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Category: ALL (1 records) Auction Title: 5012: African Giraffe shoulder taxidermy mount is beautiful and full size, towering 8'6 - Auction begins to end,Thursday, October, 31st 2019 at 7:00PM ET

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T1-1.jpgJust what everyone needs! This African Giraffe shoulder taxidermy mount is beautiful and full size, towering 8'6". The base is approximately 4ft x 2'6". This shoulder mount is on a base with casters to place him wherever you want, it's in excellent condition. It is posed with the head in an upright position looking slightly to it's left side out into the room, and features stunning hair quality. The taxidermy work is excellent, featuring beautiful ears, horns and eye work. The giraffe was taken in 1992, under the supervision of a licensed professional hunter. Giraffe's location was in the Southern part of Zimbabwe. This is a male giraffe, estimated as 57 years old, who had already been pushed out of the herd, like most old animals. Unknown to many, Giraffes turn mean when they get old and danger the young in the herd. The majority of the herd push these elders out of the herd. The hide is the only thing the hunter keeps. The meat, bones, and insides are given to the villagers, nothing goes to waste. This piece weighs about 75 lbs. and is very delicate, make sure you bring plenty of help, it is on the second floor.  The hunt is documented, showing legal hunt. There is a modest reserve on this piece.

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