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Auctions 50
ATTENTION EVERYONE!! Due to the increase in bidders not showing up or contacting us to pick up their items all auctions50 locations, will start enforcing the late fee charge of $10.00 or 15% of purchase (whichever is greater). Buyers not picking up items must contact PROJECT MANAGER with credit card number to pay for their items PRIOR TO FINAL PICKUP TIME. Not conforming to these terms will forfeit your items, which you are still liable for, and you will lose bidding privileges. If you lose your bidding privileges, there will be a $25 fee to restore your account. -

Item Description
1.Queen size bed front bedroom dark wood, mattress box springs, frame and headboard very good condition

2.Nightstand 24" wide in good to very good condition

3.Star lamp and shade in very good condition 28" tall and shade is 16" in diameter

4.Large hanging Art, 3d design 60" wide

5.Large vase with wood with feather design in very good condition

6.Nice framed in glass print by artist Gilbert 22 wide 28 tall

7.Star in moon Decorative wall Hanging mirrors in good condition 6" diameter

8.Upholstered high back chair with designs of trees and birds in very good condition

9.45" Samsung flat panel television hanging on wall with mount bracket in very good condition

10.Very nice dresser wood front and drawers and veneer sides with 8 drawers and mirror 58" wide in very good condition

11.Small digital alarm clock in good working condition

12.Asian décor vase 18" tall in very good condition

13.Asian décor wooden Box with top that opens in good to very good condition 11" wide

14.Print of birds framed and matted in glass 28 wide 24 tall

15.Dyson  upright vacuum in good condition

16.Electric fan 12" tall

17.Eureka canaster vacuum in good condition

18.Bathroom accessories decorative towels and washcloths soap holder napkin holder trash can

19.Black-and-white print framed in glass in very good condition 19" square

20.Black-and-white print framed in glass in very good condition 19" tall 24" wide 

21.Black-and-white print framed in glass in very good condition 19" square

22.Black-and-white print framed in glass in very good condition 19" square

23.oil painting in wooden frame 15" wide

24.To water colors of cats 11" by 12"

25.3 miscellaneous Key West prints framed in glass largest 9 wide 12 tall

26.Ironing board and steam iron in good condition

27.Lot of cleaning tools, brooms, mops, swifers, and more

28.Metal shelving unit 4ft wide 2ft deep, and 6ft tall

29.Metal shelving unit 4ft wide 2ft deep, and 6ft tall

30.electric roaster and large pan

31.Two large rolling suitcases in good condition

32.Lot of miscellaneous tools, hand tools, socket sets in good condition

33.Small step stool in very good conition

34.7' Aluminum step ladder in very good condition

35.Small key hanging mirror 11" tall

36.Nice area rug 68" long 36" wide

37.OIL painting framed in WOOD and signed 24"WIDE

38.Ceramic lamp with shade 21" tall

39.Small entry table bamboo design with Palm trees 28" wide in very good condition

40.oil on canvas of flowers 32" wide in good condition

41.Banana shaped bowl with decorations 36" long in very good condition

42.Bronze dragon statue 8" tall

43.Large entrance table of monkey glass top 48" wide 29" tall in very good condition

44.Area rug 67" long 43" wide in good condition

45.Large Asiam décor wall hanging 28" wide 72" tall in very good condition

46.3 wall hanging brushes 16" tall

47.Asian décor small wooden table with storage 14" diameter 26" tall in very good condition

48.Palmtree design high back upohlstered chair in very good condition

49.Frank Sinatra print 19" wide 23" tall

50.Bronze Pole lamp with shade 5' tall

51.Leather wrapped trash can 18" tall

52.3 photographs of sea life 18" by 12

53.Large area rug greens and golds in good condition 112" by 69"

54.Leather inlay dark solid wood desk 48" wide 25" deep 30" tall in very good condition

55.Wood framed office chair with upholstered seat and back on castors in good condition

56.Large clay bowl with handles 13" in diameter

57.Jazz festival print 18" wide 23" tall framed in glass

58.Crab photograph 12" tall 15" wide

59.Brother wireless printer in good condition

60.Ipod speaker system with remote

61.Lot of home decor, lamp, candle, and glass hourglass

62.Replica Copper and brass diving helmet 14" wide 18" tall in very good condition

63.3 decorative bottles 12" tall in good condition

64.Large decorative plate with stand 13" in diameter in good condition

65.Decorative resin statue of diver 13" tall in good condition

66.Large plastic vase 12" in diameter 13" tall

67.Lot of 5 antique bottles tallest 12" tall

68.RCA CD player alarm clock 12" wide

69.3 photographs and see life 8" by 10"

70.Large paper shredder 20" tall

71.Large 3 piece wall unit computer station and book shelves Each piece 30" wide 27" deep 77" tall in very good condition

72.Solid wood 2 drawer file cabinet 19" wide 22" deep 30" tall in good condition

73.Photograph of sea life framed in glass 18" wide 12" tall

74.Queen size bed with wooden headboard frame Box Spring mattresses and bedding in very good condition

75.Large laminate dresser was mere 6 drawers 65" wide in very good condition

76.Asian print with wood frame 13" wide 15" tall

77.Sony ipod speaker system with remote 12" wide

78.Decorative vase and glass bowl they 17" tall bull 12" in diameter

79.LG 64" flat panel television mounted to wall with mounting shelf in very good condition

80.Samsung Blu-Ray disk player 20th his wide

81.Solid would cushion the bench 57" wide 18" deep 21" tall in good condition

82.Large seashell ceramic vase with artificial plant vase is 26" tall in good condition

83.Laminate nightstand 27" wide 21" deep 25" tall in very good condition

84.Laminate nightstand 27" wide 21" deep 25" tall in very good condition

85.Pair of resin material lamps with shades 22" tall

86.2 Asian décor prints with wood frame 13" wide 22" tall

87.Large Palm tree design area rug 8' by 10' 6" in good condition

88.Off white a poster barrel chair

89.Painting on canvas flowers 16 wide 32" tall

90.Decorative statue and small weather clock 13" wide 11" tall

91.Metal planter with artificial plant 15" wide

92.Large lot of costume jewelry

93.Large call boy dresser 6 drawers in one door with glass laminate construction 52" wide 23" deep 58" tall in very good condition

94.Play numbered and signed matted and framed in glass 26" wide 20" tall

95.Framed photograph pencil signed 12" wide 10" tall

96.Signed print of bath tub framed in glass 14" by 14

97.Small cloths hamper and weight scale

98.Area rug 60" by 24"

99.Large lot of bathroom décor candles napkin holder soap dish wall hanging large wall hanging 36" tall

100.Resin vase with artificial plant and feathers designed to look like coral

101.Brass planter with artificial plant 15" in diameter

102.Photograph of ocean framed in glass Polish nickel frame 29" by 17"

103.Print framed in glass polished nickel frame 17" by 17"

104.Metal wall hanging of tree 36" tall 36" wide

105.Robin Stuckey electric recliner in very good condition

106.Small wooden side table in very good condition 14 wide 22 deep 22 tall

107.Robin Stuckey manual recliner in very good condition

108.Adjustable metal Pole lamp metal construction very good condition for 4' 6" tall

109.Pair of table lamps resin material in the shape of coral very good condition 29" tall

110.Pair of and tables solid wood top metal frame and very good condition 20" his wide 23" deep 23" tall

111.Dark tan leather chair by Ethan Allen very good condition

112.Dark tan leather chair by Ethan Allen very good condition

113.Dark Tan Ethan Allen sofa in very good condition 81" wide

114.Solid wood top metal frame coffee table in very good condition 48" wide 27" deep 19" tall

115.Miscellaneous lot of home décor Yankee Candle coffee table book and large bowl bowl is 16" wide

116.Very large area rug tans and burgundy good to very good condition 8' wide 11' deep

117.Copper wall hanging art in very good condition 36" wide 36" tall

118.Large artificial tree in wicker basket 8' tall also decorative wicker basket 22 wide 18 deep 7" tall

119.Large oil on canvas in very good condition Polished nickel and black frame 36" wide 48" tall

120.Ceramic tile wall art in very good condition 9" wide 23" tall each piece

121.2 large decorative storage drums in very good condition 14" wide 14" deep short 20" tall tall 24" tall

122.Very large solid wood wall unit comes in 5 sections very good condition overall dimensions 111" wide 21" deep 77" tall

123.To decorative glass vases in very good condition 10" wide short 10" tall tall one 14" tall

124.Two hand blown glass pelicans in very good condition 10" tall

125.Small quartz parrot statue in very good condition 4" tall

126.Sony Blu-Ray disk player in very good condition

127.Yamaha av audio receiver

128.Polk Audio surround sound system tweeters mid range and sub woofer

129.Glass seashell bowl with stand very good condition 20" wide 10" tall

130.55" Panasonic flat panel TV in very good condition

131.Asian décor decorative wooden Box with handle 10" wide 10" deep 12" tall

132.Pair of glass fish statues in very good condition 12" wide 8" tall

133.Glass bowl and vase in very good condition bowl 12" in diameter vase 7" tall

134.Pair of hand blown glass fish 6" wide 7" tall

135.Pair of glass sea horses also glass vase in very good condition sea horses are 12" tall

136.Print of bird framed and matted in glass very good condition pencil signed and numbered 20" wide 27" tall

137.3 Paintings on artist board largest is six-by-six

138.Small mosaic table with metal frame very good condition 18" in diameter 23" tall

139.Weber electric grill in good condition 29" wide 40" tall

140.3 decorative wall hanging pieces pair of turtles plus thermometer clock in good to very good condition turtles are 15" long

141.Large decorative ceramic vase with bamboo Poles very good condition vase is 14" wide 14" deep 31" tall

142.Metal wall hanging art bamboo design 32" wide 35" tall

143.Patio set two rocking chairs and small table resin wicker design table is 20" in diameter 24" tall

144.Large outdoor area rug in very good condition 118" by 93"

145.5 antique glass bottles largest is clay 10" tall

146.Painting oil on canvas with frame and good very good condition 24" wide 19" tall

147.Large resin vase with artificial plant good condition 15" in diameter 37" tall

148.Dining room table with 4 chairs also with to 12" leaves 60" long 38" wide 30" tall

149.Photograph of fruit framed and matted in glass very good condition 31" wide 24" tall

150.Metal wall hanging baskets in good condition 12" wide 38" tall

151.Black and Decker 12 cup coffee maker

152.Small wooden top table was metal legs good condition 13" wide 13" deep 30" tall

153.Small decorative metal bird cage 14" wide 8" deep 15"

154.Artificial plant in wicker basket in good condition they ask it is 26" wide 9" deep 6" tall

155.Large mosaic glass plate on stand in very good condition 28" in diameter

156.Contents of cupboard tall drink glasses wine glasses martini glasses and coffee cups

157.Contents of cupboard 12 piece place setting also extra coffee cups and miscellaneous Tupperware

158.Miscellaneous kitchen décor items paper towel holder so polar cutting board small lamp and vase they's with artificial flowers 18" tall

159.Contents of drawer miscellaneous kitchen utensils

160.Large lot of stainless steel flatware

161.Contents of cupboard clear drink glasses rock glasses wine glasses and martini glasses

162.Contents of cupboard corelle dishes small bowls and dishes and other miscellaneous items wire basket with artificial fruit

163.Large lot of stainless steel flatware

164.Contents of drawer miscellaneous kitchen utensils

165.Large ninja blender

166.Electric can opener

167.Electric waffle maker

168.Stainless steel wide slot toaster

169.Contents of covered large lot of pans and bowls strainer pots also with lids

170.Contents of cupboard lot of miscellaneous Tupperware

171.Contents of drawer lot of miscellaneous kitchen utensils

172.Large 6 qt crockpot

173.Small hand mixer

174.Miscellaneous bowls and baking dishes

175.Glass bowl with artificial oranges

176.Glass mirror Palm tree design does have are the signature 28" wide 36" tall in very good condition

177.Pair of prints with cats in wooden frames 14" wide 11" tall

178.Very nice solid wood China cabinet with for glass doors beveled in very good condition 62" wide 17" deep 87" tall

179.Artificial Palm tree and wicker basket in good to very good condition 72" tall

180.oil on canvas very good condition 42" wide 39" tall

181.corner cabinet with beveled glass solid wood construction very good condition 18" wide 11" deep 77" tall

182.3 decorative glass plates with stands 7" in diameter

183.Pair of glass vases ball is 9" in diameter yellow vase 10" tall

184.Turtle statue made of resin material in very good condition 20" tall

185.Class top table with wooden base and Four upholstered chairs in good condition very good condition table is 54" in diameter 30" tall

186.3 large serving platter with stands largest is 18" wide

187.6 piece Tea serving set hand painted from Japan

188.Small lladro statue of boy and sheep 6" tall very good condition

189.Trinket box, small statue, and small pitcher 6" tall in good condition

190.Lladro statue of girl in dress 11" tall very good condition

191.Serving set for 8, dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, plus two large bowls, two serving plates and pitcher

192.Two large vases and a candle holder

193.Lot of cut crystal glasses, small vase, and candle holders

194.Two cut crystal bowls, pitcher, salt and pepper shaker, and four small serving dishes

195.Eight dinner plates, eight salad plates by Quadrifoglio and chrome ice bucket

196.Rogers gold plated set of silverware in very good condition

197.Ladies pink beach cruiser bicycle in good condition

198.Craftsman two door tool Box in good to very good condition 38" wide 72" tall

199.Metal toolbox with miscellaneous tools

200.Bicycle helmet and water bottles

201.Metal storage rack within certs 6' tall 48" wide 24" deep

202.Manual bicycle tire pump

203.Two small beach chairs and beach umbrella


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