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Category: FURNITURE (1 records) Auction Title: 5814 Better Quality Items from Richie Auction 5814 - AUCTION BEGINS TO END :Tuesday November 5th. 7:00PM ET

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T50-1.jpgQuality custom made three section Library styled Bookcases. These were custom crafted by a cabinet maker to completely fill the consignors wall. There is a center section, and two matching side sections, with finished wood trim moldings on the top to give it that one piece look. Everything was made from high end finished plywoods and solid woods. No shortcuts taken, so they will not warp or age badly. The builder knew his craft. Each section is a full 8 foot tall, so it will give that built in look to any room. Each section is 3 foot wide and one foot deep. Each section has one solid center shelf, that gives it rigidity, plus 5 more completely adjustable wood shelves. Thats right,a total of 18 shelves, with 15 completely adjustable for any configuration that works for you. Plus enough plug in Brass hardware to fit all the shelves.An impressive 9 foot wide display at 8 foot tall, all completely finished. If you just look closely you will notice the beautifully radiused front wood facings that show the attention to detail this man had. Make sure to see this at our preview. Your one bid will get the complete excellent condition set.

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