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Category: MILITARY MEMORABILIA (3 records) Auction Title: 5800 Better Quality Items from Richie Including Dali Portfolio. Auction 5800 - AUCTION BEGINS TO END :Monday January 20th 7:00PM ET

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T26-1.jpgHere is the first of 3 lots of very hard to find vintage Military WWII photographs. This one is a very wide angle, almost 31 inches,  panoramic photo of Squadron "C" CTDAAF and is dated 6-5-43. It is stamped on the back "This photograph not for publication until after the War". Also has the old designation AAF which was the Army Air Force, before they were split up.  It measures 31 by 10 inches. Very nice and rare Piece.

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T27-1.jpgHere is the next vintage and rare official Military WWII photograph. This one shows one of our Bombers that had obviously crashed and burned and was laying on a beach near the water line.  The skeletal Frame, and the Gun Bubble Turret are clearly visible. Photos like this were rarely allowed to be published as we did not want any negatives displayed to the public. Although obviously many were taken by the official Photographers, they were for the historical archives and not for the public. On the back the official stamp dating the photo 24 May 1945. Official Photograph not to be used for publication by order of the Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics. This remarkable photo measures 8 by 10 inches, is original and razor sharp..

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T28-1.jpgHere is the last lot of rare original and vintage Military WWII photographs. This lot contains three 4 inch by 6 inch official U. S. Navy photographs. They are entitled "Corsair being armed with Rockets", "Men and planes up for Captain's Inspection" and "Navy Hellcats take off for another strike at Wake Island". Great group of photos, all from the Pacific Theater, when the War outcome was still in doubt..One winning bid gets the three historical pictures.

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