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Bid history for item: 94 - MaxBids are not disclosed! Auction Title: 5803 Better Quality Items from Richie, Auction 5803. Be aware that this is an On-Site Auction in Englewood, not our regular Port Charlotte location. Normally we do not On-site Auctions but this Consignors Estate was so large it only made sense to do it on site. Also be aware that this Home is two stories so if you win any furniture be sure to bring help to move it as the girls can not. We also have numbers of movers who can assist you. Because of Health issues we want to make pickups safer and easier for everybody so we will be extending our Pickup for 2 full days. Be sure to check the hours below. We believe by spreading out the hours we will limit close conditions for all. Any questions feel free to call Richie at 941-893-9896. Be safe. - AUCTION BEGINS TO END :Tuesday March 2nd7:00PM ET

Bidder Amount Time (ET) Current Winning
13442 1.00 Feb-24-2021 7:39am 1.00 13442
10779 2.00 Feb-24-2021 10:33pm 2.00 10779
13442 3.00 Feb-26-2021 12:46am 3.00 13442
14322 4.00 Mar-02-2021 12:11pm 4.00 14322
13442 5.00 Mar-02-2021 5:07pm 5.00 13442
14322 6.00 Mar-02-2021 6:50pm 7.00 13442
14322 8.00 Mar-02-2021 6:50pm 9.00 13442
14322 10.00 Mar-02-2021 6:50pm 12.00 13442
14322 14.00 Mar-02-2021 7:34pm 16.00 13442
14322 18.00 Mar-02-2021 7:34pm 20.00 13442

Note: If the last bidder is different than the winning bidder, the winning bidder has previously placed a MaxBid.


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