of which include Independence day, the dark knight and more. See pictures for titles.

189.Crate full of miscellaneous items. Includes some grates, stainless steel hoses and more. See pictures.

190.Includes, not one, not two, but six funnels! Including one metal one. All different sizes and in good used condition.

191.Bag Shag For Easy Back Saving Golf Ball Pick-up. Save your back from constantly bending over. Simply use this to pick up your golf balls! Durable material with zipper and a metal handle. Just needs a good cleaning.

192.Two drawered storage tote. Ideal for small tools, arts and crafts and more. In used condition. Measures approx 13x17x17".

193.Here we have a bucket filled with all bike replacement pieces. Includes brakes, petals, handle bar covers, kickstands and more. See pictures, all seem to be in decent used condition.

194.Here we have a bike rack for your car. Made by Allen Sports. See last picture to see how it attaches to car. Looks like all pieces are there.

195.General electric pneumatic tank. HP is 1/6. Has a pressure and vacuum gauge and hose. Seems to work fine.

196.A second grease gun measures approx 21". Again, in used condition.

197.Here we have a crow bar and a metal hammer, used for iron work or more.

198.Heavy-duty axe pick. In good used condition.

199.Lot of hand tools includes a hammer, level, saws, and a crowbar. All in good used condition.

200.Tow chain with large hook on one end. Stamped 5/16. Other end is a bolt with nut. In decent used condition.

201.Black and grey Coleman brand cooler with a cigarette outlet that keeps it cool. Great for a hot day outdoors. Has not been tested. Cooler is a medium sized, may be able to fit a 6 pack or a little more inside.

202.This is an Carrand extendable brush you connect to a water hose for cleaning. Fully extended it measures approximately 5' 5" long. See pictures.

203.Get fishing on your boat with this Shakespeare fishing pole, and an anchor for your boat. Anchor is rusty but still functional. DOES NOT INCLUDE FISHING LINE. only includes the fishing pole and anchor.

204.Two for one with this deal. Includes a contigo tool box and it is filled with a bunch of weights. Includes some hand weights and some that you can put on your bar bells. Contigo box is a heavy-duty plastic and in good condition.

205.1 of 4. Two pieces of cable in a 5 gallon bucket. See pics for styles.

206.2 of 4. Two pieces of cable in a 5 gallon bucket. See pics for styles.

207.3 of 4. Three pices of cable. See pics for styles.

208.4 of 4. Longer, thicker piece of cable. See all pics.

209.Six framing clamps. All are the same size. See all pics.

210.Large chisel and a small vise. Chisel is approximately 17 long. See all pics.

211.Three vintage wooden levels. The two larger ones are 22 long.

212.Very cool large vintage sheath. Measures approximately 17 long. Blade is approximately 11 long. See all pics. This is handmade and one of a kind.

213.Huge, huge wrench. This thing is two feet long. In good used condition.

214.Very large, 8" metal clamp. Great for woodworking and more.

215.Another very large metal clamp. This one is approx 12". A tad rusty but in useable condition.

216.Sawzall by skil. Works fine. Just need a blade and you're ready to go. Container that its in is in used condition.

217.Here we have a bunch of plumbing pieces, most are copper. It looks like most are 3/4" and 1" in size. Also includes a bag connectors.

218.Here we have a bunch of brass valves. These things are expensive! Why not save some money. All different sizes. See pictures for a few sizes.

219.A brand new bag of rock climb holds. Brand is Little Ninja. Comes with hardware. 25 piece. Retails for approx $30 new.

220.Various sized wood drill bits. They are the paddle type. All in used but useable condition.

221.Two large containers filled with electrical wire nuts. Different sizes.

222.Multiple bags of nuts, bolts, washers, screws and more. Ideal for any garage, workshop or business.

223.Five, new looking, silver oven mitts. Also includes a pair of meat claws to tear up that pot roast!

224.More bags of hardware. Includes some small L brackets, screws, bolts and much more.

225.And more bags. Includes lots of cpipe clamps, nails, screws, toggles and more.

226.Three hammers. Each one has a different head on it. Useful for different projects.

227.Here we have a small handsaw, a hammer and a sort of chisel hammer. All in used condition.

228.Nice lot of small hand tools. Includes trowels, a hammer, screwdrivers, and various cutting tools.

229.Seven, different sized and types of pressure gauges. All seem to be in good used condition.

230.Miscellaneous items includes a new plumbing access panel, a hammer which looks to have been altered and more. See pics.

231.Here we have what looks to be a heavy-duty pipe cutter. Looks like it cuts from 1/2"-2". See pictures.

232.Various hand tools includes a hammer, cutters, small saw and tire iron.

233.Another tire iron, hammer and hand saw.

234.Two hand saws, both very rusty, and a hammer. All in used condition.

235.Three matching hanging light fixtures. These burgundy pieces would look pretty cool on a bar, in a man cave or more. They just need to be cleaned up a bit. They have brass plates and chains. One is missing the top ceiling plate and the chain. Each one measures 16" in diameter. Also, metal is a tad rusty as well.

236.Nice little Readi vac for your vehicle. Has a convinient lighter outlet plug to keep your car clean. Has not been tested, may want to test it out! It does look very clean.

237.Here we have a jack, it is missing the handle to it.

238.Here we have a gas can. It can hold up to 2.5 gallons.

239.Here we have a plastic toolbox filled with some sockets and ratchets. All tools are in used condition and the toolbox does not have a latch on it. All in useable condition.

240.Here we have a set of wrenches. Missing a couple, but they are in very good condition. See pictures for included sizes.

241.Small little lock box. Ideal for your favorite jewelry, money or any smaller items. Comes with a set of 2 keys. The outside measures approx 6x8" and approx 2" thick. Comes with some foam padding inside and can easily be taken out.

242.Here we have a great little Cobra marine radio. Small, hand held size, it floats and is submersible. Needs new batteries in order to be tested. Also comes with two small flashlights and a new tape measure.

243.Here we have a toolbox and it comes with some goodies inside! Includes some mechanics wrenches, they are a tad rusty, but still in useable condition.

244.Three pipe wrenches. All in very used condition. All are rusty but in useable condition.

245.Here we have a pair of hedge clippers and a 20" cutting chain intended for a craftsman, homelite and more.

246.Here we have a hose mobile and wheels. Easily move your hose around the yard with this. Looks like it would fit a long hose. Also has a small tray on top for hose accessories.

247.Three pieces which are great for helping move furniture or other larger items. Each one is a different size, some wheels may need to be replaced. Largest Measures 17"x17", then 16"x16" and 13"x13".

248.Large metal extension ladder. Each piece is 10 feet tall. It is in used condition, and it looks a tad warped. See all pictures of product before bidding. Brand is a Werner.

249.Two small, Magliner brand replacement tires. They are each approx 8" in diameter. In pretty decent condition. See all pictures.

250.Another pair of replacement tires. For small tools, trailer, wagon or more. Approx 10" in diameter. Both have very good tread on them, need air in the tires. See pictures for more details.

251.Magliner brand hand truck or dolly.  Please not it DOES NOT have any wheels included.  It is just the frame, which is in good used condition.  Nice and sturdy.

252.Here we have a shorter hand truck but it has four wheels on it so it can be laid down on the ground and pushed if necessary.  Ideal for large appliances and more.  Tires all seem to be in good condition.

253.Tall hand truck dolly.  In good used condition.  Nice and heavy. Tires do both  need air, or maybe replaced (?), although they look to be in good condition.

254.Need to crate train your new pup?  Or maybe your older furry friend just needs a spot for their own.  Either way this is a decent sized dog crate.  Could be for small to medium sized dogs. Measures 19x30x22".  It does come with a plastic tray on the bottom, it does have a cracked off corner on one side, still in good used condition.

255.Aluminum ladder.  In used condition.  Still a usable piece that would be good for the garage.  Approx 5 feet tall.  Please see all pictures, again, in used condition.  Sold as is

256.Gas powered blower by the brand Weed Eater.  Seems to be in good condition.  Its pretty clean and the pull comes out all the way.  Did not start up, I'm assuming because it has no gas in it.  Come check it out on preview day!

257.Ryobi 2 cycle blower.  This did not start for me, the pull does not seem to come out all the way so it may be locked.  Does seem to be in decent condition though.  May want to come check it out at the preview. 

258.Another hand truck or dolly.  Get to moving that furniture.  In good used condition. Tires in good working order.

259.Ryobi electric pressure washer. Turns on and works, has not been tested with water. Has a soap spot and states that it has automatic soap dilution. It is 1700 PSI and 1 2 GPM. Comes with pressure washer trigger wand.

260.Set of three DeWalt stacking toolboxed with cart to easily move them around. Height to top of toolboxes is approximately 34 inches. Can easily remove the top two by releasing the yellow latches on each side. See all pics. Includes contents.

261.Assortment of drill bits. See pics for what's included.

262.Assortment of wire weld framing nails. Appears to be two different sizes. See all pics.

263.Nice Husky toolbox with large assortment of tools. The top section flips up and there are two drawrs that pull out. All are full of tools. See pics for what's included. Great set of tools to own!

264.Five cut off wheels. See pics for styles. All are 41/2" size and are new.

265.Heavy duty Arrow HT50P stapler, a driving bar, and some carpet blades.

266.Heavy duty Arrow HT50P stapler, a Duo-Fast HT55 stapler, some carpet blades, and lots of woodgrain peel and stick screw cover dots.

267.Boat throttle cable and a motor flusher. Operating condition unknown. See all pics.

268.Three different metal pieces. The chrome mount is approximately 16 tall. The two black pieces are approximately 8 tall and the top plate swivels.

269.Long red 3/8" air hose. Has tape on one end. See all pics.

270.Nice Husky 25 gallon mobile toolbox. Ready for you to take home and fill up. See pics for more info.

271.Nice Stanley FatMax 4 foot aluminum level. Good condition.

272.Assortment of hand trowels. Most are Marshalltown brand. See all pics.

273.Seven pairs of vise grips. See pics for styles.

274.Assortment of drill bits and a Kreg pocket hole jig. See pics for what's included.

275.Nice DeWalt hardware bin set. The smaller box securely latches to the bigger one. Has carry handle too. See pics for what's included. Some nice hardware in this lot.

276.Vintage metal toolbox. Measures approximately 10 high by 24 wide by 9 deep. Includes contents. Does have some rust.

277.Assortment of hand tools. See pics for what's included. The Craftsman folding extension ruler is new.

278.Stanley FatMax 2 foot aluminum level, Stanley 100 foot tape measure and more. See all pics.

279.Assortment of specialty tools, driver bits and a small level. See pics for what's included.

280.Assortment of screwdrivers, a DeWalt 90 degree angle attachment and a chalk box. See all pics.

281.Three DeWalt bar clamps. See pics for styles. Largest pair have 6 inch jaw opening.

282.Assortment of hand tools and more. See pics for what's included. The clamp is 4".

283.Assortment of hand tools and a DeWalt 100 foot tape measure. See all pics.

284.Assortment of Husky screwdrivers, both Phillips and straight. See all pics.

285.Assortment of hand tools, a chalk box and some chalk. See pics for what's included.

286.Assortment of hand tools to include some pry bars and two channel locks. See all pics.

287.Assortment of hand tools. See pics for what's included.

288.A three way cord and an air tool. See all pics.

289.Assortment of driver bits, saw blades and more. See pics for what's included.

290.Nice assortment of Ryobi router bits in case. See pics for what's included.

291.Assortment of hand tools and some tie downs. See pics for what's included.

292.Five different size chisels. See all pics.

293.DeWalt cordless drill with four batteries. All are currently charged and do operate drill. There is no charger, however.

294.A hammer, a pry bar, a hack saw and some extra blades. See all pics.

295.Assortment of hole saw bits, nice set of Titan Torx sockets, and quite a few bit drivers. Some are magnetic.

296.Assorted files, most are flat. See all pics.

297.Here we have a Honda tiller. This has a Honda, 4 stroke GX31 motor. It sounds like it wants to start right up, but needs gas in it. Model number is FG100. Primer button is broken. In decent used condition.

298.Here we have a Black and Decker trimmer and edger. It is battery operated and has an 18 volt battery included but DOES NOT include the charger. So it has not been tested. Looks to be in good condition though. Also comes with manual. See pictures for more details.

299.Heavy-duty Milwaukee rotary hammer or chisel hammer. Works great, at least good enough to put a hole in our floor when testing it out (oops). Looks to have a homemade handle on the side of it. See pictures for more details.

300.Here we have a limb or branch cutter. Has an extension pole on it. The pole itself measures approx 80" without the blade. Blade is a tad rusty.

301.Here we have another branch or limb cutter on an extension pole. The pole itself measures 63" without the blade. Blade is a tad rusty.

302.Here we have three hand tools. Includes a garden hoe, shovel and pitchfork. Pitchforks handle comes off pretty easily. Could be fixed.

303.Four gardening tools and more. Includes a shovel, a pick like tool, and two small rakes, one os plastic.

304.Assortment of hand tools. See pics for what's included.

306.Aluminum 6 foot ladder. In decent used condition. Still useable. See pictures.

305.Nice solid wood office chair. Measures approximately 33 1/2 high by 17 wide at front of seat. Height to seat is 17 1/2 inches. Not sure if you can adjust height. Good and sturdy. See all pics.

307.Three step, ladder. Ideal for around the garage or in a pantry. Please note this is in used condition.


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